Writing Prompt Mondays: Prompt 18

July 27, 2020

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What out of this world responses to my last prompt, Detectives! I loved all of your stories, and have chosen Eiza’s summer holiday in space, Olive’s scary mission to Mars, Wildflower’s diary of a planet and DetectiveGirl’s escape room story to highlight!

This week I’ve been inspired by Grace, who asked me to do a prompt on natural disasters. I thought it was a great idea, and so this week I’d like your stories to be inspired by the phrase it’s a disaster.

Like Grace suggested, your disasters can be natural (a flood, an earthquake, a fire), or they can be human-made (a train crash, a shipwreck). They can be huge or very small – your disaster could be a parent refusing to let your character go to a party, or a teacher unfairly putting your character into detention. Losing somebody or even something special can be a disaster too – I lost my favourite toy when I was three and I’m still sad about it when I remember it’s gone.

As always, you can interpret this prompt however you like – with a song, a poem, non-fiction, fiction, a story you write with a friend or on your own … it’s all up to you! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

The rules …

  1. It can be as long or as short as you like, and take you as much or as little time as you want.
  2. It can be any genre (type) of story you want. If you have an idea for something that I haven’t mentioned (writing a poem! Being inspired by a song you love! Writing non-fiction!), don’t wait for my permission – just go for it! This is your creativity working!
  3. You are not allowed to worry about grammar or spelling.
  4. You are not allowed to worry if it isn’t perfect, or criticise yourself as you’re writing.
  5. You are encouraged to make a plan before you begin, to make it easier for you to get to the end of the story. This can be two words or a whole page! But if you don’t want to do this, you don’t have to.
  6. Get to the end of the story without stopping to go back and fix bits you don’t like. Once you’ve finished, read it through again. If you still don’t like those bits, you can edit them now!
  7. If you want (and only if you want!) you’re allowed to post the first 500 words of your story in the comments below. I have to moderate the comments so it may take a while for them to show up – please be patient. I don’t want to see you apologising for your story or minimising what you’ve done when you post – writing a story is a triumph and you should be proud!
  8. Please do not use your full name when you comment – first names are fine, or you can make up a username that you like! Also remember to stay safe online and not get into private discussions with anyone you don’t know in real life without telling an adult first.
  9. If you like someone else’s story, you are allowed to comment to say so! If you’d like to give them ideas that might make their story even stronger, that’s OK, but please be kind and remember how deeply we all care about our writing. A good format for feedback might be something like: ‘I loved ****! Have you thought of ****? I think it might make your story even better!’ I will delete any comment if I feel it’s critical without being constructive.
  10. I can’t promise to give feedback on any individual stories – I’m not marking them!
  11. This isn’t a competition, and there will be no winners and no prizes, though I may choose a story or two to highlight in future posts.

Writing is a way that I work through all of my fears and sorrows, and so I think writing about sad and terrible things happening is a great way to feel better about them. So enjoy creating your disasters this week, Detectives!

More posts to explore

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518 Responses

  1. Hello Robin,
    What a great prompt! Well done to Grace who suggested it. Congratulations to those who got their stories featured!

      1. Hello Harmony,
        Yes, I will be joining in this week! I had an idea of the opening line when I first read the prompt and the idea has been forming in my head ever since! I did actually write a story for last week’s prompt, but didn’t post it here. Thank you for your support! Will you be writing one?

        1. Hi Colette??,

          Ooh, can’t wait to read your story. Yes I will be writing my story based on this weeks prompt. I am posting it very soon. I quite like this weeks prompt. Hope your enjoying the Summer hols. Bet your story will be great!.


          1. Hello Harmony,
            Thank you very much! I’ll read your story soon 🙂 Yes, I am enjoying my holidays and I hope you are too!

  2. This a great new prompt Robin and Grace!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have so many ideas for this, and well done to every one who’s story’s got mentioned.

  3. Great prompt! I can’t wait to write a story, this will probably be my last time on the prompt for a few weeks (I’m going on holiday) so I am really looking forward to this page being filled with stories!

  4. I’m so glad I’m back! I missed last weeks prompt, so I will definitely do this one. This is a great prompt, Robin and Grace!

  5. Here is my story! I had a great idea, and started right away. There is a little bit more, so if anyone would like me to post that please say so. I would love some feedback!

    I tossed and turned, shoving my doona off my bed. My house seemed to be getting hotter with every minute I stayed awake. Why I had kept reading secretly after lights out, I didn’t know, but my insomnia had taken over. I screamed into my pillow, drenched in a pool of sweat. Why was it so hot!

    Just as I had almost reached the point to burst into tears, I heard a crackling noise. I may as well just check what it is, I thought, seeing as I was not going to sleep anytime soon. I slipped out of bed, and softly padded down the hallway in my UGG boots. I wandered into the living room, let my eyes adjust to the glare of the TV. Dad was lying limp on the leather couch, with a sheepskin blanket thrown over him. He must of fallen asleep watching the news. Then, my thoughts turned to the noise, and what was on TV.

    The news presenter, on a 24 hour special, was speaking in a fast, frantic tone. I saw neon yellow warnings flash up on the screen. My eyes were lethargic, but then they focused.

    Middleton, evacuate now.

    The bushfires were here.

    The whole of last week had been spent preparing our Middleton property for the raging Australian Bushfires. Dad had cut down some of the old gum trees surrounding the house, so the fires could not spread as easily. and Mum, Eloise and I (Amara) carried bucketloads of water to the house, just in case we got desperate. We did everything we could to protect our vineyards from any danger. Each night we sat in front of the TV, with baby Ranie, watching. Praying not so see the words I had just seen. hoping to be safe. But now, the traumatic fires, that destroyed everything in their path, were here. I stood frozen for a second, brain stopped and muscles stiff. Then I broke into action. I had to save my family.

    I ran into the bedrooms, shaking mum awake from her slumber, and telling her the news. She scooped up baby Ranie after she too was woken, and ran out into the kitchen. Then I woke my younger sister Eloise.

    “ELLY!” I screamed, and forgot about Ranie. Ranie burst into tears, and Mum almost did the same.
    “Elly isn’t here!” I told Mum. “She mush be sleepwalking again!” My little sister Eloise has a habit of sleepwalking, a very bad one. so in the morning, she may be way out in the back shed, or round the front of the house before we found her.

    Then I realised her situation. Elly might be outside. Outside, where the fires are. I ran down the hallway again, the wooden floorboards creaking under my weight. I slid open the glass door, and sprinted into our colossal backyard. She wasn’t there.

    So I went further, closer to the scarlet and amber blaze that was inching closer, and closer to the property. I could hear Mum and Dad yelling for me to come back, but I couldn’t. The life of my little sister was in my hands, and I had to find her. I just had to.

    1. Wow Zoe this is story is so exiting and frightening!!!
      I really want to find out what happens to Elly, I love this so much, amazing work!

    2. This story is sooooooooooo amazing!!!!!!!!!!! The way you wrote the story was so good and you really made me worry and guess about what will happen next!!!!

  6. Part 2!

    Now I was in the vineyards, my favourite place in the whole property, and north of the house. Elly had never come this far before. Maybe she was in the ground garden? But I was here now. I had to keep going.

    Just then, at that moment when I thought I was going to give up, I found something. A scrap of soft pink cotton. The same shade as Elly’s pyjamas. She must be here!

    I sped up, and ran, and ran, and ran, thankful for all of those cross country lessons at school. Then I did it. I found her.

    “ELLY!” I screamed again, except this time for the better. “Oh Elly!” She turned to face me, as she had just woken up. “What’s happening Amara?” I tried to find a quick way to explain it. “And where are Mummy and Daddy?” “The bushfires are here Ells. Mum and Dad are back at the house with Ranie. We need to hurry!” And we really did. I was heating up as the fires came closer and closer to our land. They had probably already burnt the back paddock, which was not that far away from the house. I could feel more sweat trickle down my back as Elly and I sprinted back to the homestead.

    Luckily we didn’t have to go very far.

    Once we got to the fence of our large back garden, I saw our shiny new Honda. Dad shouted, from the open car window, “Get in!” I jumped the fence, and flung open the door to the car. Elly ducked under the wooden posts, and threw herself in. I flung myself past a surprisingly calm Ranie, and Dad revved up the engine. I looked over at Mum in the passenger seat. Her face was sodden with tears, and when she saw me staring, she said: “You and Elly almost got killed. I almost lost…” She couldn’t continue.

    Just as I thought we were on the freeway, I saw a burning tree up ahead, blocking our path. Dad muttered a string of swear words, but then noticed a gap. The fire made it look like we were stuck, but really, there was a small, small space.

    So Dad went for it. We squeezed through the tiny gap, the Honda only just getting through. We did it. We were safe. I twisted around in my seat, craning my neck to look out of the window. Then, I heard a pop. Then, louder crackling. The tree had just fallen to the ground. My eyes gazed over our burning house, chimney shaking and slowly crumbling. At lest I had what mattered. My family.

    1. Ohh! That was amazing! So traumatic and true! I’m so glad they all got out of there alive! You are such a talented writer!

    2. Hello Zoe,
      What a brilliant second part! Full of emotion. I could really tell the urgency in the narrator’s voice to find Elly.

    3. This is so brilliant! I love the end where, even though the family had lost their home, they were still happy because they still had each other! It was so heartwarming!

    4. This is so sad and lovely!
      Amazing work, Zoe!
      I love it so much, and I am so glad that they are all safe!
      You are a brilliant writer!
      Is this based on a true story?

  7. Hi guys, this is my story. It is about two girls in the 1980s who are on holiday in Poland. They try to cross a border between Poland and Belarus illegally and, of course, disaster strikes!

    When our parents told us we would be going to Poland with our two families, Donna and I were over the moon. It was December 1985 and holidays were very few and far between. We were even more excited, when in July we actually left.
    ‘Well is this it?’ I asked. After travelling for hours we had arrived at the little two bedroom cottage in the north of Poland we had rented. It had a damp kitchen, a damp toilet, a very damp living room and the two tiny bedrooms.
    ‘It’s perfect,’ cried Donna’s mother Linny, ‘Just think, you and Joanie can sleep in the living room, and everyone else can have a room. So much peace!’
    ‘Dad, there’s no telly. What about that Man City game you wanted to see?’ I asked Dad hopefully. Now I am not saying we’re accustomed to luxury but in all the leaflets I had ever seen about foreign holidays all boasted swimming pools and fancy diners.
    ‘Now Joanie, I can go without a bit of telly,’ said dad, ‘Linny’s right. It will give us space to think.’
    Like most fourteen year old girls of our time you can imagine what scorn the word think brought up.
    After three days we were bored sick. There was nothing to do.
    ‘I can’t believe our parents like this place,’ said Donna, ‘It’s so dull.’
    ‘I know!’ then an idea came to me, ‘Tommorow they want to go for a walk. I’ll pretend to hurt my foot and you can stay to keep me company,’
    ‘Yeah Joanie. But that doesn’t change that there’s nothing here.’
    ‘Not here. But we can catch the train to Belarus.’
    After a lot more coaxing Donna agreed.
    Unfortunately the train was not there. ‘Sorry,’ said the ticket seller in broken English, ‘No train today.’ About to admit defeat and go home we saw a large truck.
    ‘Would it be very bad to steal across the border?’ asked Donna. I was already on board. It seemed to be a driverless one like in films. It started to go along the railway track, swaying.
    ‘Maybe this was a bad idea…, ‘ we said in unison. But we were already at the border.
    In the distance I heard a loud popping noise. Suddenly there were a few more. The noise got so loud it became clear what it was. Gunfire.
    ‘You don’t think this one of those crates we saw on the international news. The ones with illegal ammunition on them?’
    ‘I am going to find a way out. There always is one,’ said Donna.
    I was about to say ‘only in science fiction novels’ before I saw panic in her eyes.
    The gunfire came booming, closer than ever before. I heard a scream. ‘Donna!’
    Getting up something narrowly missed my ear. It was a disaster.

    1. I love this Annie!!!!!!!!!! Poor kid’s, I would get sooooo bored if I was in a hotel with no TV like them.

  8. Love the stories guys!!!!! Here is mine called the “Votes for women” and the disaster is that the men will not let women vote.

    “Women are strong and brave. Give us votes!” Shouted Cassidy above the crowd of the ladies standing next to her. She might have looked like just an ordinary girl trapped in the shouting pool of brave women but out of all of them, she wanted freedom the most.

    An old man who had seen Cassidy cried back at her “Get a husband you silly child. You are the age for getting married and I for one would like a small weak lady like you cooking my dinner every night, cutting my toe nails, sound nice? You can marry me!”

    Some other men laughed and straight away Cassidy took this as a threat. It was quite scary to try and argue back with a mean crook fighting against you but every lady knew the path to peace would not be a straight line. “My name is Cassidy Rose and I will not work as a slave for anyone; For you or another man. I will keep fighting!” She felt like a hero. She had not stopped men from making women stay at home and work, but she had stayed to her word and that was something only a hero could be able to do. Cassidy Rose had answered back to one man and turned him down so it would be easy to do the rest.

    I hope you like my disaster story!!!!!!! Feedback is appreciated?.

    1. P.S I was inspired to write this story by the book I am reading called= Thing’s a bright girl can do by Sally Nichols. This book is set in the time when girls had less right’s than boy’s like my disaster story.

    2. This is a great idea! i recently did a project on the suffragettes for history, and I think it’s really interesting and inspiring. I love this story!

    3. This is really good! I love the part about Cassidy just looking like an ordinary girl but wanting freedom the most.

    4. It is definitely a disaster women didn’t have as much rights as men! I love how you showed that! Your story is brilliant!

    5. Thank you all for commenting!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel so happy that every one liked the story ?. this is my first time getting about 9 comments so thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. ok, this is my story. comment down if u liked it!
    “this is a disaster!” i screamed, as my sister popped her head though the door.
    “what is?” she asked, as she flopped herself on my bed.
    “its…its THIS!” i exclaimed, showing her the dress for prom.
    i sighed. “willow, you dont.. understand.”
    “why? because i dont care about dresses and prom like you?” she said, rolling her eyes, “please. i just picked the one that looked least stupid and frilly and shazam. done.”
    i stuck out my tongue. “dont judge me because i took three hours to pick THE dress. it takes time”
    “ugh, peyton, your so annoying!” shouted willow as she slammed the door to my room
    “so… oh never mind. she’s gone” i mumbled to myself. willow always got the last laugh, and it sucked.
    “girls!” shouted mum, “get ready it’s time to go!”
    “coming!” me and willow yelled.
    we rushed downstairs, willow looking beautiful in a black suit and dark makeup.
    “wow, you look… great” i gasped in shock, for she did.
    “um, so do you i guess..” willow mumbled as she looked at me.
    “oh, i know” i said, flicking my curled hair and smiling confidently. willow rolled her eyes back, while my mum was sniffling.
    “my big girls” she said, wiping her face and sighing, “anywho. let’s go!”

    we opened the double doors as music blared and chatter enveloped the room. i looked at willow. she smiled.
    ” ‘cya soon pey” she grinned as i made a face. honestly, she’s so smug, and she knows it. she walked over to her girlfriend, lighting up instantly
    i looked for my boy, Elliot. where was he? i sighed indignantly as he came over, eating chicken wings.
    “oh my god. really?” i rolled my eyes as he wiped his mouth sheepishly.
    “sorry” he said, grinning, as i beamed back. we kissed, while the disco ball span and everything looked so aesthetic…. and then… the floor shook.
    i turned my face. “what- what was that?”
    “honesty, you worry about everything. baby, chillax. it’s our night!” Elliot looked at me with his beautiful eyes and i saw no need to be worried.
    but the floorboard shook again, and the lights switched off.
    there were screams, and someone said, “SHUT UP!”. i clutched at Elliot, who looked pale with fear.
    everything was shacking, and the ceiling started to crack. i knew what it was…
    “it’s an earthquake! come on!” shouted elliot. but i couldn’t. i couldn’t. i needed to find willow, and i told him that.
    he sighed. “peyton….” but he took my hand nonetheless, and i felt happy, but determined that we would find willow, and her girlfriend, Lea.

    1. Love this story evez!!!!!!!! Really exiting, is there a part 2 ? cause i so want to know what happens next.

    2. OK y’all, u wanted part 2 soooo here it is!
      i hope its OK. lol.

      i surged through the screaming mass that was the crowd, holding Elliot’s hand tightly. he was the only thing that would help me though this troubled time, i thought to myself, looking at him, loving him.
      “willow!” i screamed, “WILLOW!” tears were streaming down my face, i couldn’t help it. she was my sister. my funny, caring, tomboyish. sarcastic sister. and i couldn’t bear it if she…. no. i’m not thinking that. she’s not. she’s not.
      right at the end of the hall, willow was holding Lea, who was unconscious, and looking terrified. there was brick parts, falling all around them.
      soon, they would be next.
      “look!!” i screamed at Elliot, who saw and gasped.
      willow saw us, and exclaimed. “peyton! Elliot!” she was sobbing, “i- can’t hold on any longer!”
      Elliot took hold of my hand and rushed towards them, me close by, trying to run in high heels and hitching up my dress.
      Lea had now become conscious, and hugged Willow tightly. she held back, determined to not let anything hurt her.
      i came towards them, the debris wall becoming bigger by the second.
      “come help us!” shouted Lea, who, with the others, was scrabbling through and trying to get out. i ( wincing, i dont like to get dirty) picked up a large stone and threw it over my shoulder.
      we dug, and dug, until the wal was big enough for lea (who was being carried by Willow) and willow came out.
      we all hugged, and as i looked at Elliot, he was crying like a baby.
      i nudged him. “why are you crying?” i asked, sighing.
      “i- i just am so happy both of you are alive. and lea” he sniffed, and hugged again.
      “now come on, we need to get out of here!” said lea, pulling away and holding Willow’s hand. lea blushed, while willow smiled sheepishly ( because black people can’t blush, sadly)
      we all ran, hand in hand with our partners, to the safe spot, and as i looked at them all, i knew they were my family, and we would never forget that moment we saved each other’s lifes

        1. THANK YOU EVERYONE this is the most replies I’ve ever got ( even though this is the second time) and im so thankful ya’ll like it <3

    3. Hello Evez,
      Great story! An earthquake certainly is a disaster and I hope Peyton can find everyone in time!

  10. The town was silent. The only noise was the sound of the birds singing. That would soon be gone. A small tremor went unnoticed by the sleeping town. The worst was yet to come. Ellen Whitby turned over. She noticed nothing. Then the ground shook violently. Ellen was thrown out of bed. She desperately tried to cling on to something. Her lamp fell on her, burning her back. She threw it off and managed to scramble to the door. Practically falling into her parents room, she grabbed her baby brother. Her mum was out with her friends and her dad, well, he wasn’t here any more. Ellen clung onto her brother, Reece, and slid down the stairs, bruising herself. Living at the top of an apartment block, it was hard to get down without becoming tired but Ellen kept going. The walls were crumbling all around. Ellen caught sight of the door and put in a burst of speed. She had to make it. She tripped and fell. She threw her baby brother to the door where a man caught him. She scrambled up as the doorway collapsed. Stuck with no way out, Ellen sat and prayed. Onlookers watched as the building collapsed. She was buried.
    5 days later…
    There was light. That was the first thing she remembered. She felt strong hands reaching in and pulling her out. She was exhausted. The hands picked her up and deposited her on a bed. The next 4 hours was a blur. A mix of people examining her and hugging her. But she was alive. It was impossible.

    1. Hello Emily S,
      I loved reading your story! You created the atmosphere really well. I’m so glad Ellen was found!

    1. Oh, thank you for mentioning that, Evez, I didn’t know there was another one! Just a general thought: I wonder if Clementine will be as accepting with Amina and Daisy as Hazel is. After all, she wasn’t particularly nice in Jolly Foul Play.

      1. wellllll, they’re not together YET, we dont know…. (but its obvious imao)
        and yeah, i think MAYBE she’ll be accepting, and so will kitty, lavinia, and beanie!

      2. I was thinking that too, but honestly I doubt that they’d tell her. I think they will keep it a secret and only tell Hazel (and maybe Daisy would tell Bertie… I’m not really sure).

  11. Rectina’s diary. Pompeii. Age XII.

    There have been tremors for days now but they have become more frequent and violent. I believe that something is stirring but it can’t be Vesuvius can it? We must have faith in the gods.

    It has become quite cloudy. This is strange. It isn’t normal cloudiness though. This is thick and incredibly hard to breathe in. I am scared.

    I cannot believe it. Our city, destroyed. I ought to start from the beginning. Last night, the clouds became extremely thick. I wrapped a scarf around my face to enable me to breathe better. Then it got worse. There was sulfur and ash and a man ran by screaming that the volcano was erupting. We saw that a cloud was engulfing Pompeii and choking us. We ran for our lives. Me and mother were too late to board a boat. She persuaded me to board a boat quickly. I refused to be parted from her when a man picked me up and carried me over his shoulder onto the boat despite my screams and sobs. I watched as mother and my beautiful town were engulfed. I can never forget this terrible day. I will live with Uncle Lucius in Rome. Goodbye

    1. This is a great idea! I was actually considering doing pompeii, but I haven’t decided yet.
      I love this, well done!

  12. I stepped out of bed, ignoring the piles of clothes left from yesterday’s organizing. I crept out of my room, careful not to wake up my family. I wasn’t even sure why I was up. I woke up, and a sense told me something bad was going to happen. I don’t know what it was, but this sense was never wrong. I went to the living room. If it was a huge deal, it would probably be on tv. Sure enough, that logic was right. On CNN I saw that California was shaking. They had been hit by an earthquake, the largest one to be identified in the last 200 years. I lived in California.

    California is home to the San Andreas fault lines. They connect Tectonic plates, and if they were to shift there would be an earthquake. However, it’s not just an earthquake. The ground would rip open, creating a separation between California and other states. There would probably be a tsunami as well. We lived along the line.

    I woke up my parents and siblings. They wouldn’t take me seriously at first, but after seeing my expression allowed themselves to be pulled up and pushed towards the TV as I packed essentials. My mom was the first one to have the situation click, and started yelling orders at us like a military sergeant. Thanks to her, we were out of the house in five Minutes. We got in the car and whizzed towards the other states. We would not be trapped in ours.

    Even though the earthquake was already happening and the ground had started to separate, that was in Los Angeles. It wouldn’t be long, but we still had enough time to try and make it out. We were inches from the border when I screamed “Faster!” The ground was starting to shake, and if stepping on a crack would break backs, driving over this one would kill us all. The ground split right where we were. Luckily my mom’s foot was still on the pedal, and we got to the other side. Where we just were was a hole in the ground. We weren’t safe yet either though. The hole was still widening.

    She kept on driving, knowing that if she stopped, that would quite possibly be the last stop we’d ever make. My younger sister was crying. How was she to know what was happening. My dad looked stressed (who wouldn’t?) so I grabbed her and played with her. Then, the sense struck once more.

    1. This is such a good story!!!!!!! Please write a part 2 for it, as it is sooooooooo exiting and I want to know what happens next.

    2. Hello Margarita,
      Great disaster story! It would be amazing if there was a part 2, maybe about the aftermath of the disaster and the emotional impact? Anyway, good job!

    3. Oh my gosh, this is terrifying but soooo good, its so gripping and well described!
      Wow, I don’t have anything else to say, when I read this I just couldn’t stop for a second, every inch of me was willing to know what was going to happen next!

  13. I a man excited to get writing, I have decided to post 2 stories on the prompt this week, I am going to write them now…. and post them as soon as I can!

  14. Hi! This is my story for this week. It’s based on Pompeii and the eruption of mount Vesuvius. I hope you enjoy, feedback is appreciated!

    My whole body shook. I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach. “Just another earthquake”, my Uncle Giuseppe said calmly, “just another earthquake”. I wasn’t so sure about that. A odd smell crept up my nose. “Papa Giuseppe something smells weird”, I said screwing up my nose. “Oh Alessa, you and your complaints. Mama has probably just burned the flatbreads”, Giuseppe scoffed. “Oh that stupid little Alessa. What will I do with her?”. I tried to stop tears trickling down my face but I couldn’t. I ran away, out the door but was overpowered by the stench. I fell to the ground holding my handkerchief over my nose. I stood up, handkerchief still over my nose and walked forwards. The further forward I got, the more I could smell it. A darkness seemed to be spreading over the sky. I looked upwards and I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Mama. “Oh lord, what have we done wrong?”.

    Giuseppe ran up behind me and Mama. “Bianca, Alessa go get the rest of the girls. Get in the boat”. The tone in his voice was sharp and it had a hint of fear that I had never heard in his voice before. “Get in the boat” he screamed. Mama began running towards the house, holding up her skirts. “Bella”, she screamed. “Alessa”, Giuseppe said, “I need you to look after your cousins, your sisters, brothers and your aunts and mother. Your mother’s and aunt are getting…..”, he never finished his sentence as the smell overpowered him. He nodded at me and I nodded back. “Alessa, come on”, Mama yelled. My aunts, siblings and cousins were standing around her and my Uncle Mario was lifting some of the younger ones into the boat. Uncle Luigi and my Papa were prepping the boat ready for me and my brothers to row us away from danger.

    I was the last to clamber into our rickety old boat. My younger brother Giovanni grabbed some oars and started to row. The scent was now so strong, my aunt had fainted. Mama tied scarfs around me and my siblings eyes and noses, while my aunt did the same to my cousins. “Please, please help us”, a mother yelled from the docks, her children clinging to her skirts. Giovanni ignored her. “Giovanni go back”, I screamed pulling the oars away from him. “What are you doing”, Giuseppe yelled from the docks. “I’m helping people in need”, I shouted back at him. The woman almost fainted, half because of the stench, and half because of the relief. Giovanni lifted the children into the boat, while I took the woman’s hand.

    Giuseppe swore under his breath. I could only just hear it as we were rapidly moving away from land. He and the rest of my uncle and my father slowly became dots. “Bye Pompeii”, I whispered under my breath, “I hope I’ll see you soon”.

    1. Wow, this is so good and frightening, and I have to say I love the names, I know its based in italy (Pompeii), and I currently live in Italy so I loved the names like Giovanni, Luigi, Giuseppe, I know loads of people where I live who go by those names!

  15. Hello all! Here is my story, I will post it in several parts like my last one. It is about a girl called Hanneli who lives in Czechslovakia during the Second World War. I have included many disasters, a natural one, man made ones, including prejudice and anti Semitism (the hate of Jews) in this first extract, I have written about bombing and invasion. All of these things are disasters, true and still going on today.
    PART 1

    Darkness. A light. A lamp. A stranger held it to their terrified face,
    “He’s coming. Get away from here. NOW!” It ushered in a hurried whisper.
    Then screaming. Endless, agonising screaming. I tried to move, but I could not. My limbs were stuck to the ground. I tried to scream myself, but no sound came. I want to go!!!! No, no, no, no…

    I suddenly awoke. Sweating and panting like a dog. I steadily tried to control my breathing, untangling myself from the mess of blankets. I sat up, looking across my dark room, reassuring myself.
    “It was just a dream, just a dream…”
    My bedroom, to my greatest relief, was just as it should be. My bookshelf, my desk, photographs, swimming medals, certificates and all other things were there. Phew.
    The house was on complete silence. Strange. Very strange, despite it being the middle of the night, our house always had some sort of noise circling around it, wether it was papas snoring, or mamas fidgeting, or Viktor and Sannes sleeptalking.
    But nothing tonight. Silence.
    And that was when it began.
    A quiet whistling at first, up in the sky. Getting louder by the second. And then…
    The whole house shook alarmingly. Taken by surprise, I scrambled out of bed. Then came another explosion, and another. The house shook harder and harder, as if a giant human hand was rattling it with all its strength.
    The electricity cut, plunging me into darkness . Then it started again.
    Bombs dropped like pennies from a jar. Unable to contain my self, I screamed, running to the door and shacking the doorknob till I fell down in the dark, trembling hallway. Crawling, trying to dodge the ornaments falling from the shelves and shattering into a million pieces.
    I screamed again, louder. And at the end of the corridor, Mama and Papas door opened to reveal a face.
    Victor, my older brother.
    “HANNE!” He shouted above the deafening noise, “COME HERE!!”
    I ran to him as fast as I could and fell into his arms, crying.
    “What’s happening!? Tell me what’s happening!”
    He didn’t answer. He sheltered me under his arm and ran along the dark, shacking corridor. He opened the door to mama and papas bedroom and pushed me in.
    I tumbled onto the floor and weakly looked up. Mama and papa were not running and screaming all around the place, they were standing at the window in their nightclothes, the wind blowing into their faces and hair. Papa was carrying my seven year old sister, Sanne who wore the same, motionless expression on her face.
    “Mama, papa, what’s happening?” I yelled above the crashing and booming.
    Suddenly, outside, a building exploded with a deafening BOOM!! Scattering flames into the neighbourhood.
    Mama turned around.
    “Those are German bombs Hanne,” she said, “Hitler has invaded us.”

      1. Thank you!
        The truth is, I’m really just such a perfectionist, I shake my brain out for similes, and ways to create tension, I read it over and over again out loud…
        Actually, I think that reading your story out loud really helps a lot! You could try doing so, it helps me a lot! So hopefully it could come in useful to all of you when you want to write stories.
        (That’s really just a random tip I wanted to add in.)

  16. Hi! This prompt is so cool; I have so many ideas. Here’s the story I decided on:

    I push myself up using the pedals, breathing hard as I ride my bike up a hill to my best friend’s house. I’d been biking only four city blocks, but man, it’s hot here in the summer.

    When I get to her house, I dismount and rest gratefully in the shade of the trees. How thankful I am for trees. I grab the letter I had written out of my bike basket, stride up the walkway, and knock on the door.

    I can hear music wafting out of the open windows, the smell of bread or muffins baking in the oven- Melainey’s favorite. She must be the one baking, I think. As I wait, I hum along with the jazz music.

    Soon, minutes have elapsed and still no one has come to the door. Confused, I wonder if maybe they’re out back, so I go through the gate and into the backyard.

    There’s no one there.

    Strange, I think. I peer in the kitchen window, expecting to see Melainey in there, baking some delicious confection or another.

    No one.

    Okay, this is really getting weird. I knock on the back door, and when no one answers, I go in. It’s unlocked, which is normal since it seems like people are home.

    I wander through the kitchen, living room, dining room, Melainey’s bedroom, Elly’s bedroom (Elly is Melainey’s sister), I even look for their cat. There isn’t a soul in the house.

    A beeping alarm starts to go off from the kitchen. I rush in there, hoping that it’s someone come home, but no, it’s only the oven timer.

    When I look in the oven window, there are indeed blueberry lemon muffins baking there. I know those are Mel’s favorite. She wouldn’t just leave them abandoned, would she?

    I pull them out of the oven (my hand covered with a stray oven mitt I found) and set them on the opposite counter. There are some papers sitting on the marble, and when I inspect them closer… they’re the pages of trig homework our math teacher assigned us.

    Melainey was definitely here.

    I decide to leave the letter on the counter in the kitchen, and I pick up my bike from the grass, mount it, and uneasily head home, not even noticing the heat this time.

    However, I do notice something else. Or rather, lack of something else.

    There’s absolutely nobody out.

    When I rode here, there were neighbors watering their lawns, jogging despite the heat, walking their dogs, playing in the sprinkler. Now, there’s no one.

    And something else is different- it’s absolutely quiet. I wonder why, bemused, until I come to a main road and every single car has stopped in its tracks.

    My breathing becomes ragged. This isn’t normal. This is like something I saw in a horror movie, and I’m on the verge of hyperventilation. I can’t stand this. What is happening?!

    Eyes wide and breathing uneven, I bike home slowly, trying not to notice all the abnormalities around me. I even close my eyes a few times. I still don’t hear any cars.

    I arrive home, breathing sighs of relief. Here is someplace I know, here is someplace safe. I turn the handle of my front door and shout, “I’m HOME!” into the house.

    There’s no answer.

    Maybe they’re just asleep, I think desperately. Maybe they’re… they’re watching something with the volume up so loud that they can’t hear my shouts… maybe they’re… maybe they’re… No. I can’t think that last thought.

    I run through each and every room in the house. Not a single person. They wouldn’t have gone on a walk in this heat, and the cars are still in the driveway…

    I need some fresh air. I can’t process this.

    I dash outside, gasping, gulping the air as I stare at the pavement of the driveway. This can’t be happening. I can’t be alone.

    Suddenly, I hear a crack and a whoosh. I see a flash of blue, and I look to my right at the driveway. There’s a patch of blue next to me, which looks like paint until I realize it looks exactly like the sky…

    Another crack, more of a crumbling this time, and I see blue where a patch of the front yard was. What? My mind can’t handle any more weirdness today. What is this?

    More blue, across the street, behind me. The world is disappearing into blue and my eyes hurt, my head hurts, my family forgotten. The blue just keeps appearing, until it’s all gone, my whole world, and I am the only one left standing on a small, dark, piece of asphalt.

    The little piece of the driveway cracks, and my heart skips a beat. I yell, “NO!” before it crumbles entirely and I am plummeting down, down, down, into the endless blue sky…

    My heart beating so hard, I open my eyes and see my ceiling, painted with blue and purple swirls. Gasping, I let myself regain my breath before snatching my phone and dialing Melianey’s number. I hear my brother’s snores in the next room, but is it only my imagination?

    The phone rings, and rings, and rings, and I think she won’t pick up until…

    “Hello? Winter, why are you calling at three am?”

    I am so relieved to hear her sleepy voice that I can’t speak.



    “Yeah. Can I go back to sleep now?”

    “Yeah. Sorry. I just had this dream, and you were gone and it felt so real…”

    “Yeesh. Talk more tomorrow, ok?”

    “Okay. Good night.”

    “Bye, Winter.”

    And I go back to sleep in peace.


    1. Oh my goodness, this is so good and so creepy, I was very creeped out, your story was so gripping and peculiar!
      Amazing work, I love how it ended in a dream!!!
      Love it Astrophysics

    2. It’s funny because yesterday I biked to my best friend’s house, and it was so hot, and then when I knocked, no one answered. I had called and texted my friend before hand and they hadn’t answered, and when I biked away from her house (I didn’t go in, of course) I couldn’t see any cars or people out, and I thought to myself, “Ohhhkay, this is weeeeird, just like the story I wrote…” but then I came across the main road and there were cars, thank goodness. And my friend was only out of town.

    3. Hello Astrophysics,
      Wow, this was so scary and tense! I breathed a sigh of relief when I found out it was a dream.

  17. Hello everyone! This is the second part to my story HANNE, I hope you enjoy it!
    PART 2
    I didn’t go back to sleep that night. No one did. The bombing carried on, showering us with sparks and flames. It’s a wonder that the roof didn’t fall on top of us. Luckily, when daybreak came, it was all over.
    Actually, I don’t know if I should put luckily.
    When I stepped out onto the sunny streets, I stopped and gaped.
    Several houses were still burning or were, horribly, frightfully damaged, debris had fallen all over the place, attracting a large crowd of people who were busy running around, shouting or quietly talking
    I ran to the middle of the cobbled road to a group of children examining a burning tyre.
    “Don’t tell me you didn’t hear it!?”
    “Oh, did you know that Mieps mother was killed last night? Blown to bits!”
    “Really? Poor Miep! She’s always been so scared of everything… and now this…”
    “What is it?” I asked, peering into the circle where I spotted my best friend Anna. She grinned sadly at me, before pushing through the group and taking my hand.
    “It was frightful, wasn’t it?” I started
    “Oh yes, but did you hear the radio this morning? We’re invaded, doomed father says, Mother burst into tears when she heard.”
    I stayed silent. My parents had cried too, saying that we were finished. Good as dead.
    And I knew why.
    Because we were Jewish.
    We weren’t religious at all, not even a bit. We ere Jews by birth and nothing else, that’s what papa says anyway.
    We had fled Germany when I was 4 because of that. Because of Hitler. He made life for Jews there a complete misery, and now he was here. Could we flee again? What could we do?
    So many questions scrambled in my head, that I forgot to talk for a while.
    “Hanne? Hanne? You’re unusually quiet today. For once, I’m doing all the talking. Why…”
    But she never finished her sentence.
    Suddenly there came a commanding bark of words out of nowhere. Everyone pushed each other to get off the just in time to avoid an infinite row of cars and war tanks. Victory music started playing very loudly, nearly deafening us all. Unbelievably, some of the crowd cheered as our invaders passed by with disgusting smirks on their faces, acting as if they owned the place.
    Nazi flags waved in the air as I wished with all my heart that they would go back their own country and leave us alone.
    “Wave child,” snapped Mrs Brady from next to me as she pushed a flag in my hand, ” show some respect”
    And that was when I realised that life, from now on, would be run by them. They would be as ruthless as they wanted to be. They could make us all obey anything.
    Would they take pity on a ten year old child?
    I highly doubted it.

  18. This is such a cool prompt! I already have so many ideas! But no spoilers… Anyway, I’ve read lots of the stories you guys have already posted and they are SO GOOD!

    1. Hi. Yes I see the second part of your story. It’s really good. I love learning about World War Two (even though it’s so sad and once I went to a Jewish memorial museum and almost cried).

  19. My story is about people who experienced the devastating 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami.

    I was the first person to see it coming. I was playing on the beach with my cousins and Auntie Alya, my namesake, when I felt a particularly strong wave sweep past my feet. On an island, that happens a lot but I still looked up and said my last words: May the force be with us. Okay, those weren’t the best words I could have picked but I only had about five seconds left to live and I loved Star Wars. That day, more than 130,000 people died, including me. I’m now a ghost. I have no idea where the rest of my family is.

    I remember the day like no other. My family was lucky compared to most. We didn’t live that close to the ocean, which I always thought was the disaster until that day. Huge waves filled our village with water. I was a strong swimmer and made it to the top of the water. My little sister, Dao, wasn’t that lucky. I heard her scream my name, “Charoen!” before water filled her lungs and my ears filled with silence, my heart full of sorrow. My parents and I made it out. Gran didn’t survive, though I’m not quite sure how it happened. I’m not quite sure I ever want to know how it happened. She was in the back, weeding our tiny garden. We lost our garden. Our home. Our grandma. My sister. My sister. I loved her so much. She was my best friend even though she was only four.

    Sri Lanka:
    Sri Lanka is so tiny, it was hard to get away from the tsunami. We got the tsunami warning long enough before that we could get to higher ground. Father and Mother scrambled around our large house, stuffing our most valuable possessions in bags while I sprinted through nearby villages screaming that a disaster was about to strike.
    “Lakmini!” My mother called through the haze of babies crying, cars trying to turn on, and people screaming. “Get in.” I jumped into the helicopter (Oh, did I mention we are outstandingly wealthy?) and our private pilot (Yes, we are so wealthy we have a private helicopter pilot) began to lift us off the helipad. I got nauseous and put my forehead against the cool window. That day, as I watched my village drown, I decided that I would never, ever leave a helpless person. Then, I was 14 and I had no idea that would happen. Today, I’m 28, and am a foster mom for disabled kids living in poverty.

    South Africa:
    My name is Annabeth. I’m going to keep this short and simple because I’m really quite ashamed. We heard the warning but my family thought it was nothing and that no tsunami that had started in Indonesia would ever make its way to South Africa. Well, they were wrong, our beaches were hit. Only two people died but it was me who was hit the hardest. Aunt Bea and Uncle James were those two people. I loved them so much. They took me out to get ice cream. They watched all of my football games. They did so much with me. And now they’re dead.

    1. I really like the way you used four different characters all from different countries. It made it really realistic and emotional. Great job!

    2. This is so sad, but I love it and you wrote it so well, I love how you divide the story in different countries with different people who all go through the same experience!

  20. Hi. I have never done this before, and my friend recommended it to me. Let me know what you think.

    It was hot. Way hotter than a typical summer’s night should be. My room was heating up rapidly, and I could smell smoke.
    I sat up in bed, my senses alert. It was a fire, there was no doubt about it. And I needed to get out of the house. I dashed into my sister’s room across the corridor and wrenched the door open. A pungent smell hit my face, and as I peered into her room, all I could see was grey.
    What I heard next made my heart stop dead. It was the coughing of a small child. Julia. She was still in there.
    As much as I didn’t want to, I knew I had to go in there. I grabbed a T-shirt from my room and covered my mouth and nose with it. I took a deep breath, choking slightly on the smoke that had pushed it’s way through the fabric of my top, then stepped inside.

    I could not see. Nothing but grey came before my eyes, and soon I could barely see grey, as the smoke made my eyes begin to water. So it was with an immense feeling of relief that I felt my sister’s arm. “Julia?” I whispered tentatively. There was a faint murmur. “Julia, we need to get out of here. Stand up and walk. And don’t let go of my arm.” I could feel her small hands clutching my arm, and a there was a shuffle. I started walking towards the door.

    I then realised that the landing was just as bad as Julia’s room. I had closed my door, so most of the smoke had been kept out. But we couldn’t go down the stairs to get out of the house. there was only one thing for it. I opened the door to my room and, once my sister was in too, I slammed the door shut again. Everything was hazy from the heat, but at least we could see. I made straight for the window. There wasn’t that far of a drop to the ground, but if we didn’t do this right, we could still break our legs from the fall. I turned to Julia. “Listen, we are going to get out through my window. Climb out of it, and sit on the sil. Then lower yourself down until you are hanging. then let go.” She looked at me with a frightened expression. “Please do it!”

    She did so, and I followed suit. I was right. It wasn’t too bad a jump once I had lowered myself down. My knees shook as I hit the ground, but that was all. I dashed over to see if Julia was alright, but before I could reach her, the house collapsed in on itself, sending rubble flying everywhere.

    Then everything was black.

    Let me know what you think, and if there should be a part 2.

    1. Ok here’s part 2.

      Am I in hell? I must be. The pain is so real, so blinding. The heat is everywhere, all around me. I am on fire. My body burns and blisters as I open my eyes. There are screams all around me, but there is only one voice I seek. Julia.
      She is here, needling over me, weeping. The first tears splash onto me, and suddenly the pain is gone. There is a sensation like a cool breeze. I can feel the heat, but I am not bothered by it.

      I sit up, and turn around and smile at Julia. She doesn’t smile back. She doesn’t even notice me. She continues to cry, staring at the floor with an expression on her face that makes me fill with pain. This time for her. “Julia, it’s ok. Everything is fine.”
      But she doesn’t seem to hear me. She doesn’t seem to notice me at all.

      And that’s when I look down.

      I’m lying on the ground, my face barely recognisable from all the burns. But no. That can’t be right. I’m sitting up. I reach my hand up to my face and touch it. It doesn’t feel burnt at all.
      What is going on?
      And then it hits me. I’m dead. I’m a ghost. That’s why Julia can’t see me or hear me.


      I swear this is hell. I can’t communicate with anyone. I live a lonely existence. Just me, myself and I.

  21. Hi this is my story!

    I couldn’t stop now. God save me.

    “It’s my turn on the Tv! Anna! Gimme the remote!” My sister Lucy cried at our other sister. I sighed and trudged to my room. It had a large bookshelf that was stuffed to the brim and a pin board with notes and posters stuck to it. My bed had a pair of headphones on it and an iPod that was out of battery. I had a poster of the Weasley family from Harry Potter. I felt a lot like them. I had 5 sisters: Lucy??, Anna??, Chloe??, Joan??‍? and Lola??‍♀️. This is me??‍?. Yes I’m ginger. Got a problem with that? I’m Izzy by the way. Any way, it wasn’t any of those things I was after. I rummaged under my bed and found my notebook and pen. Then I climbed out the window. There was a tree there and we had tied a rope to it. I balanced on the branch and sat on the plank of wood on the end of the swing. Then, I jumped. It’s a wonderful feeling but scary. I dragged my feet on the floor and got off. I walked towards the woods to my place. Dad had built it for me when Joan and Lola were still babies. I pulled a small rope and a seat came down. I sat on it and pulled the rope again. Dad was a mechanic so he put in some machines in to make it easier for me. Back then, I was paralysed. When Dad died, we found the reason we didn’t have that much money. Dad had been saving up for therapy so I could walk. I miss him. I waited as I was pulled up onto the tree house floor. Getting up, I went into the actual treehouse. It had a pile of cushions and beanbags strewn all over the floor. This was where I kept my favourite books. I sat down and began writing.
    It was 4pm by the time I had stopped. I got up and went to look at the forest. To my horror, it was on fire! I dithered. Dad had built this for me. Should I leave it? I snapped out and realised. What about my sisters? No longer dithering, I hurtled down the ladder I installed when I got better. Too fast. I fell and was knocked unconscious.

    30 minutes later…
    I woke up surrounded by flames. I saw that my treehouse was fine and immediately worried about my sisters. I got to my feet and began to run. I struggled to dodge the flames. I managed to make it to my house. It was already on fire. I had to save myself. I couldn’t stop now. God save me. I wanted to look back but I knew I couldn’t.
    Part 2 coming soon.

    1. Oh, this is soo good! You have described it so well!
      I see you like harry potter, I am a MASSIVE fan!
      So is your user name Luna based on Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter?
      Alice x

        1. Cool, I love Luna, she is so sweet, funny and dreamy and I love how she comes up with the most unusual things to say in the most unexpected times!

    2. I ran. I couldn’t stop. My sisters were dead. My mum was dead. It was my fault. I knew what I was going to do. My entire family was dead. I was going to join them. I ran until I found a cliff. I jumped. As I say this for my friend to write down with my dying breaths, I remember them. Goodbye world

  22. This has nothing to do with the prompt but I don’t think there are enough nice words in the English language (or Spanish or Chinese) to express how much I’m loving A Spoonful of Murder! I think it is definitely one of the best MMU books!

    1. I love A Spoonful of Murder too. I really enjoy all the culture in it, and how Hazel is in the place she knows best.

      1. OOOH i just finished that book!
        my fav mmu book is probably jolly foul play, or death in the spotlight ( his one mainly because daisy’s gay and she’s like one of my icons, cuz, as y’all know im pan. though the book is still great in general)

          1. Yeah! First Class Murder was how I found out about the series and I love that one too! Also, I know Mistletoe and Murder goes before A Spoonful of Murder but I haven’t read it yet.

        1. Those are my favourites too! I also really love Top Marks for Murder. I love Death in the Spotlight because there’s so much character development in it (same as in a Spoonful of Murder) and there are so many twists in the story!

      2. Yeah. It’s kind of funny to see how Daisy acts when she doesn’t understand the language (you know, Cantonese, because Hazel has never spoken it in England).

    2. Hello Xydel,
      Yes! A Spoonful of Murder is one of my favourite MMU books (my favourite is First Class Murder). I’ve actually nearly finished rereading A Spoonful of Murder! I’m rereading the whole MMU series in anticipation for Death Sets Sail. Of course, I’ve read the MMU books countless times before as well!

    3. I agree, it’s really cool to see how Daisy reacts to suddenly being seen as second best. I also love how Hazel becomes so much more confident!

    4. I have read them all and I have to say Spoonful of murder was amazing!
      It was so well thought of and very elaborate with loads of twists and turns!
      I can’t choose a favorite, they are all so beautifully written and I don’t think I can compare them, each is so different and unique and full of so many exiting scary and confusing twists!!!! ?

    5. So far my favorite was First Class Murder, I think, or maybe Poison is not Polite, or maybe Murder is Bad Manners… actually, I liked all the first five!! I can’t get the next books after Mistletoe and Murder, being in the U.S. It’s kind of annoying, actually, because I want to read the original editions (the UK ones) and they don’t have them here!

        1. Thank you! I was thinking of doing that, actually- good books are always worth a re-read, in my opinion. And the MMU books are definitely more than good.

  23. Hi! I’ve found a story I wrote about two years ago so I was about 8. I think it ties in with this prompt as it’s about a hurricane and a family being stuck inside together. I hope you enjoy, feedback is appreciated!

    I felt like I was standing in a pool of my sweat. The heat was crazy and the air con in our house was broken. Since it was a state of national emergency, we couldn’t get anyone to fix it. Apparently we were meant to stay indoors, and stay informed. I mean, that’s like a presidential campaign slogan. Meant to roll off the tongue but it’s all bumpy. My family are weird. We always have things to do on our own. The longest we’ve spent talking to each other must be about 10 mins. We eat dinner separately, because we always have to rush off elsewhere at different times. But, I suppose we’re stuck here. My sister Tori’s annoyed because the power’s out so she can’t study endlessly, Brandon, my eldest brother’s annoyed as he’s not allowed to go outside and play football and my younger brother Teddy’s annoyed because he can’t play soccer. And I’m annoyed because I’m missing roller derby practise. Problems problems problems. But now Mom’s calling. What? We have to eat dinner together in front of the radio? No. We never do this. But Mom’s asking us. And Mom’s the boss.

    “So Brandon wanna go get a board game?” Mom asked cheerily. She was answered with a sullen look and a grunt. “Tori? Teddy? Richelle?”. All Mom got was three more looks. “Ok then we’ll just sit here in silence. Fine by me”. It wasn’t fine by here. I could tell. Dad came in, his fire brigade overalls charred with all of the flames. “Dad!”, me and my siblings said shocked. His face was burnt and bleeding. “Hey honey, hey kids. That was a long shift”, Dad said, feeling his head. His fingers were covered in blood.

    Mom grabbed his hand and led him into the bathroom were she proceeded to clean his wounds. Me and my siblings were left alone.

    “So…..wanna talk? We never really get to talk”, Tori gave us a small smile. “Uh ok?”, Brandon said, looking shocked. “So Richelle how is your roller derby going?” Tori looked at me. “Um it’s fine?” I said. Tori never really talked to me.

    10 minutes later Brandon and Tori were locked in combat. It was going to be a long couple of days. I knew it.

    1. This is great Ana, and it is very impressive that you could write so well when you were 8, well done, I love it!

  24. Hi! This is my story inspired by a pirate named Jacquoette Delahaye. Everyone has written amazing stories! I hope you enjoy mine and feedback is greatly appreciated!

    The ocean was large – expansive. It was home to life, beautiful and dangerous. In the day it was a mix of blues and greens, in the night it reflected the night sky, becoming a sea of stars. It was a wonder to behold. And I was drowning in it.

    The net was tangled around me, dragging me down with it. My lungs burned for air. The surface only got further and further away. Debris was scattered around me, large planks of wood threatening to knock me senseless. My eyes were blurred, and I wasn’t able to see properly. I wanted to know if others were going down with me, or if I was alone in this never ending blue. My limbs stopped moving and my body released its tension. I felt myself leaving the world. Something grabbed onto me. Was this the transition into death. Was someone pulling my soul from my body? But instead I felt I was being dragged. Upwards. I managed to make out the surface and a head of fiery red hair before losing consciousness.

    I awoke coughing and sputtering water on a planked, wooden floor, with a sword pressed against my throat. I blinked a few times, trying to focus my vision on the figure before me. Her red hair, now dripping wet, was what made her stand out, especially bright in the morning sunlight. She had one hand on her hip, and the other on the sword digging into my throat. I felt a small trickle of blood run down my neck. Before I could speak she said, in a terrifying, yet beautiful voice, “Let’s catch you up, shall we?” Another figure emerged from below the deck of the boat I was now on, with the same fire-like hair tucked behind his head in a slick ponytail. “That’s my brother,” she said, “Don’t pay him any heed.” He frowned at the statement, yet still stood beside his sister, arms crossed and looking down at me. “Your ship was wrecked, completely torn to bits. How it happened is a mystery to all of us, as there was no visible attack, but anyhow, it was destroyed. We found you. Now you’re here.” My eyes roved around the ship, seeing only an empty space with no one else aboard, and the wide expanse of the ocean around us. “I’ll give you three options,” the woman said with an almost sadistic smile on her face. “One – you join my…” she glanced around the bare ship, “modest crew. Two – you slave away on my ship. And before you ask, no that does not mean you are part of the crew.” Please let option three be my freedom, I thought. “Three – I chuck you back into the ocean, though this time your heart won’t be beating as you drown.” Freedom in a sense, I debated in my head. “So, what do you say?” She eased the pressure of the sword on my neck, allowing me to speak. I opened my mouth and croaked, “Am I in hell?” The sword once again pressed into my throat. “I have no problem ending your life here and now, girl,” she said, amusing me as we were around the same age. Slaving away on the boat wouldn’t be too different from serving the Axton family on their ship before… No. I wouldn’t do that again. Couldn’t. Because of them, I can’t stare into a mirror without feeling shame and hurt and disgust at the person who looks back. “I’ll join your crew,” I whisper, reluctantly. Five minutes ago I was getting prepared for my daily dosage of abuse, and now I’m joining a strangers crew. How quickly life can change and move on. “One quick question,” I ask, as the sword is removed from my throat and I stand on wobbling feet. “Who are you and what do you do?” The siblings smile at each other. “We’re pirates,”the woman says, “And, boy, do we love stealing gold.”

    1. I love this story and Jacquotte Delahaye is so interesting! She also had a girlfriend called Anne Dieu-le-Veut who joined forces with her and they became the two most feared pirates in the Carribean. This is brilliantly written.

    2. This is so good Inaya, It is so frightening and so exiting and captivating!
      All your stories are so fun to read and always leave me mesmerised!

    3. Wow Inaya!! This story blew me out of the water- ha (laughs at own joke). But seriously, I really liked it! Your writing style is so good.

  25. Here is the second part of my story HANNE (I rewrote it ??) I hope you like it! Any feedback is much appreciated
    PART 2

    I didn’t go back to sleep that night, nobody did. The bombing lasted all night, it was a wonder that the house didn’t crumble down on top of us.
    But luckily, when daybreak came, it was all over.
    Actually, I don’t know if I should have said ‘luckily’
    When I stepped out onto the sunny streets, my eyes tired and my body aching. I stopped in my tracks and gaped.
    Several houses were still burning, or were horribly, painfully damaged, debris had fallen all over the place and ashes kept falling from the burning buildings. This, had attracted a large crowd who were either running around, shouting to each other, or quietly whispering in a corner.
    I ran to the middle of the cobbled road to a group of children examining a burning tyre.

    “Don’t tell me you didn’t hear the bombs last night!…
    “Ah yes, did you hear that Miep Lobattos mother was killed last night? Blown to bits they say…”
    “Really? Poor Miep! She’s always been so scared of everything, and now this…”
    “What is it?” I asked, pushing into the circle where I instantly spotted my best friend Anna. She grinned sympathetically at me before pushing through the people to take my hand.
    “It was frightful wasn’t it?” I started.
    ” Oh yes, but did you hear the radio this morning? We’re invaded! Father says we’re doomed, mama wept buckets when she heard.”
    I stayed silent. My parents had also been crying, saying that we were finished. As good as dead.
    And I knew why.
    Because we were Jewish.
    We weren’t religious or anything, not at all. We were Jews by birth, that was what papa said anyway.
    We had fled Germany when I was 4 and Viktor was turning 6 because of that. Because of Hitler. He had made life for Jews there a misery, and now he was here. Could we flee again? What could we do?
    So many questions whirled in my head that I forgot to talk for a while.
    “Hanne? Hanne? You’re unusually quiet today, for once, I’m doing all the talking, why…”
    But she never finished her sentence. Suddenly, there came a yelled command Ina language I couldn’t understand. Everybody started to push each other frantically, trying to get off the road just in time to avoid an infinite row of cars and war tanks. Victory music started playing very
    loudly, nearly deafening us all. Some of the crowd even started cheering as our invaders passed by, with disgusting smiles on their faces, acting liked they owned the place.
    Nazi flags waved in the air as I wished with all my heart that they would go back to their country and leaves ours alone.
    “Wave child,” snapped Mrs Brady, pushing a flag into my hand, “Show some respect.”
    And that was when I realised that from now on, life, our lives would be controlled by them. They could punish us how they wanted, act as they wanted.
    Would they take pity on a child of ten.
    But as I was Jewish, I highly doubted it.

    1. sorry, I had some technical difficulties, so I didn’t see my work, and my comment up above was in response for one of your stories

  26. So my other story that I did on computer still hasn’t come through, and if it does, then you know why I posted 2 stories. Basically, I have never done this before, and a friend recommended it to me, so I thought I might give it a try. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    Here goes.

    In the moments of calm before the storm, something was amiss. I could tell. There was raging winds that threatened to topple us, and we thought it couldn’t get any worse. We sat, huddled together in the small boat. We had tried to escape Afghanistan, all of us, all five of us. But yet there was only two of us on the boat. My brother Kamal was usually fiery and loud, the sort of thing to expect from a seven year old. Me? I was 13, so the task of making sure we didn’t drown was down to me.
    And I was finding it pretty difficult to do my job. The churning sea rocked the boat so badly that by now Kamal was definitely green. I felt queasy myself, but was holding out so far. We had lost both the oars to the ocean, so all we could do was hope a pray. And it worked.
    The wind began to die down, the sea began to lay back and rest. We were safe. As safe as you can be when you are stuck in the middle of the ocean in a small boat with no food or water and your brother that is your top priority.
    I turned to look at him now, only to discover that he was fast asleep. Everything was quiet. Everything was calm.
    Too calm. The thought entered my mind like an arrow, an arrow that I could not pull loose. Something was wrong.

    “Kamal. Kamal, wake up.”

    “What is it?” He asked sluggishly.
    “I need you alert, so you don’t drown, I won’t be able to hold on to you forever by myself.”
    “But it’s calm. Look around us. We’re safe.”
    I sighed. But my next words were lost as there was a loud clap of thunder and a towering wave crashed over us…

    Let me know what you think, and if I should do part 2

    1. I think this is great, amazing work and for your first story on this blog, I think it is written very well and that a part 2 would be great!

    2. (I am the friend the recommended it!) Really good story Edith. Definitely do a part two, I want to know what happens, good use of a cliffhanger at the end.

    3. Here is part 2 of my story.

      As I was pulled under the raging waves, my eyes scanned the water for signs of Kamal. My vision blurred, all I could see was a dark shape that was he boat. I resurfaced. “KAMAL!” I screamed. “KAMAL, WHERE ARE YOU!”
      Then I heard frantic splashing, and I threw myself into the water once more and swam with all my might against the current and towards the sound of splashing. I resurfaced once again, and in front of me was Kamal, soaking wet and struggling to stay above the waves. I swam over to him and pulled him close. We needed to find the boat, if it was still there. If we didn’t we would surely drown. My eyes scanned the area, desperate to catch a glimpse of a brown boat. But I knew it was hopeless as soon as the first splintered piece of wood drifted past us. The boat was gone, and with it, our last chance of survival.

      My panic was renewed, but I tried desperately to surpress it. Panic would not help us now.

      “HELP!” I screamed. “PLEASE! SOMEONE HELP!” deep down I knew my attempts were fruitless, but I felt it was stupid not to try. I screamed and yelled till my voice was hoarse.

      Then I saw it. Out of the fog that was now closing in, I saw lights. “HELP!” I yelled, in a final attempt to be heard. But the lights didn’t get any closer.

      I could feel Kamal slowly slipping into the water. My strength was leaving me, soon we would both drown.

      And then I was sinking. This was it. My lungs were on fire, and I did not have the strength to swim up. Black dots appeared in my vision as I began to loose consciousness.

      1. And here is part three, the final part.

        They reached the girl just in time. She only had a few seconds of life left in her when they broke the surface. Hands gently lifted her onto the ship and laid her down on a soft bed. They could only hope that she was still alive.

        I opened my eyes to see a small cabin that was gently rocking. I was soaking wet and shivering, despite the many blankets. Kamal. Where was Kamal?
        Was he OK?
        A man entered the room.
        “Hello. What is your name?” He asked me.
        “My name is Maleka. Now tell me where Kamal is.” I replied. Except no sound came out. I could not speak. What was going on?

        “We found you in the ocean. There was a boy too, but we could only save one of you. Only one. We reached you first. We could not save the boy.”

        My heart broke. Kamal, my brother, my last remaining family, gone.
        I had lost my brother and my world. So why am I still alive?

        The people on the boat dropped me off in England, where they made sure I was taken in by a good family. I never managed to recover my voice, but over time, I became used to it, and so did my parents, for I thought of them as my second parents, my second chance.

  27. When you post a comment or story, does it say “your comment is awaiting moderation” on you pr screen, then when you come back, your story is not there anymore? Has that happened to anyone? If so, how do you solve it? I have tried to post my story twice and each time, that has happened…

    1. Oh, yeah that happens to me some times. It will stop doing that soon, it only happen’s if you are new to this website so if you are new give it a week or so and it won’t say waiting moderation.

    2. Yeah if your new it moderates your comment. But when you start doing prompts and commenting on things regularly it stops

    3. Yeah that happened once or twice to me but I saw your question asking if anybody saw your part two and it was fine. It was right there. (Very good story by the way.) As for how to fix it if it doesn’t end up showing up: I just look through all the comments and if I STILL can’t find it, I’d just post it again.

    4. It happened once or twice to me at the start and then again a bit later on but that’s because I used a different email address, and even after it gets moderated it can take a while to show up.

    5. Hi charlotte, if you are new to the website that will always pop up but after you comment a few times it goes away, it disappears because Robin checks it in case there is any bad language or insults (Stuff like that)!
      Seeing as there are very many people commenting, it often takes a while for the comment to get moderated so it arrives a few days after!

    6. Hi Charlotte, it’s all down to when I can log on and accept comments from new authors! Sorry for the delay – I’ll get to everything, I promise.

  28. This is mine:
    I did not know what was going to happen, until it was too late. We had been living here long enough! I really should have known! The numbers have been going down for months! Still, I really didn’t think it would happen to Prudence! She is ever so tiny, I can’t believe that would work on a baby! First it got the pilot, she was not very bright, so no one worried that it would happen to her. However, things got a lot worse, I have no idea where it started, but I think it was in the plane. Probably one of the people bought, no! It probably naturally lives here, but it is so scary! After the first attack, another followed. This time it happened to my best friend, Lila! Then my dad, then almost every survivor. It was just me, Pru, my new friend (sorry Lila), a random man, a wealthy lady and a four year old boy. We all knew that we would probably be attacked soon, but Pru! She was just a little baby, like I said it was awful! The poison, the teeth, I could not watch!

  29. Hello Robin and everyone,
    As soon as I saw this prompt, the first line was already forming in my head. An idea began to form and I just had to write it! I hope you like it, feedback is greatly appreciated.

    “It’s a disaster!” The sound of a whining child’s scream pierced the silence in my room. I was studying and grunted unamused at the noise coming from downstairs. I turned back to my revision, determined not to let the distraction get to me.

    Only seconds later, the shouting began again. “Disaster, disaster, DI-SAS-TER!” Now it was really bugging me. I have five siblings, all younger than me, and I have learnt that if I am to get my work done, I most focus and let someone else help. This time, the distraction came from Annie, the youngest in our household. ‘Disaster’ is her new favourite word (no surprise- it’s repeated on the news all the time) and she uses it to describe anything. She can’t find her toy?- Disaster. It’s raining?- Disaster. Her favourite programme isn’t on TV?- Yep, you’ve guessed it, disaster.

    Just as I put pen to paper for what felt like the millionth time, my ears detected a sob. Not the full waterworks yet, but I knew they would come. For all my efforts of trying to ignore my family so I can study, the sound of crying is my weakness. Sighing, I let go of my pen, accepting the fact that I wasn’t going to get any work done, and made my way downstairs.

    I entered into a scene that could only be described as an educational explosion. All the contents of Annie’s school bag were spread across the room haphazardly. In the centre was Annie, clutching a book, tears streaming down her face. “I can’t do it! Disaster!” She screamed.

    Right then, my heart softened a little. I carefully tip-toed around the wreck and came to sit beside Annie. “What is it?” I asked. “What’s wrong?” Annie took a deep breath and said, “Reading. I have to read this book for school and I just can’t!” Now, Annie is only five and so reading is relatively new to her. I thought back to when I was her age, when I learnt to read for the first time and how proud I had been. Reading is so magical and there was no way I was going to deprive Annie of that.

    Slowly but surely, I helped Annie learn to read. “D-O-G, what does that spell?” I asked. “Dog!” Annie replied, a huge smile showing. Right at the end of the book, we came cross a word Annie particularly liked. “I know that!” she said. “DISASTER!” We laughed and laughed, siblings bonding over our love of reading. So you see, Annie’s disaster ended up being a little bit of magic.

    Thank you for reading!

    1. I love how you wrote the second paragraph (She can’t find her toy?- Disaster. It’s raining?- Disaster. Her favourite programme isn’t on TV?- Yep, you’ve guessed it, disaster)! ???

      1. Hello Xydel,
        Thank you so much! I tried to add humour into this story and to make it feel like the narrator was talking to the reader.

    2. Oh this is great Colette! I loved it, and puts things in perspective – bad things can always turn into good!

      Savannah xx

      1. Hello Savannah,
        Thank you very much! Yes, I agree. Although Annie’s disaster isn’t as big as other disasters (such as natural disasters), it still effects Annie a lot and it is up to the narrator to help her fix her disaster. Now it is up to all of us to help others in times of need!

      1. Hello Ellie,
        Thank you! For all my stories for these writing prompts, I try to keep it under 500 words so I can post the whole story.

    3. This was such a well written story Colette. I really enjoyed reading. I laughed near the beginning at how much Annie said disaster. But I also began to feel empathy for her near the end. All in all there was a real warmness to the story. Well done!

      1. Hello Harmony,
        Thank you ever so much for your kind comments! It really means a lot and has boosted my confidence in my writing. I’m so happy that I was able to make you feel the emotion of the story- that is a huge achievement for me!

        1. Hey Colette,

          No problem, glad I boosted your confidence in writing. You are a really great writer. This is one of my favourite stories that you have written. 🙂


    4. Ooh, I love this, its so beautiful, it really shows us how magical the bond between siblings can be and highlights the hopes and magic of childhood!

      1. Hello Alice S,
        Thank you ever so much! I’m glad you were able to take important messages from my story 🙂

  30. Hi, this is my story about a girl called Jeannie Munro during the Clydebank Blitz in WW2. Hope you like it 🙂

    I trudge home, head down, hands deep in my pockets. I shouldn’t be out at this hour even if it’s only ten to nine but things have changed since the war began, lots of things. Pa works extra long shifts at the shipyards and comes back in dark moods, my older brother Robbie counts down the days until he’ll be old enough to join the army and I only watch as Ma and my younger siblings grow thinner and thinner.
    Although I’m not desperate to get back I’d rather be at home if there’s a raid than out on the streets. I’d been at my friend, Winnie’s house, in one of the nicer parts of town, up by the Kilpatrick Hills. I go there a lot after school, mainly to avoid my family but also because Winnie has a nice house with a garden and her own room, which is a luxury compared to the two wee rooms I live in with my family, in a dingy tenement building. I had gotten a scholarship for one of the grammar schools last year because Ma wanted me to have a chance to do something with my life and not be scrubbing floors and washing clothes my whole life. I enjoy it mostly, apart from the time when I got snide remarks about where I lived and the fact that my uniform was second-hand but Winnie put a stop to that and that’s how we became best friends. She’s a fine lass, Winnie McKay, she doesn’t mind me coming to her house and doesn’t mention the fact that I never invite her round because I can’t, that’s for sure.
    I look around, nearly home. If I’m lucky, Ma will be in one of her good moods and will have saved some kept some supper back. Or one of the twins has eaten it, which is more likely, the wee rascals but I usually fill myself up on tatties during lunch at school. I’m about fifteen minutes from home when I hear a screeching noise.
    Air raid siren.
    I stop and try and calm down. It could be nothing. It probably is nothing. There has been false alarms all week so it wouldn’t be surprising but I can’t help thinking of the story my teacher told me about the boy who cried wolf. I need to find a shelter. The street I’m on in filled with shops but I run up to one of the doors and bang on it.
    “Please, let me in!” I cry, “I’ve nowhere to be safe!”
    “Over my dead body,” says a voice from inside, “Now, away wi’ you!”
    I give the door one last kick and run off down the street, maybe I could make it home before the bombs come. But I am wrong. So wrong. The bombs start to fall overhead like rain, rain. Why am I comparing life threatening bombs to rain? Come on Jeannie, I say to myself, find safety! I crouch under a doorway, hoping that it would provide me with some sort of protection and cower as I watch Clydebank burn. A bomb destroys the shop next to me and I throw up my arm, shielding myself from flying shards of broken glass, reminding me of the newsreel I saw with Winnie at the pictures about the Nazis smashing up Jewish shops, night of the broken glass, it was called. I’m up on my feet, running as fast as I can. Let me live, I think, I don’t want to die. I don’t know where I’m running now, all I know is that I want to go home, I want all of this to be over, the bombs, the war, the killing, I just want it to stop. And then I’m thrown into the air. I land on my back and the glass crunches underneath.
    The sky is on fire.
    Clydebank is on fire.
    The world is on fire.

    Hope you enjoyed 🙂

    1. OMG! I love this story and I live really near Clydebank in Glasgow! I love how vivid the story is. You are a awesome writer Iona ?

  31. Okay, this is a backstory of a character in a Harry Potter fanfiction I’m writing, and so is an obvious unnatural disaster. Warning, mention of blood and death. I’ll add the next part when I finish writing it.


    30th September, 1993

    To wake up to blood-curdling screams like I did that night is not something I’d wish on anyone, especially considering I could hear my mother crying as well.

    Do I move or do I stay in my room? Do you move towards screams like those, or do you run as far as you can in the opposite direction?

    Well, I really had no choice. To make an escape from the house, I would need to leave my room, since it doesn’t have a window.

    Looking over to Rosa’s empty bed, I made my decision. I’d leave.

    It was better than waiting here to die, wasn’t it?

    I tiptoed onto the landing and froze as a howl tore through the air. That sounded… wait a minute.

    Last month – no, wait! Not last month, this was a blue moon month! On the first of September, there’d been an attack in Castleford, by someone nicknamed the ‘Werewolf Slasher’. But what if they were really a werewolf?

    Emmalyn Jones, that is ridiculous! Werewolves aren’t real! Magic isn’t real, witches, wizards, ghosts, vampires – none of them are real! Just run already!

    I made my way downstairs and immediately rethought everything I just said – thought? I didn’t say any of that, did I?

    Whatever had happened, the grey wolf (actually, with the blood coating its fur, it wasn’t easy to distinguish it as grey) in the middle of the kitchen was to blame. But there’s no wolves left in Britain, so… a werewolf? I… shouldn’t be stood here thinking about it, should I?

    The werewolf – I’ll just say ‘werewolf’, who actually knew? – turned towards me and I bit back a scream at the sight of my older brother and mother lying dead behind it. It had ripped their throats out, maybe, by the dark blood covering its snout.

    And then it sprang.

    I cried out as I was knocked to the floor, and tried to bring my left arm up to protect my face from the wolf’s vicious claws, but to no avail. It simply knocked my arm down and dragged its claws along my face. Twice.

    The wolf seemed to smile, and looked to my arm. From my position underneath it, I could see that its eyes were differing colours – one bright blue, the other a golden amber. It was both oddly beautiful and terrifying, because they seemed almost human.

    It had to be a werewolf. It just had to be.

    The blood-covered jaws parted and I stared at awful yellowing teeth, warm saliva dripping from its mouth to my arm.

    I later learned that’s what saved me from becoming a monster just like it. It not looking down at my face.

    It leaned down closer to my arm slowly, carefully, like this was a delicate operation. Maybe it was, for it.

    One of the teeth dragged along the skin of my forearm, and I shivered, unable to do much else. I had to move, now.

    But I’d have no chance. A ten-year-old girl against this monster? Impossible.

    So, all in all, I guess I was really lucky to have two witch neighbours.

    1. FULL MOON (Part Two)

      I didn’t really understand what happened at the time (because I couldn’t see too much with the wolf on top of me) but I did see the flash of red light and remembered flinging my arms around the woman who’d saved me almost as soon as the wolf was pulled away, getting blood on her shirt in the process. Her friend, Iris, had smiled, though this was quickly wiped from her face when the wolf regained consciousness and ran for it before either woman could react.

      “Julia, is she…?” Iris asked.

      “Emmalyn, did it bite you?”

      “N-no. Almost, though.”

      “We should go, Julia. There might be more.” Iris turned and looked out of the kitchen window. “Although, there probably isn’t another one. But we’re-”

      “Better safe than sorry. I’d hate to have to send Amelia away because one of us was bitten.” Julia finished. “Emmalyn, you can spend the night with us. Rosa will be fine, that werewolf is… well, a lone wolf. Concerningly.”

      I think I knew what she meant with ‘concerningly’. The moon hadn’t risen long before, so both women were wondering how it had chosen its targets so quickly.

      Discussion turned to ‘Greyback’, who I gathered was the type to deliberately position himself close to victims on full moon nights, though they ruled him out, and the ‘Potters’, who may have been the real targets.

      But I didn’t want to ask questions now.

      Instead, I fell asleep in the spare bedroom of the women, and as I did, realised one more thing.

      The house had the same layout as ours, with three bedrooms and one room that here was probably used as more of a cupboard – the parallel of Daniel’s room.

      Since I wasn’t in Amelia’s room, how could I actually be in a spare room unless what the whole street thought of Julia and Iris was completely wrong?

      But right then. I didn’t really care. All that mattered was that I was alive, and safe, even if that thought did make me feel really selfish.

  32. What is every one’s favourite character in MMU? I know I have asked this question once before but I want to see who every one likes in the series. My favo is Beanie and Kitty, what are yours?

      1. I’ve been re reading TMFM and I forgot how great Amina is! She’s just trying to make friends throughout the whole book!

    1. I love Hazel and Daisy so much, I grew up with them as friends (I love them
      equally and in different ways), they will always be my favorites!

    2. Hello Hero Detective,
      I have quite a few favourite MMU characters: Daisy and Hazel (of course!) as well as Bertie, George, Uncle Felix, Aunt Lucy, Hetty, Lord Hastings and Ping!

    3. mine is daisy, (because shes a legend), hazel (we stan), alex (cuz he’s kinda like me, i would say im a combo of daisy, hazel, alexander, and beanie lol), and… everyone lol

    4. Mainly Amina, Daisy and Hazel but I also really like Patricia – Lavinia’s stepmother. She only has a small part but she’s really funny and fairly eccentric.

  33. This is my story! I haven’t done one for a while, but I hope you enjoy it! Feedback is really appreciated!

    The explosion shakes the ground, the sound deafening. My younger sister Lily flinches and we edge closer together.
    “It’s ok.” I whisper as quietly as possible so that we’re not heard. “We’re going to be ok.”
    If I’m being honest, it’s more for my own comfort than for Lily.

    The war started 10 years ago. I don’t remember life before it, because I was only two, but I do remember small things: the crackle of fire in the hearth, the sky-blue colour of my bedroom walls. Lily was born the year after war broke out, so she never knew what it was like before. She’s always been the stronger sister, though I hate to admit it. I try to protect her, all the same.
    Our house got destroyed when Lily was still a baby, and it’s a miracle we survived this long since then. Our parents weren’t so lucky. Now, there’s barely anyone left. Everyone and everything I used to know are gone. We’re some of the last ones left.

    We wait for ten minutes before climbing out of the shelter. When we get outside, there’s debris and fire scattered on the barren land. The plane that dropped the bomb is nowhere to be seen, and I hope that means we’re safe for now. Lily sits down and hugs her knees, staring at the horizon.
    “Zoe?” she asks, frowning. “Who’s that?”

    I notice, too late, that there is a figure walking towards us. As he comes closer, I see that he’s a boy around my age in ripped blue jeans and a coat that looks much too big for him. He has olive green eyes and sandy hair that reaches his shoulders, and he looks lost.

    Lily gets up and I step in front of her, but she peers over my shoulder, so I sigh and step to the side, allowing her to see.
    “Who are you?” I ask, trying to sound tough. “What are you doing here?”

    I’m not really sure why the boy approached us, or where he came from. It’s not like we could be particularly helpful to anyone. All we try to do is survive.

    The boy says nothing. His piercing gaze unnerves me, but I stand my ground, and Lily looks unfazed. With her tangled black hair, soft brown eyes and ripped burgundy dress, she doesn’t look like much, but her bravery and strength continue to amaze me.

    “Wow.” Says the boy. “I actually found someone.”

    “O-kaaay.” I mutter, confused. “Let’s go, Lily.”
    I start to walk back to the shelter, but my sister grabs my wrist. “Where do you think you’re going?”

    “Please,” Says the boy, “Just hear me out.”

    He tells us his name is Charlie, and he used to live with his mum. He says that they both survived for a long time, but his mum died about a month ago. Ever since, he’s been looking for other people.
    “There’s strength in numbers.” He finishes. “So we should stick together.”

    I hesitate, but he’s right. “Ok.”


    “Yeah.” I say. “It’s getting dark, we should light a fire.”

    The three of us collect sticks from trees that fell in the explosion, and eat fruit and berries from their fallen branches. There’s almost nothing left, but we’ll do what we can. We will survive.

    1. Your writing is so clear, This is a little frightening and at the same time heartwarming!
      I absolutely love the story and the characters and you described them so well, especially, Sandy!

      1. I love it!
        I noticed that you wrote it in the present tense and it makes it even more exiting – You use it really well!

        1. Thank you Charlotte, I’m so glad you liked it! I do find it harder to write in the present tense, but I tried my best!

  34. This is my story based on the prompt. It probably doesn’t seem like it is a lot to do with the prompt phrase yet, but I think I’m going to do another part…

    The day the world ended was the day my whole life fell apart. One reaction. Two atoms. Three key rules. We wouldn’t be here today if we hadn’t broken all three. Number one: do not under any circumstances go outside. Once you have united with the rest of your family, you do not leave the building you are in. Number two: ensure that you are in a position of comfort and safety, with enough food and drink, shelter, and other essential items. Number three: There is no way to escape or prevent the anticipated disaster. Don’t try to find a way out of it.

    What’s that? Rules you say? Pah. I don’t follow no rules. Rules are meant to keep you safe. But these ones did the opposite. If I hadn’t discovered the corruption of the World Safety Organisation (WSO) then I wouldn’t be standing here right now.

    In fairness, all but one of the rules were true, but rules are made to be broken, so I didn’t care. When scientists first detected a repeat of the Big Bang, but in reverse, the world started to go crazy, and not in a good way. In no time at all, shops were filled with discounts on their most expensive products, you couldn’t move for bucket lists, and the phrase YOLO was printed on pretty much everything. Then the news was broken. We only had seven days left to live.

    “What’s going on Mayra?”
    My younger brother and sister were staring up at me with large curious eyes.
    “I’m so sorry Patri, Elizah, but I don’t exactly know. I’ve been trying to sort out our escape ever since we got the seven day warning, and I think we’re set, but I don’t know when he’s coming. The responsibility for my brother and sister had fallen on me ever since the moment three years ago when we lost our mother to the Lich disease. Our father had disappeared two years before that whilst on an expedition to the Nakuga Jungles. Which is where we were heading now.

    The man standing on the platform had eyes the colour of moss essence, deep and green. You can tell a lot about a person from their eyes, and his were trustworthy, strong and bold but somehow reassuring.
    “You sure you still want to go through with this?” He said gruffly, as we approached more confidently than we felt.
    “Yes. I promised my mother I would look after them after she died. I can’t let her down. All set?”
    “Affirmative. I’ve been working on it in my spare time, and nothing should go wrong.”
    “Nothing WILL go wrong.”
    We had spent every spare moment since the announcement pinpointing the exact spot that would be most likely to survive the disaster intact, enabling us to survive on an island style chunk of land until we could find a solution. And it led us to the Nakuga Jungles. We were about to break every one of the three rules…

    Any feedback appreciated (especially constructive criticism)

    1. This is really good! I like how you started it with the three rules, although I’m not really sure what you mean by ‘two atoms’. Is it explained in part two? (Are you posting a part 2? I hope so!) I also think it seems a bit odd when you go from saying that rules are bad to saying that they’re there to keep you safe…
      Anyway, this is amazing and it’s a really creative idea! ?

    2. Part two of my story. There will be a part three, as this one is more to tie up the loose ends left by part one. Hope you like it!

      1. Forgot to add it on. Here it is!

        My siblings were born the year our father died, after he went missing. They had never known him. I was so proud of them both, they were true little troopers, and had developed into solid, brave and loyal human beings in the time we had been alone. Both with a mop of curly dark hair, like me and mum, and charp, chiselled facial features like dad, I loved them with all my heart, and longed, more than anything else, for them to be able to meet their father. He couldn’t still be in the Nakuga Jungles, could he? After five years? It wasn’t such a stretch of imagination to hope that he might just still be alive and well?

        Sitting in the back of our jet with my brother on my left and sister on my right, I reflected on the last week. Me and the man in the front passenger seat had met at a protest outside the government buildings, one for more effort and concern over the safety of those who were poorer, or had to make their own way in the world. Following that, we had tracked the two atoms that, according to the country’s top scientists, were about to collide at a particular point, within a mile of the planet’s surface, causing an explosion similar in size to the big bang, except this one would destroy, not create our planet. With our combined scientific knowledge, we were able to almost definitely plan our point of 99% chance safety. We were nearly there.

        ‘You’re not following the rules though’ I hear you say? Well, yes the rules are technically designed to keep us safe, but in this case, not following the rules would be more dangerous, and DEFINITELY result in death, so why not take the route that gives you the much bigger chance of survival? Exactly. Number one: do not under any circumstances go outside. Once you have united with the rest of your family, you do not leave the building you are in. Ha. We couldn’t really be further away from the building we were meant to be staying in if we tried. Number two: ensure that you are in a position of comfort and safety, with enough food and drink, shelter, and other essential items. We were in a 230mph jet, whizzing through the atmosphere, each with a small pack of essential survival products, about to land in THE most dangerous area of land in the world, full of fatally poisonous plants, murderous beasts and no signal or human settlements for hundreds of miles around. Which is ironically, if our calculations were correct, THE safest place to be to survive the blast. Number three: There is no way to escape or prevent the anticipated disaster. Don’t try to find a way out of it. No comment.

        The Jet juddered and began its descent. Me, my siblings, my partner in crime and his wife, who was driving. Five of us against the world.

    3. I don’t think that Part two posted before, so I posted it again. If its on twice that’s why. Anyway, here it is, and there will be a part three, as part two was more to tie up the loose ends of part one. Enjoy!

      1. My siblings were born the year our father died, after he went missing. They had never known him. I was so proud of them both, they were true little troopers, and had developed into solid, brave and loyal human beings in the time we had been alone. Both with a mop of curly dark hair, like me and mum, and charp, chiselled facial features like dad, I loved them with all my heart, and longed, more than anything else, for them to be able to meet their father. He couldn’t still be in the Nakuga Jungles, could he? After five years? It wasn’t such a stretch of imagination to hope that he might just still be alive and well?

        Sitting in the back of our jet with my brother on my left and sister on my right, I reflected on the last week. Me and the man in the front passenger seat had met at a protest outside the government buildings, one for more effort and concern over the safety of those who were poorer, or had to make their own way in the world. Following that, we had tracked the two atoms that, according to the country’s top scientists, were about to collide at a particular point, within a mile of the planet’s surface, causing an explosion similar in size to the big bang, except this one would destroy, not create our planet. With our combined scientific knowledge, we were able to almost definitely plan our point of 99% chance safety. We were nearly there.

        ‘You’re not following the rules though’ I hear you say? Well, yes the rules are technically designed to keep us safe, but in this case, not following the rules would be more dangerous, and DEFINITELY result in death, so why not take the route that gives you the much bigger chance of survival? Exactly. Number one: do not under any circumstances go outside. Once you have united with the rest of your family, you do not leave the building you are in. Ha. We couldn’t really be further away from the building we were meant to be staying in if we tried. Number two: ensure that you are in a position of comfort and safety, with enough food and drink, shelter, and other essential items. We were in a 230mph jet, whizzing through the atmosphere, each with a small pack of essential survival products, about to land in THE most dangerous area of land in the world, full of fatally poisonous plants, murderous beasts and no signal or human settlements for hundreds of miles around. Which is ironically, if our calculations were correct, THE safest place to be to survive the blast. Number three: There is no way to escape or prevent the anticipated disaster. Don’t try to find a way out of it. No comment.

        The Jet juddered and began its descent. Me, my siblings, my partner in crime and his wife, who was driving. Five of us against the world.

        1. This is part three of my story. Fourth and final part coming soon!

          Until you have been to the Nakuga Jungles, nothing can describe anywhere near what it is like. Tales are passed around families and told as cautionary stories, children sit around swapping myths about the place, and now, after fifteen years of words, I was here. And so, dead or alive, was my dad.

          Seven minutes to go until the explosion, if scientists’ calculations were correct. Seven minutes until the rest of the world was killed. Seven minutes until I found out the truth. I had been almost certain of the corruption of the WSO at that point. Every time I studied their actions in the past few weeks, I felt more certain. Why would they try and make everyone believe that there was no way out when they had their own private jets that could fly them safely out of the way, which I was pretty sure they would be using now, seven minutes before the explosion. If they were able to track the progress exactly of these two atoms, and work out when and where they would collide, then how come they weren’t able to do what we did, as non professionals, and provide information on the safest location for survival? It didn’t make sense. I had to trust this.

          Five minutes to go. Suddenly, I realised. If we didn’t make it out of this alive, I had no other chances to look for my father. Up until this point I hadn’t really considered that this would not succeed, and had assumed we would have time after the explosion for seeking. It was now or never. Turning on my heel, I charged off, without any thought as to where I was heading. The Jungles were acres and acres wide, and I didn’t know whether he was alive. Five years was a long time. Four minutes left.

          I heard him before I saw him. A rustling sound rang out from the dense ring of trees ahead, from a higher part of a bush than most animals could reach. I knew what I had to do. One foot in front of the other, I approached the clearing in the centre of the trees, until I could see what I had been looking for. A man stood with his back to me, amber hair gleaming, chiselled features silhouetted in the light. That man was my father. I cleared my throat slightly, causing him to turn in horror. He must have understandably assumed he was alone.
          “What the-,” he stopped, his expression mingled shock and sadness. “Mayra? Is that you?”
          I tried to respond but no words came out. Instead, I chose to embrace him, holding him tightly, not wanting to let go. I found that tears were streaming down my face. Five years was a long time. But, I had found him. Whatever happened, we had three minutes remaining for my father to finally meet his son and daughter for the first time, who had grown up never having known their dad.

  35. Hi this is my story. It’s about a girl who has to save her family.

    Prologue: I couldn’t stop now. God save me.

    I’m Lola. I have 3 sisters: Milly, Tina and Kate. I don’t have a dad. He ran off when police caught him growing drugs. I didn’t like him much. This is my story.
    I was bored. Milly and Kate were fighting over the remote and Tina was egging them on. I badly needed some time alone. I went up to my room and picked up my notebook and pen. I sat on the window sill and jumped. I landed with a thump on the trampoline. There was no point going through the back door because my sisters would want to follow me. Sliding off of it, I set off to the woods at the end of our garden. I had found an old tree house in there and fixed it up. I pulled a small rope and a ladder came down. I climbed up and sat down. After pulling it up again, I entered the tree house itself. I had put in so many pillows and cushions and rugs, that you had to practically swim to the bookshelf. I sat down and wrote. A good 2 hours passed and I put the pen down. Wanting to see the forest in its glory, I went to the other side of the tree house balcony. To my horror, it was on fire. The fire was heading away from me but towards my home. I had to warn them. Tripping over cushions, I made it to the rope ladder. Throwing it off the side, I raced down. Then my foot was caught. I fell, plummeting to the ground. Everything went black.

    Part 2 coming soon!

    1. I am sorry, only just seen your story [bit late] and it was amazing!!!!!!!!! So happy your posting part 3!!!!!! Can’t wait to find out what happen’s next.

  36. Hello everyone ?.
    I was super excited to write a story based on this weeks prompt so here it is.

    ~Okay here we go~

    I promise you this wasn’t supposed to happen. I didn’t mean to put my friend Lea and I in danger by trying to save us both from our enemy Dr Mood. This Journey had turned into a disaster and it was my fault.

    Lea practically had steam coming from her ears-she was that angry with me-I ruined our chance of escape. Though, I keep trying to tell her that I was some how under control and I couldn’t stop myself doing what I did.Of course, she wouldn’t have any of it, she is so stubborn.

    We were stuck in an underground cave, due to an earthquake caused by Moods powers ,our exit ways were blocked. Unfortunately for us, the earthquake was still happening. We only had a matter of time before the cave gave in. I deduced that we had five minutes maximum.

    “I could try and use my own Earth powers”whispered Lea sourly,” though there is a possibility that my powers aren’t as strong”she continued. So then she started trying to move pieces of rocks blocking our entrance away, it proved successful. Lea always had a subtle glow around her whenever she used her powers, almost like she was saying, hey look at me I have cool powers. In attempt to let her cool down, I stood back and let Lea do her thing.

    Only problem was she was going to slow, time was running up.
    “Could you try and go a bit quicker please” , I urged her, “Sssh, stop rushing me”she replied back bitterly.

    More and more the cave started to break down. Rocks were flying down like meteoroids, we only had a matter of seconds left. I feared we weren’t going to make it but it was at that moment Lea was able to move a large enough rock away that we could escape through. She let a raised fist in triumph,”ha, I did it, now lets get ourselves out of here” she exclaimed.

    We started in a mad rush to the gap in the rocks that would lead us to our freedom. Loud crashes could be heard and bitter dust was flying all around us. Lea had made her way out, now it was my turn. Reaching my hands out to climb the distance to the exit, the rock at my hands gave way. I was now on a rapid descent, further and further away from the exit.

    “Leeeaaah” I called but there was no point, I was soon to become one with the earth, buried beneath the falling rocks.

    Hope you enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

    1. I enjoyed this story so much Harmony, I love all your stories especially your story for the promt about pets a few weeks ago!
      Great work!

  37. Hello Robin, hello everyone, I just wanted to say that all of your stories are soo good

    Here is mine, hope you like it:

    Today was terrible, and I am not exaggerating!
    I really do not want to think about it but I am going to tell you anyway, I don’t think my mum or sister or, anyone at all will ever let me live this down!!!

    Here is how it happened:


    “Honey, I am going shopping, I’ll bring your sister with me to buy a new coat!” (The old one is covered in sheep poo, don’t even get me started on that!!!)

    “Your dads at work and I am trusting you alone, remember to eat your breakfast, take care, bye bye!”

    “Bye” I gruntled half asleep!

    I got out bed, pulling my warm wooly blanket off of me and snuffling up my nose (I had a cold).

    I stepped into the half lit kitchen and switched on the main light, my eyes burned for a few seconds but got used to it!
    On our salmon/pink marble table sat a fruit bowl, a yogurt and a glass of water, I honestly couldn’t take it anymore, I didn’t want a boring breakfast, not AGAIN, I never got anything nice to eat, I mean honestly!
    Well, I thought, I was all alone and for once we had stuff, nice stuff in the cupboards because we had guests coming over tonight, you see, the very important, very respected, Mr. and Mrs. Rawlinson.
    It wouldn’t hurt if I just had one piece of pizza, I mean, it was frozen, but I could just leave it in the oven for 5/10 minutes, right?
    And maybe some ice-cream for pudding, with a little raspberry cordial!

    I got the pizza out of the freezer and turned the oven on, when I had finished taking all of the cling film off the pizza, I slipped it in the oven and waited, then I decided to make my ice cream Sunday for the meanwhile, I got the ice-cream out of the freezer, collected al the sprinkles, I could find and then started making it.
    I put four large scoops of vanilla ice cream in a glass bowl and sprinkled it so much that it looked colourful enough to blind me!
    Looking at it, I decided that there was definitely something missing, I went to fridge for inspiration and found a box full of scarlet juicy mountain cherry’s, I dunked three of them on my ice cream Sunday and then left it on the table, I probably spent more than half an hour on it, wow, that’s really over the top!
    Then, after all this time spent in the kitchen, I realised how dark it actually was and decided to pull the shutters up, it took a good seven minutes to do so because they were really heavy and I was still quite sleepy (And hungry, but I guess you know that by now)!
    Then hard, brutal panic hit me in the face, the pizzas only needed about 10 minutes to defrost, i had literally left the pizza in for more than 40 whole minutes, I was toast, Oh no!
    I opened the oven fearing the worse, it was worse than the worst! and seriously, I am NOT joking, it was as black as coal, WHAT IS MY MOTHER GOING TO SAY???!!!!
    I spent ten frantic minutes trying to scrape the black off the surface of the pizza that were going to have with the Rawlinsons, TONIGHT, I was soo worried!
    Every time, I scraped, there was just so much more black underneath, I was ruined!
    At LEAST the sun had come out and I wasn’t cold anymore, wait, the SUN, It had been out for about 15 minutes, no no no no, why is this happening to me, the ice cream, I fearfully turned around and guess what, well it was gone and in its place was a vanilla soup, with floating cherries and sprinkles, I picked up the bowl and looked at it.
    At one point the doorbell rang and in fright (I thought it was my mom back) well, lets just say, I may have dropped the bowl on the floor, It smashed and oh yea, I mean smashed properly, all the ice cream started spreading across the floor!
    I went to get the door and to my utter relief it was just the milkman dropping off, well, milk obviously!
    I walked, quite droopily across the hall into the kitchen, and just decided to drink something, after all, how much trouble could come with that?!
    I had a look in the fridge and saw the raspberry cordial, and what looked very much like elderberry cordial, but it didn’t have a label!
    I decided to have some of that elderberry cordial, you know, my mum lets me drink whatever juice of squash I want, whenever, I want!
    So I poured myself a glass, and took a large sip, still holding the bottle!
    A weird, horrible flavour flowed on the tip of my tongue, it was, it was, well, WINE!
    I dropped the bottle startled!
    Then I looked at the black pizza, smashed wine, smashed top of the art glass bowl and the trickling ice cream!
    Well, I decided that I had nothing to lose, being very careful this time, I decided to make something much safer, so I decided to make a simple tomato sauce and pasta ( for breakfast, I know, weird, but I love that kind of stuff), so I picked out some nice, tasty looking pasta from the kitchen cupboard, and some tomato sauce, and poured them into a saucepan that I then filled with warn water, I needed to cook them for exactly 15 minutes and my mum was coming in about 35 so, I turned the oven on and set a timer on my phone, to then go in my room and read until it was time!
    It was while I was reading the 6th chapter in my favourite book, when, I looked out of the window and saw something very peculiar, my neighbour Bob Harley, (Rather weird man, if you ask me) was doing some sort of a dance of my front lawn.
    I decided to go outside and ask what he was up to!


    “Good day, Bob, uhm, do forgive me to ask, but what on earth are you doing and, on my front lawn!??!?”

    “Oh, uhm, yea, this is embarrassing! You see, I am addicted to this piece of music, and well, I got, a wee bit, you know…”

    “No, I really don’t Bob” I said, very confused!

    “Carried away” he replied, brick red!

    He told me all about the dancing and the songs and stuff, when I heard the sound of a car pulling up on gravel, MY MUM WAS HOME!!!!!

    What was I gong to do????


    I met her in the doorway, said goodbye to bob, and then stepped into the hallway with her and my sister…

    “What is that terrible, putrid smell, and for heavens sake, why is it so hot in here?”

    “OH NO, is there a fire?!?” Asked my sister wailing!

    “No, everything is…”


    Before I could finish my sentence, an explosion started, and I knew exactly what it was:

    The tomato sauce!

    My mum set one foot in the kitchen before yelling:


    The end!

      1. Ahah thank you so much Ellie, yea this was supposed to be a kinda comedy disaster about this really hungry sleepy and clumsy girl!

    1. This is such a strong interpretation of the prompt! I like how you always incorporate different emotions into your stories really well 🙂

    2. This is really good and funny. The girl sort of reminds me of Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables as things keep going wrong for her.

      1. Oh yea ahah, I love Anne of green gables, she is kinda unlucky an clumsy but really sweet!
        Thank you so much Iona!

  38. Here is part 3! I think that after this there will be two more parts after this.


    After that, things began to change very quickly, and soon it was like everyday, a new rule would be announced. But not just any rule. A rule for us Jews. Why does that Hitler man hate us so much? (Must be some sort of “family issue”)
    At first, we had to register. Despite this being a grim event, mama insisted that we dress properly, in our very best clothes. You should have seen the queue of people outside the town hall! I had no idea that there were so many Jewish people in the neighbourhood. We queued for hours, Sanne kept saying,
    “Are we there yet? When will be be there? When?”
    So many times that Viktor silently kicked the in the shins to express his annoyance. It was so hot that I was sweating like a dog, so we entertained ourselves by making grimaces and imitations of the people that passed, (I made a great impression of a fat lady with her dog, even Viktor who is just about the biggest show off in the universe had to admit it) when we were finally in, papa had to lead us to the photographer singing the caterpillar song to cheer us up.
    I was pushed into a chair in front of a camera, the man behind it snarled at me so fiercly that I thought that he would pounce at me and bite my head off. I sat uncomfortably in a chair as the camera flashed and printed out my picture. I looked AWFUL, Viktor was going to tease me for the rest of my life.
    Sane tried to strike a pose but was snarled at even mor fiercely than me, so she jumped on the chair and put on a worried smile.
    After that, we had our fingerprints taken and had to sign our name on a piece of paper. Finally, after that was done, we were all able to step back out into the summer sunshine.
    A Nazi saw me and spat at me. I pulled my tongue out at him.
    I shouldn’t have.
    He kneeled down next to me and said in a low, menacing voice.
    “This is our country now, and we can do whatever we like to you. And bad things will happen to you little girl, if you don’t watch out. Vermin.”
    I have remembered those words up to this day. They play over in my head like a radio, and felt the same fear as I had that day.
    But that was not all.
    After, we were not allowed in any public spaces, not even the park. I would sit down and watch all those happy children who were playing, screaming laughing, things that seemed to be forbidden now. I tried to hold back the tears in my eyes. I wasn’t even allowed to my swimming club, in which I was the fastest, and best student. I had been there last Wednesday, and the teacher had suddenly said
    “All Jewish children, please leave at once, there has been a new law, I am afraid that it is thought that you will contaminate the water.”
    So me and about two others, stood up and left, my head held in shame.
    Soon, I could not go anywhere in any transport vehicles, I had to be content with my feet.
    Then one night, when I went home, I saw everyone sitting around the table looking very sad and serious, even Sanne. On the table itself, was a large rectangle of yellow fabric, drawn on it were lots of stars of David. On it we’re the words JEW.
    Oh no.
    Papas head suddenly jerked up, he gestured me to come forward. So I did. Then he said in a quiet whisper,
    “Are you Jewish?”
    “Um, yes, but…”
    Then papa, the most gentle man in the world raised his hand and smacked me.
    Smacked me.
    “Are you Jewish?!” He shouted, his voice trembling.
    I suddenly realised what he was doing.
    “No!” I yelled, “No, I’m not!”
    He smacked me again.
    “ARE YOU JEWISH??!!!”
    My cheek stung and I was crying, so was papa, and mama.
    “Stop! It’s no use Alfred, it’s the law, we have to wear them, come on Hanne, Viktor, Sanne, its time to go to bed.”
    Little did I know, that tomorrow was going to be the worst day of my life.

    1. Wow, this is amazing! It’s so emotional and you managed to show the impact of the nazi laws and how horrible they were really well. The bit where Hanne’s dad is yelling at her is so sad and you definitely managed to show that. You’re an amazing writer! Are you going to post a part 4?

  39. This is my story! I found it very hard to write this one, I don’t know why! So some of it might not make much sense.. I think my head is all muddled! I can’t wait to read everyone else’s stories!

    Emily 1892
    Rain. Sometimes Emily imagined it was the tears of the lonely clouds in the sky. Sometimes, she imagined Rain was a magical creature that tore down towns with its anger and watered flowers with its happiness. But now, all Emily could imagine rain being was… rain. It pounded on the roof of the cabin and pattered and rolled down the cabin window. The wind outside picked up, knocking down trees, tearing up plants and howling with its mighty rage. Emily shivered. She felt so alone. 10years ago she washed up on the small, tropical island. It was uninhabited apart from a man called William who had also been washed up on the island a couple of years before. He took care of the 4year old Emily, teaching her to hunt, swim, read and write. Then one day, when Emily was 10years old, he went out fishing and never came back. Therefore, Emily had been on her own for 4years, trying to survive. She was a skinny little thing, with knotted blonde hair and sapphire eyes. Emily didn’t remember how she washed up on the island. But, as the thunder crashed and the wind rolled, she began to vaguely remember a storm much like this. She remembered a swaying motion, like feeling dizzy or being knocked about.
    The vicious wind now began to claw at the cabin. By morning, there wouldn’t be much shelter left. Years of hard work would be ruined! Then Emily came up with a plan. But her eyes began to droop and soon she was fast asleep.

    Abigail 1892
    She was curled up next to the large window that out to the ocean. This used to be her favourite place to sit before… let’s just say she doesn’t like the sea anymore. However, Abigail didn’t just come here to curl up in a corner of her farther’s giant library. Clutched in her hands was ‘The sign of four’ by Arthur Conan Doyle. The mystery of the story was so intriguing, Abigail was distracted from the mysteries that plagued her life. That was until she heard a knock at the door. It opened slightly to reveal her farther. She pulled a lock of blonde hair over her face and pretended to still be reading. Yet, her eyes looked over at what her farther was holding – a bucket band spade. “I was thinking, we should go to the beach! We haven’t been in a while! What do you think?” Abigail ignored him. He noticed her staring at the bucket and spade. “What happened to my little daughter? Do you think that one you are 14 you can’t play with a bucket and spade?” He questioned, pulling a sarcastic silly face.
    “People will talk,” was her gruff reply. She carried on reading while her farther stood awkwardly at the door, wandering what to say next. But he didn’t have to, for Abigail stood up and said, “Ok! To the beach!”

    Emily 1892
    The next morning, Emily woke up to find herself underneath what remained of the cabin. She dug her way out to find that everything on the island was different. There seemed to be less trees, less critters and creatures and less of everything altogether. She packed up a months supply of food and headed towards the next part of her plan, a cave. Inside of this cave was a shallow body of water that linked to the ocean. As she walked towards the cave, she hoped and prayed the thing she needed most was still there. And it was! A small boat (you could almost call it a raft with a sail) bobbed up and down in the shallow waters. It was still fully in tacked, much to Emily’s relief. She remembered how William built it from scratch, hoping they would be able to sail away on it one day. Now was the perfect time to use it. And off she went, towards home (wherever that was.)

    Abigail 1892
    Abigail looked at the dazzling ocean. Her farther had always said that the sea matched her blue eyes. On one side of the beach, she saw the port and all of the boats lined up in rows. On the other side of her, she saw the peer and all of the tiny children running around with sailors outfits, straw hats and ice creams. With the help of her farther, she had made a giant sand castle with with four towers on each corner and a moat with a bridge. She had also decorated the castle with driftwood, pebbles and shells. “Now let’s go and paddle!” Her farther yelled, running towards the ocean. Abigail pulled off her shoes and stockings to follow him. As soon as her feet reached the water, she felt her happiness sink. She remembered a grand ship being pulled down by the waves. Her farther grasped her on the life boat, she was screaming as loud as the wind and crying like the rain. Her mother had dived into the ocean to save Abigail’s sister. They had both been pulled into the water by the waves.

    Emily 1892
    She had spent a long time at sea, before she was rescued by some kind, English sailors. They looked after her, promising to take her back to England. But they wondered about who this mysterious girl could be. She never spoke and with all the days she spent on the ship, all she did was look at the sea with both wonder and fright. When they arrived at the port, Emily scuttled off onto land. She swayed, not used to the still ground. People were flocked around her, and no matter how much she pleaded, no one helped her find home. She was more alone than ever in this crowded world. She felt so different in her rags than to the posh ladies and gentlemen. “Ow!” She yelled as someone bashed into her. Spinning around, she noticed who had bumped into her. It was a girl, who looked like Emily’s reflection. Yet she was more well dressed and didn’t have dark rings beneath her eyes. “Emily?” Said the girl. Emily’s memories suddenly flooded back to her. “Abigail!” It was her twin sister!

    1. This is wonderful, Sasha! I absolutely love it, and you said a few bits would be muddled but it flows so nicely. A great job, well done!

      Savannah xx

  40. This is so amazing
    I absolutely love it
    And its great how its devided in abigail and emily
    Marvellous story!

  41. By the way, I am the same person as ‘Ellie’, but I’m adding the emoji because there’s also an Elly here and I keep misreading it and getting confused!

    1. Ok, I had to do that to because there were two Alice’s so I changed my name to Alice S!
      P.S. My sister is called Ellie too!

  42. Hi this my story!

    Prologue: I couldn’t stop now. God save me.

    Hi. My name is Lola. I have three sisters. Their names are Jane, Elsie and Ann. I don’t have a dad. He took an overdose when I was two. I never knew him. This is my story.
    It started when Elsie was fighting Jane over the tv remote. Ann was egging them on. I was tired of it. I went upstairs. I knew where I wanted to go. I couldn’t use the back door because my sisters would follow. I climbed onto the windowsill and jumped. I landed hard on the trampoline. I spiralled up and down. None of my sisters noticed me. I scrambled off the trampoline. I ran towards the woods at the end of our garden. Deep in there, near the end of them, I had a tree house that my dad built. I loved it. Reaching a tree I pulled a small, hidden rope. A ladder fell down but not from the same tree. It was my idea. They’d be looking at the tree with the tree house to find a way. I scrambled up the ladder and emerged onto the treehouse deck. After pulling the ladder back up, I entered the house part. It was a sea of cushions and beanbags and rugs and blankets, so deep you had to swim across. I took my book from the shelf and lay down. I entered the world of Jane Eryre. After 2 hours I had finished. I went to admire the forest in all it’s glory. To my horror, it was on fire. I stood there. The fire was heading away from me. Towards, wait! Towards my house! Jane! Elsie! Ann! Mum! I sprinted to the ladder after stumbling a few times. I threw the ladder down and scrambled down. In my haste, my foot was caught. I fell and everything went black.
    Part 2 coming soon!

    1. This is so good, starry moon, I loved it so much, can’t wait to read part two!
      You have such a nice writing style!

  43. Hi, This is part two of my story.

    Donna was dead. She had been shot in the head. She had died on the crate. Unfortunately I lived.
    After I heard the scream I forgot everything. I threw myself out, into the dust track and ran. My parents were not yet home. I think I must have fainted because next thing I knew I was lying on the sofa with my parents looking over me.
    ‘Joanie,’ said my mum, ‘what happened?’
    ‘Ask Donna,’ I mumbled.
    Linny and mum exchanged glances. ‘She isn’t home yet,’ Linny said, ‘Your father and Tim have gone to look. We figured you must have got lost so…’
    Suddenly I sat bolt upright. ‘The soilders- the guns- the scream’. I was remembering now.
    Dad came in. ‘What’s all this?’ He asked.
    ‘She’s dead,’ I said, ‘Donna’s dead.’
    The body was found. The soilders even apologised. Linny and Tim were in pieces. They wouldn’t say anything, but I knew they blamed me.
    Her funeral was large. The whole of our school lined the roads. The choir and hockey team we were in was there. No one knew what really happened. In fact the memory of it was blurry. All I could remember was that my friend was dead and it was my fault.

    1. Oh, this is so emotional and sad!
      you really managed to communicate the sadness and emotions in your writing, which is such a great talent to have, amazing work Annie!

    2. Hello everyone, here is part 4!


      That night I had another nightmare:
      It was night. Pitch black. And I was walking in my pyjamas, unable to think about what was happening.
      Suddenly, I saw mama and papa, sitting motionless at the kitchen table. They were not talking, not moving, and, by the looks of it. Not breathing.
      I shook them, but nothing changed. I screamed and shouted and waved my arms in countless directions. But still, they would not move. Then they stood up and left, disappearing into the darkness.
      Suddenly, the room started to close in on me. I screamed for help but nothing came. I thrust out my arms, using all the strength in my body to try and hold the walls back. My voice got fainter and fainter…

      ” Hanneli! How many times do I need to say? Wake up, it’s time for school!”

      Viktor was already dressed and shaking me with all his might.

      “All right, all right, I’m coming” I grumbled.
      I jumped out of bed, pulled my pyjamas off and struggled into my shirt and skirt.
      wait a second. Something was not right.
      On my shirt was a star, bright yellow with the word JEW written on it with letters like crooked flames.
      I groaned. It all made sense now.
      ”Don’t look so grim,” Viktor said, “It’ll be all right”
      “Says you.” I grumbled, reluctantly, I picked up my school bag and ran out of the room.
      Downstairs, mama was fiddling with the stove, weird. She never does any housework, she’s horrible at it. She looked up and smiled,
      “Look, it’s going to be hard,” she pointed out cheerfully,” but at least we’re still together, and don’t wear that glum face all day, you need to wear it, it’s the law.”
      I groaned again, why was everyone being so cheerful?
      Quickly, I grabbed a piece of rye bread and bacon and ran into the sunny streets.
      Viktor soon caught up with me and we marched together up to the school gates. I caught sight of Anna and Julie, running up to me, Julie shouted,
      “Hanne! Did you do your maths homework last night…” she stopped abruptly.
      “Hanne?! Well I never, you’re one of the Jew girls!”
      Julies mother suddenly turned her head in our direction, wore a shocked look on her face,
      “Julita! Come here! This your friend you say? Come here, you are disgracing you’re papas honour!! Being friends with a Jew girl!” She grabbed Julie by her backpack and pulled her away.
      I was left there, standing next to Viktor, feeling as if the world was collapsing on me.
      “Hanne, come on! The bells going to go soon!”
      Viktor grabbed my hand and dragged me through the gates.
      How did he have so much courage?
      as soon as we were in, a bunch of 10th years, looked at us, sniggered and circled,
      “Oh so the mighty Viktor Trzmiel is a Jew-boy?” said the biggest and baddest, Gunther Strassburg. Viktor gave them a furious glare with his bright, piercing eyes,
      “If you so much as touch me…”
      But at that moment, the bell rang.
      I ran to line up in my class, trying to hide the star that bore on my chest.
      As we marched inside, I realised that I was one of three Jewish pupils,
      there was a boy called Peter Schloss, and,
      Rebecca Kerr.
      I could not believe my eyes.
      Rebecca was the most admired and intimidating person in the school, class captain, leader of the hockey team, starring in the school play and who knows what else.
      I hardly believed it. But there she was, standing at the front of the line, head held high…with the star on her flawless jumper.
      When we got in the classroom, I went to sit at my front desk, but our teacher, Miss Birkholz stood up and said,
      “Hanneli, Rebecca, what are you doing?”
      “Sitting down miss” I anwsered
      ” I am sorry, but you will sit at the back from now on”
      Like, a frightened bunny, I made my way to the very back of the classroom with Rebecca, growing ever redder in the face as I walked past the other students.
      But I had no time to dwell on that moment of humiliation, because class started.
      We had a spelling test, and I got every word right, but I was still put second, leaving the first place to Max. who only scored nine out of ten. Anger started to build up inside me as I scrunched the piece of paper and thrust it in the bin, away fro Miss Birkholz’s menacing eyes.
      It seemed to be her goal to make my life a misery, at lunch, the three of us (Peter, me and Rebecca) had to stay behind to clean the classroom, Rebecca still said nothing, her pride seemed to stop her. At lunch, I was refused into the canteen, so I had to ask Anna in the playground for one of her bread slices. After that, during our history lesson, miss Birkholz suddenly stopped raving on about”The victories of dear Mr. Hitler” and icily said,
      “Trzmiel, Kerr, Schloss, please exit the classroom, this is not for you to learn.”
      I couldnt believe it.
      Trying to hold back my tears, I trudged out of the classroom and sat down i the hallway with the other two.
      “She’s turned into a devil,” muttered Peter, “I wish she would stop.”
      “We all do, so stop whinning about it,” Snapped Rebecca,”She even told me that I had lost my part in the school play, she’s giving it to that Julie girl, she couldn’t act to save her life!”
      “Hmm” I mumbled.
      There was no time to make a proper conversation because Mrs. Birkholz opened the door and gestured to us to come in. We obeyed and were soon in the classroom, twenty pairs of eyes looking straight at us.
      “Hanneli, in what year was Adolph Hitler born?” she asked.
      “Umm… sorry?”
      “Haven’t you been listening? I said, in what year was Adolph Hitler born?”
      I racked my brain for answers
      “Um, 1862?” I said, grasping onto the very first answser that came to me.
      The whole class burst out laughing, except Anna, who looked at me sadly.
      “You see children, Jews aren’t so clever after all” Mrs Birkholz said, smirking.
      I realised. And was bubbling over in fury.
      Thankfully, the bell rang.
      I ran out of the classroom as fast as my legs could carry me, charging towards the gate and mama.
      Viktor was already there, I gasped, he looked as if he had been g=dragged through a ditch by wild horses.
      “Mama, mama I can’t go back there, not ever!”
      I told her about my horrible day,
      “Well, that witch! I would be right to smack right in the face, well I doubt she would listen to me, anyway, I’ve come to tell you that you wont be going to that school any more, the radio said that now Jewish children must go to “Only Jewish” Schools.
      I looked up at her. And, weirdly, somehow, I felt almost…happy

      1. This is a great ending to these BRILLIANTLY MARVELLOUS Four parts, Charlotte, these were so sad, so beautiful and so mesmerising!

      2. This story is absolutely incredible, Charlotte! It was so emotional and heartbreaking throughout the whole thing, and this is a really interesting and sad topic to write about.

      1. Sorry, I put this in the wrong place. This was a reply to Annie’s story.

        This is really good, Charlotte P. It’s so exciting and interesting!

  44. I have never done this before, but this is my story. I think I’m going to do two parts.

    This was not what I was expecting. But I suppose that nothing is, anymore. In the posters and on TV, they said that it would be like a holiday. I have definitely had better holidays.

    You probably don’t know what I am talking about. The year is 1945, June, I live in Germany, and I am a Jew. Which is NOT a good position to be in at the moment. I was taken from my home a couple of months ago, and they took my Papa and brother away from me. I don’t know if I’ll see them again. Now Mama is all I’ve got.

    The day it happened was the worst day of my life. We were building more huts, which meant that more unfortunate people were stuck in one of the cramped trains, on there way to this terrible place. I call it Prison For The Innocent.
    After we layed the final bricks down, and stood up, backs aching and brows sweating from the heat of the summer sun, a soldier came over and started bellowing orders. They said that some of us were lucky, and that they were going to go on a wall, rather than build more huts in the afternoon. Of course, everyone wanted to be picked, including me. I wasn’t picked.
    But Mama was. They lead the group off, and Mama called, “I’ll see you tonight Maria!”

    She never came back.

    1. Oh no, this is so sad but written very well, I would love to read a second part!
      Have you thought of maybe putting a little more description in it but its amazing anyway!!!
      Alice x

  45. Hello everyone! this is final part….


    I really can’t say WHY I was so thrilled to be going to the Jewish Lyceum, maybe it was chance to escape Miss Birkholz’s bullying, maybe it was to escape all the hate I had suffered. Or maybe, it was because this kids would be in the exact same situation as me.
    I wont tell you any more of my days at the lyceum other than, I was truly happy. So were Sanne, and Viktor (who found a new friend called Luke….) and for the first time in so long, I felt like I actually belonged here, that I wasn’t an outcast.
    And that felt special.
    But not for long.
    Because that when the deportations started.
    It started when we all heard a cry from next door. Papa rushed outside to see what was the matter.
    It was Mrs Wislaw who was running around the street like a madwoman, clutching a letter in her hand screaming,
    “My daughter! My Lisa! A convocation! A convocation!!”
    And I knew exactly what she meant. Mama’s face turned white with fear and she looked as if she would faint, but instead she ran over to Mrs Wislaw and steadied her with her arms, Lisa, a big girl of 16 was sitting o their doorstep, her head in her arms, weeping.
    Papa did not move for a moment, then he bounded into the house, I ran after him. I knew were he was going.
    I caught him up at the mantelpiece, where we kept all our unread mail (which was pretty much all of it) I frantically searched the pile with him.
    I would like to say that we were lucky. But I cannot. It would be a lie.
    I grabbed a letter and examined it, like I had done with all the others.
    This was it.
    I solemnly handed it over to papa who ripped it open like a hungry animal.
    He paused. I waited.
    Then without any warning, he stood up and quietly walked out of the room, I followed him.
    At the doorway, he handed the letter to mama.
    “Who is it for?!” Viktor shouted, trying to hide his depression.
    “All of us,” whispered papa,”We must be ready by tomorrow.”
    None of us ran and screamed like Mrs. Wislaw, instead we sat and thought.
    Strangely, I was not feeling too sad. Of course I was upset to be leaving, Of course I was pained to think about my uncertain future. Of course. But the overwhelming feeling I had was anger.

    How dare they? HOW DARE THEY?! How dare they invade us, make our lives miseries only to kill us in the end? What had we ever done to them? How dare they cause such pain, sadness and anger amongst our feelings? Weren’t we human too? Weren’t we???!!
    Papa interrupted our silence.
    “We better get ready,” he said,”If we are to suffer, we will suffer together, if we are to die, then we will blooming we’ll die together too!”

    The next morning it was raining. The storm brewed up so huge and thick that it was like an ocean air tsunami or something. I quickly packed my bags, leaving my most precious things here, I knew better than to take them.
    At 7:00 we closed the front door behind us, and started walking under the thundering rain.
    It seemed like the word had spread, because almost half the town had crowded along the pavements to watch the hundreds of Jews walking in the middle of the road. Amongst them was Anna, her eyes were bright red, from crying most likely.
    Some of the boys threw stones in our direction, we barely dodged them. At the end of the alleyway was the train, I tried not to cry. No. I had done too much of that already, I would hold my head high.
    We didn’t have the time to carefully step inside, a German soldier grabbed hold of me and thrust me inside, doing that to multiple other people, so they bumped right into me.
    It wasn’t even a proper train cabin. I t was bare and damp and leaked in several places. If you weren’t careful, you would get a huge splinter from the walls, there seemed to be hundreds of people there so we were squashed like sardines, everybody wasn’t keeping calm either, some were trying to escape, without any success, babies were crying so loudly, nearly deafening us all, I tried to find the others and soon came to Viktor, the boy who was normally so daring and brave, now frozen in fear.
    “It’ll be all right, you’ll see”
    Yeah, we’ll see.
    A soldier shouted something and slammed the door, plunging us into complete darkness. the train suddenly started moving and chugging into the unknown.
    A few hours later, I looked out of the tiny window we were in the countryside now. Aaahhh. Sweet, fresh country. It seemed so weird that outside looked so peaceful, when I was in a train infested with hatred and war.

    Suddenly the train stopped. Where we already there. A pandemic arose amongst everyone. They were all shouting and moving, so much that I buried myself in Viktor.
    Then the train door opened.
    And there was chaos.
    Lots of people who were not nazi’s jumped into the train and started pushing everyone out. I briefly saw the symbol on their arm.
    They were the resistance.
    I tried to push towards the exit, but soldiers were now fighting too, trying to push us back in and fighting with the resistance.
    suddenly, a hand was thrust in my direction, and a voice said,
    ‘Come, come with me if you want to live.”

    1. This is a brilliant ending, Charlotte! All of these are really well written and this is such a cliff hanger! Have you ever read the boy in the striped pyjamas? It’s incredibly emotional, although ends sadly.

    2. This is so sad and emotional but ends so well and kind of on a cliffhanger!
      All of these parts have really moved me and I think that this was one of the most emotional stories I have read on this prompt!

    3. Wow. This whole story is incredible, and that’s such a cliffhanger! This is so emotional and really moving. I loved it!

    4. Wow. These are really good! It’s so descriptive and you really feel for the characters and how terrible it was. And that cliffhanger!

    1. I absolutely love it! I have looked forward to every part, and it is so exciting, realistic and intriguing. You’re such a talented writer, I look forward to hopefully reading more of your writing!

      1. thank you so much!
        I dont think that I’ll be doing a story next week or the week after that because I’m going on holiday…. But I’ll give lots of feedback and be back after that!

        1. I am also on holiday next week!
          I will try to write a story anyway cause I am sure there will be spare time in the evenings!

  46. Here is the second part of my story.

    I stayed up late that night, waiting for Mama to come back. When she didn’t return, I managed to convince myself that she had also been moved to a different hut, and that I would see here tomorrow. Tomorrow would be the 2nd. I always looked forward to the second day of the month. It meant no work. Of course, we had to work extra hard the next couple of days, but it was always nice to have a day off.

    I rushed outside, hoping to see Mama doing the same. I waited all day for her, but she never turned up. And that was when I knew she was gone.

    The next few months seemed to be dragging on endlessly. I became quiet, with no one to talk to, and soon all I could remember was the miserable life I was in at the moment, I had no memory of any past life.

    After two months, there was a change to our daily routine. We were in the yard, taking a minute break, when we heard gunfire. People began to scream, and dash indoors. Me? I stayed put, fixed to the spot in terror. Soldiers came pouring through the gates, but these were different. One of them came over to me.
    “Little girl, are you all right?”
    He was speaking in English. I could understand and speak bits of it, as we used to learn it in school.
    “Ja, I think so.” I was surprised at how strong and confident my voice sounded, as I was so terrified of these English soldiers. They had come to take me away again. I knew it.
    “What is your name, little girl”
    I looked at him quizzically.
    “William.” He said, pointing at himself. I understood.
    “Ich bin Maria.”
    “Maria, you are safe now. We have won the war.” War? I couldn’t remember a war, but the soldier, William, was speaking in a reassuring way, and I felt my fear dissolve.
    He began to speak again. “Family? Do you have family.”
    Do I have family? I didn’t know anymore. I remained silent. He decided to stop asking me questions, and instead led me to a truck, where they handed me a hot meal.

    That was 12 years ago. I am now 25, and I am about to get married. A fresh start, a fresh life.

    1. I can’t actually see my fist part, so I can only assume it will come through before this one, but if not, please wait for the first part to come through, otherwise I don’t think it will make sense.

    2. This is amazing, I’m really glad it ended happily, and I did see your first part, by the way. It was really great too!

    3. This is great!
      Both parts were really marvellous, have you thought of doing a sort of spin off story at the end describing her new life when she is 25?
      Anyway it’s amazing!

  47. I don’t know why, but I was completely stuck this week, so in the end I’m posting an old story, originally for prompt 8, but it still fits this prompt too. Everyone’s stories have been brilliant, only six or eight days to go for MMU 9!

    “Are you sure you’ll be alright, Herman?” asked one of the many adoring ladies crowding around the young knight. “I mean I’ve heard that dragons are really dangerous,” she said breathlessly flushing bright red.
    “Oh I’ll be fine!” exclaimed Herman, turning his attention upon the young lady. “Aren’t I the bravest knight to be found south of the lake Tarmose?” The lady paused, wondering if this was supposed to be a rhetorical question.
    “Yes is the answer that I was looking for but no matter, no matter,” he replied quickly, adopting his old jovial manner with the flick of a switch. “The point is, that I will banish this young beast from our valley, if it’s the last thing I do!” he announced impressively, and was greeted with grand applause and many awed looks.
    “It will never work!” sung a far off voice, and Herman turned to see a little girl of the age of about 12 standing there with crossed arms.
    “Oh yeah? Why not?” he demanded.
    “Because you are a human, and the dragon you are attempting to kill is a dragon,” replied the girl, with an air of trying to explain something very simple to someone very dumb. “And it doesn’t take a genius to work out that you are going to come back here covered in soot, while your dignity remains on the mountain,” and with that she turned on her heels and marched off back into a little hut.
    “Don’t mind her. Obviously she’s just jealous,” one of the ladies cried.
    “Yeah, yeah obviously…” Herman’s voice trailed off, and for the first time a tingling feeling of doubt crept into his mind. What would happen if he didn’t defeat the dragon? What if the girl was right? “Don’t be ridiculous,” a voice replied in his head. “Surely you’re not going to let the words of a 12 year old girl stop you from becoming the hero you are set to become.” With these words Herman came to his senses at once.
    “Off I go!” he called to his adoring crowd, and set off into the mountains.

    It took awhile for him to find the dragon, but as he approached a large jutting cave he heard a soft roar. His hand immediately swept to his sword, and he crept low into the outskirts of a cave.
    “Dragon, prepare to die!” he screamed, and with that he ran into the cave towards a large golden dragon, with soft chocolate eyes.
    “Oh, hello. The valley’s sent another to fight me? How tedious.” And with that the enormous beast swept around to face the other way, and allowed his tail to shoot the great Herman out of the cave.

    After his long screams had echoed away, Herman realised that he had fallen about 30 feet, yet miraculously he was alive. He sat up, gingerly smoothing the dirt off his shoulders, and then realised that he was sitting on the floor right at the little girls feet.
    “Hello. I won’t say I told you so,” she gloated. She began to walk away. She stopped after a moment, looked backed and said clearly, “Actually, I told you so.”

      1. yes! This is awesome!!!!
        (And yes, I am so exited for MMU9! Eight days to go… I will be reading it as soon as I can!)

  48. Never mind. Here is the first part of my story.

    This is not what I was expecting. In the posters and on the TV, it was portrayed as a holiday. I have definitely had better holidays.
    You probably have no idea what I am talking about. It is 1945, July, I live in Germany, and I am a Jew. Which is a pretty bad position to be in at the moment.

    The worst day of my life began like any other. Or rather, any other day since a month ago. We were cruelly woken by a loud clanging noise. The wake up bell. Mama was in the bed next to me. She was all I had left. Papa and my brother were taken from us the minute we stepped off the train, and I don’t know if I’ll ever see them again.
    Mama and I made our way outside, where the soldiers handed us chunks of bread. Our breakfast. Then we got to work building more huts. After laid the final brick, after we stood up properly and stretched our aching backs, and after we were given some more bread, this time with a bit of cheese, a group of soldiers came round and started selecting people. I wasn’t selected, but Mama was. They then said that the selected people were chosen to go on a walk. I was disappointed at this, I would have loved a walk. Mama turned to me and said, “I’ll see you tonight Maria.”

    But I never saw Mama again.

    1. This is the first part, so it would make more sense to read this first, then go back to the second again. It will make more sense.

      1. Don’t worry, I saw the first part a while ago, it probably didn’t show to you cause it had to go through moderation, anyway, it was amazing and I lovet it s much, both parts!

  49. O my gosh, I JUST READ MORE QUOTES!!!!!!!
    One is Daisy and Hazel talking about Alexander and the other is Hazel thinking to herself and realising that Daisy came to Egypt, not for an adventure but for Amina!

    1. My mum showed me those quotes and I literally started jumping up and down on the spot, I was so exited! I can’t wait for the book and I’m sure it’s going to be amazing!!!!! Only a week to go!!!!!!!!!! ?

  50. This is then part 3 if my story.

    Oskar, 1957.

    I never thought I would see her again. I hadn’t seen her for twelve years. I was left with only my Papa, Mama and my sister had been snatched from me. It was only on the wedding, as best man, when I heard her name as they took their vows, that I knew.
    And it made me feel wonderful.

    For those three months I spent at the concentration camp, I always wondered if I would see her again. If Mama was alive, if my sister was alive. Papa had died from over work after 2 months, and I was nearing death myself when the English soldiers came. Being 15, and in school for long enough to become fluent in English, I could understand what they were saying. But I think I was mostly under the influence of a raging fever, so I wasn’t really there, mentally. I woke up a week later, and I was taken into foster care.

    So I had no idea what had become of the rest of my family, until the wedding. When I heard the priest saying to the bride, “Do you, Maria Katrina Schauss, take this man…”
    Me? I was Oskar Josef Schauss. I had found my sister at last.

  51. This is Part 2:

    I woke up. ‘Where am I?’ ‘What’s going on?’ Then I remembered. Jane, Elsie, Ann, Mum! I scrambled to my feet and raced towards my home. The fire had died down at least. I tore through bushes and piles of leaves. But I was too late. My house, my beautiful house was a pile of ashes, cinders and debris. There was no sign of anyone. The car was still there and you couldn’t get very far without the car. I trudged through the remains. That looks like, but it couldn’t be, but it was. My mums locket. She only took it off when she went to bed. I picked it up and I couldn’t hold it in any longer. Tears spurted down my face. I sat there for hours until someone came. I was taken away. I told them everything. They took me to an orphanage. I’m still there now. It’s fairly cheerful. I sleep in a small bed with a plain duvet. I refuse to take the locket off. I’m still there now. I’ve made some big mistakes but this is my biggest. I should have been there. I have no will to live.

    Epilogue: I don’t know where to start. I’ll start here. I was lying on my bed crying as I did most of the time. I heard voices. “She is my daughter and I’ll go to court to prove it!”
    It sounded like mum but it couldn’t be. It was probably some ones mum who came back for them. My mum couldn’t. “Lola! Where are you sweetheart?” My heart skipped a beat. Three other voices joined in. “Lola! Lola!” My sisters. They were alive. I raced down the stairs.
    “MUM!!!” I screamed. I think I fainted. I didn’t care. We were back together. I was never leaving them again.

    1. O my gosh this is so good StarryMoon, I love it you really managed to communicate all the emotion through writing!

    1. Sorry that was for Kara’s story,

      This is an amazing part 2! I suppose there is a part 3? Please post it soon!

      1. Part 3

        Our house was burnt down. I didn’t care. We were together at least. It was a new start. I still had my books in the treehouse. We picked through the debris. Ann found her teddy bear. Elsie found her friendship bracelet. Joan found her football. Mum found her cookbook. I found my photo of my dad. I wasn’t sure whether I should spill the beans about my tree house. But I had to. We had to go for a police statement. I told them everything. After I finished, they were frowning. Mum told me it was nothing to worry about. I couldn’t help it. It was stuck in my head all week. The police came. “We found a box of matches” they said. “It had fingerprints on it.”
        “Whose?” Mum asked.
        She’s into crime.
        The policemen sighed. “Yours, Lola Whitby.”
        I was shocked. I couldn’t move. “Lola’s? No, you must have made a mistake.” Mum said.
        “She was already under suspicion.” They said.
        I ended up in court. I was accused of destroying a valuable forest, destroying a house and almost killing Marie Whitby (my mum), Joan Whitby, Elsie Whitby and Ann Whitby. I was found guilty. My sentence, one year in a juvenile detention facility and 20 hours of community service. I nearly cried. They carted me away. I didn’t get to say goodbye. I cried then. I wasn’t Lola any more. I was 18375. And I hated it.

          1. Part 4

            The detention facility was hell. I had to strip off and shower. They shaved off my hair. I had to wear itchy orange overalls that were too big. My cell was small and basic. It had bunk beds, a sink, and a bucket to do your business in. I shared my cell with Mo Davis, the toughest girl around. She was tall with straggly black hair and so thin, I didn’t want to touch her in case I poked a hole through her. A typical day was this. Wake up at 6am.
            Have breakfast (porridge)
            Go to morning work (laundry I had to darn holes)
            Have lunch (eggs and beans)
            Afternoon work (moving stones around)
            School work (a couple of easy sums and a small essay on something or other)
            Dinner (soup that looked worse than gruel)
            Bed at 9pm.
            Everyday was so boring. Once a month, we were allowed visitors. I cried at most of the visits. I spent my 12th birthday in that living hell. It was no different from normal days.
            That was why when Mo came to me and said that some people were escaping and would I like to go with them, I said yes immediately.
            The escape night came. I waited and listened for the bell to dong not twelve, but thirteen times. DONG! DONG! DONG! DONG! DONG! DONG! DONG! DONG! DONG! DONG! DONG! DONG!
            Thirteen. Now for the plan to be put in motion.

          2. Part 5

            I knew the plan off by heart. We would crawl through the tunnels Mo found then climb onto the roof. From there, we would launch the jet packs Anne Marie had made. The only thing that made me nervous was that the jet packs might not work and fall. I swallowed my fear and followed the plan. At the top, I got ready to jump. I took a deep breath and leapt. The jet packs worked thank god. I flew. Then I fell. I saw the other escapees doing the same. Anne Marie didn’t. She didn’t try to help or look concerned. I fell towards the ground. At the last minute, someone grabbed me and saved me. I don’t know who it was but I am forever grateful to them. They delivered me back home. Well, back to the centre. I wasn’t going to escape again after tonight. I just let the days roll by. I got a new inmate. The others died. Her name was Jordan. She was tired and refused to eat.
            I had no time to worry about her. Someone had admitted setting the forest on fire. This was my chance for freedom.

            I was nervous at court. The judge had a leering smile. I couldn’t see mum. Where was she?
            The person who admitted it came to the dock. It was Mum. I fainted. The court went on without me. Mum pleaded guilty. She also said that she was responsible for me being under suspicion even though that meant she was not fit to be our mother. She got a life sentence. Me and my sisters, we’re in a home. Mum come back please.

      2. Part 3

        I was so happy. Our home might be destroyed but not being alone in the world was comfort enough. We decided to pick through the debris to try to find some belongings. Ann found her teddy. Elsie found her story book. Jane found her football. Mum found her cookery book but it turned to dust in her hands. The police came. “We have news.” They said.
        “What is it?” Mum asked.
        “We know who started the fire.”
        “Who?” Asked Mum.
        They sighed. “You, Lola” They said.
        I stood there in shock.
        Mum kept on saying “it can’t be Lola.”

        I had a trial. They found me guilty. I was convicted of destroying a valuable forest, almost killing Sue Winchester (my mum), Ann Winchester, Elsie Winchester and Joan Winchester and destroying a home. They sentenced me to a year in a juvenile detention centre.
        Upon arriving there, I was given overalls and a number. I wasn’t Lola Winchester any more. I was 258395 and I hated it.

          1. Part 6

            The home was preferable to the detention centre. We visited my mum once a month. I couldn’t wait for every time. One day, we were called to court. Once more, someone had admitted it. Mum was there, all my sisters were there so who was it? A teenage boy named Adam Edwards. He admitted everything. “So why did you admit causing the fire Mrs Whitby?”
            “To protect Lola.”
            “Hmm. I find the accused cleared. As for you, Mrs Whitby, 1 year in prison.”
            Chaos and outrage filled the court. Something on the judge caught my eye. I got up and the judge stepped away nervously. I quickly lunged towards him. I reached what I was trying to get. A large wad of bank notes. There must have been £150 in there. I shouted “BRIBES!”
            Quiet broke. “The, the judge has been accepting bribes. Bribes to make sure me and my mum go to prison.” I said.
            The next moment everything was a blur. The judge was carted away and we were free. I was happy

  52. Wow, great prompt sorry I havent been on all week. I have been really busy! Well done for the idea Grace!

  53. Hello! This is a poem/lullaby that I wrote earlier this year, I hope you like it!


    Under the light of the mocking stars
    Silver lights shinning on the sea
    A man just lay there signing
    A song, a lament fort me

    The sky like newly spilt black ink
    From a pen with a broken nib
    The man just lay there signing
    About why he did what he did

    A laughing child raced through his mind
    From the home and the land he left behind

    The great big ship that brought him here
    Through the waves that made the ocean
    Thinking victory was near
    Well it was a spell like a magic potion

    A battleground of lost torn souls
    Screams of help arising
    Gunshots exploding around
    Like actors improvising

    The lost man just lay there signing
    It might seem sad
    But there was hope that his voice was brigning

    He chuckles silently to himself
    His hopes and dreams cascading
    He will hear this lullaby
    And his heart shall carry on beating

    Prison chains shall be cut free
    Cruel kings torn apart
    And they who march to liberty
    Will be brave from the lions heart

    The man dances by the moon
    Singing his song happily
    Does he need to go so soon
    To where sand dissolves to sea?

    1. This is the most beautiful poem, I have ever read Charlotte, you are so gifted and I hope that in future promos you will write more poems because I loved this one so much!

    2. Wow. This is beautiful! You definitely have a way with words, I loved this and I loved the story you wrote too. You took the kind of thing I would never usually enjoy and you made something amazing from it!

  54. Hello, I am soooooooooo happy as I can finlay get my hands on one of Robin’s mini mystery’s!!!!!!!! I am getting two mini mystery book’s = The case of the drowned pearl [ I forgot to get it on world book day ?] and the case of the missing treasure?!!!!! I can not wait, and I all so wanted a little book review. Have you guy’s read either of these books? what is your review on them?

    1. No, I haven’t read those two yet, But I would Love To! I haven’t had a chance to find them anywhere yet… (Being covid time after all…) But I will try and read them – Soon!

    2. I’ve read them and, without giving away spoilers, I’ll just say that they’re really clever and unexpected! I prefer the case of the missing treasure, but the drowned pearl is really great too!

    3. Hi, I have read the case of the missing treasure, like loads of Robin stevens books it is very clever and exiting and Alexander and George are in it so I am sure you will enjoy it!!!!
      I wanted to order the case of the drowned pearl but I can’t find it because either the website doesn’t have it or they are all out!
      Do you guys have any suggestions, where did you order it from, Hero detective?

    4. The case of the drowned pearl is really good and it’s really clever how they solve a murder so easily. I’ve had the case of the missing treasure for a long time, but I actually only managed to finally read it on Friday! It was really good and I particularly love that it’s from Daisy’s point of view. I think you will really enjoy them both!

  55. I decided to write another story. I’ve loved reading everyone’s this week. They’re all amazing!

    Hello. My name is Rapunzel.

    That’s right. As in THE Rapunzel. But before you start asking for my autograph (you know you want it) I should tell you that the life of this fairy tale princess is not one to be envied.

    Okay, first off, do you know how hard it is to deal with 70 FEET of hair? Honestly, the amount of money I have to spend on shampoo and conditioner is insane. Not to mention how long it takes for me to brush it every morning. Oh, the tangles. Seriously, they’ll be the death of me.

    And all of this about how I had “Never been outside,” before that lousy excuse for an adventure came along. Really? Don’t you think I’d be, I don’t know? Vitamin D deficient, have a seriously bad rickets condition (not crickets, I get confused too) and be, maybe, dead? It is true that I’d never come down from that castle, but I often relaxed on the balcony so I didn’t die a painful death.

    And then there’s Flynn Ryder. I mean, he was the first man I’d ever seen, he literally could have been the ugliest guy in the world and I would have fallen head over heels in love with him, but still. He was a thief, a runaway and turned out to even be a murderer. I didn’t want to marry him! And yet, Disney just wanted to make another romantic, “The man saves the princess,” film. Seriously, haven’t they realised that is such a cliche? Cinderella’s written a full blog on why this is neither enjoyable, realistic, or interesting in any way, you should really go check it out!

    Not even mentioning the fact that my mother, dear beloved mother was murdered by my future husband. I mean I know she was a witch, and all of that. Bla, bla, bla. But, she truly cared for me. We grew very fond of each other over the years we were mother and daughter. She wasn’t keeping me alive just so she could stay young with the use of my hair, she loved me, and I her. Yeah, we had quarrels about one day going outside, but she was just protective. And for good reason, too, seeing as what happened when I did go outside.

    And the worst bit of all. Far and away from the rest is that, besides all my complaining, my wondrous bundle of hair was truly my pride and joy. It was the only thing keeping Sleeping Beauty jealous, for one thing. (Oh yeah, ever heard sleeping beauty was wonderful and modest? It was her that told everyone that. If you’re looking for a beautiful, clever and modest princess, keep dreaming, sister.) I mean, imagine if a boy in your class attacked you with some scissors (although in my case it was a sharp mirror) he would get at the very least a detention. And my hair had magical powers! And here he goes, just slicing it all off. And suddenly he’s the hero!

    Seriously, I’m telling you. Do not become a Disney princess.

    1. Also, I’m not too familiar with the story of Rapunzel so had to look some of this up, so I’m really sorry if I’ve got parts wrong.

    2. Oh Polly this is sooo clever!
      It is also so HILARIOUS!!!!!
      I couldn’t stop laughing while reading this!!!
      I love it so much and love how you introduced a new version of the normal pretty perfect princesses! (No offence to anyone who loves princesses, but I have never been a big fan of them)
      This was so great and clever Polly,can’t wait to read more of your stories!

    3. Oh this was brill, Polly! It flowed very nicely, it was very humerus (I even giggled at some parts) and it was just a wonderful story. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

      Savannah xx

    4. ? This is hilarious, Polly! I love this take on the story, especially the bit about sleeping beauty! I love the idea that all the disney princesses know each other.

  56. Also, I don’t think that you’ve gotten any of the facts wrong…. But it wouldn’t really matter anyway, and if you DID get any facts wrong, then they are so tiny that I didn’t even notice.

  57. I’ve been writing a story recently and the backstory for one of the characters involves a volcano, so I thought I should probably use that.


    Emilio had been stationed in the tiny border town for months, looking for witches trying to cross the wall. It was boring. It was hard. The views were spectacular.

    Every night, he was supposed to stand next to the door of the shelter at the foot of the mountain. His superiors had told him that poor people would be more likely to try to steal things or sneak through the gaps in the wall. But he was too tired to stand up for the whole night, so he was sitting on one of the empty carriages next to his best friend, Tristan.

    He spun around as a sound came from the shadows. “Who’s there?”

    There was a long pause, then a figure emerged. A young woman, maybe his age. He raised his sword, but lowered it as three tiny children followed her out. “What are you doing here?” Tristan asked.

    “I need a carriage.”

    Emilio almost laughed. “What?”

    “We need to get away from the volcano.”

    “Mountain,” Tristan corrected.

    She stared at him and shook her head, cursing under her breath before replying. “It’s a volcano, you moron, and it’s going to erupt.”

    “How do you know?”

    “That’s none of your business.”

    “I think it is our business if we’re going to give you a ride out.”

    She thought for a second, then threw her hands up in the air. “Fine. I saw it.”

    Tristan looked at the looming shape of the mountain – volcano. “What?”

    “In the fire. I had a vision.”

    “You had a dream and now you have to steal a carriage?”

    Emilio rolled his eyes. “A vision, Tristan. Magic.”

    Tristan blinked a few times and then nodded. “Oh. Well then. We should probably go.”

    “Yeah. Duh.” The woman pulled herself into the carriage, along with the children. “You,” she said, pointing to Emilio. “Get the horses and drive.”


    The volcano began to erupt twenty minutes later.

    The town was still sleeping, only a few people out in the street, when a small explosion sounded and something a little like a firework lit up the sky. “Faster,” the woman urged. Her name was Salome, she had told them on the way out. “Go faster!”

    “I’m going as fast as I can,” Tristan snapped.

    “Great,” she moaned. “We’re all going to die.”

    Tristan didn’t reply, but the carriage sped up. Emilio tried to resist looking back, but he couldn’t stop himself. It still looked normal for a second, then another blast cleaved through the air and a massive chunk of rock descended on the town, crushing one of the houses. “Oh,” he said.

    “You sound incredibly stupid.”

    Another chunk fell on another house and Tristan went faster.

    “Oh my-”

    A burning rock flew through the air, hitting the road behind them.

    “Faster!” she shouted.

    Rocks rained down around them as the carriage drove towards the wall. “Let me through!” Tristan commanded, except his voice went higher in the middle and it sounded dumb. “These horses belong to Queen Elizabeth the Second!” he said loudly.

    “She has never existed,” one of the other guards replied. “You should find shelter.”

    They rode through the gate and pressed against the wall as the volcano kept exploding. One of the rocks flew at the wall and lodged itself in a hole as they stared.

    “Well,” Emilio said finally. “That’s one of the holes filled in.”

  58. Oh, lucky! I’ll probably just buy Death sets sail as soon as I possibly can, which might not be right away…
    I hope its great!

  59. Hello, I decided to post one last story this week, it fits in with last weeks theme, space, but I included a few disasters in it (Including, what will happen to the sun, arguments, and just typical Mars moodiness)…

    Diary of Mars
    I have decided that from now on, I shall keep a diary, it’s something that sun suggested, oh well, I suppose I will be an inspiration for future generations…

    Venus has been critisising me, AGAIN!
    She said that it was not fair that I get all the attention nowadays. So what? It isn’t my fault if the humans have developed a sudden, striking interest in me. I can’t help being marvellous, can I?
    So I kindly reminded that snooty Venus that she was named after the Roman goddess of beauty. But then Mercury shyly reminded all of us that he too, was named after a god. Then it cause a whole uproar, with Neptune and Jupiter claiming to be named after the most powerful gods and blah blah blah…
    Why it was a…. DISASTER!
    Oh well, Sun is getting annoyed (as always), I’d better stay out of it.

    I made a BIG mistake yesterday, now Venus is forever preening herself and pestering all of us, saying,
    “Oh, do you smell my new perfume? It’s from earth you know,”(Ha! as if all the perfume that earth owns could be enough for Venus, she can be smelt from miles away!)
    Earth also has a fever, keeps saying that he’s “overpopulated” (whatever that means) and Sun is certainly not helping.

    Not much has happened, Earth’s temperature is rising, Jupiter is bullying the little comment, dull day.

    An argument has started gain. Honestly! How can I live with these people?! Now Uranus wants to be made of rock like me, earth, Venus, and Mercury (I’d swap Venus any day) So she’s trying to move about, causing poor Moon to lose control of her speed and she went flying straight up to Sun! It’s a wonder that she wasn’t burned to a sizzle!
    But during those few hours EVERYTHING went black, and I bumped straight into Jupiter who pushed me, sent Venus toppling over to Mercury and almost sent him straight into moon!

    I have discovered something shocking!
    After yesterday’s mess was cleared up, I started listening to the gossip of the comets (without their permission of course) and that is when I heard that in a few billion years time, Sun is going to eat us all! Imagine my reaction!
    So, naturally, I went up to him and yelled in his face.
    NOT a good time to do so.
    He was apparently comfy, reading “The big bumper book of natural disasters” and he didn’t seem to want to be disturbed – he burned me!
    (You see, he’s a savage! It’s already starting!)
    So I retreated back and wrote this up.
    Oh, dear, the pencil has caught fire.


    I was trying to avoid any contact with sun today (as I am convinced that he is evil) So while the other planets were enjoying his warmth and sunbathing (They’re not going to enjoy it in a few billion years time, will they?) I for one, had to listen to Pluto’s complaining and Venus preening herself – she’s convinced she’s a supermodel now)
    Oh, and Neptune is blaming me for stealing his sunglasses

    Today, is my day off sure enough, nothing like doing what I like for a whole entire day. Bliss.
    So I watched some movies that feature me in them….
    Oh no.
    I have noticed something that has COMPLETELY ruined my enjoyment.
    (I will be reporting this!)

    P-S: Mars has tossed this book away, so it is me, Mercury that is standing in for him.
    Wait, what?! We will all die in a few billions of years?!

    1. This is brilliant! It’s really fun and creative! I love how all the planets keep on arguing and I really like the bit with mercury at the end!

  60. Hello, for fun I invented a murder most unladylike quiz for you lot to answer if your feeling a bit bored like me?. Its not a story, but I thought to would be fun to write it up on this website to test everyone’s knowledge on MMU while we are all waiting for death set’s sail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. What is Mrs Vitellius’s real name from the book first class murder?
    2. What is the name of the theatre in death in the spotlight?
    3. Daisy’s brother Bertie wells you get to meet in two of the murder most unladylike books. What books are those?
    4. How many murder most unladylike mystery’s are written by Daisy?
    5. Who is murdered in Jolly foul play?
    6. What is the head teacher in Deepdeen school for girls on Daisy and Hazels first case?
    7. What is the new murder most unladylike book series called?

    I will post the answers soon, hope you have fun answering these questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. 1 Miss Livedon
            2 The Rue theatre
            3 Arsenic for tea, mistletoe and murder.
            4 three ( The case of the blue violet, the case of the Deepdean vampire, the case of the missing treasure!)
            5 Prefect Elizabeth Hurst
            6 Miss Griffin
            7 The Ministry of Unladylike Activity

            P.S The case of the drowned pearl is the only one I have not read ( apart from dss) so I do not know if daisy or hazel wrote it, I think Hazel!

            Thanks for the marvellous quiz!

    1. I haven’t read the first few books for a while, so I didn’t do very well, but here are my answers:

      1. I can’t remember…
      2. The rue theatre
      3. Arsenic for Tea & Mistletoe and Murder
      4. 3 (the case of the missing treasure, the case of the blue violet, the case of the Deepdean vampire)
      5. Elizabeth (the head girl)
      6. It begins with a G, I think… I’m not sure ?
      7. The Ministry of Unladylike Activity

  61. Death Sets Sail is out tomorrow!!!!!!!! I hope it comes soon! I preordered it ages ago. I can’t wait to read it!!!!!!!!??????????

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