Writing Prompt Mondays: Prompt 17

July 20, 2020

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Thanks for another excellent prompt response. Your pet stories were adorable, funny, sad and totally wonderful. This week Alanna’s Mystery of the Pilfered Panda, Amelie May’s invisible Bear, Sasha’s horse called Barley, Harmony’s spy bunny and Charlotte P’s kitten rescue story caught my eye – but you’re all winners really!

The pets prompt ran for two weeks instead of one because I had to take care of our own new pet, Howl the cockapoo puppy. Howl is extremely cute, and extremely demanding, and I love him so much – but he hasn’t given me very much time to write lately! I’m hoping that might start to change soon, though …

This week I’ve decided to move from something very small to something extremely big – I thought we could all use a change from our own world, and so I’d like to challenge you to write about the whole wonderful universe with the prompt out of this world.

You can write about deep space, a rocket launch, landing on a new planet or even ordinary life on a world that’s very different (or very similar) to our own. You can write about meeting aliens on this world or any other, or you can write about being an alien (and to them, of course, we’re the aliens!). You can write about robots, space ships, zero-gravity … anything you like!

As always, you can interpret this prompt however you like – with a song, a poem, non-fiction, fiction, a story you write with a friend or on your own … it’s all up to you! I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

The rules …

  1. It can be as long or as short as you like, and take you as much or as little time as you want.
  2. It can be any genre (type) of story you want. If you have an idea for something that I haven’t mentioned (writing a poem! Being inspired by a song you love! Writing non-fiction!), don’t wait for my permission – just go for it! This is your creativity working!
  3. You are not allowed to worry about grammar or spelling.
  4. You are not allowed to worry if it isn’t perfect, or criticise yourself as you’re writing.
  5. You are encouraged to make a plan before you begin, to make it easier for you to get to the end of the story. This can be two words or a whole page! But if you don’t want to do this, you don’t have to.
  6. Get to the end of the story without stopping to go back and fix bits you don’t like. Once you’ve finished, read it through again. If you still don’t like those bits, you can edit them now!
  7. If you want (and only if you want!) you’re allowed to post the first 500 words of your story in the comments below. I have to moderate the comments so it may take a while for them to show up – please be patient. I don’t want to see you apologising for your story or minimising what you’ve done when you post – writing a story is a triumph and you should be proud!
  8. Please do not use your full name when you comment – first names are fine, or you can make up a username that you like! Also remember to stay safe online and not get into private discussions with anyone you don’t know in real life without telling an adult first.
  9. If you like someone else’s story, you are allowed to comment to say so! If you’d like to give them ideas that might make their story even stronger, that’s OK, but please be kind and remember how deeply we all care about our writing. A good format for feedback might be something like: ‘I loved ****! Have you thought of ****? I think it might make your story even better!’ I will delete any comment if I feel it’s critical without being constructive.
  10. I can’t promise to give feedback on any individual stories – I’m not marking them!
  11. This isn’t a competition, and there will be no winners and no prizes, though I may choose a story or two to highlight in future posts.

I can’t wait to read your out of this world responses, Detectives!

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Death Sets Sail is out now – and my publisher Puffin thought you might want to celebrate that fact! They’ve put together a (socially distanced) party pack to help you and your friends wave goodbye to the series in style.
‘the story unfolds neatly and is satisfyingly twisty. It has a strong sense of place … and two budding romances, and explores the powerful bonds of friendship as girls grow up.’
At the end of a series, you want a big finish. Something to make the series go out with a bang. Well, Robin Stevens did just that with Death Sets Sail. Packed with suspense throughout, and unimaginable twists and turns, Death Sets Sail was without a doubt the best book in the Murder Most Unladylike series.
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Because it’s publication day, I’m sharing a video of me reading from the first chapter of Death Sets Sail. But beware … the first chapter contains the first SPOILER! So watch … if you dare!

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  1. Wow Robin space is such a great idea!!!! Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with! This is super timeing for a space prompt as right now I was just writing a story about space I had made up for fun. I could put that story up here but it might be way to long!!!!

      1. Thanks Stella! I’ll probley put it up now as your aloud to put up long ones, just need to think of a good name for it though?!

  2. Have you ever been on a rocket ship hurtling from space onto some crazy planet that you’ve only heard of from Marvel? Well, that’s how I spent my summer break. My parents worked for NASA, and they are amazing scientists. In movies and books, people have scientists that can do crazy things like create Frankenstein or invent a Super Serum. Most of the time, that’s not true for real scientists, but it was for my parents. From using spare parts they had taken from NASA (completely legally. They were also smart enough to know that stealing put them in prison) they somehow made a rocket ship much more advanced than anything people on Earth will come up with for at least 100 years. They figured out how to travel throughout space like in Star Wars. They decided to take me along as a fun experience (or so they said. They just want me to fall in love with science as much as them. I do like it, just not a ton). This was an example of when they were not smart. True, everything worked fine in the end, and we weren’t in a lot of danger at the worst of times(it just felt like it). True, it was amazing. But aren’t there rules about taking kids on spacecraft test runs? They hadn’t even tried it out yet, but they decided that it would be fine. So I got on the spacecraft with no complaints, because what else did I have to do over the summer that compared to this? Go swimming? Watch a movie? At least if I was going to die, I’d die happy. My parents tried to explain the scientific things to me, but I didn’t really pay attention. Even if I was really into this, I probably wouldn’t have understood anything that they were saying. After sensing I had zoned out, they suggested that I go in the back and lay down, because it would be a while. Rockets are supposed to take off on Liftoff from launch pads, right? Well, in making such a fancy one, they were somehow able to make it lift off in the big field behind our house, and when I looked out the window, there were no burn marks from the fire. I’m not even sure there was fire, to be honest. Another thing. It’s supposed to take 24 hours or so just to get to the International space station. We passed it after 5 minutes. The best part was that it didn’t even feel like the rocket was moving that fast. It was just like it was floating, but if you looked out the widow you’d see how fast things were passing. My mom came back to my bedroom (it was a large spacecraft, and somehow everyone had their own room even though they were small)and asked if there was any place I wanted to visit while we were up here. I’m twelve. I didn’t know of a ton of places in space except the planets and some random stuff like asteroid belts. “Asgard.” I said. Why not? It probably didn’t exist, but if it did I’d get to see something awesome and brag about next time I was watching Thor with my friends. My mom humored me and went back. I followed her, curios to see how on earth she would try and find it. Turns out, she didn’t even do anything except say Asgard to the computer, and it pulled up all things of that name. There were more than a hundred, with most of them being comets or asteroids. She let me look through them to find the one I wanted, and after 15 minutes of searching I shrieked. Right there was a planet called Asgard that looked just like the one in the movies. I know that sounds improbable, because the movie designs are a figment of someone’s imagination, but somehow that’s what it looked like with some slight changes. No glittery Rainbow path, but from a far view it looked quite similar. I showed my dad, who was by the controls, and he plugged it into the system as where we wanted to go. The computer made a reloading sign, and then started taking us there. It actually didn’t take too long. Within about a day we were there, and until we got there I had been wondering if it was a trick, or if I was actually going to Asgard. Finally, I looked out the window and saw we were slowing down next to- Asgard. The real Asgard. I woke my parents up, and they were shocked to see it as well. For them, this was a huge scientific discovery. They inched it closer, because the autopilot had left them very far away. That was where it started going wrong. The computer had left us there for a reason. It seemed there was a force field between us, and when we inched forward, it sucked us in.

        1. I think the Choose you own Adventure type story is a good idea, but if you are doing another part, I would love to read it!

    1. This is so good! I love the way you describe how amazing the rocket is! I also love how you used Star Wars and Marvel in it too!

  3. OK all I’ve been thinking about is death sets sail and i’m seriously worried for myself. like, its gone to the point where i cannot think of ANYTHING without thinking of DSS (death sets sail) UGHHHHHH HURRY UP! 16 more days! (until my birthday AND dss lol)

    ok u can ignore my rant lol

    1. I’m so so exited!!! I can’t believe it’s nearly here! I’m actually in the middle of reading another book series at the moment, I just hope I can finish in time for DSS…

    2. Wait, is it really 16 days??? Wow, time flew by! You’ve just made me sooooo much more excited! ?! 6th of August, here I come!

    3. Me too!
      Ever since I read the exclusive extract from death sets sail, I can’t sit down because, I am so exited!!!
      Alice x

  4. Sorry about not doing this for a few weeks, but my life has been filled with flute practice and prep for my grade 2 flute exam. imma try hard to do 1 this week

    1. Nice! I play the flute too and am working towards Grade 4 now!
      Also I haven’t done these prompts in AGES since I have had tons of work but I think I’ll be able to do them from now on!

      1. Cool, the flute is such a beautiful instrument!
        I play the clarinet and the piano and I like singing!
        Alice x

    2. Wow, good luck!! I am on grade 2 for piano and I like singing. In music, I saw trhe flute and tried to blow and I totally failed. Lots of girls from mhy school play it! It looks hard but well done for working soo hard!

  5. I might develop this more in my own time, but I’m not sure. It was written very quickly, after all, and I didn’t edit it too much because I would have started to nitpick away if I had. Hope you all enjoy!

    Archie Grey’s voice was static-riddled through the radio. “Guys, someone better… better get down here, stat.”

    “Why? What’s up?” Stavely answered, as she clipped herself onto the rope and began to edge down into the yawning brick chasm.

    “See for yourself.”


    The first human expedition to Mars was launched in the year 2029. By that point, the development of antimatter rockets had reduced the travel time to only 45 Terran days.
    If the antiquated travel time of 9 months had still been predicted, Verra Stavely thought, she wouldn’t have had the guts to sign up in the first place. There’s only so much that can be said for 9 months stuck in a box in the middle of the vacuum of space. And that’s without 4 other people to get on your nerves.


    A pall of rust-coloured dust draped itself over the visor of her helmet, all but obscuring her vision as she descended further into the gaping maw. Thank God for the high-power torches. Awe consumed her as she touched down to the rugged tunnel floor. Seeing these volcanic caves through the camera of a rover was cool enough but in person? Just, wow. What the other three waiting back at the ship would have given to see this… Sucks to be them, she thought before detaching herself from the ropes.

    Mindful not to tread on any jutting rocks, Stavely hiked towards the form of her companion, who stood facing a large wall of red stone. She stopped short, her breath hitched in her throat.

    Leaning against it was a skeleton, chipped and greyed with age.

    She let out of a shuddering gush of air. “What the… Grey, what the hell is this?”

    He turned to look at her with an expression of confusion and panic. All the colour had drained from his face so it stood starkly against his rust coloured surroundings.

    “I.. I don’t… I don’t know. It doesn’t even look human. I mean, the skull is all wrong. The ridges… what the hell..” He gulped. “But that’s… that’s not all. We have to get back to the ship now. We have to warn them.”

    The beam of his torch bounced through the cavern as he gestured with it to the wall in front of him. She leant in closer, squinting through the dust particles that danced in the glare. Four words etched deep into the stone.

    She stiffened and stared in abject horror at the engravings.

    Don’t. Let. It. Escape.

    “What does it mean?”

    The radios burst into life with a suddenness that caused Stavely to nearly jump out of her skin. A shrill scream pervaded the static and filled their helmets. It was joined almost immediately by more yelling and a, “What the… What is that… HELP!”, before the shrieks were cut off almost as abruptly as they had begun.

    A roaring swelled in the cave and the walls began to rumble as if a mighty force was attempting to shake them off their feet.

    Their ship had taken off.

  6. Hi. I have written a short story. I hope you like it! (it is quite short)

    Olivia Navy Humble wanted to be a scientist. She loved Chemistry and Biology and Physics. She thought science was the most interesting thing ever, and she thought it was fascinating to learn about how her planet worked, how animals and her own body worked and why certain things happened. But Olivia couldn’t decide what to do. She wondered what it would be like to work making medicines. She would have to be very good at biology. She wondered what it would be like to work as a rocket scientist, and suddenly as she thought about it, a whole world lit up in front of her. She would be a rocket scientist, she would work on rockets, she would know the feeling of having something that you have made and worked on, go somewhere nothing had ever gone before. She worked hard in physics. She passed all the tests and finally completed her dream, and got a rocket into space!

    1. Wow Trickbear, I love that story soooooo much! Olivia is so lucky to be able to be a rocket scientist?‍?, please write a part two so we can find out more about Olivia and her rocket science adventures!

      1. Ok! Here is a part two! I hope you like it just as much.

        Olivia thought about Rockets all the time. She loved making them. She wanted to make more. Olivia wanted to make one that could fly to Eris or pluto. To discover more places in our galaxy, the Milky way. She thought about how to do this very carefully. She wondered what people would need. Olivia worked on it all the time. One night she stayed up all night to work. But then, after ninety days of planning, Olivia had a design. It took three years to build. (It was very difficult to make and required a lot of time) But finally, after three years and three months, it was ready! Two brave astronauts, Thomas and Tim, were going on this flight; it was a risk, but they wanted to do it. Three days after it had been finished, it was going into space. People all around the world turn on their televisions to watch the event. 3…2…1… It was a huge success! The astronauts started their trip around the milky way. Olivia Navy Humble was a big hero and no-one would forget what she had made.

  7. Hi! This is my story for this prompt. I wrote it really fast because I LOVE this prompt. It’s quite a bit longer than 500 words because I couldn’t fit it into 500. I hope you enjoy, feedback is appreciated.

    “Space?”, I said, screwing up my face. “Oh Ruby, apparently it will help you. You know, with your autism and they think as you’re in foster care that some of the astronauts could maybe be your adoptive parents. I opened and shut my eyes continuously, trying to process what my social worker, Karen had said. The only thing I could hear in my mind was space. Space, space, space. I loved space. The idea of stars, the idea of planets. It was so exciting. Usually when somebody tried to talk to me, my mind would drift off, thinking of other things. But space! It intrigued my mind. And also, I could get way from all the noise. All the people who have told me I wasn’t enough. That I wasn’t going to get anywhere. I could get a new beginning.

    “So Ruby, what do you think about the space thing. Do you want to be a part of it?” Karen smiled at me. “Yes”, I squealed excitedly, “yes yes yes”.


    I looked up at the three astronauts I was going to live in space with. They were tall, and I felt wary about them. I’d never liked meeting new people. Two of them were men, and the other was a woman. “Hey Ruby. My name’s Vanessa. This is Shane, and this is Robert”, the female astronaut spoke up. She put out her hand, obviously wanting a high five. I shook her hand instead. I was wearing a heavy spacesuit, and there was a small helmet made for me sat on my chair in the capsule. I tried to smile at her but I couldn’t. I didn’t smile at people I didn’t really know.

    “Ok”, Shane said gruffly, “2 hours til take off”. I turned away from Vanessa. As soon as she couldn’t see my face, I grinned.

    I took off the belt attaching me to my seat in the capsule. We were in space. I floated over to the window and put my face up against it. “Wow”, I gushed. “Heh heh”, laughed Robert, “always a moment when they see there first view of earth from space”. It was almost like my autism was gone. There was nobody whispering about the fact I was different and there wasn’t the booming noises ringing in my ears. It was just silence. Blissful silence. This was the life.

    Days went by quickly up in space. I isolated myself from the other people on board the capsule. It was just me. And my surroundings of course. I sometimes wrote poems, but mainly I stared out of the windows. I didn’t pretend. Well I couldn’t. I just was myself. All I showed was the unsociable girl I truly was. As well as writing poems, I also read endless on board manuals. They talked about things such as how to save someone if they were involved in the unlikely incident of their tether breaking during a spacewalk, and how the controls worked. Shane and Robert left me alone with my manuals, but Vanessa would constantly come and try to talk to me. I always blanked her out. I barely knew her. She was nothing to me. I had come to sort of like Shane and Robert, but I wasn’t sure if I’d ever like Vanessa. She was the type that would talk loudly to a deaf person and she’d ask a autistic person if they were ok. Constantly. I did not appreciate that. At all.

    “Hey. Hey Rube”, Vanessa said to me one day. She was waving her hands in my face. “My name is Ruby”, I said coldly. This was the first time I had spoken to her in all the weeks we had been up here in space. “Me and Robert are going out. On a spacewalk. Shane’s a newbie with all this space business. I’ve seen you reading some manuals. Maybe you could help him while we’re out there. Not if you don’t want to though”, Vanessa said kindly. She was still being nice to me even after the cold way I had spoken to her before. “Yes Yes Yes!” I said excitedly. I wanted to hide it, and say no but I can’t hide my emotions. I was so excited.

    Everything went smoothly at the start. Shane got them out of the hatch safely and he thought all was fine. I didn’t. Karen says I’m a pessimist. I think that’s a good thing. You can’t be too sure about anything. Shane was too sure. “Hey kiddo I’m turning in. Call me when it’s time for them to come in”, he said, yawning. I looked at him. Then I nodded.

    Vanessa spotted me, and gave me a thumbs up. I gave her a small smile. Well more of a straight face. I only smile at people I like. Vanessa turned away. She seemed like she was floating away, further than her tether should have let her. I looked over to her tether. It was broken. Vanessa was floating away. I pressed the button to radio Vanessa. “You are floating away”, I screamed into the radio.

    Vanessa shrieked into her radio. It blasted out at me causing me to have to cover my ears. I knew I had to save her but the noise. It was ringing in my ears and everything about my autism that I thought I had left on earth came back. I had memorised the manual that had told me the solution. I tried to rack my brains of what I should do. I radioed Robert. “Vanessa’s tether is broken. I’m going to throw you another tether that is in the capsule and I need you to lasso Vanessa”, I said with a air of confidence I never had before. “Ok”, Robert said, “throw the tether”.

    That’s what I did. I let it go through the hatch and Robert grabbed it with his glove. It seemed it took for ever to get to his hands. I closed my eyes, not daring to try look at what Robert was doing, and if it had succeeded. Robert radioed me. “I’ve got her”.

    Shane reeled them back into the hatch. “Wooh”, said Shane, mopping his brow. “Wow. Wow wow wow”, said Robert, “Ruby saved the day”. Vanessa gave me a massive grin. “Thank you so much for Ruby” she said. This time it wasn’t fake so she make me feel better. It was genuine. I looked Vanessa in the eye. And I smiled.

    1. omg this is SO GOOD!
      like this should be a real book, it has a great plot, a character with autism, SPACE???? what more do yall want?

    2. This is so good! I love all the different characters! They are so well built! And the story is so amazing and exciting!

  8. Hi! This is my story!

    The Diary of Eris (Dwarf planet)

    I had a nice day today! Makemake came by today to wish me a happy birthday. I said thank you and she went off. I thought it was nice off her as she normally forgets. Dysnomia didn’t give me a headache by bumping into me! I said thank you to her too. She said it was her job to bump into me as she was my moon and she had to orbit me. I said that even if she did it was unreasonable to do it everyday. She said that we both got a day off. I agreed with that.

    Dysnomia bumped me again! I give up.

    Pluto is still mad at me. It’s not my fault that when I was discovered, Pluto became a dwarf. Still, he never speaks to me. Haumea and him are best friends! They went to the asteroid belt and DIDN’T invite me. SO unfair!

    Ceries and me are great friends. She invited me to dinner at Jupiter’s place! I brought some red snow that I HOPE WILL be nice enough to thank her. I am going today!

    The dinner was lovely! I met a planet called mars! He is coming over today! It was lovely seeing him. I know we could be really good friends. Of course, me and Ceries will always be besties! It is really difficult seeing them, but I try really hard to see them as much as possible. Oh! Mars is here!

    1. Friday:
      The dinner was lovely! I met a planet called Mars! He is coming over today! It was lovely seeing him. I think we could be really good friends. Of course, Me and Ceries will always be besties! It is difficult to see them (They live on the other side of the astorid belt), But I will try really hard to see them as much as possible. Oh! Mars is here!

      Sorry, I wrote Friday again, as I saw some mistakes!

    2. This is soo good and very funny!
      I love it! I love how your main characters are planets and not animals or humans or living beings!

    3. This is such a creative interpretation of the prompt. I love the idea of planets having feelings. Great story!

  9. ok this is my story:
    (this is my first time doing this lol)

    “darling?” dad said on the dinner table, as i looked up.
    “yeah?” i mumbled, hot food still in my mouth.
    dad grunted and looked at mum as she twiddled with her thumbs. why were they acting so suspiciously? i narrowed my eyes.
    “we’re going to space!” mum said finally, her face full of excitement that i had not seen in a long time, my dad’s face the same way.
    “isn’t it exciting!” exclaimed mum. “we can see the earth, and the moon, and they’ll be robots- yes, real robots, jay- didn’t you read the article? and we’ll all have mansions in new earth, yes-”
    i blinked, zoning out from mums nattering. space? new EARTH? that sounded like a sci-fi movie in the 80’s.
    i laughed. “really mum? dad? i’m not eight, i wont fool for that” i chuckled. then i saw their faces.
    “we’re deadly serious” my dad said, face all scrunched up, and expression that i knew like the back of my hand. He really was.
    ” and we’re going tonight!” my mum burst out of nowhere.
    i jumped up in alarm. “tonight? b-but i haven’t packed anything yet!” i stuttered. were they not joking?
    “well, duh, you didn’t know before now” my dad grumbled. i glared at him.
    “go on then!” said my mum, ushering me upstairs. as i walked upstairs and started to pack, in a daze, i started to wonder what it would be like, in space. futuristic? exciting? bleak? well, i wondered to myself, it certainly wont be dull. that cheered me up, and when i had finished packing, my parents were aready downstairs, bags ready. of course, they already knew.
    “lets go!” said mum, her grin wider than it usually was. i smiled weakly, still unsure of what the future would hold.
    we walked over to our car ( we could bring them, dad said) and drove off to the airport.
    PART 2
    As we walked over to the final airship to “new earth” i suddenly had an overwhelming urge to pee.
    “can i go toilet?” i whispered to mum, who rolled her eyes
    “you can go on the airship” she whispered back
    “i need to go now!” i hissed. i cringed at myself, i sounded like a three year old.
    mum rolled her eyes again. “fine!” she hissed back, “but be quick. i’ll be counting.”
    i nodded, and rushed off to the toilet. but as i was washing my hands, i heard the rumble of the airship. it was starting!
    i rushed out of the toilet with my wet hands flapping.
    “NO!” i screamed, tears pouring down my face as the entrance closed. i looked up, and saw my parents screaming, tears erupting like a waterfall.
    puncuality has never been my strong point, but as the last airship to new earth left, i wish it was.

  10. I’ve only just seen this! Great prompt, Robin! I haven’t done these for a while but now the summer holidays have started, I’ll try to find time.
    Also, I’m so exited for death sets sail, I’m sure it’s going to be amazing!

  11. Diary of an alien
    I flew over the sky. Mum was still at school. I had to go to work. My birthday was coming up! Dad was planning it. I looked down at the birds. There was a giraffe flying next to me. It was cute. I petted it. On Wednesday I would have hatched exactly 11 years ago! Work was all the way in the ice zone. I flew there. It was winter! I saw one of the penguins give birth, it was cute!

    Looking at the wood, I never realised how good I looked. Sure, I had seen my reflection is trees a gazillion times, but I never really properly checked. Anyway, I had a day off work. I went to the Clay maze. They were letting you pick some! It was absolutely delicious! Me and the other children made things out of corn! Most adults were at school but a few were cutting class! That included dad. Mum would never skip school! After a while I got bored and went to the leaf zone, it was great!

    My Birthday! Gotta go!

    The weekend! Mum is going to teach me how to walk! She says that all 11 year old girls should be able to. I don’t see why I have too! I can fly just fine! Wish me luck!

    Mum is tossing this book away!

    1. Oh, this is so cool, I am also doing a story on aliens!
      I love how you called it, diary of an alien, its so funny!
      Alice x

    2. I love your story! I saw you commented last week, and it was really good, too! Maybe next time, you could try making a few of your sentences longer? 🙂 It’s a very good and creative story, though!

  12. Wow, Robin this such an open and imaginative prompt! I think that everyome did soo well for the pets prompt and I really enjoyed reaidng them all. Congartulations to the mentioned ones you all did really well!! I am not sure what I will do for this promot but I might do an observation as that often suits me well. I cant wiat to read yours!! Guess what I am off school from tomrrow so I cant waur to put up my feet and actually get the chnace to write a story!!! Iam now nearly officialially eyar 8 which is quite scayr but exciting at the smae time. I have to choose my options in eyar 8 which is quite unusual but i am not going to think about it very much! Anywya, I wort e my home story for school and I know it is off-topic but I was wondering whether anyone would like to read it? It is fine if u dont but it is about an orcaand how they are put in cpativity. Ot was really annoying because our limit was 600 words which is very hard for me but I had a 1000 word version, so if anyone wnats to read it you can!!

    1. I would love to read your story! I am going into year 10 next year an I have already picked my GCSE options! It is scary and confusing at first but you will get through it! My advice would be to keep your options open and consider a wide range of subjects, that way you won’t be too dissapointed if you don’t get one! Good luck!

          1. Oh, wow that is really creative!! What do u wnat to be when u are older? You sound like you like creative performing arts? I really want to drama and I really wnat to do hsitriy and geography altho r for geography has not been the best this year. But, I really want to do something to do with climate change!! I ma really not great at artistic subjects so maybe not but media studies sounds really cool!! Obviously, because I have less time in Year 7 it will be hard to choose next year.

          2. I’m not sure what I want to be when I’m older, so I’m keeping my options wide. I do love the performing arts subjects but I don’t think I want to go down that career path. I have always been interested in the sciences, mainly chemistry and biology. I may study zoology, forenzics or medicine. But I also love english and history, so I may want to go down that route instead. I’m not really sure but I have time to think about it. How about you?

        1. Wow, you are very mature for your age!!! I started reading MMU when I was about 9 I think but yeah you must be among few people of your age who can wirte woth such passion and techinque!!

        2. You’re only going into Year 6! Wow! Your writing is so amazing and mature to be written by a kid your age. I’m going into Year 9 this year so I’ll be picking my GCSEs this year! This is my first writing prompt, I’m really excited. I think I’ll write my story today and post it tonight!

          1. Hi guys, I live in Ireland so I am going into sixth class (year seven). I will not be chosing my subjects for ages but I kind of know what I want to do. Perhaps a psychiatrist who works around criminology too. And I would like to be a crime writer.

          2. I think that I’ll be a writer when I grow up, but I would also love to a historian and archeologist

          3. I’m going into year nine too. Can’t wait to be able to pick my GCSES at the end of next year!

    2. Here you go! Hope you liked it!!!! I wnet into school with my form today which was good. I wasnt confident enough to read it out, but I really enjoyed wirting it! Hope you like it1 Feedback appreictaed even if it doesnt fit with the prompt! Also, thsi si the long version sorry if it is really long!!!! Also, it isdual perspectives so where it has elipsis changes the person narrating. It is the orca to start!
      Distressed wails rang bitterly through my head; the sun’s jovial beams darkened; the shoals of nosy, arrogant tropical fish that normally had seconds ago glided gracefully above us, gossiping contentedly, had immediately dispersed and scarpered away. Above, as I craned my neck, I could vaguely glimpse the shadow of a recognisable, floating monster that frequently seemed to appear, wherever we went. On the bottom was a wheel that span rapidly, a long, fin-like thing attached to the belly of the beast and strange symbols etched into the side of it, reading ‘Whale Capture’. A knot in my stomach tightened as I succumbed to despair, admitting to our fate. Guilt burned inside of me like fetid phlegm. How could I have been so foolish to trust those clear, sun-lit shallow waters? The heavy burden of maybe being the cause of our capture weighed down in me. I had let my guard down, we all had. I had reassured them, said it was safe- and look where that had led us… into the jaws of this menacing, vindictive creature.
      The behemoth groaned as it came to an abrupt stop above my head, my surroundings swallowed by gloom. It was peculiar that this monster would moan before attacking its vulnerable prey. The beast came to an abrupt stop above me.
      The beast vomited up a tangled net that I often glimpsed, choking corals and maliciously trapping little fish inside it. Instinctively, I plunged deeper below, however the net seemed to slither down and firmly clutch my tail. I thrashed my tail. I cried for my pod. Whatever I tried, the net would not let go. I was hauled up and I closed my eyes, ready to be devoured, ready for the jagged, rotten teeth to crunch and munch. This was the end…
      A waterfall of hot tears gushed down my blotchy cheeks as I gazed at the forlorn orca that had thudded onto the floor of the ship, after dad’s workers had dragged it up through the net.
      ‘Men, good job let’s bring it in. This will get us lots of cash. Stop it thrashing!’ dad sneered, thudding his workers on the back with one thick, meaty hand and holding a cigar in the other. When he noticed me scowling at him, he clutched the buckle of his leather belt, as if silently warning me to stop.
      The fishermen cheered rowdily as they gawked and ridiculed the creature’s flapping flippers. Their eyes protruding like bulbous balloons about to burst, burly arms like doner kebabs on a rotating skewer and mouths gaping ogrishly, baring crooked teeth like cavernous, jagged rocks.
      Dad controlled the capture of these innocent creatures and would dunk them in murky pools for the crowds to see. Leah (I had named her secretly) had recently died: living in those small tanks with scarce space and the constant stress of the public must have made her vulnerable to disease. He insisted that they capture more whales. even though the conditions that they live in are horrendous.
      When the rusty, flaking boat came into port, they roughly shoved her in a net and we drove off in the van…
      This was worse than death. Deformed creatures had abducted me and now I was imprisoned within this lonely, dreary and plain tank that bares no resemblance to the ocean. No sand blanketing the sea bed floor; no seaweed dancing about; no fleeting fish whizzing between corals and rocks; no deep water dives; no family; no freedom. Those threatening monsters continuously returned to point and gape at me as if I am the unusual one. Circling the tank, my eyes squinted feverishly for the slightest sign of any other life, but all I saw was clear water. I cried for my pod and patiently waited for a reassuring click from mama or a stern whistle from papa- but they never responded. I eagerly searched for any calls in my sonar however my pod didn’t seem to hear. The constant noises of thudding on my cage and absence of any family or the ocean’s warmth made life miserable and meaningless. I yearned to leap and dive, click and whistle…
      Despite Dad’s contentment and satisfaction at first, when we captured the new orca, he now seemed short-tempered and cantankerous, snapping at the smallest things. It seemed the orca was not drawing crowds in and they were losing money. After ravaging cups of beer, he would often threaten to stop feeding Olivia if she didn’t start showing more enthusiasm. Joy and livelihood diminished, the orca would circle the tank woefully, like a mechanical robot. The new orca would circle the tank repetitively like a robot. I knew action must be taken soon, otherwise Olivia would have the same fate as Leah.
      I demanded that my only friend (Mr Saden, the care taker) assist me in releasing Olivia into the ocean again, before she had lost all energy and will to live. After many days of pleading, I finally persuaded him to help. Mr Saden (the caretaker) agreed to assist me in releasing Olivia into the wild. We formulated a plan that averted any chances of being stopped. We were setting Olivia free…
      A wave of gloom and desolation swept over me and I lost all faith. I was stuck and I would never see my family again. But, then one night one of the odd creatures reached her limb into the water, the first sign of care I had seen for weeks. She and stroked my nose. She and someone else lifted me out of the water and we travelled away from that barren place. A tingle in my stomach sparked hope within me. Maybe, I still had a chance!
      My flippers flapped in sheer elation as I heard the gentle, rhythmic slap of the waves against the shore, glimpsed the calm water in the distance and felt the smooth sand tickle my tummy. I was going home!
      Nodding my head and clicking my tongue in gratitude and thanks, I gradually made my way to the frothy sea. As I slipped into the waves, engulfed in the water, I gave a jubilant sigh of relief.
      I leapt, I twirled, I soared and pranced. I was home and I was going to find my pod.
      The only thing was the ocean wasn’t the same. Plastic bags and litter floated above me, like little jellyfish. I don’t know if I will find true home ever again…

      1. This was amazing! I felt all the emotions! Your writing is so beautiful and flows so nicely! The descriptions were beautiful and rich with detail (as were the character’s emotions!) I truley loved this! Will you write something for the current promt? I would love to read it!

        1. Ahh that is sooo lovely. I really appreciate it!! I will try to write for this prompt as I will finally be on holiday!! Yay!!!! Yeah, I did try to incorporate some description as I was kinda being marked for it!!

      2. This was so incredible! It was packed with emotion and your way with words is amazing! This is beautifully brilliant! I loved it!

      1. Yhea, thanks Amelia May!! I a really excited but nervous as like it will be soo weird having younger children in the school!!

      1. Sorry, I didn’t realise you had already written it in the comments!
        I think the story is amazing, you write really well and fluently and I really enjoyed this story!
        Alice x

  13. Hi! Here is my story. Sorry it is so long! I will be writing more parts, as the space part hasn’t really happened yet. I hope you enjoy! (Also feedback is appreaciated!)

    The alarms sounded, jerking me awake from my fitful sleep. I pulled my fatigues on, clenching my jaw to keep from moaning about their itchiness. I hastily plaited my shoulder-length brown hair into two braids, before pinning them into a crown atop my head. The alarms were blaringly loud, and would only switch off when every cadet was in the mess hall. I slipped into my shining black boots, seeing my reflection in them, before stepping out in the brightly lit hallway, where the other cadets were rushing over to the mess hall. It was a sea of black in a shining white corridor. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes, blinking against the blinding light. I felt someone nudge me and turned to find my closest friend, Jay, walking beside me, smirking, as he usually does. He was only half a head taller, but it felt like he towered over me. His black beret covering his chestnut brown hair. Seeing him made me feel like I was forgetting something. I frowned trying to place what it was, but quickly removed the thought from my mind when Jay started talking. His voice was soft and kind, with a hint of mischief behind it. “Why do you think they’ve awoken us this early?” he asked as we turned a corner. I shrugged, still too tired to form words. “Wake up, will you, Azita,” he said, speaking my first name, unlike others who preferred to use my lowly surname instead. “Alright,” I mumbled, widening my eyes for emphasis. He tipped his head back and laughed, earning the attention of others. “You’re wasting your time with her,” a voice came from behind us. I stiffened, knowing to expect a smug faced Lysander glaring at me. “Seriously, Jay, you are better off without her.” He’d spoken the same words for years now. I should be used to his torments, but every time I feel my heart beat with rage and my hands ball into fists, desperately wanting to make a permanent dent in his perfectly rounded skull. Jay only offered a vulgar gesture, making Lysander storm towards us. We reached the mess hall when Lysander reached us. Cadets were rushing into formations all around us. “Don’t mess with me,” Lysander growled to Jay, who just waved him off before walking away. But before I could follow, Lysander pulled the pins out of my hair, letting my two braids fall before tugging them and whispering, “Forgetting something.” My hands flew to my head. My beret. Forgetting something as small as a beret leads to punishments. My fingers had just healed after having been broken one by one after forgetting to repair a pipe in the engine room. Lysander sauntered off into the crowd of black uniforms. A sharp whistle blew and the alarms turned off, meaning we should all be in our lines. I stood a meter away from Jay, mirroring every other cadet in the hall – feet together, hands behind our backs, eyes directly ahead. I slowed my breathing, hoping not to draw any attention to myself. The Sergeant walked to the front of the hall, his presence silencing everyone. Everything stilled – even the artificial oxygen keeping everyone breathing. When he was in the centre of the room he stopped and turned to face us. No one dared move as he examined us. I tried to shrink behind the cadet in front of me, hoping I wouldn’t be seen. “Cadets!” he shouted, seemingly satisfied with our appearances. “You may be wondering why you have been called here at this hour.” Silence. “Well,” he continued, “Shuttle 084 Genesis sent a distress call last night to all other shuttles in the same system.” I stiffen. That’s my sister’s ship. “They were attacked. By what we don’t know. Shuttle 083 Genesis went to investigate, but when they arrived, the spacecraft had disappeared. We have not been able to contact it since.” Impossible. There is nowhere around here to jump to another system, they would have had to travel hundreds of light miles in the opposite direction. I shake my head, not wanting it to be true. “Anyhow, security is to be intensified, meaning you shall all take up guard duty twice a day until further notice.” I barely registered what the Sergeant said. My sister. Nadyia is on that ship. “We cannot allow the same thing to happen to us, so you best be ready.” He paused. And I knew he was about to dismiss us, as he had 084 Genesis, not caring about them, only his ship’s safety. Before he could speak, and before I could rethink, I called out, “What of 084 Genesis? Shouldn’t we do something? Shouldn’t we try to find them?” I felt the entire hall tense. Jay turned to me, eyes worried, pleading for me to stop talking. But it was too late. The Sergeant eyed me and walked over, footsteps echoing around the hall. “Nasirian,” he spoke my lowly last name, his eyes fixed on my face. “I should have known.”
    “I’m sorry, sir, but my sister is on that ship and-” He put a large hand up to stop me. I gulped, hoping it wasn’t audible. “Your sister?” He chuckled, deep and unforgiving. “She is just another dirt born rat like you.”
    “It seems you haven’t learnt to keep your mouth shut.” He motioned to someone behind me and a few moments later my stomach curled in dread. Lysander and his raven haired lover, Erin, stood beside me, morbid smiles dancing on their lips. The sergeant nodded and in an instant my arms were pinned behind me and I was held firmly in place. There was movement to my right, and other cadets were holding Jay back. I gave him a look to stand down and, reluctantly, he obliged. The sergeant brushed a thumb over my cheek, and I braced myself for the impact as his fist collided with my nose. I held in my scream. Blood poured from my now disfigured nose. “For forgetting your beret,” he mumbled. Before I could recover, his knee met my stomach with such force it winded me. I made a small noise then, some cadets laughing at my pain. “For speaking out of turn.” And then his hands were around my throat, squeezing tight. I writhed in his grip, air not reaching my lungs. “To help you learn your place.” Then all three holding me let go. I collapsed to the floor, coughing and gasping for air. “Dismissed.”

      1. Hi this is my story as usual comment ur theories!!

        It was cold when the moon fell it was like a bolder teasing us. We had just loaded the last few people from the planet onto the rocketship. The people left were cruelly mistreated and they were slaves. It’s the year 3095 and everything is gone. First water flooded London and Wales and other islands out at sea. The population started to rise and our spaces and freedom became limited. Overpopulation started and as soon as you got a deadly disease you were killed. The government thanked themselves whilst becoming cruel and rude. They started divide by us to hiders and seekers and you would have to find your home or be hurt.

        Overpopulation and pollution began and another war broke out. Men and women were fighting battles whilst the new intelligence teams were working racing for information called intelligence. They used old fashion style and children started becoming scientists trying to discover planets that had breath and air an alternative to earth. And so we did. Pendaroang named after Alexa who found it was a breathable planet in a different solar system. Houses had begun to be built a s people were shipped over. We didn’t have long to go and day by day it got worse. It was over 39 days were you could sleep and read. Looking out the tiny windows I felt sick as I was Earth face to face and slowly started to see it crumble before my eyes. When yourselves government agents sorted you into grou
        ps based on where you need to live but still the journey was not over…. Yet

    1. Here is part two! Sorry it is also so long! Part 3 coming soon!

      Some of the cadets laughed, some looked at me with pity, others didn’t pay me any attention. Blood spilled from my nose and breathing was ragged and uneven. Jay was immediately at my side. Lysander stood in front of me, Erin next to him. He laughed before spitting on me. It was then that I wanted to curl into a ball and become nothing. Laughter echoed around the hall along with insults and slurs. Jay didn’t give Lysander a chance to defend himself before he was on him, raining down blow after blow on his perfect face. The cadets who were lingering fled from the room, knowing what would happen if they witnessed a brawl like this. Thankfully the Sergeant had already left. Erin shouted and I looked up in time to see a flash of golden hair. Vivi was attacking the raven haired devil. Then twin brothers Alantris and Pine were running towards us. Pine knelt next to me, examining my wounds, whilst Alantris broke up the fights. He was a giant, easily ending the brawls. Lysander had a bleeding nose to match mine and Erin’s face was scattered with scratches. They didn’t have to contemplate running from the room, not when Alantris was glowering down at them. I would have laughed had I not been trying to breathe. Pine had given me a cloth, which I’d placed on my nose to stop the bleeding. “We should get you to the infirmary,” Vivi said. She was short and feisty, her golden hair untouched and hanging gracefully off of her head. Jay and Pine hauled me to my feet. I groaned at the searing pain that flashed through my abdomen. “Alantris can carry you,” Pine offered. But I shook my head. I already looked weak, I didn’t need pathetic added to the list. The walk to the infirmary was long and painful, Vivi in front, Alantris taking the rear. Once finally at the infirmary, I was led to a bed and quickly tended to. The doctor reset my broken nose, causing me to temporarily black out. I awoke with a pounding headache. I was only out for a few minutes, but it had certainly felt longer. I felt my neck and flinched at the necklace of bruises I knew had formed there. “All sorted,” the doctor said, motioning us towards the door. We filed out into the corridor. I stumbled slightly, but Jay caught my wrist, keeping me upright. “Well, that was awful,” Vivi said. We didn’t say anything else as a robotic voice said through the speakers, “Breakfast. All cadets to the cantine. Breakfast. All cadets to-” I groaned, knowing how things would turn out. “You don’t have to worry,” Alantris said in his deep, terrifying voice. “Anyone says anything and they can feel the full force of my fists.” I didn’t doubt it. Alantris’s fists were legendary on the ship, rightfully earning the name, ‘The Fists from Hell.’ “Yeah,” Vivi chimed in. “They can feel the full extent of Alantris’s wrath while I eat breakfast.” We all chuckled. My laugh sent pain rushing through my nose and abdomen. I flinched slightly. They all noticed, as they looked at me pityingly. I turned away and walked down the hall. Pity made me weak. Small. Defenseless. Jay caught up to me, the other three trailing behind. “Sorry,” he said, understanding. I shrugged. “Also about your sister. Sorry about that.” I stopped dead in the corridor. I’d forgotten everything in the pain. Nadiya was out there somewhere, on a ship lost in this endless night. “Azita? Are you alri-”
      “Fine. I – I just need to do something quickly. I’ll see you at breakfast.” I stode down the hall, finding my way back to my room. I shut the door behind me and, without hesitation, pulled the emergency pack out from under my bed. It had three months worth of supplies inside. It would have to do for now. I scanned my room for any other possessions and grabbed the only item off of my bedside table. I stared at my sister’s face, squashed up against mine, as we pulled the silliest faces. I took the photo out of its frame and folded it twice before slipping it into my back pocket. I wrote a quick note to my friends and a separate one to Jay. I paused at the thought of my oldest friend, but dropped the notes on my desk and left my room before I could mull over my decision any longer. I slipped down to the lower levels of the ship. The hanger was empty, miniature shuttles filling the space. I walked over to the largest one, painted gold and blue. I’d admired it for years. I was ready to board when a voice came from behind me, “Where exactly do you think you’re going?”
      “You know that,” I croaked, my throat still dry and hurting. I turned to face Jay, Vivi, Pine and Alantris. Jay held the notes in his one hand, in the other was-
      “No. Absolutely not.”
      “Don’t think you’re going alone,” Jay said. It was then I noticed the others were holding their packs as well. “The ship has the space, we have the supplies and the opportunity. You’ll need all the help you can get if you are going to find your sister.”
      “No buts,” Vivi said. “We’re coming and that’s final.” She, Alantris and Pine brushed past me and onto the shuttle. All of a sudden I couldn’t imagine the trip without them. Jay walked over to me, taking one of my hands in his and said, “You really think we would let you go anywhere without us? Without me?” I couldn’t help my smile. He squeezed my hand and led us on to the shuttle. There were several levels to the ship. We climbed to the first level, from the base, making our way to the control room, where Vivi and Pine had already taken seats, ready to fly. “We don’t have long. As soon as the ship leaves the hanger everyone will know. We will have to use the speed generator to get us away from the 085 Genesis. Ready?” Vivi looked back at us questioningly. “Yes,” we all said in turn. The hanger doors opened and the engine fired up. “Three, two-” Vivi didn’t finish her countdown as she lifted the shuttle off the ground and flew out into the endless depths of black.

  14. Hi, also I just wnated to say Sasha. I jsut read your striy (a bit late I kmow sorry!). But it was sooooo amazingg!!!!! I adored the decription and way that yu have used metaphors and all sorts of techniques. It is soo ha=eart-warming and really is soo emotional. I was really scared that Thomas had drowned in teh wabes. And I really hate Mother. But the ending was so heart-warming, intriguing and magical!! You set the scene really well!! Awesome work!!!

  15. This is an awesome prompt Robin! Howl seems so cute, I’ve seen your instagram pictures of him! ???
    Can’t wait for Death Sets Sail!!!

  16. Hi this is my story as usual comment ur theories!!

    It was cold when the moon fell it was like a bolder teasing us. We had just loaded the last few people from the planet onto the rocketship. The people left were cruelly mistreated and they were slaves. It’s the year 3095 and everything is gone. First water flooded London and Wales and other islands out at sea. The population started to rise and our spaces and freedom became limited. Overpopulation started and as soon as you got a deadly disease you were killed. The government thanked themselves whilst becoming cruel and rude. They started divide by us to hiders and seekers and you would have to find your home or be hurt.

    Overpopulation and pollution began and another war broke out. Men and women were fighting battles whilst the new intelligence teams were working racing for information called intelligence. They used old fashion style and children started becoming scientists trying to discover planets that had breath and air an alternative to earth. And so we did. Pendaroang named after Alexa who found it was a breathable planet in a different solar system. Houses had begun to be built a s people were shipped over. We didn’t have long to go and day by day it got worse. It was over 39 days were you could sleep and read. Looking out the tiny windows I felt sick as I was Earth face to face and slowly started to see it crumble before my eyes. When yourselves government agents sorted you into groups based on where you need to live but still the journey was not over….

  17. Oh, I love this prompt!! Here’s my story:

    Once, I was an Earthen. Brought by I don’t know who, onto the Pale Blue Dot drifting in space.
    Now, I have left Earth, drifting in space by myself.
    My name, my true name, is Atleigh. I come from a place far, far away from Earth, universes apart. I was brought to Earth when I was ten in Earth years, and was left with only a little book to accompany me. That book is with me now, resting in a bag beside me.
    It explains my history: I am from Atahaala. It tells me where to find Atahaala if ever I am seeking it. It tells me I am not human. I am Atleigh.
    I may look human, but I have power. I have magic in my fingers, coursing through me. I can manipulate things around me, like how I manipulated the control override to take this ship. No one knew. I concealed my identity as the book told me to, hiding my true self. There, I was called Luna. Not a bad name, but my true one is best.
    I fiddle with the ship’s controls a little, adjusting the trajectory. I feel a bit guilty when I think about where the ship came from, but I know I stole it for the right reason.
    Ari used to be on this ship. Ari was here. Ari was my sister.
    I shake my head, trying to clear it of the painful memories. It’s hard; everywhere I look reminds me of her.
    That night, in my bunk, I dream of her. I dream of the day I left Earth. My adopted family had begun to become suspicious of me, for the first time in five years. My magic had been growing powerful, powerful than ever before, and they were noticing something. Ari and I were sitting in this ship, at the station where my adopted parents worked. We were pretending to be pilots, her because I was there, me because I knew I needed this ship and to be familiar with it. So I was fiddling with the controls as we were talking about space.
    Ari sighed. “Luna, do you ever think about space?”
    I hesitated. Of course. That’s all I ever thought about, but I couldn’t tell Ari that or she’d ask why. “Sometimes.”
    She stares wistfully at the controls and the sky. “I do. I want to go up there someday.” Here she looks at me. “With you.”
    My heart bursts with love for my sister, even though we’re not related by blood. I want more than anything to go up there with her, but I know that when I do, I’ll make the journey alone. All I can do is smile sadly at her. “I know,” I tell her softly.
    Here the dream ends and I float back into consciousness, tears on my cheeks.
    Back at the controls, I can see the black hole I’m headed for in my viewfinder. My heart thumps loudly, thinking of Ari. All the hours I played with her, all the things we talked about, the way she looked on the day I left…
    -I remember it like it was yesterday. We had just gotten out of the ship where we had been talking about space, and how I didn’t tell her about how badly I wanted to go to space.. I had steeled myself for what I had to do. Mum and Dad had told me how the ship worked, unaware of my true intentions. Ari had walked to join Mum and Dad, but I had lingered back, my heart already breaking. She looked back at me, confused, as I got into the ship.
    “I’m sorry,” is all I can say before tears stream down my face and I suppress the sobs building in my chest.
    Ari’s face is confused, not understanding. Then as she sees me climbing into the tiny ship (one that would have been unimagined two hundred years ago, at the time of the launch of the SpaceX Crew Dragon), turning the key, firing the thrusters, her expression changes into one of disbelief.
    She screams, her mouth open wide, but I can’t hear her through the ship. She runs toward me, but Mum keeps her back, knowing being too close to the spaceship could hurt her. Her face is one of numb shock, too.
    The ship rises higher and higher, my tears going faster and faster. I take off. I’ve already run the calculations.
    Soon enough, I’ve cleared the atmosphere, fire the antimatter rockets, and take off toward the Andromeda galaxy.-
    No. I can’t be thinking of this. No!
    I bend over, the knot in my chest that’s been building for the past month tightening and paining me. My magic has kept me sustained without food or water but it can’t keep me sustained without Ari. I can’t. She’s the only one I ever told, even though I know I shouldn’t have. But… we were still sisters. The only person I’ve ever truly known.
    My head hits the controls, and I know I’ve made a grave mistake as soon as I hear the automated human voice say, “Antimatter thrusters fired.”
    No. Dread grows in me, spreading through me before my mind can even process what’s going on.
    The rockets fire and space blurs, and they stop right before I can fall into the black hole. I catch one glimpse of it before its gravity draws me in entirely.
    My mind goes blank, and the next thing I know I’m floating in a dead universe.
    What I see in front of me is a dearth of starlight. There are a few stars, but the rest are dark. How… how can this be? This isn’t the universe I’ve grown to know. And it’s so… it’s so…
    Dazedly, I remember the instructions in my book. “Go to the Blue planet. This is Atahaala, our safe haven, our home”
    I gaze around, searching for a blue planet.
    My eyes cast around, finally falling upon a bright turquoise world. I urge the ship towards it, enter its field. There’s no atmospheric pressure. Odd. I touch down on its surface.
    There is nothing.
    My mind won’t accept this. There has to be something! Anything! This is the planet I came from; this is the home I came to find! It can’t be… gone!
    I know better than to exit the ship. I take it, and in a day I fly over the whole planet. It’s empty; devoid of life.
    That whole month I explore the tiny, tiny universe of a hundred stars.
    There is nothing.
    Now, I feel the entire weight of what I’ve done come down upon me. There’s nothing here. I followed my book’s instructions, but the species I came from must be extinct, or something happened here. Maybe time works differently.
    All I know is that the gateway I came through does not exist on this side, and I am stuck here for what must be forever.
    I crawl into a bunk in the back of the ship, and I close my eyes. And hear a voice.
    “Luna,” I hear a soft voice say. Hope kindles inside me. I never thought I’d hear that voice again.
    “Luna,” it says again, and my heart melts and my chest burns with sadness. It’s Ari. I know now that Luna is my true name; Atleigh but a title of someone I never knew, someone I never was. I was Luna, because I was with Ari.
    “Ari,” I barely breathe her name.
    Her figure solidifies in front of me, and her body, her face, her eyes, come into view. I cry tears of joy and loss, knowing I’ll never see her again. What have I done?!
    Her mouth quivers. “Luna,” she whispers to me. “Sis, I love you.”
    I stare at her through my tears and my dream and say, “Ari, I love you too.”


  18. Hey everyone!
    I must say, Howl is very cute! Also sorry I forgot a story last week, I still had work but now I have basically nothing to do so I can write loads of stories! Anyway, I was just wondering if I could do a fan fiction story sort of thing on Doctor Who (for those who don’t know it’s about aliens and stuff, totally reccommend). So yeh, how’s everyone?

    Savannah xx

  19. Hi Robin! I haven’t been writing for a while and want to start again, so I’m going to try and do these every week 🙂 Thank you for the amazing prompt. I would really appreciate feedback, as I am quite nervous to post this. I am only 11, so don’t expect too much. Anyway, here is the first chapter of my story:

    The stars rushed past my window. It had been months now, yet I was still amazed by their gentle glow in the dark sky. I had been floating there for so long that my hand was getting tired from holding on to the window’s small handle. I longed to take just one step outside, but I knew I had to wait a few more months.

    Although, I woke up with fresh excitement building up inside of me each morning, I was nervous too. Everyday, we were getting closer, but we were also getting further away from Earth. We had traveled on and on, until the planet we used to call our home was just a tiny speck in the night sky, looking no different to any other star.

    Oddly enough, I was slowly getting used to life in space. I loved the feeling of floating around and not having to worry all of Earth’s problems. We had been lucky to get this far; a lot of people hadn’t even made it halfway. However, that didn’t make the rest of our journey any less dangerous. In fact, we would soon be flying through the most hazardous part of space.

    The walls started to shake. Drifting over to the controls, I could see the screen flashing. ‘WARNING: Error detected. Stay in the escape room’. I had never felt so scared as I did, floating down into the escape room. I dreaded what might happen to me and was sure I wouldn’t make it through. However hard I tried to stay calm, I couldn’t prevent a tear from rolling down my face. In a panic, I slammed my fist down on the emergency button. It was a choice, that I regretted at the time, but am now grateful for. Without the extra protection and speed, I don’t think I would’ve made it.

    There was nothing to do in the escape room. Normally, I would spend hours simply looking at the stars and reading hundreds of books about them, but now I was trapped in here, alone with nothing but food and water for at least a week. The windows were tightly shut and covered up too, so star gazing wasn’t an option. That was when I heard the crashing of rocks, smashing through glass and denting the pod. Eyes shut and fingers crossed, I stayed there until the noises had completely died away. Danger was still nearby, though. ‘WARNING: Asteroid detected. Changing routes.’

    A few hours later, when the window covers had been removed, something caught my eye. It was a huge sphere, bursting with colour.
    ‘Planet detected. Arriving shortly.’ This wasn’t the planet they had described! The system had detected the wrong planet. It may not have been what I was expecting, but it was the next best thing. The chances of me reaching my original destination were slim to none, so I decided that staying on this planet would be worth a try. And that, is how it all started, and the beginning of this story.

    1. Hello Detectivegirl, I am hero detective, like your name on this prompt by the way ?, we can be detectives together!!!! I all so love your story, so creative to well described.

    2. This is great!
      It doesn’t matter if you are only 11 because you wrote it so beautifully and fluently and if you hadn’t said you were 11 I would have thought that you were at least 13, you write so well!

    3. This is beautifully descriptive and it really leaves you wanting to read more. Is there a part 2? If there is, please post it as this is a brilliant story and I would love to see what happens next!!!

  20. Hi this is my FIRST writing prompt, and I was very excited to see the prompt was space. I love space sooooooo much so I had a lot of ideas. Anyway here is my story some feedback would be awesome! I hope you enjoy!

    A soft silence, not often heard in space graced the air. I lay on the floor, of the communal house that on our planet we called Laradom and breathed in the air around me. I’m Laradom we had an air filter, meaning we didn’t have to breathe in the toxins outside. Everyone on the planet lived in Laradom. To be fair, the population is only 47 people and counting and most of us are from earth and escaping climate change. But we are proud of the society we have built over the years.

    Most of my earth friends I have kept in contact with after escaping earth think space is quiet. They think it is always in the state of silence as it is today. Space is a big bustling place. Exports are being bought and transported, and the older members of our planet societies (they see alien as a strong word but that is technically what they are in earth talk) shout prayers at each other (mainly ones saying I hope your clan dies out soon so I can take over). It’s a weird world up here. We are residing at the moment on a moon of Jupiter’s. Jupiter has a vast amount of moons, in close range meaning all the praying about death can be shouted at each other between planets.

    And just when you think you’re getting it lucky with all this silence, the yelling starts again. “ZeZe Cazin I hope your clan dies today” is ringing in my ears. To all those earthlings, who think space is a world of silence you’re wrong. So wrong.

    1. Wow Pippa this story is ace!!! It is so well described and with the words you used I felt like I was there, in space. And I guess your right, space is not all ways a quiet and peaceful place. Love the story!!

    2. Wow Pippa, this is great for your first prompt response!
      I think it is wonderful and that you introduced a completely new perspective of space, as everyone does think space is a very silent place!

  21. Hello guys, this is my space story all about Mars. Its only part 1 though cause I am still writing the second part. Hope you like it!!!

    “Can’t this piece of junk stay working for at least an hour!!” Dora cried whacking her large pen, bang on the space ships system. Nothing. The rocket did not even shake. “ARRRR!” suddenly Dora started to throw things at the space ships wheel in rage. I swear she had me hooked there when she bashed the system. I was thinking it had worked, but it had not. Suddenly there was a sound coming from outside like a grumbling noise. I stood still and listened but it seemed Dora had not noticed and was still whacking the space ship. BANG! With one final big whack of Dora’s foot the computer turned on. “Finally, now let’s get this space ship moving or we will never get on the moon in time!” Dora cried twisting knots in her brown hair.
    “SSSSSHHHH!” I whispered. “There is something out there!!!!!!! I heard a noise” Dora looked up. The growling noise had died down but my anxiety had not.
    “There is nothing there Evie. This is Mars not earth there are no animals or monsters!” she reassured me, but I did not let my guard down and a good thing I didn’t. “The ship is broken and I can’t fix it in till dawn so looks like we are sleeping on mars,” Dora cried.
    It was 3pm in the day and we had finally settled down, with Dora having a break and me still fixing the ship. SQUEAK!! Look there was the same sound again. Wait, no it was a different sound but were was it coming from? I looked at Dora who was still sitting down lazily. Look, look, look! It was there; a small creature, on the tool bag, it was the one that made the squeak but it looked to tiny to of made the growl I heard earlier. The animal looked strangely like an elf. It had big flappy ears and a wide toothy grin! I giggled a little and let the animal climb on my hand and like a monkey it clung on as I lifted it up. I had not even noticed yet the discovery I had made as I was having far to much fun. This meant mars really was a planet with life on and aliens but of course I was not thinking about that at the time. I was thinking about the little animal now sitting on my head. Just as I was running over to show Dora the animal there was a growl! The growl I had heard earlier. I faced Dora who was looking fearfully at me but as she saw the animal on my head her eye’s filled with wonder. “what is that,” she asked looking wild eyed at the creature.
    “My pet and I think I will call it ………floppy!” I answered back happily.
    “Kill it, dispose of it,” cried Dora suddenly looking scared.
    “NO! I am not yours to command!!!” I shouted back not excepting her to scream…..
    “ARE YOU MAD DID YOU HERE THAT GROWL! THAT IS FLOPPY’S MUM AND IT IS COMING TO EAT US AS IT THINGS YOU ARE HURTING ITS BABY FLOPPY!!!!!!!!!” SCREAMED Dora. I had not thought of it that way. “Stay behind me and don’t make one-single-sound!!!” Dora cried. A dark shadow loomed offer us and……

    That’s part 1 so if you liked it I will write part two, I just can’t finish the story in one day or what will I do tomorrow? Hope you like it feedback appreciated!!

    1. Okay, okay, here is part 2 of the story!!! Feedback appreciated.

      The shadow was of a huge beast that looked surprisingly like Floppy. It was defiantly Floppy’s mum and it was looking down angrily at us trying to snatch him. I new this was my pets home, but I did not want Floppy to go away and I never see him again. Its in possible to describe how I felt that moment and don’t wish to reapt it as well.
      “Dora should we leave Floppy and go?” I asked, but Dora had changed her mind.

      “No way lets borrow Floppy from his mum so we can show the NAS president [are leader] are discovery of life on mars and then we will get reward for finding out mars has got animals on!!!” cried Dora who was holding Floppy and dogging his mums huge paws.
      “But, but, then we would be stealing Floppy Dora. We would be taking him away from his mum and home and then the government would lock him up in a zoo.” I answered back. I had never disagreed with my work partner Dora before but this was different. Far different. You must let him go now Dora, I SAID LET HIM GO!!!!!!” But no, Dora did not. She would not. Glory for being the first girl on earth to of found animals on Mars had blinded her. But it had not blinded me and I was not going to let it. Dora pushed past me so I fell back and ran past Floppy’s mum who groaned looking scared.
      “YYYYAAA!!!” Dora grabbed Floppy and put him in the space ships little box ,Floppy squeaked and tried to get out but it was no use.
      “DORA NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!” I lunged at her knocking her reach from the button for blast of. “Dora listen me, listen to me,” I cried at her!!! “Don’t do this give Floppy back please Dora I beg you please!!” but Dora did not listen. I feared the end draw nearer.

      That is the second to last past of the story!!!! Hope you like the last part when I post it!!!

  22. The last colonist.

    Ellie was so excited. She was going to be one of the first colonists on Mars. She was sitting on her bed and staring at the wall, her mind full of thoughts. There was a crash outside. She sat bolt upright, hitting her head on the ceiling. She cursed and and rubbed her head. She cautiously walked to the door and opened it. There was no one there. She walked down the corridor and still found no one. She passed a door but then a terrible scream came. “ELLIE!” It screamed. Ellie flung open the door and found…. nothing. There was no one. Feeling more scared by the second, Ellie backed away. Suddenly, she seized up. Panic attack! Staggering to her room she rummaged for her medication. Upon taking it, she heard a whisper, a whisper that seemed to hiss all around the ship. “All humans have been taken. Take them to the chamber.” It was a horse quiet voice. Ellie silently wriggled under the bed. A pair of feet appeared at the door. They were red and thin. Ellie stared and waited for them to leave. They did and she slithered out from under the bed. She had made her decision. She would save them whatever it took. Her mum always told her that she read too many hero novels but now her hero novels would save them. Ellie thought about what she would need. She put her hair up in a ponytail. Taking her dad’s tie, she sellotaped some loops to it and tied the ends together. This would be her utility belt. She took her dad’s razor, some pouches of her mums face powder for smoke bombs, a catapult and some missiles. Next she snuck to the kitchen. She took a chopping board as a shield, a knife and some garlic (to ward off vampires, you could never be too careful). She crept along the corridor and slipped into a room. Ellie found herself face to face with a gun. A boy was on the other end of it. “Are you one of them? The aliens?” He asked. “No I, I’m not!” Ellie spluttered. “Who are you?” The boy asked roughly. “Ellie. Ellie Winchester.” The boy examined a book. “Ok.” He said slowly. “I’m Peter. Peter Whiteworth. D’you know where their base is?” He asked. “No” Ellie answered. “I do. We could save every one.” Peter said shyly. “Let’s do it.” Ellie grinned.
    Peter lead her down to the basement. Ellie was scared but she tried not to show it. They crept down and a horrifying sight met their eyes. The other passengers were in capsules, their eyes staring but not seeing. Ellie gulped. They set about unlocking the capsules and freeing the people. Ellie was unlocking a man when a slimy hand grabbed her. The alien was gripping her right and didn’t seem to want to let go. Ellie struggled and kicked. Suddenly she was dropped. Peter had shoved a metal pole at him. Ellie scrambled away. The colony home was in sight. There was one choice. She had to steer the ship to it. There were scanners that wouldn’t let non human creatures in. Ellie ran as fast as she could to the pilot capsule. Sitting in the seat, she began pressing buttons, desperately trying to find the auto pilot. An alien made a lunge for her but missed and landed on the auto pilot button. The ship began steering itself and Ellie ran back to the engine room. Peter had freed everyone. They got ready to board. Ellie found herself at the front of the queue. “Go on.” Peter said to her. Ellie stepped off the ship. She was the first human to set foot on the first mars colony.

  23. Hi guys, This is my poem.

    I woke up in my bed one day,
    It was very warm for early may,
    And there was no wind in sight,
    But instead a piercing light.

    As I stepped outside my door,
    I felt like I had walked into ancient folklore,
    ‘Where am I?,’ I had to yell,
    For in front of me was an old fashioned hell.

    Tanned slaves were being beaten extremely hard,
    Unfaithful wives were being dunked in bubbling lard,
    All were dancing attendance for the land owning men,
    And rich children were laughing, as young as ten.

    Oh no, I thought, I must go home
    And so end this short poem.
    But if you ever take fairness for granted
    Remember my expierience, for which I will be forever haunted.

    Hope you like it!

  24. Hi! I wrote this story with my big sister Pippa, who is 2 years older than me. This is written from two different perspectives, Pippa’s character Quinn’s point of view and my character Zoey’s point of view. I hope you enjoy feedback is appreciated!

    I want to go home. I hate hate hate this horrible planet. For one thing it stinks and you can’t even go outside with out a mask with a air filter because the air is toxic. I mean who tells their two daughters oh we’re going to a planet where if you don’t wear a mask uh oh you’ll die. It’s so loud out here, I have the noises of spaceships landing wringing in my poor ears. It feels like blood is pouring out of them, and they sting so badly. I just want to go back to earth, and see my friends. Oh why did we have to go into space for dad’s stupid job.

    I love space! This new planet is awesome! It’s so fun exploring a new place! Quinn doesn’t seem too happy about it though. I wonder if I could try to convince her that this planet is great! Hmmm I’m gonna try think up some ideas. She’ll learn to love this place as much as I do. I just need to get some ideas…..

    Its so boring here. I went out for the first time in days and all I could find was a grocery shop, selling odd food. This place is a dump. Literally. Some people use the word dump when they really don’t mean it. But I do. I definitely do. It has all these boulders that are classed as national treasures? I mean that’s crazy. I will never like this place. Never ever.

    And then I need that space car personalised please. Yeah it’s gonna be purple, with QUINN in capitals written on the side. The Quinn is written in black and it’s swirly. Thank you. Yay! I ordered Quinn a space car. And I found her a boyfriend. Well a date at the moment. But that’s still probably gonna make her warm up to this planet. I mean a date! And a space car. She’s lucky. Quinn’s old enough to get a space car driving license. Oh well, I’ll be 13 some day. Hopefully she’ll like it. I’m also planning a surprise party! Everyone loves surprises right? Tomorrow will be great, I know it.

    Quinn and Zoey
    Quinn liked it! Yeah I did. The guy’s pretty cute and the car well it’s pretty awesome. I guess I like this planet. I wouldn’t have met ZeZe or got my space car license either. Thanks sis. Ah no problemo. So what’s my payment?

    1. ahah, this is so cool and funny!
      I love how you wrote it in two different perspectives, it reminds me of me and my little sister!

  25. Helo everyone I jsut wanted to say next tuesday I am moving and im not sure when the wifi is being cut the monday or tuesday so sorry if Im like 5 days late to write a story! I will definetely check in to read as soon as I have wifi at the new house though <3

  26. Hi! I decided to write another story for this prompt. I got the idea from my big sister Eva who’s at university now but at the moment she’s at home. She was the one that got me into MMU so we decided to try write something for this prompt together. She wrote a play with this storyline ages ago and we tried to figure out how to write it into a story for this prompt. Feedback is appreciated I hope you guys like it!

    I’m not normal. I never will be. My brain isn’t wired like a human. My brain isn’t wired like any living creature. I am unique. I am ZaRa.

    I don’t want to be normal. And I don’t want have friends. That’s why I live on this discarded dwarf planet, right at the edge of your solar system. I am ZaRa and I live alone. I don’t need anyone. My brain can’t function with other people around. As I said, my brain is wired differently. And it doesn’t hold enough things for me to feel affection towards other people. Or in fact be close to other people. I am lost in my own thoughts. And I don’t want to find myself.

    I am ZaRa and don’t eat. I don’t drink either. How do I sustain myself I hear you ask. I don’t. I don’t need to be sustained. My body holds all I need. And anyway, what would I consume? The planet I reside on is dark, and damp. Nothing else lives on this planet, it would simply wither away slowly. I have to admit, I’d find that funny. I have a cold sense of humour. That’s just me.

    I am ZaRa and I need nothing. Literally. I don’t need company, I don’t need food and I don’t need a place to sleep. I don’t sleep. I switch my mind off, and stare into the darkness of my surroundings. If I were a human I would have withered away by now. I’d be dead. But I am not a human. Most humans would call me an Alien. I think that’s a strong word. Call me ZaRa. Because I am ZaRa.

  27. Here is my story for this week! Sorry I haven’t been on for a while, but everyone’s stories have been amazing! Well done to everyone who got a feature! Part 2 is available for anyone who wants it.
    By the way, it’s set in the future so I thought I’d change the word trampoline to campoline. In my mind you can bounce 5 times higher on them.
    The Accidental Adventure

    25th May 2126
    It had arrived.
    At last, it was here. After 20 days, 3 hours 42 minutes and 9 seconds of waiting, my campoline had finally arrived in a huge cardboard box. I couldn’t wait to try it out. But I’d have to finish my homework first – a project all about space. I couldn’t use the trampoline yet anyway because my dad was still putting it up.

    26th May 2126
    The campoline’s great. My brother and sister are using it at the moment, so I thought I’d finish my homework, which I didn’t finish yesterday (correction: I didn’t actually start it yesterday, I was too excited). You have to make a rocket, using your imagination. Not that my family have any materials – mum chucks most stuff out at the first chance she gets. Unless…
    “Mum! Have you thrown out the box for the campoline yet? I need it now.”
    “It’s in the shed, Luna,” said mum, not looking up from her magazine.
    Great! All I had to do now was make a rocket. Not as easy as it sounds.

    27th May 2126
    I’ve made a rocket! I’m actually rather pleased with it. I used a weird old triangular tent thing for the top, the box for the middle and some bottle tops from the recycling bin for buttons. I have to bring it to school tomorrow – thankfully only a 1-minute walk away. Just going to sleep. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

    Night of 27th May 2126
    I couldn’t sleep.
    I crept over to my rocket, which lay on my bedroom floor, untouched by my 4 meddling younger siblings (Lily, Lavender, Luke and Liam, if you’re interested, which you probably aren’t). Maybe I could fit inside it? Dad had cut a hole with his penknife, after all. I squeezed inside, and fell asleep.
    Beep! Beep!
    My eyes snapped open. The ‘rocket’ was flooded with light. Must be morning, then. But where was the beeping coming from, then?
    One of the green bottle tops was flashing. Argh! I’m hallucinating! Bottle tops don’t flash and beep. I pushed it anyway, then opened the door, expecting to find my bedroom floor.
    But it was something else entirely.

      1. This is awesome!
        Sometimes it doesn’t matter if its not a lot out of this world, because it is still really great!!!
        I would have really loved if you introduced your four sisters and I love the names you gave them!
        Alice x

  28. I have posted part 2 of the story about Floppy where my first story was posted!!!!!! just thought I would say so as a lot of you were asking for part 2?.

  29. Im Alexia and me and my sister Mia are sat in a cafe together. This is our first entry in our journal.

    Stephanie. A name I never think of. Cursed. I hate her. She overthrew us. I trusted her. She hurt me. Cut me deep. And this is why we am now shaking hands with the prime minister in front of blaring cameras hoping to get a good shot of me and for it to become number one on the Times. You see we are not normal.

    We may look normal with human arms and legs and we may look like a human but we are most certainly not. We are from atlantis. And no it’s not the lost city of gold place it’s much better- or at least it was. Atlantis is just outside of the solar system with its blue and pink glow with hundreds of inhabitants. I love it there but everything is changing and it’s all Steph- her fault.

    We are hiding in a cafe with the hats given to us earlier covering our eyes as I study hard knowing it will come in handy. I am not cutting to the important parts so I guess Mia will take over.

    Hello humans who will stick their nose in our journal. I would like to honour you with giving back your nose!! It’s in my business again! The cameras are far too much. I LOOK NORMAL!! I have human features and apart from my glowing blue eyes and long straight golden hair I am normal as an alien can be. Well I guess I am here to say to the Atlantis people- I TOLD U SO I’M RIGHT YOU’RE WRONG. See I never trusted step-on-me and for you stupid people out there I mean stephanie. Excuse me whilst I go throw up – and yes aliens can puke. She used evil sorcery from the pandora planet to overthrow us and so we had to move to Earth. Far too intoxicating for my liking. WHen you can fly, why do you use cars? Yet again earth inhabitants are silly (I’m sensitive for all those cry babies out there who still have not removed their nose from my business yet) . See I bet you don’t even know what that means. Inhabitants, imagine not knowing that. Use a finder. It will help you out….

    She pretended to be an orphan and so my family (who have much too nice hearts unlike me) let her in. Far too trusting are those idiots I have to call family. Tips for living is don’t be sensitive or loving people always turn their back on you. And if this is the last you hear from me it’s probably because I am in jail for killing one of those camera people who won’t leave me alone. The latest news caption is stupid and annoying “Alien from atlantis gets protective with paparazzi” I WAS NOT BEING PROTECTIVE!! It’s called privacy. Be on the lookout for the next caption “Atlantis alien is a murderer”. Alexia is telling me it is not funny but it rather is isn’t it. Why am I even writing in this diary? It’s not like anyone will read this far after my threats. Hello? Hello? Hello? Im right aren’t I but yet im still talking to this thing.

    Alexia again. Paparazzi have found us. Another boring day and we are still camping in weird places for safety. Miss mother and father they are still trying to organise the village and they Im Alexia and me and my sister Mia are sat in a cafe together. This is our first entry in our journal.

    Can’t have Mia being annoying and mischievous as well. That’s why I’m in charge! – NOT TRUE I’M RESPONSIBLE I just have an attitude – That was Mia. It’s very boring and Mia is spying on everyone bugging me whilst I’m just trying to read. I really need peace and quiet. She keeps disappearing at odd times and coming back blushing tremendously.
    A letter from mother and father arrived today. Ill leave it here just for safety

    Hello dearest daughters,

    Hope you are staying out of trouble and you are well. Everything in Atlantis is going well and we hope for your return too. I hope you are thanking the prime minister for his assistance and Mia I hope you are behaving. How are the moon cakes? PLease reply via Burtward asap and we are all waiting for your return. We have removed lots of the disturbing magic and I have started getting the post. Mia dont get sassy with the papers ok soon enough they will be sending spies over.
    Kind regards and we love you lots
    Mother and Father

    There was also enougher letter for Mia from her best friend.

    Hey Mia,

    Its Neve here Burtward popped round saying we could finally send post to you and I have started getting the newspapers. Honestly those paparazzi idiots wont leave you alone!! I wish to be on Earth and everything is going well here. Finally people believe us about Step-on-me. I never trusted her. I cant believe your parents would not let me come how cruel. Love ya girl. How have you been? Don’t tell me your sis made you start doing pop up art. It was featured in the magazine and I can already hear ur sis asking. Reply ASAP as im bored out of my mind.

    I could see Mia laughing and she replied to Neve saying we had started a journal. She sniggered whilst writing it and would not let me copy it out into this. She was probably saying something rude about everyone. My best friend was stephanie until she betrayed us and the only true thing I think I heard her say was she didnt want to hurt me but she had to do it. She never had to do anything though.

    HI its Mia again and after being here for a month we can finally go home. The cameras wanted a good pic for their papers so I did my best pose scrunching up my nose and then boarded the rocketship. I was going to miss the one person I didn’t tell anyone about. I don’t want to say his name but he was in an orphanage and didn’t want to stay on Earth. So I offered for him to come back and that’s how my sister threw a rage in front of everyone. She tried to convince me but I took him by the hand and took him inside. I can’t wait to see the look on my mother and father’s face when I arrive home. Neve knows from my letter and she has already prepared a room at the castle for him. I’m going to make everyone livid but I don’t care.

    Bye everybody. I’m leaving this in good hands in our secret hiding spot in the nook of the bridge. To whoever finds this share it and know I have the best sense of humour. Goodbye.

      1. ty! My school has half of a class go in one day and the next the other and when i was in we watched old clips we had watched in the past year. We watched distopian videos , super 8 clips , and something about atlantis ( I was doodling for the first 2 but this caught my attention) thats what made me think of the story!

      1. I loved writing mias parts 2 because it was inspired by one of those tomboy funny girls who always have a comeback. Her sister was inspired by half of me like bookish and responsible and likes reading. Mia and Alexia were both based on me like half of me is boyish and sassy then the other half is bookish and always the responsible one (not like me but u know) tysm for reading I am pretty sure u have wrote a story and I have read it <3

  30. The Cloud Painter

    Humans think they know how clouds are formed but they don’t. Only I and I alone know how they are formed. I paint them. Every day I go up my ladder and paint. Standing there, I am calm. I just paint. Nothing else exists. Sadly, each time I go up I see less green, more grey, less forest, more cities, less life, more death. This makes me sad. To see those thoughtless humans destroy there planet. Luckily that’s not my home. I live on Mount Olympus. My
    father Zeus is ruler of the gods and doesn’t care about me. My mother is the beautiful human Alaya ,who doesn’t know I exist. Zeus put a memory charm on her after I was born. I don’t have a name. I am just the Cloud Painter.

    1. Great story Grace!!!! its so cool that you added in a bit of the Greek myths to your story, all so I love the description and I really felt for The cloud painter, so creative. Keep writing.

  31. Hi guys, YAY I AM FINALLY ON HOLIDAY!!! CANT WAIT TO JUST LIE ON A SOFA AND BINGE-WATCH A WHOLE SEIRES!!! And, have a lie-in!!! I am so looking forward to relaxing. Are you guys going on holidya or doing anything special this year? We have decided to stay in the UK and we are going to Norfolk which will be nice! I cant wiat to read your stories! It would be great to hear how you are!!!!

    1. Hi, that sounds great !
      I am going to Tuscany (Italy) for a holiday seeing that I already live in Italy and then maybe to a mountain waterpark in September/ end of August!
      I cannot wait!!!
      Have fun on your holiday!

      1. Nice! I’ve been to Tuscany before and it is beautiful! I was going to France but it got cancelled — however, we are having a short holiday in England instead which will be nice.

        1. I’ve been begging my parents to go to France even though the trip there would take for-EVER (I live in the U.S.) but now since the pandemic is going on we’re not going to go anywhere for a while.

  32. Hello everyone! I have finally written a story (it is quite long so I will post it in a few parts) science fiction isn’t really a genre that I was into, but it was so fun writing this! I will posting part 2 as soon as I can!

    Hectate’s prophecy – 14th December 2150

    PART 1
    Technically, it was Katie’s fault that we were at the space station. I know, she couldn’t help it being her birthday, but still. I don’t lie.
    At least not always.
    The station was a few hours away if we took the hover car, a tall, wide building stretched across the green grass. Why were we there? It was Katie’s birthday present, and our mum is an astronaut: the infamous Astrid Shelley, “conqueror of the universe” or “earths best hope” or whatever else you want to call her.
    Katie was terribly excited , so much so that our robot Brassnose had to cling on to her to keep us from crashing.
    When we got there, Mum kissed us goodbye and hurried off to her workstation.
    “All right, Peter, Big B, let us go inside no play hide and seek, I choose because it’s my B day!”
    How annoying.
    Katie’s grin expanded and she winked.
    That could only mean trouble.

    “I’m it!” I yelled down the hallway. Almost instantly,heavy banging was heard at the end of the corridor, followed by giggling shushes.
    “Ah”, I thought, “this is going to be easy.”
    I ran down the corridor, air pounding in my ears and opened the huge brass door at the end.
    And that was when I saw the sign.
    My eyes peered to the top of the door, focusing on the big, red letters.


    How could I miss it? How could Katie and Brassnose miss it?
    I charged into the room, full of anger.
    It was absolutely full of buttons on the walls, even on the ceiling. I was inside Mums rocket.
    I caught sight of Katie’s red hair and freckled face next to Brassnoses metal one.
    “Let’s get out of here, NOW!” I yelled
    “You’re such a mope, isn’t it cool in here? Where are we?” Said Katie
    “IN THE ROCKET! That’s we get out NOW!” She grinned and pushed me.
    “You’re it”
    There was then a chaotic game of tug and dress up, when it was done, we looked like exhausted eskimos in space gear, including Brassnose who laughed out loud.
    “You can’t catch me!” He giggled
    Katie lunged at him and he toppled over onto a large red button.
    The room suddenly started to dangerously tremble. An alarm started to wail. Katie screamed while Brassnose ran over to comfort her. I looked at the button. It had one word written on it.

    No. It couldn’t be. I screamed.
    “Were launching!!!!”
    Brassnose almost dropped Katie who screamed again (impressive vocals). The alarm wailed louder, followed by a giant explosion, prpulsing us into the air.
    I frantically pressed every single button I could gind to make the rocket stop and come back to earth.
    But it was too late.
    We were already in space.

  33. Hello everyone! This is part 2 of my story “Hectate’s prophecy” after this, I will posting the final part 3! Hope you like it!

    Hectate’s prophecy
    PART 2

    We soon lost sense of gravity.
    Katie, Brassnose and I floated up, bumping our heads against the rocket roof.
    Brassnose’s usually carefull face was scrunched up in worry as he clung to his dear friend Katie who was still looking incredibly dazed and faint.
    “What?” She whispered, and then, “WHAT?!! This was NOT supposed to happen!! What will mum and dad think?!! How will we get out of this?!”
    She burst into tears.
    “It’s alright miss Katie,” said Brassnose, “We’ll find a way.
    While all this was going on, I uncomfortably looked out of the window. It was breathtaking. The sky was of the most fascinating ebony, sprinkled with bright stars and comets.
    Except for one thing.
    “Um guys,” I shouted, “I think we’re going to crash.”
    Brassnose sprang into action. Trying to ‘swim’ over (NOT easy) to push levers, press buttons and spinning wheels so fast, that his arms became a blur, and it was only a few hours later that we landed.
    “Great space skills big B.” Said Katie comfortingly.
    Brassnose beamed before stepping out into the unknown.

    We were obviously on a planet… but which one?. We had landed in the middle of what seemed like a jungle. I looked up at the sky, it was black, night time. The air smelled perculiar – like burnt toast and honey.
    The space around us was burnt to a crisp. There was silence. No sign of life.Except for one figure up in the trees.
    It squealed and climbed down with so much speed, that soon it was pacing around us on all fours as we backed away.
    Except it wasn’t a “it”, it was a “she”.
    A girl.
    But not quite. No. Not really.
    Her skin was light purple, and her tangled green hair was tied up in a knot on her head, her hands bore sharp claws and she had fangs.
    The girl hissed and reluctantly came closer
    “We mean no harm,”Came my trembly speech, “we are friends.”
    Katie rolled her eyes at me while the girl replied in a tongue unknown to us.”
    “Please,” I said, “we are friends.”
    “Friends?” Her English was quite stable, with an unmissable accent.
    “Where are we?” Asked Katie.
    The girl looked up to the sky.
    “Here? You are on Ankalmusos, the seventh planet in the lunar quantum.”
    Brassnoses eyes grew wide, Latie gasped, and I, well I answered,
    “Oh- Oh a-all right, who, who are you?”
    “Me? I am Zyra, daughter of Ydel, chief of the Trestinzae tribe. You?” Her voice was quite intimidating, but we told her our names and she took us to her “village”.
    The house were really just tents, and as we walked by, people just like Zyra came out to see us. They started signing in their language, bowing at our feet and offering us “food” (THEIR definition). Zyra took us to an older, kinglier looking Trestinzae. Zyra told him something, as soon as she had finished, he stood up.
    “Greetings!!!!!! The prophecy has come true!!!!”
    “Wit, what?! What prophecy?” Interrupted Katie.
    “Many ages ago, the stars predicted a prophecy, Hectates prophecy. It said that two explorers would come with their servant as a sign of truth!” It has come true! It is a gift from the gods!”
    The audience cheered and started signing again.
    “You will feast with us tonight!” The chief Ydel continued in his stumbly English, “Then, we will see the prophecy come true!”
    More defeanning cheers. I looked at Zyra, in the front of the crowd. It’s weird. Because I am sure the look she gave me was terrified.

    1. Charlotte P. this story is amazing, part 1 and part 2. I am about read part three that you have just posted and I am all ready guessing what will happen next in the story!!!!

  34. This is my story about the day in a life of the sun. I hope that you like it

    Dear Diary,
    You know the song that goes “ice ice baby”? That is what I need urgently. I’m on fire. But don’t worry I have been on fire for the last 4.603 billion years. I suppose that you are wondering why? I am the sun. Yes: the sun. You might know me from your photos of your holidays, or your picnics. Not to boast or anything but I have also starred in several adverts about holidays or fun villas… or just adverts about house buying. But do I get any recognition for my work? That would be no. So this diary is all about me and the life of the sun so that the humans can see what a wonderful aspect I am to them and their lives.

    Dear Diary,
    Today I was in several adverts all across the world. Although being the sun means that I rarely get to sleep and I am always working, it is a good life. It is nice to be famous. I was talking to Moon today and I found out that I am being taught about in schools across the world. My life just got a whole lot better. I might listen into one tomorrow. What do you think? (Not that a famous sun like me would ask little humans like you for their opinion. I was just trying to be polite by asking that. Don’t think that I meant it. )

    Dear Diary,
    I couldn’t find the time today to listen to a lesson as there was a conference about the planet’s being held. Naturally I was the leader of it – despite not being a planet (I’m a star) and not technically being invited. I know! Rude! I did it quite well I think. Only 100% of them booed me at the end. I need to work on getting it down to 99.9%.

    Dear Diary,
    No time today to listen in on one of those lessons. There was an eclipse.

    Dear Diary,
    I am never going to listen to anyone else again. I was listening in on a lesson about me and I found out that in 5 billion years I will explode. This cannot be happening!. I’m going to write a list of things that I want to do before I am dead.

    Dear Diary,
    Here is my list. (Do you like my star bullet points? I am a star after all!):
    Get paid for all my work.
    Burn the money for fun.
    Teach all those snooty planets a lesson.
    Then teach them another one for good measure.
    Teach myself to swim.
    Then un teach myself as that will never come to be useful
    Star in more: adverts; tv shows; films and become even more famous than before.
    Do it all several times for good measure.

    Dear Diary,
    Today was my birthday! Not that anyone remembered. I have seen human birthdays with their cake; presents; songs and fun but my birthday always turns out to be nothing like that. Why is my life so dull?!

    Dear Diary,
    I don’t want to explode and die but if 5 billion years is all I have, then I am determined to make the most of it.

    Also a little note before I end this diary: Can someone get me an audition for a film that urgently needs me? Preferably all of the films that will ever be made. Stardom awaits!

    1. I thought this was so funny! You never would think that the sun would have such a cheeky personality, but everything that was said fits with how the sun actually would be feeling! Amazing!

  35. Hello all! Here is the final part of my story “Hectates prophecy” I hope you like it! Feedback is much appreciated!

    Hectate’s prophecy

    PART 3
    That night was one of the best we’d ever had, despite the strange courses served up, we gobbled everything down. Katie obviously considered this her special birthday dinner and thanked the villagers graciously.
    They all seemed to speak English well enough to listen and reply. It was only late at night that I realised what was going on.
    We were lying in the chiefs tent, Brassnose was breathing gently and Katie started snoring. I couldn’t sleep, so I made my way outside.
    Zyra was already there, gazing up at the night sky. She turned around abruptly, saw me, sighed and went back to staring.
    I joined her in this. And realised why it fascinated her. The millions of stars had wavy lines joining them up so they made pictures, constellations really. But that wasn’t all. They were moving. Dragons roared, children ran and played games, jewels sparkled.
    “So, you are a gift from the gods?” Zyra suddenly asked. I felt uncomfortable,
    should I tell her the truth?
    “Well, um…” I gazed into her eyes and stopped talking. They were honey yellow, beautiful.
    Zyra turned away and started sobbing.
    “Oh, what is it? I’m sorry. I know, I’m such an idiot. Should I go?
    “No!Dont go!” She answered, “I- I need to tell you something.”
    “What is it?” I sat down next to her. She took a deep breath.
    “There is another part to the prophecy.” From her pocket she pulled out a scroll, unravelled it, and read.
    “The explorers shall dine and sleep in glory to give the gods their necessary strength, then, on the break of dawn, their blood shall be spilt in great numbers as a sacrifice to the goddess humankind – Hectate. ”
    I am sure that I forgot to breathe. A lump formed in my throat.
    “So, this morning, We will be killed.”
    Zyra sadly nodded, her golden eyes looked into mine.
    It was then my turn to burst into tears, we had only just come here. We couldn’t die! How could they? How could they?
    I don’t know
    “Zyra, is that you?” Yodel stepped out of the tent, he looked down to my tear drenched face and smiled.
    “So you know?”
    I nodded, his grin expanded.
    “Better get it done with sooner eh?”
    I gulped. No thank you.
    It was only a matter of minutes before we were all up, our hands tied behind our backs.
    “What is happening??! What are they doing??!!” Katie yelled.
    I quickly explained everything, at the end, her face was blanched with fear.
    We were marched through the village, the Trestinzae sang their songs – but this time, they were not of joy. They then started sprinkling tiny squlls on us, probably to symbolise death. I gulped.
    We were soon face to face with Ydel, who, along with two others, was grasping a dagger coloured with hundreds of tiny, multicoloured ribbons. He smiled at us while Brassnose tried to control his breathing.
    “Friends, Trestinzae! We are here to complete Hectate’s prophecy!
    War cries and cheers arose.
    “Now,” he said quieter, “Lets get this done with.”
    We were kicked in the shins and kneeled down in pain.
    Ydel and the two others held their daggers high. I looked at my sister and my robot and gave them a weak smile.
    They suddenly brought their daggers down.
    And never made contact.
    “Stop!!!!” Came a voice from the crowd and Zyra pushed through
    “Stop! Stop!!! We cannot sacrifice them! They are not the ones from the prophecy!!”
    “Zyra, stop it now!” Yelled Ydel.
    “Say what you want papa,” she spat, “for they are not the ones! I searched their device and found evidence! They are from planet earth!!”
    The crowd gasped. And I sighed in relief.
    “Let them go now!”
    Wow. Zyra was demanding.
    Soon the others joined in – and Ydel had to obey.
    I smiled to Zyra. She beamed back. It was the happiest moment of my life.


    So much has happened since then. But yes. We are still on Ankalmusos.
    And I am still with Zyra.
    Soon after the almost – being – killed experience, Katie and I were told that there was in fact, no way to get us back home. We were devastated of course (Brassnose didn’t mind)
    We sometimes speak to our parents on hologram – they cry every time. (422 times to be precise, but who’s counting?)
    Zyra and me spend more and more time together gazing up at the stars. And every time she smiles at me, I feel like I’m actually going to like it here.
    This is Peter Shelley signing off


  36. Hi, I loved all your stories so much and I hope that you like mine!
    It is rather short and I hope you understand it because I changed most of the words that the aliens say so that they sound weird, I created a sort of alien pronunciation and language!
    Anyway here it is:

    Alien debait:

    “SSoo, is alle set for siee attack on earth?” The scaly green alien to the right asked!

    “Yess, everythings iss reaady” the small red one to the left replied.

    “Wait, have you got six tea yet, wee don’t not destrroy withouuuut ours sluug and raspberrii tea!

    “Uuuuuu, you is being right there! We neeed our teaa!”


    “Wriight, now that wee have our tea we should be set!”

    ”Uait, I stillll hav not understoood waat ve iss doing sis forr…?” Asked the green one, a quizzical
    look spread across his face!

    “Actuually, I iss not knoving, but it vas sie captains orderse” replied the red one

    “Why do wee lissten two sie captain?”

    ”Weell…” said the red one hesitating

    “Weell, vat?” Asked the green one

    “Weell…he is sie captain sso…we lizten”

    “Soo then, let us get bac two destroying sie earthe, uk?”


    “U nu!”

    Before either of them moved one inch, a whistling sound echoed in the distance and a
    meteor struck their planet!



    And that was the end of our two silly silly aliens!

  37. This is my story!

    Empire 102434 was the only place Zack had ever known. It was a gather of over 100 Space Pods that were all occupied by different house holds. All of them, however, looked the same apart from a different number that was scratched on the side of each of them. Each pod was a white, rounded cylinder with a black glass window and a thin garden stretching outside. That was all expect Zack’s pod. His pod was patched with rusting chunks of space junk and was covered in different contraptions such as spinny windmill things (that didn’t actually spin) and weird levers and mechanisms. Zack had worked his whole life for this very moment. He had made his pod move.

    His many efforts had finally allowed him to steer and move his pod around. But why did he want to do this? Well, first of all, he wanted to escape the Empire. The Empire was a boring place full of boring people were nothing ever happened. It was were people looked down at him and mocked him for being different. Second of all, and most importantly, he wanted to see The Stars. Everyone in The Empire believed that beyond the thin belt of asteroids that circled the Empire was a black, everlasting nothingness. They told Zack that stars were a myth and that his cooky Great Auntie (his only family) was only telling him crazy stories. Zack was going to prove them wrong!

    Zack sat at the front of the pod. He had created a mechanism to steer the pod. It was a simple machine. Pull the rod left to go left and right to go right. He flew around the Empire to get used to the new mechanism. Shocked, surprised and even angry faces leaned out of pod windows to see Zack. One of his neighbours, Mr.Gregory, was so shocked that he dropped his watering can, that just ended up floating around The Empire.

    Zack had one more place to visit before he left The Empire. His Great Aunties. The only was to visit other people in The Empire was to catch a Pod Train. It was very expensive for Zack. So, he only managed to see his Great Aunt twice a year after he had left her sweet care to live his own life.
    “Nana? Nana? Are you home?” He called, jumping from his Pod to his Great Aunt’s.
    “Yes Dear!” Called his Great Aunt, followed by a hoarse cough.

    Zack stayed at his Great Aunt’s for a while before heading back to his pod. “Remember Dear,” said his Great Auntie as he climbed back into his own pod, “Never give up! By the time you’ve come back, I probably won’t be here. You know that?” Zack nodded, forcing back tears. As his Nana headed back in she said, “But remember, my spirit will be in the stars. I hope to see you there my child,” and with that she was gone. That was the last time Zack ever saw his Nana.

    For a moment, Zack sat in his seat crying over the last moments with his Great Aunt. That’s when his lizard, Chalk, jumped onto the steering gear of the pod. “Hello Chalk,” Zack said softly through his tears. He stroked Chalk’s white scales. Chalk cocked his head to one side. “You’re right Chalk, lets go! For Nana!” Zack pulled his goggles over his eyes and slammed his feet on the gears. “We can find them Chalk! To the stars!”

    It took a full day and a full night for Zack to navigate through the maze of Asteroids. It was more challenging than he had thought. Once he reached the end, he was faced with The Black Abyss. “They have to be out here somewhere Chalk! Onward we go!”

    After that, he spent a week moving forward. No stars were to be found. “I give up Chalk! The Empire was right! It’s no use!” He banged at the wall of the pod, which thrusted it forward. Chalked leaned his head to one side. “No, Chalk!” Then he leaned his head to the other side, “No, Chalk!” Then he stared at Zack with his wide, round eyes and clambered onto the foot peddle. The pod jerked violently forward and kept going faster and faster. “ALRIGHT CHALK!” He yelled, brushing chalk to one side with his foot and then he pushed hard on the foot peddle.” They ended up in a white fog that surrounded them for miles. “Chalk! See what you’ve done! Now we can’t even get back to The Empire!” But Chalk pointed his head forward. A sign for Zack to keep going. Once they were out of the fog, Zack faced all of his dreams, wishes and hopes all at once. Stars were scattered everywhere. Some were big and dazzling while others were small and winking. The brightest one smiled at Zack like his Great Aunt used to. “We did it Chalk! We did it Nana! We found the stars!”

    After that, Zack made the Empire of Stars. He made pods out of Space Junk and gave home to lost travellers. In his Empire people were free. Free to be themselves, believe in what they want and to travel all they liked. And when they got home from their travels, they would be welcomed back to that Kingdom of Stars.

  38. I want adventure. I don’t want to come home from school every day, do my homework, have a shower, watch TV, eat dinner and go to bed. For some people, yes, that might be nice, but not for me. Not for Elonia Mary Armstrong. Yes, my grandfather was Neil Armstrong. I was born into a family full of astronauts. And also, yes. I’m named after Elon Musk. Are you with me now? My parents think I don’t like space. Just because I don’t get the best grades in science and maths, it doesn’t mean I don’t want to follow in their footsteps and explore the farthest corners of our galaxy. I want to do something in life, make a change in the world. I want travel, adventure, risks, danger. I want challenges, laughter, friendships. I want to BE Elonia Armstrong, astronaut and adventurer. I want to dream big, dream out of this world. I want to GO out of this world. I want to explore.

    Sorry that was very short! I didn’t have much time to type all of this up, but there is more! If you would like me to post the rest, please say so. I would love some feedback, so please comment. Everyone’s stories have been so great!

    1. Zoe this story is great!!! I loved hearing all about your characters dreams and wishes, I felt like I was actually there, feeling and thinking what your character was thinking. please post part 2 as I would love to read if this character does come up to be as great as there granddad.

  39. Here’s part 2. Part 3 is on its way……
    By the way, the alien in this story is based on Hellyann from The Kid Who Came From Space by Ross Welford.

    The Accidental Adventure Part 2
    In front of me lay a world of comets and stars, galaxies and nebulas. I breathed in, only to inhale some space dust which sent me into a fit of coughing, shattering the tranquility of space. The light flooding the rocket was coming from a nearby star (though not near enough to burn me). What had happened? Why had this happened? Where was I?
    Another ‘button’ – blue this time – started beeping. Somehow, I knew what to do. I twisted it gently. It fell silent in a blink of an eye.
    “Good work.”
    I nearly screamed. Someone, or something, was on this rocket. I was not alone. Shaking with fear, | turned around, expecting to find an alien.
    I was not disappointed.
    Well, in a way, I suppose I was. It was an alien, but not your traditional 3-eyed, slimy, smelly green monster. No – this alien was grey, hairy and had two eyes. She had yellow-beige feet with three pointy claws on each one. She did smell, though – in fact, she smelled so pungent that I gagged.
    “Hello Luna,” she said.
    “Hi,” I replied nervously, “What’s your name?”
    “FGJ74S2,” she answered promptly.
    “That’s not a name,” I said matter-of-factly, “It’s probably some sort of code.”
    The alien shrugged her hairy shoulders. “Well, where I come from, we get given a combination at birth. It becomes our name.”
    There was a silence. For a moment we just stared at each other, then ‘FGJ74S2’ began to pilot the rocket. I presumed she knew what she was doing, so I sat down on one of the red leather chairs that had appeared out of nowhere.
    “You should have a proper name. One that I can remember. How about something space-related? Aurora? Celeste? Stella? Astrid?” I suggested.
    “That last one.”
    “Yes. Now shut up, if you want me to get you home in time.” FGJ74S2, or Astrid as I should now call her, turned back to the steering wheel.
    I wondered what would happen if we didn’t get home in time.

    1. This part is so exiting and I am begging…… please write part 3, I can’t wait to find out what happens Luna and her alien friend Astrid!!

    2. This is awesome!
      I love how you described in detail the alien!
      I love it, and if you could i would also love to find out what happens next!

  40. Mr Elliot Thomas
    Number 4 Crimson Crescent
    The Southern Crater
    The Solar System

    Dear Elliot, how are you? It’s been really boring here on earth these past few months, as we haven’t really been able to leave the house much, and we have had to keep our distance from other people to avoid spreading a nasty virus. Its called Covid-19. This is probably all very confusing to you, but the virus is spread from person to person through picking up germs, causing you to get ill, which is particularly dangerous for the elderly and people who already have a medical condition. Because of this, people all over the world are having to stay at home as much as possible, and stay two metres apart, so that it is harder to pick up these germs. And it is soooo boring! I can’t go into school, or see all my friends or family properly. I’m so jealous of you on Mars, I can’t imagine a world that I have never been to would be like, especially with freedoms that earth doesn’t have. What have you been up to? I’m sorry I haven’t been able to write for a few months, but the post astronauts haven’t been able to deliver letters and parcels because the rockets they use are too small to distance in. I wish that I could meet you, but it has been so nice having you as a pen pal, I hope we can keep writing. I had my hair braided by my mum the other day, because she’s been watching videos on how to do everything (and I mean everything) from baking to pottery to how to correctly fold a t-shirt! Here’s a joke someone told me the other day, it made me think of you.
    What’s E.T short for?
    Because he only has little legs!
    Send me a joke back, I could really do with something to cheer me up right now!
    Love from Harriet

    Miss Harriet Johnson
    Number 6 Neil Street
    Greater Landington
    The Solar System

    Dear Harriet, I am very well thanks. It sounds like a right kerfuffle down on Earth, I hope you can see all your friends and family soon. I have been busying myself with some golf (handy that I live on a ready made golf course), and also some astronomy, which is fascinating, I really recommend that you get into it. Here’s my joke:
    Why didn’t the Sun go to university?
    Because it already had a million degrees!
    Of course I’ll keep writing! I always look forward to hearing from you, as you’re funnier and cleverer than my other friends! Its lucky that my school set up the Earth-Mars pen pal scheme, or I wouldn’t have gained such a good friend. Can you believe that we’ve been writing for six months already (not including the gap)? I would love to meet you, and show you my home, or you show me yours.
    Love from Elliot

    Six months later…

    It would be great to get some feedback on this, because its my first time writing for the prompt (although I have read and commented on other peoples), and if anyone wants part two just say.

    1. Wow Ellie, great story!! Harriet is soooooo lucky to have friend on mars especially as they get to talk to them in letters. Please post a part 2 I would love to read it, and plus may you write down the story of how the two friends, alien and human, met?

    2. This is so cool Ellie, it is so funny and I love the fact that she is writing to mars just like pen pals do on earth!
      Amazing work!

    3. This was so sweet (I’m not sure if that’s the exact right word) and I loved the correspondence between the Earth humans and Mars aliens! So cool Ellie!

        1. I know!! I would ask them everything they knew about the universe and what life was like and man, the communication might take a while, but if we could talk to aliens that would be so amazing!

  41. This is part two of my story about Elliot the alien and Harriet the human. I hope you like it! I’m also going to do a backstory from before part one, which Hero detective suggested (great idea)

    I couldn’t believe it. Today I was finally going to meet my best friend, who I had been writing to for months, and become closer to than any human I’ve ever known. Face pressed up against the round bolted rocket window, I turned to gaze back towards earth, the planet that I knew and loved, and, if he ever came there, I knew Elliot would love too. There was not one tiny part of me that felt apprehensive at meeting my friend for the first time, because I already knew him: his personality shone through every letter he wrote, making me feel totally at ease and keeping me going through times of difficulty. Questions whizzed around my mind as the spacecraft juddered through the galaxy, about what would be there to greet me on my arrival on Mars. What would Elliot look like? Would Mars be like the pictures in my astronomy books? Would I find it harder to talk to Elliot face to face than through letters? But I didn’t have long to wait before it all became clear. Mars was approaching, and it was approaching fast, faster than I had ever thought possible. Grinding to a halt, my transport became stationary, leaving me in full view of the rocky desert like landscape ahead of me. I stepped out of the rocket and there he was, on the gravelly orange landing pad. Elliot. He was tiny and pink, small for an alien and miniscule compared to humans, with a sweet, shy face and enormous warm eyes that shone with trust and honesty. With only a brief glance, I could see that personality, that bubbly, open and likeable character that I had befriended reflected in his eyes, which gleamed without a blink at my approaching figure. It was obvious that he was taking in my ‘odd’ appearance as I was doing to his, my baggy grey hoodie, my baby blue ripped jeans and sporty trainers. I guess I looked as unusual to him as he did to me. Wordlessly, I gestured to him, arms open, and he didn’t wait to be told twice. As we shared a moment of silent embrace, I looked him in the eyes, and was filled with joy to see that his eyes were brimming with happy tears, just the same as mine. We had connected through writing, over 140 million miles apart, and now we had come together, something that we would not have believed to be possible after what had been happening on earth, and were closer than we ever could have imagined. I clasped his funny little hand in mine, and a link was formed between us that stated quite clearly that it didn’t matter that we were from different planets, different cultures, different backgrounds, or that we had different heights, appearances and lives. Friendship, that is real has no limits. Love, truth, loyalty and togetherness are never restricted to the mundane. This was an unbreakable bond, that we would share forever more.

    1. Just read this Ellie, I love it. Thanks for mentioning me on your story, glad you thought that was a good idea. This story is super sweet as well and it made me happy reading it?!

  42. Don’t really know what to write for this prompt, I loved everyone’s though all very creative.

    Also, thank you for mentioning my story based on the prompt pets Robin, means a lot??.


  43. Hi everyone. I am so sorry that I haven’t written in ages. I have been so busy as I went back to school as I am in year 6. This weeks prompt was really good and I loved everyone’s stories. I will definitely be contributing to next week’s prompt.

  44. Hello everyone! It’s been a while since I posted… this is more of an alternate dimension but hope it still counts! Enjoy!

    “Today is a day of great joy yet great sorrow, as one of our own leaves…” The priest’s imperious voice drifted to the hallway I was waiting in. Ugh. I grumbled to myself. It was almost time. My hands- not quite as pristine as my older sister’s but certainly not as calloused as the servants- clenched my silky dove grey dress. Pretty soon I’d walk outside Sky’s gleaming silver, blue, and gold gates and wouldn’t return for 16 years. “Despite our own sadness, we know she will continue to found a great and prospering city much like Sky…” he continued intoning. I didn’t dare try to adjust my possibly crooked crown. Mother would roast me alive if even a single blond-grey curl was out of place. “So, let me present our own Princess Islee of the great city Sky.” My back straightened. It was time. I just hoped I wouldn’t fail too badly. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me as I walked, spine crisp, downwards. Were they happy? Sad? Envious? Did they hate me? Resent me even for simply being in the noble line? But questions would have to wait for later, I was practically at the wooden podium my family was seated behind.

    At last I reached my mother, sitting regally on her silver throne. My oldest sister, Talia, and my second oldest sister, Echo, stood on either side of my mother. I couldn’t help but feel jealous of them. Talia would take over the kingdom when Mother died, and of course Echo had to stay as a “spare”. I think all the other kingdoms realized that after one of the cities had no heir and the whole thing went in chaos. Still, I could feel a green monster of envy coil up inside of me. Talia and Echo would never have to face the fear of losing their only home. Talia and Echo would never be expected to somehow create a prospering city with hundreds of inhabitants in 6 years. But I had to focus for now.
    “Mother,” I said, curtsying. I could feel her stern disapproval on my head. “You may rise.” she replied after what seemed like eternity. Was I imagining the hint of cold in her falsely warm voice? I wished I could stop desperately seeking her approval, but it was hard to convince myself that I could ever be enough when matched with her high expectations and especially compared to my far more accomplished and dutiful siblings. The priest bowed, and I followed him to a lectern placed about 10 feet away from my family. It was time for the Gift, a ceremony where the princess leaving used magic to make a parting gift with her birth city. Frowning with concentration, I sort of pulled on the sensation I thought of as tingly bits in my chest. Waving my hands wildly in a way where anyone who didn’t know I had magic would think I was completely bonkers, I shaped the wind even spiraling masses. Now was the tricky bit. I pulled yet more air together and imagined it crystallizing. Soon enough, the air, which had wrapped around the spirals, snapped into glass. The gut feeling stopped, and my hands flew down, sagging. The result was a ball the size of a melon, swirling air encased in glass. I placed it carefully on the lectern. It had taken forever to come up with something and even longer to actually figure out how to do it. “I call it a memory ball,” I pronounced in the direction of Mother. “The ball will show the memories of whoever’s touching it. It is meant as something to help remember what was long ago forgotten in the past, although we should not dwell on it much. Instead we should be looking forward to what I know will be successful and blossoming days for our city of Sky.” By the end of my small speech, I had turned to face the commoners, citizens of Sky. I smiled. “Thank you, all of you. I shall never forget my birth city.” And with that, I was escorting out of the twisted metal gates, out of the city I had spent my whole sheltered life in, and out into the unknown.

  45. Hi guys, hope you are well! I am really enjoying the holdiays but sorry I ahvent been on this prompt very much! I am reading Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, which is really good but a bit scayr. I ahve tons of books to read. I have got Hunger Games and my friends are addicted and have insisted I read it even tho from the trailer it looks really scary and violent. What do you think? Alos, btw, I am really bad at like horror or anything to violent so considering I sometimes find Harry Potter scary how bad would Hunger Gmes be? Anyway, cant wait to read these!

    1. I love Hunger Games, but it is kind of scary. Not like horror-movie scary, but… ah, how do I describe it? Um… not terrifying. It is based on violence, though. The prequel to the Hunger Games series (The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes) was pretty violent and disturbing, but the main series was less so. On a scale from one to ten, if one was like no violence/scariness at all, and ten was like night-terror inducing, maybe a seven or seven and a half. This is my opinion (and a very long comment) so if others differ on this that’s ok.

    2. The Hunger Games is the best series ever! No offence Robin Stevens MMU is still amazing! I would highly recommend it. I didn’t find it scary at all. It was about as scary as Harry Potter (not scary). You should definitely read even if you just wait a year or so.

    3. I have not read the hunger games book’s yet, so I am not shore what it is like but I have got a book to recemend that you might like. It’s a book set in the 1914 when girl’s had less right’s than boy’s and were treated differently. it’s not really about Violence or murder mystery’s but it is so good and exiting. the main characters are Evelyn who stand’s up for girl’s rights and her best friend Nell who she meet’s later on in the story. Its called thing’s a bright girl can do by Sally Nicholls.

  46. Sorry my story is so late, I’ve just been really busy this week. Here it is, I hope you guys will enjoy it!

    Gwenie’s normal creature rules, opinions, and stuff everybody should know:
    Okay, my name is Gwenlynn Zargof, I go by Gwenie, I live on planet Fograz, and I am an identical twin, which isn’t saying much since everybody on Fograz looks the same. We have the stereotypical, picture-perfect life. Kids on swings, parents talking at tables. People walking their dogs, kids laughing and eating ice cream. Well, that was until twelve years ago. I was one years old when aliens from Earth came and put a flag on our highest hill. It’s only about five human feet high, but that’s a lot when your people are, on average, two to three inches. Oh, and can you guess what that hill is called? Fograz. Yep. And do you know what the Earthlings renamed it? Probably not. Nobody can really remember it. I think it was something like Everest of the Mountains. Anyway. The aliens from Earth came with this super old-fashioned auto-mobile that basically blew up the king’s castle. Fortunately, King Shirax, my uncle, wasn’t there at the time. For about five years, everyone stayed in hiding and when we finally came out and tried to rebuild our lives, the same old, huge thing that blew up the king’s castle, came and blew up the market. The same thing happened again two years later, except the capital got destroyed. That happened yesterday and so there isn’t any happy ending to our history yet. But I do intend to make sure that I stop these harsh maniacs from destroying anything else.
    Now, on to Fograz people rules. One, never eat more than two-thousand calories per day. We like to stay small so that nobody thinks we’re here. Two, every child must get a cat or poodle by the time they are five years old. Some parents are allergic, so they give their kids pet rocks to get away with that rule. Three, older kids never teach younger kids anything they learn in school. I’m still considered a “younger kid” so I can’t speak to this. Four, keep light switches away from young children. We still haven’t perfected our nuclear tech (which is really quite embarrassing) and light switches can be very dangerous if curious children mess with them. Five, well, nevermind. We only have four rules. It keeps things simple.
    My rules are far more simple. One, where the same thing as your best friend that way, you can take turns skipping class. Two, make sure no one knows that you are best friends with your best friend. Middle school politics are super complicated. Everyone has a “Fake Best Friend” and a real best friend. The real ones you never actually get to go to school with because you take turns acting like the other and skipping school (getting a clone is too expensive for most people) and the fake ones are so the teacher doesn’t suspect anything. If you are smart enough to be reading this right now, you are also probably smart enough to be asking, where does everyone go, since parents probably don’t know that kids are skipping school? Well, yes, of course, we don’t let parents know about this. So, go into the third shower in either locker room, the one that teachers think doesn’t work but never “fix” because there are ninety-nine other showers and only twenty students. Then, you have to turn the water knob right ninety degrees, left one hundred-eighty degrees, and finally straight up. The wall will open up and you have one million square feet of everything a kid could ever want. TV’s. Candy. Chips. Video games. Basically everything you can dream of. Now, smart enough person, you may also be asking yourself, what about people who graduate and become parents, why wouldn’t they tell the teacher? Well, we are also very smart and thought about what to do about that. When you graduate, you get a cup of grape juice that will erase your memory of middle school politics. Plain and simple. Just like that, most people don’t even realize it. Also, you’d think people would refuse to drink it so that can go tell on everyone. This only happened once. Some other students just tied Marco, the tattle-tale, down and forced a tiny drop of juice into his mouth. He was completely baffled as to why he was tied down after he forgot. It was really funny.
    As for the last thing I’m going to write, just so you know, the people of Fograz are going to come to Earth and wreak havoc on everybody. You know, just so we can have some peace once again.

    Can anyone spot the similarity between Gwenie’s last name and her planet?

    1. Oh ha! Her last name is Fograz backwards! Also, I really enjoyed reading your story Xydel! It was very interesting and funny.

      1. Thank you! I really liked writing this. Mostly, I do stories that are less like diary entries but it was really fun coming up with Gwenie’s personality! Yes, you are right, her name is Fograz backwards.

  47. This is my story I hope you like it. Sorry it’s a bit late!

    I glance up the dull grassy expanse looking eery in the twilight. The big oak cast sinister shadows among the dusty winding pathways. My eyes shift upwards to stare at the stars. They are so beautiful against their blue-grey ombre backdrop. I so wish I could go up there, to the stars. It’s always been my dream.
    Everyone always tells me that stars are just planets or suns or shaped like this: *, but I know that they’re all wrong. I know that stars are holes in a gigantic atmosphere surrounding the universe. I know it. I just do. I tell everyone my theory and no one believes me but I am right and I will prove it. Tomorrow when I board my homemade spaceship, I will prove everyone wrong.
    I gather all my possessions and place them in a small bag: my favourite book (Unlocking the Universe by Stephen and Lucy Hawking), my teddy ‘Star’, my notebook and pencil, and as much food as I could scavenge. My home being a bush in the middle of the Botanical Gardens I don’t own much.
    The apple, packet of chips and small water bottle should be enough for the estimated 3 hour journey to the edge of the Universe. I place my bag in the spaceship which is hidden behind a disused toilet block concealed by a cluster of bushes.
    As I lie under my bush waiting for the morning I hear a noise. I get up and look around. Only to find some strange looking people tearing apart my spaceship…

  48. Part 3. Bit short this time.

    “How long is this going to take?”
    We’d already spent 15 minutes, and I was pretty sure alien spaceships are turbo-boosted. Surely I should be home by now? My parents are probably worried sick.
    “Approximately 3 more hours. Unless you want to go home the hard way……Uh-oh.”
    Astrid pointed, “See that? That’s a Quentamonster. They eat-“
    But I never got to hear what the Quentamonster eats, because it just ate my spaceship whole.

    1. And here’s part 4…..

      The Quentamonster’s mouth was a bit different to what I expected. It was a circular ‘room’, with a dim ‘light’ hanging from the ‘ceiling’, with two ‘passages’ at the back. What had happened to the spaceship, I don’t know. I just wanted to get out of here – alive.
      “Eugh,” said Astrid, looking at her feet. I gasped in surprise. It was what looked (a little bit) like a tongue. It was green and slimy, with yellow pus oozing out of it. I was disgusted – but even more so when it flipped back, trying to push us down one of the tunnels.
      “Hold on!” shrieked Astrid, “And DON’T LET GO!”
      I did as she said – she knew what this monster was, so I presumed she knew what she was doing. So I grabbed onto this monster of a tongue, and stayed there.
      “In case we don’t get out of here alive, I want you to have this,” Astrid pulled a space rock out of nowhere. “My lucky asteroid.” She smiled. I smiled back, then went back to concentrating on holding on. Astrid did too, but she wasn’t so lucky. Her hand slipped. I lunged out to grab her, but it was too late. She tumbled into the left-hand tunnel.
      “ASTRID!” I screamed. I let go. I had to find her.
      I tumbled down the tongue, and into the right-hand tunnel.

  49. Part 5

    I opened my eyes. Four eager faces were bending over my bed. It didn’t take a genius to guess who they were.
    “Luna! You slept in!” cried Lavender, her green eyes sparkling, her red hair falling onto my chest.
    “Luna!” You’re going to be late for your swimming lesson!” cried Luke, his messy brown hair falling over his eyes.
    “Luna! You’ve missed breakfast!” cried Lily, her blonde hair dripping onto her shoulders.
    “Luna! It’s my birthday!” cried Liam, his blue eyes gazing at a large yellow birthday badge pinned to his jumper.
    Dad came in. “Shoo!” he said. “Luna probably still wants some sleeping time.”
    My siblings retreated out of the room. I smiled gratefully at Dad. He left the room.
    So it was all a dream, then. Just a silly dream. Astrid was just someone inside my head. I rolled over, only to feel something sharp digging into my side. Pulling up the covers, I saw it was Astrid’s space rock, the one she had given me before she fell.
    I smiled.
    I whipped out my laptop and googled Comet’s Campolines For All Ages. I clicked on the first website that came up. I browsed through the website until I found what I was looking for – ‘How We Make Our Campolines’. I scrolled through hurriedly – Mum was calling me down for school – and a word caught my eye. It must have leaked into the box. Everything made sense.
    Campolines are made with space dust.

    1. Love these part’s♥♥♥♥♥! Such an exiting part 3,4 and 5. I can’t believe it was all a dream, or was it? Astrid’s moon rock was still in Luna’s hand!!!!!!!! Please post part 6 I so want to know what happens next.

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