I’m coming to one of your events. Will you sign my books? 
always sign books, whether I’m speaking at a festival or just visiting a store. If I have the time, I will also always sign all of my books, new or old – please don’t be embarrassed to bring along your pre-loved copies!

Will you come visit my school? 
I’d love to! I do charge for school events, and my calendar gets booked up far in advance, so I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to say yes – but I’ll do my best. If you’re Daisy and Hazel’s age, please ask your teacher or librarian to get in touch with Authors Aloud, who manage my school visits for me, as I always need official permission to visit a school. Authors Aloud can be contacted at info@authorsalouduk.co.uk.

I don’t see anything on your upcoming events calendar that’s close to where I live. Will you come visit me? 
It’s always worth asking. It’s possible that I may have an upcoming event that hasn’t been fully confirmed yet – and it’s very nice to know places that I have fans! But please remember that I’ve got to make sure that I give myself enough time to write my books – travelling to bookstores is fun, but if I do too much of it I won’t be able to deliver Daisy and Hazel’s next adventure on time!

I want to hold my own Murder Most Unladylike party and dress up like Daisy and Hazel. What do I do? 
We’ve got you covered! If you’d like to practice your detective skills, download the official Murder Most Unladylike party pack, Murder at Rivets and Gripps. If you want to dress like the Detective Society and their friends, use these handy costume suggestions. If you want to create the perfect bunbreak, make this easy tiffin, these squashed fly biscuits … or just go to the shops and buy some iced buns! Daisy and Hazel might also eat old-fashioned sweets like bullseyes, sherbet lemons or liquorice allsorts, and their favourite drink is ginger beer.


Where are your books currently published? 
As well as the UK and Irish editions from Puffin (which are also sold in places like South Africa, Hong Kong and Australia), Hazel and Daisy’s first five adventures are currently available in the USA and Canada (from Simon and Schuster). The books are also being published in France, Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Vietnam, Poland, Russia, the Czech Republic, Japan and Norway! The Guggenheim Mystery is also published in the USA and Canada, Italy, Spain and Denmark.

Why have the titles of the first two your American books changed? Are they still the same books? 
Simon and Schuster decided that the new titles, Murder is Bad Manners and Poison is Not Polite, fitted their market better. However, apart from some Americanization of words (biscuit becomes cookie, and so on), the plots have not changed. They are not different books – and Daisy and Hazel still eat bunbreaks. First Class Murder’s title has not changed, and nor has Jolly Foul Play‘s or Mistletoe and Murder‘s!

Can me and my friend be in one of your books? 
I get a lot of requests like this, and although I’d love to say yes to everyone, I just can’t. But I make a note of the people who ask me, and sometimes I do use names of people I’ve met or spoken to. So although I can’t guarantee it, you never know …

Are you writing another Murder Most Unladylike book? 
I am! It’s coming out in August 2019. I can’t tell you what it’ll be called yet, but it’ll be set back at Deepdean …

How do you come up with your characters? Are you like any of them? 
I come up with characters in lots of different ways. I use bits of people I’ve met, people I see on TV, people I read about – both real people and made-up ones! I am definitely most like Hazel (I love books and reading), but I have a little bit of Daisy in me as well …


I’ve had an idea for a new Murder Most Unladylike book! Can I send it to you, and will you use it? 
I LOVE reading your ideas. They are fantastic – often a lot better than mine! You are always welcome to send them to me, and I love reading them. But I try hard not to use them in my own books. I think it’s important that I don’t borrow other people’s stories – they are yours, and you are the person who should write them down! I am very happy for you to write your own Murder Most Unladylike stories, as long as you do it for fun and don’t charge anyone to read them. This is called writing fanfiction, and it’s something I used to do! In fact, it’s one of the best things to do if you want to grow up to become a published author.

I’m trying to write a mystery story. How do I do it? 
Congratulations on writing the BEST kind of story! Mysteries seem difficult, but they’re actually really easy. The important thing is to plan carefully and make sure you know everything about your crime. Who did it? When? How? Why? Where? Write all of the answers to those questions down, and then write down some other suspects – people who seem like they’ve got great motives to commit the crime, but who didn’t do it. Once you have suspects and a criminal, you’ll be able to work out what clues they might have dropped. Make sure each clue could point to several people. Was there a bar of chocolate at the crime scene? Have several of your victims be chocolate addicts! Then it’s not immediately obvious who did it – and your detective could suspect the wrong person, leading to a shocking twist! Your detectives will have to ask questions, reconstruct the crime and narrow down suspects to get at the truth.

I want to be a published author one day. What should I do? 
Good news: there are only two things you need to do to help yourself get better at writing. The first is read a lot of books, so you can learn how other authors structure their plots and create their characters. And the other is write a lot of stories! Don’t worry if you don’t finish them, or you don’t think they’re very good. You will get better at writing with every story you make up, and better at pushing yourself to keep going as well. If you write all the way through your childhood and your teenage years, you’ll be a truly excellent writer by the time you become an adult – good enough to get published!

TV and film

Will there be a TV show or film of your books? 
I hope so! I’m doing all I can to make it happen – I can’t ever promise anything, though, so we all just have to cross our fingers and hope!

Can I be in the show, if there is one? 
I’m afraid that if a TV show is made, I won’t have anything to do with the casting. But I hope that you’ll all be allowed to audition, and if that happens I’ll wish you all the very best of luck!

Fan mail

I’ve written you a letter! Where do I send it? 
Thank you so much! Please send letters to

Robin Stevens c/o Puffin Publicity, Penguin Books
80 Strand, London

I’ve written you a letter! Why haven’t you written back to me? 
I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to reply to your letter yet! I know it must seem as though it should have reached me by now, but because my fan mail goes via my publishers, it sometimes takes up to three months to reach me. I promise I will respond as soon as I get it – but that can be a while! If you don’t want to wait, why not email me instead? My email is redbreastedbird@gmail.com, and I usually reply to emails within three weeks.