Pre-order signed, personalised copies of Death Sets Sail from Round Table Books!

July 24, 2020


Hello Detectives! Less than two weeks to go now before Death Sets Sail launches, and I finally have an answer to a question you’ve been asking me for a while: how to get a signed copy of the book!

Normally I would be doing lots of signings, and visiting lots of stores to sign copies, but of course because of coronavirus I can’t do that.

So I’ve teamed up with the lovely people at Round Table Books in Brixton to offer SIGNED, PERSONALISED copies of Death Sets Sail!

If you want a copy for you or a friend, just visit their website. They have instructions on their site, but I’m going to explain it to you here as well, because it’s a little bit complicated!

  • Put the book in your basket and head to check-out as normal! When you are asked to choose between click and collect and delivery, choose delivery. Click and collect will NOT get you a signed copy I’m afraid!
  • Choose the country you want the book shipped to. This offer is for anywhere in the world, so don’t worry if you’re in the US or Australia or any other country. But be aware that your postage fee will be up to £9.10, so only do this if you’re specifically after a personalised version!
  • Make sure you put the name you want me to personalise AS THE NAME ON THE SHIPPING ADDRESS. You can put the name of whoever owns the card you’re paying with in the payment field, but I’ll be signing whatever name you enter as the person the book will be shipped to!
  • It may take a few days after publication for the book to arrive with you if you’re in the UK, and longer still if you’re in another country – but hopefully you’ll agree that a copy signed by me to you or your loved one is worth the wait!
  • There is currently NO upper limit on the number of books I’ll do this for, but order now to avoid disappointment.

… and that’s it! Happy ordering, Detectives – I’m so pleased I can offer this to you!

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Exciting news, Detectives: the numbers are in, and Death Sets Sail is floating at the very top of the charts! It’s the NUMBER ONE paperback in the UK, it’s NUMBER FOUR overall in the UK children’s and YA chart (in the week that we got a new Stephenie Meyer and a new Jeff Kinney) and it’s NUMBER TWELVE of all books sold in the UK. That’s ALL books, not just kids!
Death Sets Sail is out now – and my publisher Puffin thought you might want to celebrate that fact! They’ve put together a (socially distanced) party pack to help you and your friends wave goodbye to the series in style.
‘the story unfolds neatly and is satisfyingly twisty. It has a strong sense of place … and two budding romances, and explores the powerful bonds of friendship as girls grow up.’
At the end of a series, you want a big finish. Something to make the series go out with a bang. Well, Robin Stevens did just that with Death Sets Sail. Packed with suspense throughout, and unimaginable twists and turns, Death Sets Sail was without a doubt the best book in the Murder Most Unladylike series.
I have another event coming up next week – a live Q&A and reading in partnership with the Arvon Foundation’s Arvon at Home programme on Tuesday 11th August at 4pm. You can book tickets NOW – they’re £3 per screen – and I hope as many of you as possible will log on!
Because it’s publication day, I’m sharing a video of me reading from the first chapter of Death Sets Sail. But beware … the first chapter contains the first SPOILER! So watch … if you dare!

45 Responses

  1. This is great Robin!!!!! So getting my death stets sail copy signed!!!!! I can not wait, but all so all I am so sad as this is the last book in murder most unladylike. I have loved the characters so much and loved the mystery’s?.

    1. I am going to die, just orded my signed personalised copy of DSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is soooooooooooooo amazing, getting a signed copy from my favourite author, who else is like sooooooooooo happy, I don’t even know what to type up!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS GREAT AND THANK YOU ROBIN FOR LETTING US HAVE PERSONAL COPIES!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh, wow! I didn’t think it would be so easy to get signed copies of this book! I can’t wait for the 6th of August – I just hope I don’t read it too quickly!

  3. Dear Robin Stevens,

    This question is not really about Death set’s sail [witch I am so exited about!!!] but its about your books. I really love murder most unladylike and it inspired me to write my own murder mystery book series [just for fun?] and I was wondering what inspired you to write your mystery book series?

  4. Hello Robin,
    I am so happy to hear this news! This is so exciting. I haven’t pre-ordered Death Sets Sail but this is an amazing opportunity, so I am hoping to pre-order a signed, personalised copy from Round Table Books. I have 2 questions about it (don’t worry if you can’t answer them!): Do you know if we can spend National Book Tokens on their website and how much does delivery cost? If you don’t know the answers, that is fine and hopefully I will be able to get a copy! Thank you so much for doing this, it is amazing you can still sign and personalise copies even if in life events aren’t happening!

  5. This kid great Robin! I wish you luck with signing all of those books – I’m sure there will be heaps. I’m not sure if I’ll be allowed to get one as I’ve already pre ordered Deaths Sets Sail, but I will try to persuade my mum!

  6. I’m propably going to wait until I can actually get it signed but this is brilliant! Plus I already preordered the book months ago. What about those peices of card you showed on your instagram?

  7. Hello Robin! I understand that you may choose to not answer this question, as it could give away some hints about Death Sets Sail, I was just wondering if Kitty, Beanie and Lavinia will be in it? I’m guessing probably not as Amina only supposedly invited Daisy and Hazel to Cairo. I love this series and can’t wait for the finale!

  8. I just found out my dad already ordered it so I guess I can’t really get the signed copy!
    Its sad because it was basically my only opportunity seeing as I live in Italy!

    1. Hi Emily, I’m sorry! Don’t worry, though, I’ll be travelling again as soon as I can after the pandemic, and so there will be lots of opportunities for you to get your books signed!

  9. I’m so sad now because I’ve already preordered it from Blackwells! I don’t think my parents will let me order another one but I m happy I’ll get it once it comes out. Is there another way for fans to get their books signed if they’ve already ordered it, because I live in the US and wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Bookplates,maybe?
    Thank You!

  10. hi robin SO EXCITED for the last book wanted to preorder but there is no option of delivery in india where i am from.

  11. You say this offer is for anywhere in the world, well it seems South Africa does not classify as being a part of the world, rather disapointing for a hugh fan of this serise, i will just have enjoy my standard copy, and theres no doudt i will.
    Thanks for the fun trip..

    1. Hi Andrew, please get in contact with the store via the form on their website ( – certain countries don’t seem to be coming up on the dropdown box but as far as I’m aware there’s no reason why they can’t ship there! I think this offer is getting more international interest than they’ve ever had before, and it’s testing the extent of their website forms!

  12. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST ORDERED MY DEATH SETS SAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks so much Robin!!!!!! BTW i saw your interview on First news and i got soooo excited!!!!!!!!!

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