Writing Prompt Mondays: Prompt 16

July 6, 2020

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EDIT: I’ve decided to take a few days off to take care of Howl when he first arrives, and so this prompt will run for TWO WEEKS instead of one. But don’t worry, I’ll be back on the 20th July with your next challenge!

Thank you for your wonderful responses to last week’s prompt! I love seeing new voices taking on this challenge – and so glad to see the community being so welcoming! I want to particularly mention Hattie’s Mary Poppins-style magical holiday, Astrophysics’s lovely holiday among the tulips, Nora’s story about making friends on holiday, and Elyse’s New Year poem.

This week is a very exciting one for me – on Wednesday we’re going to pick up our new cockapoo puppy, Howl! We are very excited to meet him – if you want to see all his latest updates, head over to my Instagram feed. And in honour of his arrival, this week’s prompt is pets.

You can write about your pet, or a friend’s pet (remember you can write non-fiction as well as fiction, for this prompt or any other!), you can write about pure-bred show pets or pets from rescue centres, old pets or young pets, dogs or cats or lizards or completely made up pets! Your pet can help you solve a mystery, save the world, fix a relationship … or anything else you like!

The rules …

  1. It can be as long or as short as you like, and take you as much or as little time as you want.
  2. It can be any genre (type) of story you want. If you have an idea for something that I haven’t mentioned (writing a poem! Being inspired by a song you love! Writing non-fiction!), don’t wait for my permission – just go for it! This is your creativity working!
  3. You are not allowed to worry about grammar or spelling.
  4. You are not allowed to worry if it isn’t perfect, or criticise yourself as you’re writing.
  5. You are encouraged to make a plan before you begin, to make it easier for you to get to the end of the story. This can be two words or a whole page! But if you don’t want to do this, you don’t have to.
  6. Get to the end of the story without stopping to go back and fix bits you don’t like. Once you’ve finished, read it through again. If you still don’t like those bits, you can edit them now!
  7. If you want (and only if you want!) you’re allowed to post the first 500 words of your story in the comments below. I have to moderate the comments so it may take a while for them to show up – please be patient. I don’t want to see you apologising for your story or minimising what you’ve done when you post – writing a story is a triumph and you should be proud!
  8. Please do not use your full name when you comment – first names are fine, or you can make up a username that you like! Also remember to stay safe online and not get into private discussions with anyone you don’t know in real life without telling an adult first.
  9. If you like someone else’s story, you are allowed to comment to say so! If you’d like to give them ideas that might make their story even stronger, that’s OK, but please be kind and remember how deeply we all care about our writing. A good format for feedback might be something like: ‘I loved ****! Have you thought of ****? I think it might make your story even better!’ I will delete any comment if I feel it’s critical without being constructive.
  10. I can’t promise to give feedback on any individual stories – I’m not marking them!
  11. This isn’t a competition, and there will be no winners and no prizes, though I may choose a story or two to highlight in future posts.

Enjoy, Detectives! And remember that if you’re getting a pet in real life, it’s important to make sure you’ll have the time to take care of them long-term, and it’s always good to rescue them if you can. When I was younger we had a lurcher and a greyhound who came from rescue centres, and they were such special dogs. Because of family allergies, rescuing wasn’t right this time around, but I really hope I’ll get the chance to rescue more pets in future – rescue pets are the best pets!

More posts to explore

Exciting news, Detectives: the numbers are in, and Death Sets Sail is floating at the very top of the charts! It’s the NUMBER ONE paperback in the UK, it’s NUMBER FOUR overall in the UK children’s and YA chart (in the week that we got a new Stephenie Meyer and a new Jeff Kinney) and it’s NUMBER TWELVE of all books sold in the UK. That’s ALL books, not just kids!
Death Sets Sail is out now – and my publisher Puffin thought you might want to celebrate that fact! They’ve put together a (socially distanced) party pack to help you and your friends wave goodbye to the series in style.
‘the story unfolds neatly and is satisfyingly twisty. It has a strong sense of place … and two budding romances, and explores the powerful bonds of friendship as girls grow up.’
At the end of a series, you want a big finish. Something to make the series go out with a bang. Well, Robin Stevens did just that with Death Sets Sail. Packed with suspense throughout, and unimaginable twists and turns, Death Sets Sail was without a doubt the best book in the Murder Most Unladylike series.
I have another event coming up next week – a live Q&A and reading in partnership with the Arvon Foundation’s Arvon at Home programme on Tuesday 11th August at 4pm. You can book tickets NOW – they’re £3 per screen – and I hope as many of you as possible will log on!
Because it’s publication day, I’m sharing a video of me reading from the first chapter of Death Sets Sail. But beware … the first chapter contains the first SPOILER! So watch … if you dare!

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  1. Hi this is my pet story.

    Growing up near an elephant sanctuary I always had someone to play with. But the hardest thing about my friends was letting them go into the wild. As they got to a certain age you would have to set them free.

    When most people think of pets it comes to mind as animals such as Dogs cats birds rabbits guinea pigs. I on the other hand have had a baby elephant cheetah giraffe and a parrot. Though sadly I have to let them go when they get to a certain age. But my favourite pet of all was the elephant. Ells could understand me and know when I was sad lonely or scared. Happy angry or excited. And even though I had to let my pet and friend go she will never forget me. ELephants have good memory and they will remember until they go. Grown elephants I helped since they were babys have remembered me when they are grown ups. But now it was time to say goodbye and remember the fun times.

    The story of how I met ells:

    It was another sunny day and I had just finished my safari tour with some older people. I heard a gun shot and 10 minutes later after finding the scene and calling in for help I saw a baby elephant led next to its dead mother. Her tusks had been taken by poachers and she was gone. I could see the baby elephants depress and even though I had dealt with many of these it was the saddest. I could not spend all my time with her because otherwise she will get to attached and not go into the wild when she is old enough. I guess a grown elephant tailing a 15 yesr old girl isnt meant to be.

    Now it was time to say goodbye. She joined the herd of elephants and then she was gone.

    I still see her around but Ive learnt sometime its not meant to be.

    1. btw I searched up what a gorup of elephants were and it said it was a herd! Also this is more s pet and friend story so sorry about that

    2. I think this story is absolutely great!!!
      I love it so much and I also really love how you strayed from the normal type of pet and made a story about an elephant
      Alice x

      1. It shows that pets are not just an animal that lives in your house, they are friends who can come in all shapes and sizes. Really good story.

    3. This is such a sad story! It’s written really well, and is a great interpretation of the prompt. I love this!

      1. Thanks!! I learnt most of the facts from a movie about how elephants cant get attached or they will go in the wild!! Anyway tysm for reading!

        Neve xx

    4. This is so unique! Pets don’t have to be domestic like cats and dogs, reptile or fish! Any animal can be a pet and I like that you’ve done that. Good job! You are very creative!

      1. aww tysm!! I love doing good endings because if someone dies at the end and you are so intrigued its devestating (like the murder of one of the DS in mmu9 or death sets sail)

  2. Hi great story Neve. I love this prompt as I have lots of pets. I think I might base my story around a rescue pet. I have two ponies one of which I cant ride. Her story is heart breaking.

    1. thanks!! If your willing I would love to hear her story. Sadly I dont have any pets as I dont have a big enough yard and my dad doesnt like pets. I really want a pomeranian dog as they are so cute and Id love to take care of it and become friends with it!

      I hope your ponies are ok especially the one you cant ride. I bet she has a fantastic home with you tohugh!

      1. Hi Neve. This is April’s (the pony) story. We rescued her before I was born. She is a shetland pony which means she is really small. After a few years we loaned her to some friends who had recently lost their pony. We didnt know that they intended on selling her.
        In a few days April had been to nearly twenty homes. Dad chased around Ireland looking for her until he saw her in a Dublin sale being beaten horribly. He bought her back and even though she is blind in one eye she is building up her confidence

        1. aww thats so sad!! I have seen a shetland pony and there were 3. It was at my after school club and I loved looking after the chickens rabbits guinea pigs horses and shetland. They now have tortoises. But i loved the shetlands but one day my favourite one simba got ill. It was a friday and when I went on the monday we found out he had died. They werent mine but its so sad. I hope your pony is getting better and she has a better place. I swear there must be a rule about not doing that because of the crualty and unfairness to the animals who are beaten! Its so sad!!

          April you are so strong ❤❤❤. I know you have a better home now ❤❤

          1. I am so glad your pony is all right now ?❣
            People really have to learn to love and take care of animals!
            Alice x

          2. I know right animals have feelings and it isnt right at all!! If someone whipped a horse infront of me i would whip them back!! Honestly imagine when there was no law meaning you could be free to beat up animals and not feed them!! Disrespectful isnt it!!

        2. I am so sorry about April! What an amazing story she has. One of my cats called Ptolemy (silent P) was sent to a lot of homes before he came to us. He was treated horribly in some and other homes they couldn’t look after him or they had never looked after any animal before. He came to us but he was and still is afraid of everything. He’s two and lives with us and his twin sister Cleopatra (Cleo). He trusts us and loves to give us cuddles and loves it when we give him tummy rubs! He plays tag with us too and jumps up in the air, spreading his arms out wide to catch us!

          1. I love the names of your cats! When my dad can move into a house with a garden we’re going to get kittens, and my sister really wanted to call one of them Cleopatra as she is obsessed with the ancient Egyptians. One is definitely going to be called Peeves (after the ghost in Harry Potter).

        3. Aww! Im glad she’s okay 🙂 But omg what was wrong with those peole who beat her?? And the friends who sold her. Honestly sometimes i wonder how anyone could be like that. It is a horse! Not a doll that you can push around and throw!

        4. That is so sad. Are you not able to ride her because she’s a Shetland pony or because she’s a blind in one eye?

          1. i think its both because if its blind it cant see out of one eye and it can be dangerous and shetlands are small. But im not sure so dont take my word for it

  3. Here is my story! I didn’t have much time to write this, so it’s pretty short, but I had an idea and really wanted to post it. By the way, I don’t have any pets.

    I stood back and watched as my young daughter greeted Dad, tugging on the dog’s leash. I felt my husband John place his arm around my shoulders, and draws me in close. I hoped that things might look up in the future, starting with the arrival of the new dog. I hoped that Dad might get better. I hoped that he would change.

    The dog wasn’t an ordinary pet, as you might have guessed. He was a guide dog, brought to my Father’s home in hope of helping him. Not just as a Guide, but as a support. You see, my Dad is blind. And the pain doesn’t stop there. My mother, Henrietta, passed away a few months ago. 3 months, 2 weeks and 5 days ago, to be exact. This change brought sorrow to the family. It was like A heavy fog had settled over our house, which was home to three generations of the Brill-Reed family. And then came depression. I came out of it first, feeling like I had to support my family. John and Lilly were fine after a bit, but my Dad was not.

    His depression grew worse, and on top of that, he couldn’t see anything. Not the flowers, not the gifts, not the casseroles left on the front steps of the house. He couldn’t see the black mourning clothes we wore, or the funeral. This just made it all worse. And so along came Harry, in memory of Henrietta. They doctor said it would be good for Dad, and even for the whole family, to have a creature for support. To explain it all to Lilly, we watched “The Healing Powers of Dude” on Netflix.

    But maybe the healing powers of Harry wouldn’t work on Dad. Maybe, just maybe, he would just get worse. But I had to believe. Believe that this puppy, in its oversized orange jacket would lift the fog, and find the missing pieces of the puzzle we call a family. Maybe He really could have the power to heal. So I said a silent prayer to the newest addition to the family. It consisted of one word.


    1. This is beautiful and sad!
      I love it so much
      And I also watched healing powers of dude, it was really good!
      Alice x

    2. That is such a rich and subtle story Zoe. I really felt I was there and I can’t tell you how amazing the description is cause I might go on forever.❤❤❤

    3. Wow this is so amazing and heartbreaking and it’s written so well! Well done, I can really clearly imagine the character’s emotions. I love this!

  4. Great prompt Robin!
    Also happy birthday to Rainbow 111, i read it was her birthday today on the last prompt!
    Hope you had a great day!
    Alice x

    1. Ahh, thank you soo much Alice!!! You are such a good and kind online friend and your stories and feedback are so encouraging and imaginative!!! Keep writing!!!

  5. Great prompt Robin! Since I’m going on holidays this week I’m not sure if I’ll write something but I have an idea and I’ll try to. And thanks for mentioning me, that means a lot ♥

  6. Hi! This is my story for this weeks promot. Tofulo doesn’t live in captivity meaning he isn’t exactly a pet. But I think a pet is a animal that is their human’s best friend. And Tofulo is the character’s best friend. I hope you enjoy, feedback is appreciated.

    I stood in front of Tofulo , deeply scared by this man standing in front of me. He put down his gun after realising I was there. “Move”, the man said gruffly, “or I will shoot”. “No Rra”, I said, trying to be polite as I possibly could to this horrible poacher. He pointed the gun towards me. But I stood my ground. “No”.

    Me and my sisters moved to South Africa three years ago. Our parents had died in a car crash about a month before. We needed to get away from all of the bad memories. My Aunt Penny had lived there for years and asked if me and my two sisters wanted to come to South Africa to live with her. We jumped at the offer to get away from the city that so many bad things had happened to us in.

    My sisters got on fine with the lifestyle of South Africa. They happily got on with life in this strange new place. But not me.

    I didn’t like school, and I didn’t have any friends. I started bunking off school and wandering the Savannahs around my school. There were so many animals, all just doing their own things. It was so peaceful. It was where I wanted to be.

    “Elle”, Aunt Penny said sternly, “why aren’t you going to school?”. I sat there silently. “Elle”, she said in her warning voice, “where have you been”. I hesitated for a moment. “I’ve been watching animals. I’m sorry, I just don’t like school”, I said quietly. Aunt Penny sighed. “Elle. I suppose that’s ok. You’re learning while you watch these animals. You’re surrounded by the big 5 and it will teach you a lot”, she said, her voice full of understanding. “Will you pull me out of school”, I said hopefully. “No”, she said, laughing.

    I worked my way through school during the week, and then at the weekends, I did what I wanted to do. I wandered my way through the Savannahs. One Sunday evening, I spotted a lone bull elephant calf. He wasn’t anywhere near any other elephants. I wondered where his herd had gone. I slowly walked towards him, making sure I didn’t scare him. I was very close to him now, and he wasn’t freaking out.

    He touched my left shoulder with his trunk, smelling me to check I wasn’t dangerous. He seemed satisfied with my scent and offered me his trunk. I touched it, but to my surprise he pulled me up, onto his back. I wanted to scream, but knew it would frighten him and he would throw me off his back. So I sat, silently screaming inside my head on top of a elephant’s back.

    “Hello”, I said softly to him, “I think I will call you Tofulo”.

    I kept on going back to Tofulo everyday. On weekends I would spend whole days roaming the bush with him, on weekdays I would come to him every day after school.

    But one day, Tofulo had company. A man was standing in front of him, loading a gun. I sprinted towards him. I stood in front of Tofulo , deeply scared by this man standing in front of me. He put down his gun after realising I was there. “Move”, the man said gruffly, “or I will shoot”. “No Rra”, I said, trying to be polite as I possibly could to this horrible poacher. He pointed the gun towards me. But I stood my ground. “No”.

    The man pointed the gun at my neck. Sweat was running down my neck. He fired the gun, but something saved me. It was Tofulo. The shot went into his leg, just as the rangers of the game reserve ran towards the poacher. “Are you ok?”, they asked me as they tied up the man. “Yes”, I said quietly.

    I am now 24 years old, and I run a animal rehabilitation centre. Tofulo and his female elephant friend, Rosanna live there happily. Tofulo needed lots of treatment for his wound, and he can never be released into the wild as he would be easy prey. But Tofulo is my best friend, and he always will be. People say a dog is a man’s best friend. But a elephant is a woman’s best friend.

    1. Great Story and I agree I think a pet is a humans best friend! I like that you did a prologue and epilogue.

      Inaaya x

    2. This is really neat and I loved the Aunt, and of course Tofulo! The ending was resolved very nicely. Great story!!

  7. This story may be slightly confusing because I had written this before the prompt, and it was the second book in series.

    The Mystery of the Pilfered Panda

    Unknown to the hundreds of visitors at the London Zoo, or to the keepers, one of their pandas disappeared, and they wouldn’t find out before it was too late.

    The next night, at Tower Bridge Boarding School, Anias and Esme layer in bed looking through the news of the day. One article caught her eye. “ Pilfered Panda Puzzling Officials” Anias clicked on the article and was shocked. Where she had been so many times had been subject to a panda-nappin! The adorable baby Mi Tang had been stolen from its mother. Anias decided to sneak around as soon as she had a break to see if she could find any clues. After all, she had some experience. She had caught Ms.Pemmil red handed at cheating, and had solved various other small cases.

    Just a few miles away, there was a thump. “ Oh shut up, you loud buffoon!” said a loud voice. “ Those buyers better be paying big bucks to make it worth it for all the trouble you are. Where are they?” she said angrily. “We’re right here, as you would know if you hadn’t been sitting around yelling at the animal.” said a steely voice. That voice was the one of Victoria Adair, private collector of the century. She had a whole private zoo with over 1000 animals. She captured animals from wherever she could.The Wild , Zoo’s, rehabilitation centers. Wherever the animal she wanted, she found a way to get it. Finally, after years of hard work, she got the last animal that she wanted. A panda. She walked around the cage, observing the animal. “Look at you” she crooned sweetly to the panda. “It’s time for you to come to your new home.” Mi Tang cried with sadness, missing his brothers and sisters. “Shut her up” said Victoria to the other lady, who’s name was Tasha,, who had tried to remain invisible throughout Victoria’s inspection. “And quickly, if you want any money.” Tasha jumped to work, transferring Mi Tang to a bigger cage. They were in a secret compartment at the Zoo that no one knew about, because It belonged to
    Victoria. When the Zoo first opened, her wealthy ancestors had demanded a private room just for Adair’s, to view the animals. Over time, it had been forgotten, and the old room was dusty with age. “Good thing too” thought Victoria. “This is the perfect place for a job like this.” At that , Tasha called for her. “Ms.Adair, it’s ready to be transferred” As she and Tasha left the room through a secret tunnel with Mi Tang, she didn’t notice that a monogrammed handkerchief had fallen out of her pocket. This handkerchief was special, though she would never have realized it. It was the one that would get caught.

    The next weekend, Anias went to the Zoo, leaving Esme safe behind. She went to the dolphin arena, as she had seen a gift shop. Where there was a gift shop, there was a storeroom that was easily accessible to detectives who were sneaking around. Sure enough, there was an inconspicuous door. That is, an inconspicuous door if you weren’t looking for it. Anias ducked inside as soon as she saw no one looking. Once in she wandered through a room full of useless toys when she heard footsteps approaching. She pressed herself against a wall, hoping she wouldn’t be seen. However, Anias didn’t know that the specific wall she was pressed to was not exactly the room where Victoria had been last night, it was on the few ways to get to the room.

    Anias felt herself moving back as the wall swung like a door. She dusted herself off, and found herself in a sunlit room. She turned around, and discovered she was face to face with a curious baby dolphin. She shrieked, before realizing that it was just a window into the dolphin pool. “Where am I” she wondered out loud. She walked down the hall, first making sure she would be able to get back out safely. She discovered
    a little room at the end of the hall. Surprisingly, though The Whole hall was dusty, this room was spotless, and on the floor their layers a white silk handkerchief. Anais picked it up, and grinned. It was the exact kind of clue she had been hoping for.


    Before she decided to tell anyone, Anias decided to look up the name Victoria Adair. “Perfect” she thought. Victoria Adair was a private collector, who “never collected endangered animals to help protect their population”. ‘Sure’ thought Anais. Aniad decided to make an anonymous call to Victoria, and give her a little warning about what would happen if the panda wasn’t returned.


    Victoria picked up her phone wondering who on earth would be calling now. It was 6:30! She had been in the middle of dinner when she heard her phone ring. “Is this Ms.Adair?” asked the anonymous caller. “Yes. How can I help you?” She replied. “I assume you will be needing bamboo for that panda you stole, yes?” Victoria gasped. ‘ How could anyone have found out!’ she thought. She hadn’t even told her wildlife care specialist. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” she said unsurely. “I think you do. And if the Panda isn’t back at the zoo by tomorrow morning, you might have visitors showing up at your house, and you will not like what they do.” With that, they hung up. Victoria reviewed her choices. She could ignore this caller and take her chances, or she could find a way for the panda to be returned. She called her driver, and told her to bring Tasha too. She needed to get into the zoo somehow, and Tasha would be just what she needed.

    “I don’t know what you want,” said Tasha defensively. “We agreed there would be no more contact between us after I did what you asked.” “Too bad.” Said Victoria curtly. “We need to get the panda back to the zoo, and I need you to get me into the panda house with your key. And while you’re here, go take care of the panda. Isn’t that what you’re trained to do?” Nothing else was said until the panda was safely returned, and on their way out, they were greeted by a group of angry keepers.


    Anias smiled at her success as she read an article the next day. “Victoria Adair and Keeper Tasha Rubins charged with panda theft!” Warning the keepers had been a wise move. She hadn’t been able to take credit for what she had done, because her sneaking into the zoo was probably illegal, but she was extremely proud of herself. However, she had forgotten to make her call to the keepers anonymous, and she had been congratulated by all. The zoo gave her a year of free passes, and access to all backstage shows as a reward. She had also gotten $1000 in rewards money. As she walked through the backstage panda encounter, she thought “ What a perfect way to end a case.

  8. The Noisy Dog

    “Woof, Woof, Woof!” barked our dog Monty. I dragged myself out of bed to quiet him down. The clock in the hall told me it was 2am. Downstairs, I put a film on and calmed my dog down. This went on night after night after night. Until one night I heard his barking come to a sudden halt. Worried, I rushed down the stairs and saw Monty with a muzzle on lying on the floor Robbers were grabbing everything they could find. I called the Police and they got to my house very quickly. When the robbers had all been taken away, the Chief said ” Quite a dog you have there. Wouldn’t mind having him as a police dog” And Monty? Well he said ” Woof, Woof, Woof!”

    1. This is really funny and heart-warming!
      I love how you made something frightening into something quite funny in the end!
      I adore this story
      Alice x

    2. Grace this story is so good and funny. Monty will make a great police dog i’am shore. Can you write up a part tow cause i am desperate to see what a great police dog Monty will make and what mystery’s and challenges he will find out.?

  9. Omg, I absolutely love this prompt!! I have a quite sick cat who has diabetes so it will be great to write for this prompt. I really think pets can give you so much comfort!! Also it so my bday today!! I got robins mini story the case of the missing treasure and I can’t wait to start reading!!! I am very busy but I will try my best to write for this one!!

        1. P.S. I am so sorry about your cat, I hope he is ok!
          I used to have a cat too but he got hit by a car and then had to be put down, it was devastating!

    1. happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday rainbow 11 happy birthday to you

      Happy birthday hope you have a good day and hope your cat is ok

      1. Thnak you!! Yeah, I cant wait to start reading the missing treaure!!! Alos guess what I got a RAINBOW CAKE!!!!! LIKE WITH THE MULTI-COLOURED LAYERS!!!! LIKE MY NAME ON THIS BLOG!!! JUST THOUGHT THAT WAS KINDA FUNNY ND COOL!!

        1. Ooh, that is so cool, I once made a colourful cake like that and I put a waterfall of smarties in it!
          Though mine probably wasn’t as colourful as yours!!!
          Alice x

        2. Ooh, that is so cool, I once made a colourful cake like that and I put a waterfall of smarties in it!
          Though mine probably wasn’t as colourful as yours!!!
          Alice x

    2. Happy birthday! I am so sorry about your cat hopefully your cat gets better! I don’t have a cat myself, but my friends do…Unfortunately the other day it got driven over by a car and had to get its leg amputated

  10. Hello!
    I’ve read the Murder Most Unladylike series and the Sinclair mysteries and I was wondering if anyone else knows of some really good mysteries with girl detectives.

    1. There is a book called the Egypt game, which is really good but it’s main theme isn’t murder, but is the characters and what they do together!
      The main characters are two girls who love Egypt and mysteries!

      Then the Agatha Christie books are really great but there are no young girl detectives in them!

      There is also a novel that revolves around a young boy who finds a body in the river and try’s to investigate, this too is mostly about the boy and not the murder!
      It is called: Smart

      Hope this helped
      Alice x

      1. There is a book called the Egypt game, which is really good but it’s main theme isn’t murder, but is the characters and what they do together!
        The main characters are two girls who love Egypt and mysteries!

        Then the Agatha Christie books are really great but there are no young girl detectives in them!

        There is also a novel that revolves around a young boy who finds a body in the river and try’s to investigate, this too is mostly about the boy and not the murder!
        It is called: Smart

        Hope this helped

        P.S. I may have sent the comment twice, because I was not sure if it sent properly the first time…

        Alice x

    2. “The Egypt game” is great.
      The main theme isn’t really murder though, the books talk more about the characters and their friendship!

      “Smart” but the main protagonist is a young boy (Sorry, but it’s still great!)
      who finds a body in the river and tries to investigate further though many obstacles stand in his way!

      And the Agatha Christie series that is amazing but only had older detectives! (Miss Marple, Poirot)

      Hope this helped
      Alice x

      P.S so sorry but the comment may arrive more than once cause I wasn’t sure if it arrived the first time so I resent it!

      1. These all sound great! I put the first two on my want to read list on goodreads, and I’ve started some of the Agatha Christie’s!

        1. Great!
          If you don’t have it already, my favourite Agatha Christie is Hercule Poirot’s Christmas, I think you would love it, it is very gripping and extremely spooky!

          1. I haven’t read it, but I’ve watched the movie. It was full of interesting twists!

    3. The London Eye Mystery is really good. The main character is Ted (a boy) but he get’s lots of help from his sister Kat. Plus Robin Stevens has wrote a sequel which I haven’t read but I’m sure is amazing

    4. Oh, well it isnt really about murder. But Lnad of Stories is soooo amazing and it is about fairytales coming to life. It is by Chris Colfer and is so well-written and emotional!! It gets soo captivating!!!
      School for Good and Evil. I have read the first and am on the second. They are quite an interesting concept really. It is two girls called Agatha and Sophie, who are kidnapped from their town and go to the scjool for good and evil where they are seperated into the schools. Sophie has always dreamt of being kidnapped and going to good. She is sort of what you would pricture a princess to eb (long, flowing blond hair and blue eyes), while Agatha has dark black hair and is not very positive. But when they get there Sophie is put in evil and Agatha in good. I wot spoil it, but it is really intriguing, however it is a bit romantic.
      Ruby Redfort is also really really intruguing and is about a spy who goes undercover to solve musteries. They are really complex and there are lots of deadly villains. Ruby is super intellugent and has the help from Hitch who is also part of Spectrum (the Spy Agency).
      I hope that helps!!!

      1. I’ve read them all and I loved them. My favorite was the Land of Stories, along with the prequel series The Tale of Magic

    5. The Nancy Drew mysteries are really good.
      The 39 Clues is about a girl and her brother who have to travel around the world to solve the mystery of the 39 clues.

    6. I have recommended these before but they are brilliant. A Girl Called Justice, and the sequel, A Girl Called Justice: Smugglers Secret are both brilliant boarding school mysteries with cunning plots and twists. Also, the Agatha Oddly books are really good too. Another mystery featuring a girl detective is Agent Zaiba Investigates, a clever mystery about a diamond that goes missing. Also, the sequel to Agent Zaiba Investigates is coming out on the 23rd of July. Hope this was helpful!

    7. The Nancy Drew mysteries are really good.
      The 39 Clues series is about a girl and her brother who have to travel around the world to solve the mystery of the 39 Clues. It’s a brilliant series.

    8. The Nancy Drew mysteries are really good.
      The 39 Clues is a brilliant series about a girl and her brother who have to travel around the world to solve the mystery of the 39 clues.

      1. Thank You! I’ve already read a High Rise mystery after you recommended it in a video, but I haven’t read a Girl Called Justice.

  11. Hello! I have written a story about an 8 year old girls who has a dog called Bear, but Bear is very different from other dogs!

    My story is called Bear.

    We didn’t have enough room for a dog, my parents said. Apparently they didn’t want to clean out its bed, take it for walks every day, or do anything for it, really. Said we didn’t have enough space, or time.
    I still have a dog though. She’s called Bear.
    She doesn’t take up any room, or need to be taken for walks, but Bear comes wherever we go. She comes on the roller-coasters at the fair, and she helps me try on clothes at the shopping centres.

    “We are going on a trip to the seaside!” Mum sang. “We need to be on the train in 15 minutes!”
    “Bear can come, Bear can go anywhere! She will love the sea, but maybe not the train.” My bottom lip wobbled. “Bear gets travel sick. Can she have some tablets?”
    “She doesn’t even exist, so she can’t have any tablets,” My older sister Jodie sneered. “You’re such a baby, believing in imaginary pets.”
    “She’s real! She’s real! Don’t be mean, she can hear you.” I said, putting my hands over Bear’s ears.
    “Yes, Jodie, don’t be mean,” Mum said to her. Then she said to me: “Of course Bear can come, Ava.”

    “Come on, Ava, get on the train.” Mum said impatiently.
    “Bear doesn’t want me to, so I won’t go.” I said, folding my arms. “We stick together.”
    “Do you want to be left behind?” Jodie yelled. “We can leave you here, ‘if Bear doesn’t want to,’ ” she mimicked me, making air quotes.
    I hesitated. “OK, but Bear needs travel tablets.”
    Jodie rolled her eyes.

    I held Mum’s hand with one hand, and the other was hugging Bear. “It’s OK, Bear, don’t be scared. You’re going to get some tablets,’ I whispered to her. Then to Mum I said: “Mum, can I have some tablets for Bear?”
    “I don’t think dogs can have travel tablets, darling. She can have an apple?”
    “That sounds good, and I can help her eat it.”
    Bear and I shared a whole apple together, and by the time we had got to the seaside we were very full.
    “Look Bear! The whole sea is waiting for us.” Bear turned her little snout towards where I was pointing, and she sniffed the air hopefully. “Yes,” I told her, “the air will taste much nicer at the seaside than in this stuffy carriage.”
    The train slowly juddered to a halt.

    We had walked the short walk to the beach from the train station, and just as we turned the corner, Bear bounded onto the sand, into the water, getting her chocolate brown fur all soggy. Luckily, I was wearing my swimming costume underneath my dress, and I quickly pulled of my dress off, stuffed it into Mum’s hands and ran into the sea.
    “It’s so cold, Bear! How do you stand it?”
    “She’s not real, Ava,” Jodie joined us in the water. “I can’t believe you’re 8 and still believing in imaginary pets.”
    “Yes, and you’re 14, which means you’re a teenager, and that means you’re not fun anymore,” I answered.
    Jodie splashed water at me, but it hit Bear instead.
    “No!” I screamed. “You’re so mean!” I splashed even more water at Jodie, and she went under, to remerge, wiping wet hair out of her eyes. I took my chance, and said to Bear, “Quick! Let’s swim away before she realises!”
    Bear pulled me onto her strong back, and she swam away from Jodie, who had seen us.
    “What?” She exclaimed. “What are you swimming on?”
    “Bear, of course,” I replied. “I told you she was real!”

    Thank you for reading!

    1. Wow, this is truly amazing! I love it so much, and such a different yet wonderful take on the prompt.

      Savannah xx

    2. It is such a magical and beautiful story, I love how it really highlights the magic and dreams and hopes of childhood!
      It is truly amazing
      I love it
      Alice x

    3. What a great story! I personally think imaginary (or half-imaginary, in my case) friends are great to have, and this take on the prompt was very fun to read! Your writing is very well-done!

    4. I love this story Amelie it is so creative and i’am shore a true story to some people. My favourite character is Ava as she reminds me off myself sometimes.

    5. Wow, such a heart-warming, exciting and beautiful story!! I was scared there was going to be a sad ending but luckily Ava was able to prove that Bear was real!!So imaginative well done!!!!

      1. Thank you Rainbow 111! I wasn’t actually sure if Bear was really real, but I thought Ava’s imagination was so strong that it could be real, whatever anyone else thinks.

  12. Thank you so much Robin for mentioning me! It means a lot and I really appreciate it!

    Title: Lula
    Now, I do have a pet, contrary to popular belief. Popular belief being that I don’t have a pet, because I haven’t exactly told anyone about Lula yet. They’d just think I was crazy, which I probably am anyway.
    Lula’s my dragon. I found her in the forest.
    Sound crazy yet?
    So anyway, I was walking in the forest behind my house a while ago, violin under my arm. Yes, I was walking into the forest with a violin. Don’t judge me. And anyway, it wasn’t my violin; it was my mother’s, given to me when she passed away.
    After a while of walking, I reached my favorite place: the creek. The water trickled over stone, over moss as I reached the Tree.
    The Tree is my mother’s Tree, really. It’s an ancient weeping willow, its boughs touching the creek and its leaves rustling in the wind. I crossed the creek, careful of the slippery rocks as I clutched my violin.
    When I reached the Tree, I touched its bark and pressed my forehead against its trunk, leaning into it. “Hi, Mom,” I said, my eyes filling up with tears even after the five long years she’d been gone.
    I had let myself indulge in memories of her before turning to my violin. I always play the best in that place, where I remember Mum and her violin clearly. So that day, I dredged an old piece up from my head: Minuet by Boccherini. I remember my mother loved the classical style especially.
    I was in the middle of the second section when I heard a funny whistling sound from behind me. I ignored it at first, then when it finally got too annoying I had turned around, and there was Lula.
    She was, as I already mentioned, a dragon. She’s bright purple with shimmery scales and small, leathery wings. Lula’s actually pretty tiny, maybe about half a metre long. And man, she moves fast! But the first time I met her, she just stared at me, then darted behind a rock when I stopped playing.
    Now, at this point I was intrigued, so I looked behind the rock, only to see a little dragon slip away from view. Angry, I looked for ten minutes for the thing I had seen, then went back to the Minuet. When I almost had finished, I heard the whistling noise again and turned around to see Lula perched in the Tree, smoke whistling from her snout. I kept playing, and moved toward her. She didn’t move.
    I stopped, tentatively reaching my bow out to her. She flinched back a bit, then climbed onto it and was atop my head in a split second. I laughed at the feeling of her feet, then began one of my current pieces.
    The dragon on my curls began to whistle again, the sound which I had then known as steam. Suddenly, a snap occurred from the dragon and I felt hot, so I panicked and threw my head back, Lula with it.
    She was burning, but her fire was pink and (thankfully) didn’t seem to be caught on me. Strangely enough, she wasn’t burning the grass or bushes around her. I had stopped playing, obviously, so the dragon tried to scramble and ended up pitching herself in the creek.
    I remember laughing as I watched her reaction; first she slid into the water, her body hissing as the flames made contact, then she swam in circles for a frantic second, flailing until she made it onto the rocks, then looked at me.
    Setting down my violin on a nearby (dry) rock, I touched the sopping wet dragon. She shied away from my touch at first, then let out a curious purring noise and slithered quickly right into my lap.
    I noticed that her right wing was slightly charred and bent. -Maybe that’s why I haven’t seen her flying- I thought.
    Many days by that creek I’ve spent with Lula, thinking up names for her, making up a new explanation every time I came home with burns in my light curls, or my front soaked, or my arm covered in scratches from Lula’s claws. We played; I built her a little house up in the Tree. She didn’t grow any bigger than her small size, which was great because I don’t know how I would have dealt with a full grown dragon. We kept playing violin together- I played and she whistled. It seemed the more she liked the song, the more likely she was to catch on fire, so I placed her in the water. She grew to like it, after she saw that the water wasn’t an evil beast and wouldn’t eat her.
    One day, a couple months after I first met Lula, my violin was singing out a Tchaikovsky piece my mother loved even more than the Minuet. Lula was doused in pink flames, which kept reappearing when she popped up from the water.
    I stopped playing and picked up Lula from the water, her happily wriggling in my arms. I climbed the Tree with her on my head, nested there contentedly. I put her in her house-nest, and she scrambled up the walls and latched onto the ceiling, making me laugh.
    Faintly, growing louder, I could hear the same Tchaikovsky piece I was just playing, coming from somewhere beneath me. The music solidified, the notes becoming louder and clearer. Lula started whistling, and I snatched her out of the Tree before she could catch it on fire.
    We- me descending the tree and Lula on my shoulder- got to the ground and there sat a woman, playing my violin. She had long strawberry-blonde hair and a beautiful lavender dress, a silver wedding ring on her finger, her hair tied up with a pink ribbon.
    My breath left my body.
    It couldn’t be.
    The word just barely escaped my lips.
    The woman put down my violin, and Lula raced off my shoulder and settled on her head, purred contentedly, and slowly… faded. Just like that. Lula, my best friend for the past two months, was just… gone.
    But the woman… she looked so much like Mum… could I dare hope…?
    “Elody!” exclaimed the woman- it was Mum!-, opening her arms wide. I rushed straight into them, my heart overflowing with warmth and love. She stroked my hair, telling me how much she missed me, how much she loved me, and I hugged her and hugged her as I cried into her dress.
    Finally I pulled away and looked into her face. Her dress was the exact shade of Lula. A thought struck me. “Were you Lula, Mum?” I asked her.
    She smiled- oh, how I love that smile! how I miss it so!- and responded, “Yes, Elody my love, the only way I could be with you.”
    Mum’s voice was melodious and wonderful to my ears, and my tears rushed forth again as I hugged her and gazed into her brown eyes. “Mum, I love you,” I told her. Nothing could be more true.
    “I love you, too, Elody,” she responded softly, her voice fading away. I felt my arms fall, and I was hugging myself, crying bittersweet tears, Mum but a memory on the wind.

    1. This is a wonderful and emotional story! I love how you used a dragon as your pet and the ending was also truly amazing! It all felt so magical and heartwarming!

  13. I love your story, Astrophysics.

    I only ever had one pet, when I was really young. It was killed very soon after I got it, too. . But the sheep I owned was the best and I have never again asked for a pet or gotten one, because I don’t wish to change my memories for her. If I got a new pet, I I’d have to love it, which I think would be unfair to my sheep.

    1. Wow, you guys get some really interesting, unusual and adventuruous pets. Where do you guys live and do any of you live on like farms, have lots of land or have rekations to pwning a lot of animals?? Sorry that probably sounds a bit weird but just windering? I live in London so definitely couold not fit a sheep in my back gardne. Also, sorrry about the sheep, howveer dont feel scared to have another pet. I know it can be really painful and emotional, but if those memories are true and happy, then they will stay with you for the rest of your life!!!

      1. I am Irish but I live in the north of Italy by a very warm and beautiful lake called “lake Garda”!
        In the north of Italy in the countryside (Where I am) there are loads of fields, olive groves, vineyards and big gardens so I have quite a lot of space for animals and I also live next door to a horse (The owners and the horse)!
        I have visited London and it is a beautiful place.

        Alice x

        1. Wow, that is sooo cool!!! My mum is Irish and my dad is from Hong Kong. Italy is beautiful! Do you attend an international school then or have u learnt italian?

      2. And you don’t have to be afraid to have a new pet, because there are animals out there you want and need your love and the memory of your dear first pet will always be with you!

        After my cat died I got two big fluffy guinea pigs and I have now had them for a year and a bit and they really helped me heal the “Wound/Sadness” that I felt over the loss!

        Alice xx

      3. I live in America, actually. I have two dogs, one is a puppy. We got the puppy two days ago but he is WAY too wild so we’re going to give him back to the shelter. My other dog is near 14 and he’s very mellow.

        Elly, when you said Glasgow, I thought of Glasgow, Kentucky in the US (which is where I have family) but then I figured you meant Glasgow in Scotland ?

        1. Wow, it is amazing that this blog has brought people from all over the world. We may live in such different places but we can still relate and share a love of reading. Yeah, Astrophysics, it can be really confusing when you have two places that have the smae or simlar names that are literally from differet sides of the world. Like I was learning about the Industrial Revolution and there was this place in London called Soho, and isnt there a place in the US called Soho? I actually dont know my geography is not the best!

  14. Hi everyone, I hope you like my story. It’s about an Egyptian pack horse who is forced to work in the Pyramids in the sweltering heat.

    Jackoo’s story
    There is no let off in this work. After a day’s work no one comes and says ‘Hi go have a rest. I will take over’. No. Instead we drag in parcels of sometimes heavy things into the Pyramids. If we are slow we are beaten. When we get so old and decripit we can’t work we are sold for meat.
    Our time off is when the men have had enough for the day. We are shoved into dark stalls, with sweat marks clinging to our hair.
    Along the stall there arechundreds of us. Some young, yet faltering. Others so old they can hardly stand. There are flashier horses, once used for European racing but when they were injured sent over here. There are true Egyptian horses, bred for this work. There are many a mule and hinney. All of us are underfed, only being allowed to eat bits of shrubs on passing. All of us have whelts where the men have hit us obviously wanting to get home to their wives who never seem to work with the men. Midge bites and galls reach up our legs and eyes. We are saddened.
    You may wonder what my story is. I was used as a ladies horse belonging to a rich English woman. I was such a beauty then, as was she. Then she lost her money and I had to be sold.

    Georgie’s story
    Coming here was a bad idea, my mother had said. But I am fifteen and can make my own choices. I wanted to see the pack horses and help them. Despite my mother’s earlier fear she comes too.
    ‘Here, this is it,’ I whisper.
    ‘Surely it’s breaking and entering. Perhaps we should…’ But I was already walking in. There were horses of every colour. Some well bred, some not. But what strikes me is that they are all thin and weary. And sick. Very sick. My eyes fall on a chesnut gelding. His coat is faded and dreary but he is positively beautiful. I move towards him.
    ‘What are you doing’, says a man. I feel mother shivering.
    ‘I wish to buy this horse,’ I say.
    ‘But Georgie…’

    Jackoo’s story
    The girls comes towards me.
    ‘You’re mine now’ she says. In my head I think about the others. As if she could read me she says; ‘Don’t worry. We’ll come back for them.’

    Yours Annie

    1. This is heart-warming Annie!
      It is so beautiful and I absolutely love how you divided it into George’s story and Jackoo’s story!
      Alice x

    2. That story is so beautiful and subtle Annie. You are so creative and this description is amazing. I can’t wait for when Robin sends anther prompt so I can read your new story.

  15. Wow this is a wonderful prompt! I actually have a dog and some fish so I might write about them but I’m not sure. I might not be able to post a story as I need to catch up on some work but hopefully I will. I have loved everyone’s stories so far and I will try post some feedback for all of them 🙂
    It’s also my birthday on Thursday, yay!

    Savannah xx

  16. This is a true story of my cat!

    ‘’Want to get a cat?’’ My dad asked as we walked hand in hand down the road with my twin along side me. My heart thumped in my chest. ‘’What? Are you serious?!?!’’ I cried, ‘’Of course!’’ We were getting a cat! A cat that I had begged for for years and years on end. A cat who would be with me for life! Well, that’s what I thought…
    The cat we were getting was originally called Sheer Khan, I know, an unusual name, but my mom couldn’t put up with calling ‘’Sheer Khan!’’ to get him inside at night. So, on the way to pick him up we all sat in the back of my dad’s old, rickety rackety cab and debated on the perfect name for our new kitten. ‘’Call him Mr Sprinkles!’’ My twin joked as she waved her hands in the air. ‘’That’s just a stupid name!’’ I laughed as my mind whizzed around with names for this lucky kitty. He’d be staying with us for life so we had to give him a name we could cope with and not a silly one like Fluffy or Sweetie Pie like all those cheesey names. ‘’What about Zeus?’’ My eldest sister, the really clever one, asked, ‘’We would treat him like a god at home!’’ Everyone agreed so that was that. We’d call him Zeus!
    As I hopped out the cab I gazed at the house that Zeus was in. My dream was coming to life. I’d finally get a cat! Butterflies swirled around me like a washing machine as I stepped inside. The man greeted us with a friendly grin on his face. The room we had entered had two plush, brown sofas and the wallpaper, which covered the chimney breast, was beige. Excitedly, we all huddled together sitting down on the sofas eager to see our soon-to-be Zeus! ‘’Shhh! Calm down!’’ My dad whispered. ‘’Calm down? How can I calm down when my dream is coming to life?’’ I answered with a smile from ear to ear. ‘’Here is Zeus!’’ The man said as he entered the room. I gasped. Cradled in his arms was a GORGEOUS and I mean GORGEOUS cat. His coffee-coloured fur looked as though it was made of luxurious, expensive silk and his markings were symmetrical on either side which I found so unique and special. ‘’Would you like to hold him?’’ The man asked. I nodded my head vigorously as I gathered him up in my shaking arms. I gazed down at him as thoughts of us playing together outside and cuddling up at night rushed around. My hair dangled from my face covering my eyes, which was good because I didn’t want anyone to see I was crying. That was the perfect opportunity for Zeus to start playing with my hair. I giggled quietly as I gently stroked his lush fur. ‘’That’s sorted!‘’ Dad announced ‘’We are taking Zeus home!‘’

    1. Oh Medina, this is such a touching story, I think it is really special that you decided to write about the story of you own cat!
      It nearly made me cry, because I still remember the day, six years ago that my little kitten turned up on my doorstep, though my cat is now very sadly dead, the memory will always live and that is why it is so important to write down these memories and keep them for ever!
      I loved your story and if there is a part two, it would be great to read it!
      Alice x

    2. So sweet! i love your story Medina the description about how you felt as you brought your cat is so good. You are definitely a future novel writer.

    3. Oh wow this is beautiful and I enjoyed every word! I truly loved this 🙂 you are such a talented writer!

      Savannah xx

  17. This is my story. Hope that you like it!

    Did you know that the word pet as a noun means: a domestic or tamed animal kept for companionship or pleasure or as an adjective: to stroke or pat (an animal) affectionately.

    Pets. To be a pet. I will never know what it feels like to be one.

    My name is Brett and I am a dog. A cocker spaniel to be exact. I’m 4 years old (in dog years) and I have never in all my years of living known what it is to have a home and a family who support you. I have lived in an animal shelter called Colby’s Mockingjay Animal Shelter all my life and I have watched countless animals leave while I stay. I stay – but not out of choice. Another visitor is coming today Hope has deserted me and now as I settle down for a hopeless night’s rest… Wait. What is that girl doing outside my cage?

    “I like this one mummy.” I hear her cry as she points at…me?! Me!
    “Eliza, are you sure? If you ask me he looks a bit ugly.”

    Thanks old lady. You know, you are not too pretty yourself.

    “I’m sure.”
    “Ok well at least meet him first.” The old insulting lady says as a volunteer comes forward to open my cage.

    I bound right out and leap over to the little girl and start jumping up on her as she squeals with laughter.
    “I want this one mummy… Ow!”

    As I was jumping up on her, her finger caught my teeth. Consequently, I accidentally bit her.

    I watch in total despair as she leaves with a cream cat in her arms, content and laughing. All I bring is sadness.

    “Dad, this one seems sad.”

    No one one wants me.

    “I don’t think anyone wants him.”

    I wish that someone would want me.

    “I want him.”

    Did I just hear that correctly? Does someone want me? Me? The dog who bit that annoying rich girl Eliza? Have they lost their minds? No one wants me. No one.

    And yet this girl seems too.

    “Beth? Are you sure? Having a dog is a big responsibility.”
    “I know but look at him. He seems so lonely – just like me.”
    “You aren’t lonely.”
    “But, Dad, I will be when we get to London. Please Dad? He is perfect”
    Perfect. I’ve never been called perfect before.

    I have a home now. A family who loves me. My new home is a simple home in London – but it represents love and family. In this new home lives my new owner Beth, her older sister Donna and her Father. I go on walks most days and I sleep at Beth’s feet at night. Not long after Beth started her new school she met a girl called Lily who has a dog called Smithers. Now I have two human best friends and one dog best friend. I’m happy here. I never want to live anywhere else.

    Finally, after all this time, I’m a pet. I belong.

    1. This is so cool! I love the way you’ve used the prompt pet and made a story in the life of a pet! Creative!

          1. Oh wow I just read it Mockingjay because Hunger Games is just something I’ve read a bunch and gotten used to, but that’s so cool!

    2. This story is well written, and the ending was so happy! I loved that you told it from the pet’s point of view!

    3. This is beautiful! It’s so sad that sometimes animals stay at shelters for so long! My mom once had a black cat that had been at a shelter for more than nine months!

  18. A cat’s diary from the time of the lockdown.

    30th June 2020
    Odd. My humans have not left the house for a very long time. Pity. They make so much noise that it is nearly impossible for me to get my well-deserved sleep. Although I’m finally getting an adequate amount of treats.

    1st July 2020
    A long time ago, the humans built a nice glass house for me to sleep in. We had a foolproof system. The door was opened for me in the morning and, having done that, they then drove off in those uncouth machines. Inside the greenhouse, they put some trays in which I can curl up, and lots of brown, crumbly stuff which traps the heat marvelously. There’s even a nice bucket of water for me to drink out of. Really, as humans go, they’re not all bad!
    Unfortunately, the woman harbours a delusion that the glass house is hers. She uses my nice comfortable trays to plant seeds in, and recently has taken to evicting me from the glass house altogether. Today she even had the nerve to tip me off my tray! The cheek! She spoiled my lovely dream of mice and rats and rabbits and fish.

    2nd July 2020
    I had quite a delicious lunch today. Freshly caught mouse, what a treat! It’s always so much more exciting when your meal tries to escape. And it’s such fun to play cat-and-mouse with it! (What an intriguing name that is! I wonder how they came up with it?) Now that I’ve finished my lunch, I’ll have a lovely long sleep.
    So, what’s for dinner?

    3rd July 2020
    Today, I caught a rat. I left it by the side of the river as I had no further use for it. Rats are quite indigestible, don’t you find? And they always put up such a fight. Such audacity! Can’t they see it’s better merely to give in? Don’t they recognise that cats are far superior to simple rodents?
    That’s why a mouse is preferable for your evening meal. Less stress, less fuss and much less toughness of the skin.

    4th July 2020
    There has been an extraordinary dearth of visitors to the humans’ house recently. Most peculiar, in my opinion. But I’m not complaining. It’s much more peaceful without humans rumbling in and out in those huge, noisy machines. At least I can sleep behind the flowerpot now.

    5th July 2020
    The people across the road have got a new dog. If it tries to come into my garden, it’ll have me to deal with! As dogs go, it’s not that bad. It doesn’t bark too much and so far, it has not disturbed my sleep. Unlike the other neighbour’s dog. It barks constantly at non-existent rabbits and keeps me awake during the day. Dogs are such silly creatures, aren’t they? Far inferior to cats. As the old saying goes, “Better any cat than a capable dog.”

    6th July 2020
    Heard the humans talking about me having fleas. Me? With fleas? Really! But if I do, I know where I got them. Did you ever see that tatty old coat the humans wear when they’re gardening? Such ragged, dirty old things. And on that subject, they haven’t cleaned my basket in weeks. No consideration whatsoever for my welfare.

    7th July 2020
    I was up bright and early at Prime Prowling Time today. I skulked through the hills and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. I then returned to my garden in pursuit of breakfast. Just as I was about to pounce on a rather juicy mouse, the humans thundered outside. While I was distracted, the impudent mouse decided to escape. Having thoroughly upset my morning, the humans proceeded to sit calmly on a bench and look at the moon. Silly humans. Don’t they know the moon is there every night? But I suppose, being humans, they’ve never bothered to look at it before. Unobservant bipeds. I deigned to visit them on their bench as they gaped at the moon. Never again. I was abruptly evicted from the comfy blanket on the bench by no less than the young one. Has she never heard of respect for one’s betters?
    For some absurd reason, they then began to marvel at a crowd of idiotic birds singing at the top of their voices. Show-offs. You never see a cat showing off. We’re far too polite and well-mannered to indulge in a bit of showing-off. There’s no point in it either. Everyone knows how magnificent we are already.
    The humans then sauntered into the house and didn’t reappear until ten o’clock, even though I miaowed most piteously at the window. Huh! They even ate their breakfast in front of me. Well, I am not going near them again even if….
    Hang on, is that chicken I smell?

    1. It’s so cool how you wrote this from a cat’s perspective! I loved the cat’s haughtiness, the story was well-written and it made me laugh.

  19. Wow i love your story! It is so cool that its the dog who is writing it! Really funny too! If got a pet i would defiantly choose Bert. i want to read the next part of the story when the girl takes the dog please!

    Here is my story hope you like it! Comments will be appreciated.

    “Get it out now,” Cried Mary backing away so she hit the wall.
    “Why,” I asked stroking the goat on the head. Suddenly Mary started to recap every thing that had just happened to us witch i found rather annoying.
    “Mum said to by a pet, so we bought a hamster. The hamster had sugar rush and ran away so we asked for a refund. The lady at the pet shop would not give us one, so mum felt sorry for us and gave us 10 pounds to by another pet. AND YOU BUY A GOAT! WHEN MUM GETS BACK SHE WILL KILL YOU SHE IS ALLERGIC TO GOATS! IF WE CAN’T LOOK AFTER A HAMSTER WILL A GOAT BE ANY DIFFERENT?”
    “She did say any animal we want Mary. Stop worrying as long as she is not here we are fine,” I muttered stroking the goats head who purred like a rather small cat. KNOCK! The door gave a mighty shake. Mum was here. Maybe getting a goat was a bad idea. I looked at Mary who started to throw some clothes on the goat.
    “Pretend he is dad and dress him up in dads clothes,” I heard Mary say. click! Mum opened the door. Luckly for us i had dressed the goat up like dad. I could tell this would be funny but still did not under stand why Mary would not let me show mum the goat. Mum might like it.
    “Morning dears did you get another pet with the money i bought you,” she asked.
    “No mum,” lied Mary. “they were eeeeer sold out.”
    “I see oh and there is my little sweet heart husband.” Mum lunged at the goat [who was in a disguise as dad.] yes I thought. Mum was fooled. Then I saw mum bend over giving the goat [dad] a big slobbery kiss. I winced before nearly bursting out laughing but Mary stabbed me in the ribs with her finger before I had a chance.
    “We have homework so we will go do that,” she said and grabbed me before shouting.”That goat has got to go. what happens when dad really comes home. mum will have us by are necks.”
    “Oh fine bossy we will get the goat away,” I said. Of course i was not really meaning it. The fun had just began.

      1. Thanks Sasha?! I am glad you thought the story was funny as that’s what I was trying to make the story be like! [sorry, I might of clicked the send button twice so there are two copies of this story. woops!]

      1. Thanks Robin for commenting on my story!!!!!!!!!! It means the world to me ?! I’m so happy you like it and you have no idea how special this moment is for me. I’ am a big fan of murder most unladylike and am so pleased you like my story!??????????????????????.

  20. This is my fiction story:
    My dog is called Izzy. Her story is amazing. She was a rescue dog who was scarred saving others. This is her story. Izzy worked in India. One day there was an earthquake. She was sent out to look for survivors with 20 other dogs. She went out and sat next to a fallen building and howled. No matter how much they tried to pull her away she wouldn’t leave. She sat there day and night and dug. She wouldn’t stop. Eventually she unearthed a hand. She dug and dug, even more than she had before. The rescuers went to her and saw the hand. They dug and dug until an arm emerged, then part of a body. Izzy gently nibbled at the arm and it twitched. They managed to unearth a person. The person was rushed to hospital and was pronounced alive, just. Izzy was a hero. Staying at the person’s side until they were found had saved their life. She was amazing.

    1. I also love red pandas and all sorts of exotic and cool animals like orcas and koalas but my I will always love cats a tiny bit more than the rest because my first pet was a cat and I loved him so much!
      Alice x

      P.S. I kind of love all animals but in different ways…

    2. Hi Grace. My favorite types of animals are cats, ferrets, hummingbirds, and any endangered animals. Oh, humans are pretty nice too (??).

    3. Oh man, that’s hard. I love wolves, snow leopards, and dragons. My sister is obsessed with penguins and is convinced she needs one as a pet. (Not happening anytime soon though.)

  21. Wow all of your pet stories are great. Here is my pet story its called the dog and the girl. Please comment I will read it. Hope you enjoy my story!

    CRASH! Like a sowing bird of prey the firework spread out its wings across the night sky before giving a loud BANG! I looked up and saw it bursting into thousands of smithereens that flew across the sky before dispersing like magic. The night suddenly fell silent. I new the next firework was soon to come but what colour it would be was a mystery. I was still rubbing my eyes ,so they fluttered like butterfly wings, after seeing the light of firework. SLASH! Tow of them cut the sky like a knife through butter. Sadly I did not notice the small dog next to me as I was so dazzled be the fireworks. To dogs a firework is an earthquake and this storm of them is very dangerous for a small puppy . Finlay I saw the dog when it nudged my knee. I watched as it winced when the next firework shot in the sky and new at once that out here alone on bonfire night for a dog is not good. I picked him up and tried to find shelter so it could hide from the fireworks. CRASH! The next one was a big one and the dog nearly jumped of my clutch in fright but I grabbed before it had a chance.

    I saved that dogs life that night. We found its owner and brought it there, but it still visits us sometimes. And one day I’am shore he will save my life to to repay the favour. But I never had a better friend then that dog and never will.

  22. Pets are amazing and bring you so much joy! I have two fluffy rabbits who seem to understand my every emotion! This is my story!

    “Barley is the fastest horse… EVER!” Said Thomas as I rode up to Sunny Stables. He said this every time he had watched me ride Barley. “I know,” I whispered, bending down into Barley’s mane, “I know.”

    I had the pleasure of riding Barley. Each ride was more wonderful than the one before it. Sometimes I would ride early in the morning when the dew on the blades of grass were turned gold by the rays of the sun with the smell of the fresh morning air running through my nose. Sometimes, I would ride in the day when all of the animals and creatures where out and the wind scuttled softly through the trees. Sometimes, I would ride in the evening when the sun made the sky a dashing scarlet. Thomas would always watch me leave and come back. Unless it was at night that is. At night, when I couldn’t sleep, I would climb out of my window and sneak into the stables. I would ride Barley down by the waves at the beach and whisper all of my problems into his ear. Barley’s favourite place to be was down by the ocean and by the waves.

    Barley meant so much to Thomas and I. He was the only thing keeping us both happy after Dad’s death; a thing not even our cruel mother could do. Thomas was my twin brother. We were both 14years old. However people said that, even though he was 14, Thomas had a very young brain because he found it hard to learn things. Because of this, mum said it was strictly forbidden for Thomas to ride Barley. I didn’t see how this made sense. Thomas didn’t seem to mind thought, he still loved Barley with all his heart.

    And then one awful day Barley caught a very bad case of Colic and died. We were left heartbroken.

    “I think Barley is there,” said Thomas, a couple of weeks after Barley’s death. We were having ice cream on the chilly winter’s day at the beach. Cold droplets of ocean water carried by the wind licked our faces. My hair was flying around wildly, like it had a mind of its own. Thomas was pointing to the waves that crashed against the beach. “Look Chloe! They are tiny white horses galloping against the sand. Barley was a beautiful white horse wasn’t he Chloe?” I nodded, a small tear drifting down my cheek. “Barley is in the waves Chloe! He’s in the waves!” Thomas waved at the waves that rolled across the sand. I saw his point. They were white horses.

    We got home that day to our mother in an angry mood. She was yelling and ranting about something. When we snuck into the house, the door closed behind us with a terrible screech. I almost yelled at it for giving us away. Mother looked up to see who it was. “Where have you two been?” She yelled, stomping over to us. Before I could say anything, Thomas said, “We went to see Barley at the sea side!” My mother’s face turned from angry to furious. “Telling Lies! That stupid horse of yours is dead! Now go to your room you idiotic child!” My face went red and I squeezed my knuckles tightly. “He isn’t telling lies mum! You know Thomas he would never lie!” She snapped her head around to look at me. “Both of you go up to your rooms and stay there until morning!”
    “But…” Thomas began. He stopped and ran to his room when mother raised her hand.

    The next day I work up to mother yelling again. She ran into my room. Tears flooded in her eyes. “Thomas is gone,” she was shaking. I jumped out of bed and rapped up in warm clothes. ‘It’s so cold out there’ I thought, ‘Oh no.’

    My whole sea side village went looking for Thomas. I helped the search. All mother could do was cry. I searched every one of Thomas’s favourite places. When I got to the beach where Thomas had pointed out the white horses, I saw a small commotion of searchers gathered around something. I ran to see what was happening. My heart thumped loudly in my chest and I couldn’t see through my cold tears and my hair (which was flying around everywhere). That’s when I saw Thomas lying on the floor. “Thomas!” I cried running over to him, “THOMAS!” I joined the circle of people. A searcher put their hand on my shoulder. “It’s ok! It’s a miracle! He fell into the ocean in the early hours of this cold, cold morning. But he’s ok! An ambulance will have to take him to hospital for checkups though!”

    After that day I asked Thomas how he had survived unscathed. All he said was, “It was Barley, Barley carried me home.”

    1. I don’t know what to say. It’s amazing. Please write a part 2! I literally cried when Barley died but I want to know how he carried Thomas home! It’s such a good story! Keep writing Sasha! I hope to be a writer as good as you one day!

      1. Thank you so much Xydel! I’m really glad you liked that part! It was my favourite bit of the story to imagine! ?

  23. This is heartbreaking and a mesmerising story!
    It is truly stunning !
    You are a really talented writer and I love reading all your stories!
    Alice x

      1. Aww! Thank you so much Alice! I’m really glad you love my stories! I’ve read some of your stories and they are truly amazing!

          1. Here is mine.
            Violet knew what had to be done. This should and will be easy, the girl told herself. All she had to do was unwrap her parent’s surprise ‘present’. Then it would all be over. Unlike most children, who love getting things from their parents, Violet hated it. This was mostly because of the stuff they gave her. Last year, when Violet turned 11 she had been given a bomb. That had been her present since she was 3. So, terrified of what her mum and dad would give her as tore open the paper. Inside was a kitten!

            Violet is now 16 and has loved her cat for the four years that she has owed it. The girl loves the cat and hopes they can stay together for a long time to come.

  24. Hello Robin,

    This is just a suggestion for a future writing prompt. I haven’t posted my stories here, but I have immensely enjoyed your Monday Writing Prompts. Maybe a future prompt could be natural disasters? We have been learning about them at school, and I have so many great ideas for stories. I am so excited for Death Sets Sail, and pre ordered it a few months ago. I am also excited for your announcement!

    Thank you,

  25. Wow the pet stories are great today! This morning all I have been doing is reading them. I was wondering if any one had wrote a story about a made up pet that is not a real animal as I would like to read about that. Have you seen or written one today on the prompt?

  26. Here is mine.
    Violet knew what had to be done. This should and will be easy, the girl told herself. All she had to do was unwrap her parent’s surprise ‘present’. Then it would all be over. Unlike most children, who love getting things from their parents, Violet hated it. This was mostly because of the stuff they gave her. Last year, when Violet turned 11 she had been given a bomb. That had been her present since she was 3. So, terrified of what her mum and dad would give her as tore open the paper. Inside was a kitten!

    Violet is now 16 and has loved her cat for the four years that she has owed it. The girl loves the cat and hopes they can stay together for a long time to come.

  27. Here is my story
    Walking is a lot harder than I thought! It is getting easier though! Plus, mummy is going to give me and my five other siblings a lesson on how to stay away from poachers. I find poachers super scary, but mummy’s lessons are super boring! I prefer staying around the oasis and squirting water with my trunck. Mummy and me have decided to go for a walk. My brothers and sisters are also coming. I ran out in the open Savannah but mummy tried to stop me. What happened next was entirely my fault. A bullet shot at me and mummy shreiked. She ran out in front of me and took the hit. Then crumbled to the ground. Us six whined and were heard by some anti-poaching people. We were all taken to a place called an animal sanctuary. Mummy had to go to a surgeon’s place. She just barely(but did) recovered. The poachers were then arrested. The family who ran the sanctuary had a six year old daughter who loves all the elephants their. That is the story of how me and my family joined a huge family and became pets. Because of what we had been through, none of us were let out to the wild again. I am very happy about that!

  28. A cat’s diary entries:

    1st July 2020
    Long ago, my humans built a glass house for me to sleep in. We had a foolproof system. The door was opened for me in the morning, before the humans drove off in those uncouth machines. Inside the greenhouse, they put trays in which I can curl up, and lots of brown, crumbly stuff which traps the heat marvelously. There’s even a bucket of water for me to drink out of. As humans go, they’re not bad!
    Unfortunately, the woman harbours a delusion that the glass house is hers. She uses my comfortable trays to plant seeds in, and today she evicted me from the glass house altogether. The cheek!

    2nd July 2020
    I had quite a delicious lunch today. Freshly caught mouse, what a treat! It’s always so much more exciting when your meal tries to escape. And it’s such fun to play cat-and-mouse with it! (What an intriguing name that is! I wonder how they came up with it?) Now to catch my dinner!

    3rd July 2020
    I caught a rat. I left it by the side of the river as I had no further use for it. Rats are quite indigestible, don’t you find? And they always put up such a fight. Such audacity! Don’t they recognise that cats are far superior to simple rodents?
    That’s why a mouse is preferable for your evening meal. Less stress, less fuss and much less toughness of the skin.

    5th July 2020
    The people across the road have acquired a dog. If it comes into my garden, it’ll have me to deal with! The foolish thing barks constantly at non-existent rabbits and keeps me awake during the day. Dogs are such silly creatures. Far inferior to cats. As the old saying goes, “Better any cat than a capable dog.”

    7th July 2020
    I arose at Prime Prowling Time today. I skulked through the hills and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. I returned to my garden in pursuit of breakfast. Just as I was about to pounce on a rather juicy mouse, the humans thundered outside. While I was distracted, the impudent mouse decided to escape. Having thoroughly upset my morning, the humans proceeded to sit down and look at the moon. Silly humans. Don’t they know the moon is there every night? But I suppose, being humans, they’ve never bothered to look at it before. Unobservant bipeds. I deigned to visit them on their bench as they gaped at the moon. Never again. I was abruptly evicted from the comfy blanket on the bench. Have they never heard of respect for one’s betters?
    For some absurd reason, they then began to marvel at a crowd of idiotic birds singing at the top of their voices. Show-offs. You never see a cat showing off. We’re far too polite and well-mannered to indulge in a bit of showing-off. There’s no point in it either. Everyone knows we’re magnificent.

  29. What sorts of pets does everyone have? I love cats ? and dogs ? and basically anything fluffy that you can stroke. Sadly I don’t have a pet ?.

    1. I had a cat and noe I have a ginger white and black Guinea pig and a black brown and white one, the are really cuddly and really fluffy!
      P.S. they are also quite chubby ???

        1. Hmmmm.. let me guess… is Midnight ginger? I’m joking! She’s brown! No she’s black. I love your cats names! So cute. Warrior for the murderer cat Warrior is. xD

    2. Hi Amelie May. I absolutely adore cats. I have two 6-week-old cats and they are the cutest things I see all day! I basically like anything you can pet like cats and bunnies too.

    3. I have a dog who’s a Labrador retriever-german shepard mix. He’s the cutest dog every (my personal opinion, haha) and I want to get a cat except I’m allergic.

  30. If you could have any pet what would it be cause if I could have any pet it would be a octopus for my brother! ? And hippo of course for me?. [Could not find a hippo emoji].

  31. I loved all of your stories, you are all such talented writers!
    If any of you get sad easily I am really sorry because this is a heartbreaking story!
    Also it might be a little more than 500 words, sorry!

    Hope you like it:

    I own…I owned a sweet little black and white cat that was always snuggling next to me or licking me or nestling his smooth furry head into me, I loved him beyond compare, I loved him to the moon and back, I loved him for ever and ever…
    If any of you get sad easily I am really sorry because this is a heartbreaking story!
    Also it might be a little more than 500 words, sorry!

    My beautiful cat has been missing for three days now and we have been searching frantically for three days now without any luck, until on a sunny Tuesday afternoon.
    I stepped out of the school bus and breathed in the fresh air hoping that today would be my lucky day. I walked down the gravel drive way with my fingers crossed in my coat pocket and rang the doorbell. My mother came to open it and I asked the question that I had been asking since he had been missing:
    “Is he back ?”
    My mother wore a sad but happy smile on her face and looked at me sweetly!
    I knew straight away what it meant, I stepped into the kitchen and to my amazement and to my relief, my small sweet cat was sleeping in his box in front of me!
    I nearly screamed with happiness that he was all right, when my mother put her finger to her lips. I stared at her bewildered when I suddenly stopped dead, there was a noise: a groaning, crying noise. I turned around and my cat was out his box dragging himself along the floor, I suddenly noticed for the first time that my cat was gravely injured!
    One of his legs was completely broken and there were chunks of skin missing, I started sobbing so hard when I realised that the other leg was dislocated, the bone of the leg had popped right out of Its socket.
    My mother and I tried to calm our cat down, who at this very moment was wailing on the floor looking at us with watery yellow eyes, we brought him back to his box and settled him down on a red and green cushion.
    Then we called the vet and booked an emergency appointment for that very afternoon
    The vet told us that we would have to take our cat back the next day because it would take a lot of time for him to treat the wounds so we settled him down in a little bed under the table and went to sleep, when we woke up in the morning we found him scratching and lying about on our bread bin and found out it was because he didn’t want to live, he just couldn’t be comfortable!
    That same afternoon we brought him back to the vet and the vet cleaned my cats wounds, then he bandaged one of my cats legs, after that visit I found out something…something terribly scary and sad:
    The vet said that one of the cats legs was too damaged and that he would have to amputate* it!
    That night, just like the night before, I sat down on the hard marble floor of my kitchen and softly hummed a song called: “Every little thing is going to be all right” It was as if my cat was listening to me because he stopped crying and lay his head down on his cushioned bed and slowly, still sobbing, he settled down!

    The next day I came home from school and surprisingly found my dad waiting for me by the door instead of my mum, a silent tear caught in the corner of his left eye, he was holding my sister’s hand and was looking very concerned and very sympathetic.
    We all stood silently in the doorway waiting for someone to speak, when my dad’s phone started ringing, it was my mum, I could hear her voice but I could’t understand what she was saying!
    My dad put down the phone and faced us…he was crying!
    And when my dad spoke, I couldn’t understand anything, I didn’t want to understand and I didn’t want to believe but the words had been said plain and clear:
    “Mummy is coming home with Cacci…to say our last goodbyes”

    Suddenly big fat tears were rolling down my cheek and they didn’t stop, they just got worse and worse and worse when I ran outside and screamed at the top of my lungs.
    I screamed and screamed and screamed!
    Then our car pulled up and out stepped my mother and my sweet little cat!
    I looked at him silently and lovingly hoping that he would look back. He did and in that split second I knew that our bond was unbreakable and that we would love each other even after death and life.
    We brought him into the kitchen and very gently lifted him out of his cat basket and wrapped him in a blue towel. First my sister, she took him in her arms fighting back tears as she did so, she hugged him and told him that she loved him so much. My father then took him and cuddled him like he never had before and said his farewell. My mother picked him up and looked at him in his bright yellow eyes then hugged him close.
    Lastly I took Cacci and hugged him more lovingly than I had ever hugged anything before. I kissed him of his sweet little pink nose and told him I loved him beyond compare for ever and ever and ever…
    Then the last words, almost whispers seeped out of my mouth:
    “Goodbye Cacci, Oh my sweet, sweet Cacci”
    My mother and I went to the vet, we were bringing him to be put down.
    A few hours before, the vet had told my mother that our cat was depressed and didn’t want to eat or drink, he also said that our cat’s two back legs were terribly wounded and that our cat might have survived with one damaged leg, but not with two. All our cat really wanted, was to just go to sleep, drift away peacefully and leave all of this behind him. It was all just too painful for him, and I finally understood why some people choose death over living in pain!
    As we were stepping into the vets emergency room, I saw various signs of missing pets and animals and of people selling puppy’s and cats…

The man took the cat basket and before I could stop myself, I said:
    “Can I please stay with him and hold him when you put him down?”
    “I am so sorry dear but we don’t let people do that, it is just too painful!” said the vet’s assistant looking sympathetic, but I insisted:
    “Please, he is my cat, I have too…I just have to” I said crying, not caring at all if anyone was watching!
    But they wouldn’t let me so i walked to the vet’s table and kissed his forehead with all of my heart, it didn’t matter if he was without a towel, it didn’t matter that he was infected or that his leg was rotting, I didn’t care if I wasn’t supposed to because I would always love him, I would always care for him and I would always be here for him even if he wasn’t here!
    “I love you Cacci”

    As I left the room, tears flooded from my face and splashed on the floor forming a puddle made out of tiny droplets of tears and I could imagine his face reflected in it looking at me and telling me that he loved me because I loved him to the moon and back, beyond the moon, beyond the universe, beyond…Belief!
    I had lost not just a pet but my best friend and my guardian.
    I could feel my heart cracking into a million little pieces!
    The world was crashing down on me and I fell to the floor on my knees, eyes bloodshot and blurry, tears flooding from them, I screamed, it was as if a dagger was piercing my heart, and for the first time in my life I fully understood the grief of death…


    That night, as I lay in bed looking out of the window still crying, I looked up into the dark blue sky and into the silvery stars and wondered silently if he was up there looking over me and protecting me…

    Cacciatore was the name of our cat, I am Irish but I live in Italy so in Italian “Cacciatore” means Hunter!
    We used to call him Cacci or Caccia as an abbreviation!

      1. wow just read your comment about it being a true story and i am so sorry this is a sad story and a devastating real life experinence. Im not sure whether it is your cat or not but im assuming it is so i am so sorry for your loss your pets in a better place now

    1. This is such an emotional story, I nearly cried reading it. I am so sorry about your cat. I know how it feels to lose a pet, my dog passed away a year ago. This is heartbreaking, but is an absolutely incredible story. You are such a marvellous writer!

      1. Thank you so much Hannah, you are so kind, I am very sorry about your dog, I know what it feels like!
        Alice xx

    2. I have a cat who nearly had to be put down but he wasn’t. I feel your pain. As I am writing this I am crying. It is the most emotional story I have ever read.

        1. Thank you so much Alice, I was crying so much when I wrote this story, I am so glad your cat is ok!
          Alice xx

      1. Thank you so much Alice, I was crying so much when I wrote this!
        I am so glad your cat is ok!
        Alice xx
        P.S sorry, I think I posted the comment twice by mistake!

    3. Hi Alice,

      You really captured your pain in the story and I fell in love with the words so much I started to cry. I have lost two guinea pigs, one was severely ill so I know the pain. I just absolutely adored this and it is so powerful and yeh!

      Savannah xx

      1. That means so much to me Savannah, I have two guinea pigs, they are some of the cutest animals!
        I am so exremely sorry about your guinea pig!
        Alice xx

        1. Aww it’s ok! Your Guinea pigs sound so cute! I also love guinea pigs. I am once again so sorry about Cacciatore , it must have been very heartbreaking.

          Savannah xx

    4. Wow! My eyes are filled with tears!??? I can’t believe this is true and that you were able to write about such a devastating thing. I don’t think I could. I’d probably just skip the prompt if it reminded me of something like this.

      1. Thank you so much Xydel.
        I was wondering how I managed to write it without crumbling to the floor too!
        But somehow I found the stength in me to keep on writing!
        I think it is because I thought that if I wrote a story about it I would feel better and I would honor my cat.
        And to tell the truth I do feel better because everyone here has posted such lovely and supportive comments!
        Alice x

    5. Wow. That is all I can say. Wow to you for being brave enough to write and post this, it is an amazing story, and you are an amazing writer. I know what it’s like to loose someone or something you love, so I can definitely relate on the emotions felt.

      1. Thank you so much!
        It means so much that you like it, and thank you so much for understanding my feelings!
        Alice xx

      2. Zoe, Thank you so much!
        I am extremely glad that you liked it!
        I absolutely adored your story
        You are a very talented writer and all of your stories make me smile!
        Alice x

    6. This is a fabulous story, Alice S! I loved all the emotion in it and it was so heartbreaking I don’t know what I should say. Sorry about Cacciatore, and sorry that I can’t use words to express regret for loss. I thoroughly loved reading this!

    7. This is so magnificently written and so sad! I’m so sorry to hear this really happened to you. It made me feel so emotional and made me think of a similar loss I once faced. I’m sure Cacci will always love you and be there for you in your heart.

    8. I love this story, it is so sad! I lost my cat at the start of last year, and I had known him all my life, so I know how it feels. It was heart breaking having to say goodbye.

      1. Thank you so much, I am so sorry about your cat!
        It means so much that you like it!
        I completely understand your feelings about your loss!
        Alice x

  32. This is a true story. I have 2 cats and this is about one of them, Sooty. Try and guess what colour he is!

    My cat Sooty was ill. Very ill. It was before I was born but I have been told what happened many times. When he was about five months old he was diagnosed with a condition which meant that he had to have special food. If he did not have the special food and had normal food he would die within 24 hours.

    Even though my Mum and Dad kept to the right food, Sooty’s condition got worse. They took him to the vet’s and he nearly died, but the vet performed two emergency life-saving operations on Sooty.

    He was kept in the vet’s for 2 days but he managed to pull through and he lived! He is still with me now and he is 11 years old!

    Every night I think about what would have happened if he died.

    The vet’s saved my cat’s life and I can’t thank them enough.

      1. This is amazing Alice (I am also Alice)
        I love it and I am so glad that your cat is ok!
        You are a fantastic writer!
        Alice x

    1. Wow!? Alice, your stories are always so good and this one was too. I think Sooty is probably gray. I have two cats as well! They are about six weeks old and while neither of them have gotten very sick, you wrote your story so well, I immediately knew that I don’t think I can bear one of them getting sick.

    2. This is incredible! And I love the message you add on the end! Vets are true heroes! I’m glad Sooty is ok!

  33. Diary Entries from a Cat

    1st July 2020:
    Long ago, my humans built a glass house for me to sleep in. We had a foolproof system. The door was opened for me in the morning, just before the humans drove off in those uncouth machines. Inside the greenhouse, they put trays in which I can curl up, and lots of brown, crumbly stuff which traps the heat marvellously. There’s even a bucket of water for me to drink out of. As humans go, they’re not bad! Unfortunately, they have recently acquired a delusion that the glass house belongs to them. They use my comfortable trays to plant seeds in, and today, they evicted me from the glass house altogether. The cheek!

    2nd July 2020
    I had quite a delicious lunch today. Freshly caught mouse, what a treat! It’s always so much more exciting when your meal tries to escape. And it’s such fun to play cat-and-mouse with it! (What and intriguing name that is! I wonder how they came up with it?) Now to catch my dinner!

    3rd July 2020
    I caught a rat. I left it by the side of the river as I had no further use for it. Rats are quite indigestible, don’t you find? And they always put up such a fight. Such audacity! Don’t they recognise that cats are far superior to simple rodents?
    That’s why a mouse is preferable for your evening meal. Less stress, less fuss and much less toughness of the skin.

    4th July 2020
    The people across the road have acquired a dog. If it comes into my garden, it’ll have me to deal with! The foolish thing barks constantly at non-existent rabbits and keeps me awake during the day. Dogs are such silly creatures. Far inferior to cats. As the old saying goes, “Better any cat than a capable dog.”

    5th July 2020
    I arose at Prime Prowling Time today. I skulked through the hills and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. I then returned to my garden in pursuit of breakfast. Just as I was about to pounce on a rather juicy mouse, the humans thundered outside. While I was distracted, the impudent mouse decided to escape. Having thoroughly upset my morning, the humans proceeded to sit down and look at the moon. Silly humans. Don’t they know the moon is there every night? But I suppose, being humans, they’ve never bothered to look at it before. Unobservant bipeds. I deigned to visit them on their bench as they gaped at the moon. Never again. I was abruptly dislodged from the comfy blanket on the bench. Have they never heard of respect for one’s betters?
    For some absurd reason, they began to marvel at a crowd of idiotic birds singing at the top of their voices. Show-offs. You never see a cat showing off. We’re far too polite and well-mannered to indulge in a bit of showing-off. There’s no point in it either. Everyone already knows we’re magnificent.

    1. So funny and cute?, Love it Anne! I would love a dog dairy as well as a cat dairy too , can you write one!

  34. This was such a fun prompt to write about even if I had a tough time coming up with a subject. I hope you guys like my story. Comments and feedback are appreciated.

    I laid on my back in the middle of the pet shelter play area that I volunteer at and waited for the animals to come to me. First Nala, a super-sweet, middle-aged calico cat came over and sat on my chest. Olly, a small gray rabbit, started eating the grass by my ankles. Marshmello, a bigger, all-white rabbit came next to Olly and started eating out of his bowl. The Fur-Bros, ferret brothers that were new to the shelter, scampered over to my head and started playing with my short, blonde hair. Max and Maxine, a pug and a poodle, flopped on top of each other next to me. I closed my eyes and listened to the beautiful chirping of the birds in their cages.
    “Emma!” my foster mom’s voice shattered the peace and sent all the animals running or hopping towards the other side of the field.
    “Emma’s not here,” I replied, eyes still closed. I hated my foster mom more than school. Or mucking stalls. Or even picking up dog droppings. I’m just lucky my school makes us do community work or I’d be stuck doing my homework at my foster mom’s motorcycle classes. That sounds cool but she only goes to get the free leather jacket.
    I heard her stomp over to me and when I opened my eyes, her nose and eyebrow piercings loomed over me. Well, her whole face was there but her nose and eyebrow piercings are seriously so big that you can see them from a mile away. I know because one day I looked through the school window at the trailer park that we live in and was like, “Wait, is that Kate’s huge nose ring?!” and it was.
    “Emma, we’re going home!” I almost let out a snort. Her filthy trailer was nothing like what I thought a home should be. “And the first thing you are going to do is take a shower!” I closed my eyelids and rolled my eyes. The water that came out of her faucets wasn’t even sanitary enough to count as rain water. But whatever. I can just use the locker room showers tomorrow.
    “But Kate!” I cried.
    “ Don’t ‘but Kate’ me, young lady!” Kate replied. Then she slapped me. She’d said she was done with me going to the pet shelter and that from now on, I’d volunteer at the community center. My cheek stung but I kept on arguing.
    “I love those animals. You can’t just make me stop going there!” I yelled but before she could answer I sprinted out the trailer door and in my haste, the door fell off its hinges. For a second my brain said, “You idiot. Now you will never be allowed to go back to the pet shelter!” but I shut that side of my brain up real quick so that the side that said, “Go Emma! She deserves it!” could take over. Either way, I was never going to see Kate again. I ran as fast as my legs would carry me to the pet shelter.
    “Cat! I need help!” I told the front desk lady while trying to get my breath back.
    “What’s wrong sweetie?” She replied. She sounded genuinely worried.
    “My… Kate… I mean, she… she’s not going to let me volunteer here anymore. And she slapped me.” I added that last part trying to emphasize that she was really bad.
    “Okay. What foster care center are you from?”
    “The Helping Hands Child Care Institute,” I replied. “They have a website and stuff.” I would have offered a phone number but I felt like I was about to cry. Cat knew it too so she said I could go back to where they keep the animals. Nala was the first to come up to me. Next was Maxine and the bunnies. Somehow, Polly, a chickadee, had gotten out of her cage and was perched atop my shoulder. The best part was that Many, a beautiful green and yellow parrot flew towards me and said in that squeaky voice that parrots use, “We have got you back.”

    By the way, I made up the “Helping Hands Child Care Institute.”

    1. I love this Xydel, it is very realistic and very sweet and funny, I love all the names in your story, you are a really creative writer!
      Alice x

        1. Thank you so much Xydel, you are so kind, writing about the death of my cat was really important to me so I am so glad you liked it!
          Alice xx

    2. Oh this is wonderful! It’s heartwarming how much the character cares for the animals but so devastating how horrible Kate is. You are such an awesome writer, Xydel!

      Savannah xx

    3. This is such a creative story! I love how all the animals at the shelter are so comfortable with Emma and that they all crowd around her! I loved reading it!

      1. Glad you liked it Sasha! Wouldn’t it be so cool if a bunch of animals crowded around you like that? It would be so cute!

        1. Yep! It would be amazing! How they would stand on your head or let you stroke and play with them! Your story really made me smile (in the happy pet parts anyway! Not in the parts where Kate was mean to Emma. It was a very good story!) I also loved how you used Cat as the name for the person at the animal sanctuary!

  35. Here is my story based on the topic of pets.

    ~Blaze and the garden intruder ~

    My owners call me fluff but my actual name is Blaze, Blaze Night. What my owners don’t know is that I am spy bunny.

    The store my owners got me from is actually a top secret base.I was trained from very young, it paid of though because I am one of the greatest pet spies ever. You may think that is not true but here is a story to change your mind.

    It was a fateful summer afternoon and I was grazing on lettuce in garden. That’s when I saw the rustle coming from the other end of the garden. Swiftly I disappeared into the shadows and watched as the intruder came. First thing I did was chuck one of the carrots from my secret stash to his head. It was received with a satisfied groan, the intruder looked so confused. He took it as nothing and continued to proceed to the garden door. That was his mistake.

    Like lighting I quickly pinned him to the ground with my strength I gave him my famous double kick combo to the head, rabbits have powerful feet you know. Triumphantly I knocked him out. Tying him up, preventing him to escape, I called my bird bestie Joanne to collect him so he could drop him of with a thud at jail.

    See, bet your pet couldn’t do what I did.

    You may be confused how I got my name blaze but to that’s another story.

    Hope you like it.

    1. Wow Harmony! Love the story so funny to. Blaze is defiantly the strongest most fast super spie bunny ever. Keep writing!?❤❤❤.

          1. Oh yes! thank you for the kindness towards this story. I love the helping hands institute that you included.

    2. This is really good (and funny in parts!) It made me think of one of my rabbits, who I could easily imagine as a spy!

        1. I’m sure you would think so even more if you met her! She manages to sneak into places without people noticing and she is the fastest bunny I have ever seen! Your story was really good!

    3. This is so funny! Well, I thought it was anyway (I’m sure everybody else did too)! I love the double kick combo I picture that being so cute when a rabbit does it. Maybe my cats are spies because they do crazy flips when they play with their toys. One of my cats is very skinny and can fit under tight spaces whilst my other cat is fat but he can run very fast. (He is a very difficult cat when you try to get him inside. He plays tricks with you at night because he knows he has to come inside.)

      1. Wow your pets sound amazing! glad you lovee my story. Thank you so much for being so kind Medina, its is truly appreciated. ???
        I really loved your Story. x

  36. Part 2!

    After that day, Zeus took over our lives. He was everything. Taking him home was the best day of my life. I felt so lucky as if the world was my oyster. No matter how many dead mice, rotting birds or mysterious, decapitated animals he brought in we still loved him as though he was our own child, which to me he was. On both sides of his body, was a pattern shaped like a heart. A heart as big as the love he had for us and the love we had for him.
    I played hours on end with him and at night he would jump on any bed he could find and snuggle up. His actual bed, which was where our washing machine used to be, was black and had a leopard print blanket.
    On his first birthday, he was treated like a god. His favourite and only present was food! Which he loved and got everyday because that’s the only thing we’d thought he’d like (other than love). He chomped it up quicker than you could say Zeus.
    A few days later, we heard a bang. We all rushed over to the cat flap to see Zeus dragging in a pigeon! The pigeon, who had a very startled expression, had emerald green tints speckled on it’s neck. Luckily, we shooed it outside but Zeus still managed to grab it. He scampered into the garden and into my brother’s cricket nets. We dashed after him, my nan following behind. ‘’Oi! Let the pigeon go, silly cat!’’ My nan squealed trying her best to let the fat pigeon go, ‘’Let him free!’’
    That evening, we went out to call Zeus inside but he never came. All we could do was hope he’d come in. The next morning there was still no Zeus. Before school, we called him. There was still no sign.
    At school I became so worried. Was he missing? Was he lost? Where was he? The real life world became lost in all my thoughts. At the end of the school, I rushed outside with my twin and to my surprise my mom was waiting. ‘’I thought you were supposed to be at work!’’ I said walking towards her. ‘’Oh, my student cancelled her lesson.’’ She explained. We hopped into the car and drove back home.
    Later, we arrived. I leapt out of the car eager to see if Zeus was waiting for me. ‘’Z-Zeus got run over…’’ Mom stuttered, slowly getting out of the car. My heart snapped. ‘’You are playing tricks with me!’’ I cried, shaking. ‘’I’m not. I would never do that.’’ She said wiping her eyes. ‘’When you were calling him this morning I got a call from the vets. He was killed at 9 P.M last night…’’ I didn’t want to believe what I was hearing but I had to. This was reality. Stood outside, with tears in his eyes, was my dad. ‘’He’s buried under the apple tree.’’

    1. This is part 2. I hope you like it because it was hard not to cry whilst writing this. I miss him so much but now I have his niece and nephew. They are called Cleopatra (Cleo) and Ptolemy (silent P). They don’t remember that they are siblings since Ptolemy was sent to many other homes for a long time. This is Ptolemy’s last home and I know it will be the best one he’s been to.

      1. So that’s a true story? I’m so sorry. You wrote the story quite well though. Also, I really like the names you gave your cats! They are so creative and different! ???

    2. Oh this is amazing, just as good as the first part! I miss my guinea pigs so much, so I know the grief (one was very ill). Anyway you are such a good writer!!! I hope Cleopatra and Ptolemy (I think that how you spell it) are ok!

      Savannah xx

    3. This is so sad, you are a marvellous writer!
      I know how heart breaking it is to lose a cat, that is what I wrote about too!
      I truly understand how you felt!
      I nearly cried reading this, I love it!
      Alice xx

      1. I had to stop myself from crying whilst writing this part 2 and part 1. It’s so heart breaking when you lose something that you had made such a bond with. Like my bond with Zeus was so strong that now, after 3 years (wow i cant believe its been 3 years) I still am so so so so so so so so upset that he is gone. I wish Cleopatra and Ptolemy (my 2 cats) could see him and Zeus could see them.

        1. Aww, yes, I am so sorry, I fully understand, I am sure Ptolemy and Cleopatra would have absolutely loved Zeus!
          Alice xx

    4. This is so sad and so well described. I’m so sorry about Zeus. This is an incredible story and I’m so glad you shared it!

      1. It helps a lot when you write about your grief. Its upsetting but it relieves you a lot. He wouldve been 3 by now but that is okay. I love him so much. Ty.

    5. The day after Zeus died we went to school and burst into tears as soon as we entered the playground. In class, we were learning about the Greeks and our teacher was talking about the god Zeus. That made me start to cry and my teacher asked what was wrong. I said Zeus had been run over and she said that she got a phone call whilst working at cats protection (her other job) and they called to say they had ran over a cat. It was Zeus.

      It’s so heartbreaking to know that somebody had run over your cat and even called to say they had. I don’t know who that person was but I really wish they weren’t driving when it had happened. I really do wish sometimes that cars weren’t invented and wheels and roads because without them, Zeus would have lived.

      1. Oh this is heartbreaking, I am so sorry, I too wished the exact same things when my cat got run over, I wish cars didn’t exist and that people went slower and were more careful!

    6. I am so sorry about Zeus, he sounds like such a lovely cat. This is brilliantly written and I really like it when people write about real life experiences. You are a great writer!

    1. Thanks Alice! ? I actually got ‘Arsenic for tea’ as one of my presents because I have only read the first book. Still excited for August though!

      Savannah xx

      1. Wow, cool!
        It is a great book, hope you enjoy it! (You will definitely) 🙂
        I am soo exited for august too!
        It seems so far away!
        Alice xx

          1. i love death in the spotlight arsenic for tea and cream buns and crime. Tbh i love them all!! Death sets sail will rank up to my 2nd fave i bet but death in the spotlight all the way. I love the message about how daisy loves someone who is the same gender telling girls that it doesnt matter who you love and love is love!

          1. Actually if you want to read them in order the next one after arsenic for tea is first class murder!
            Alice xx

        1. I’ve been trying to find Cream Buns and Crime but none of my libraries have it. It’s called Murder is Bad Manners in America, which I always thought was odd. And since everything is closed, I can’t reread the first five books. Pandemics are frustrating.

          1. ik right. Im lucky my twin got the set this xmas but why cant libraries open up!! Im currently reading cream buns and crime but when i got it from the library it was sooo hard to find and one reason was becasue a friend of mine had it for like 2 months and didnt even finish it she just kept taking it out. Pandemics are the worst i tots agree

        2. Ooooo, my favourite is Jolly Foul Play, I love the ones at Deepdean! Can’t wait until 6th August, it’s getting so much closer!

      2. Oh, wow you have to read it!!!! There are some online e-books if you cant get hold of the rest. Try to read all o0f them so that you can read Death Sets Sail when it comes out!!!!

      1. Hi Rainbow 111, no it’s fine! Thanks, I had a brill day and got lots of books to read, I’m a book worm! ?

        Savannah xx

    1. Probably is okay to do that and fun. I checked the rules for you on the top of the prompt and it says nothing about that you can’t do that so if you want to do it I bet it is fine.?. [Love the idea of doing a shared story ,really creative.]

  37. Me and Trickbear are doing the story of my cat.

    He was found on the streets with his 5 siblings and mother. He was to young to understand what was going on. Him and the other 5 kittens were only 3 weeks old. I doubt he remembers it at all. I think it was OK for him, being abandoned since he fed off his mother’s milk.

  38. I cant wait for the new book! My sister knows hyrogliphs and she is studying Egyptology at Oxford University!

  39. This is the true story of my cat. Trickbear will do part 2.

    Part 1
    My cat Dancer was found on the streets with his 5 siblings and mother. He was to young to understand what was going on. Him and the other kittens were only 3 weeks old. I doubt that he still remembers it at all! I think it was OK for him being abandoned since he fed off his mother’s milk. That was the same for Dasher, Prancer, Vixen, Blitzen and Donner. At least I think that was their names. Found around Christmas time, the six kittens were named after the reindeer. I have no idea what the mother is called.

    1. Hi! As Clevercat said I will finish this story. Here is the rest!

      So back then, only the mother was really terrified! She was using up her energy feeding her kittens. Then she could not leave them and even if she did it would be to tiring to catch a mouse!Hard! Luckily she was found before she starved. Dancer then went to a pet rescue with his brothers and sisters. His mother was with them until they were eight weeks then she got moved away and adopted. That is how we ended up with Dancer.

  40. Hello here is my story it’s called My Rabbit Lettuce

    Lettuce is my pet bunny rabbit and he is always up to mischief. He climbs on the curtains, leaves paw prints on the carpet and all sorts of other things but I still love him.

    I had just woken up and I could just about hear the soft breathing of Lettuce from my bed. My bed is a bunk bed but underneath is my desk, opposite that, is Lettuce’s cage. I always think that he always has a big long sleep and saves up all his energy to plan on what mischievous thing he was going to do next. There was a sudden snuffle and now I know that he is awake. So I get out of bed and climb down to Lettuce’s cage. His little brown eyes caught my attention immediately. I whispered to him “Good morning Lettuce. Did you have a good sleep?” And even though I asked that question I think I knew the answer to that. I was feeling a little bit peckish so I decided to wake my parents up. I stumbled out of my bedroom and into my parent’s room. They were still a bit dozy but I woke them up anyway. I went downstairs and had a nice, big portion of corn flakes. After that I went back up to my bedroom to see Lettuce was having a little spin on his wheel but when I turned up he had stopped. I took out a bag full of his food and gave it to him and he started munching. Suddenly, I looked at a spot were he was near and noticed that he had nibbled the blanket that was underneath his cage. I sighed. It will be fine I thought. Then I heard my mum say we were going on a walk. That means more trouble.

    When my family and I got out the door, I breathed in the cool fresh air. It was a lovely walk, but just then I wondered what Lettuce was doing right now.

    When we got back home, I found there was nothing downstairs but it was much colder in the house than when I left. I went up to my bedroom and found that Lettuce wasn’t there. I suggested to my parents to look for him outside. They agreed so we went but we couldn’t find him anywhere. I was about to go to the backdoor, when I saw a muddy patch with paw prints in it. I sighed and looked inside, Lettuce had gone outside but went in again and got his muddy paws all over the carpet. Now all I had to do now is close the door and find him, so I did and searched the bottom floor.

    I eventually found him, but under the sofa and that took a while to get him out. His smooth black and white fur was all perked up. I put him back in his cage and gave him his lunch and then I went downstairs and had my lunch too.

    I hope you enjoyed reading it!

    1. Well done Lucy!!!!! Your writing is so good, I look forward to seeing more stories of yours!!!

      From Amelie ???

    2. That’s so cute! Lettuce seems like such a funny and cheeky rabbit. I love the story Lucy W, it really cheered me up and reminded me of some other naughty pets I have met.?

  41. ik right. Im lucky my twin got the set this xmas but why cant libraries open up!! Im currently reading cream buns and crime but when i got it from the library it was sooo hard to find and one reason was becasue a friend of mine had it for like 2 months and didnt even finish it she just kept taking it out. Pandemics are the worst i tots agree. I think if you buy it for 1 pund you can read it on like kindle or whatever

  42. I can’t do the prompt today because my imagination seems to have gone out of the window, so I’m just going to do an update.

    I watched the first three seasons of One Day at a Time (2017) in a week or two.

    I dyed the bottom half of my hair pink and it’ll stay in for at least 8 washes.

    It’s my friend’s birthday party tomorrow and we’re all going on a picnic in the park near our school so I can show off my new bepinked hair.

    I also started watching Riverdale with my sister but we haven’t watched it for a while.

    My computer broke but it’s fixed now.

    I preordered two books from my local bookshop – Death Sets Sail and Igniting Darkness by Robin Lafevers. I’m planning on reading them on our car trip to Scotland (11th)

    1. Oooh, wow you have been keeping yourself busy! Much more interesting than what I have been doing! 🙂

      Savannah xx

  43. Hi guys,
    I just realised that this prompt runs for two weeks so I might actually get my story written. I am sooo busy with work but I am really going to try to get an entry in1 How r all of you? I am nearly on the holidays so I am really happy. Also, Robin I was wondering whether you are going to be doing like a special reading for death sets sail or a special event?! Thank you!!! I have really missed reading your stories!!!

    1. Can’t wait to read your story Rainbow 111, and I hope Robin does that to!
      [I can’t wait for the holidays to! I bet everyone can’t wait.]

  44. My name is Kitty. I am a cat but you probably guessed that. I can’t keep going anymore. I have a sad story. I used to live on Hawaii but I don’t any more. I used to live with my owner, Milly and her parents. I was napping on Milly’s bed when her mum rushed in. She shook Milly awake, waking me up too. “Milly! The volcano! It’s erupting!” She cried.
    Milly sat up and rubbed her eyes. “Pack some clothes quick.”
    Milly jumped out of bed and stuffed some clothes into a bag. “What about Kitty?” She asked.
    “Just bring her. We have to get out now.”
    Milly picked me up and we ran to the car. I stuck tight to her as we drove to the docks. We jumped out of the car and almost immediately choked on the stench. It was full of fumes and a horrid smell. We quickly began boarding. In the scuffle, Milly dropped me. She tried to pick me up but was pushed into the boat. I tried to follow and managed to get into the boat. I wandered around but I couldn’t find her. When the boat docked in America, I was herded out like a sheep. I tried to find Milly but failed. So now I wander the streets, desperately still searching. I can’t go on like this.

    One week later…
    I did it. I some how did it. I’m back with my dear Milly. I found her. Well, she found me. I was lying down in the gutter, on the point of death. Then I saw her. I purred weakly at her. She turned and saw me. From there, it’s a blur. Oh, Milly. I promise never to leave your side again.

    1. Love it Emily S! I feel so sad for Kitty and really happy she found Milly again! Its a great story, keep writing✨!

    1. Sorry Elly but I don’t have a pet?. I want one though but pets are hard to look after! Some of my friends have dogs though!

      1. I have two cats, the crazy Haggis (he is very crazy, Inthink he thinks he’s a dog) and the clam Feste. Feste used to have a sister called Minty but she died a year ago when she was 1. ?

    1. 1. MMU series (Murder most unladylike)
      2. I read all the Harry Potters when I was eight and I am a huge fan
      3. I love the Agatha Christie series
      4. I also adored a book called: Ready player one!
      Alice x

    2. I like murder most unladylike, northen lights, anything by J.K Rowling, The witches by Roal Daul, red wall, the wizards of once, any thing by David wallimas and things a bright girl can do!

      [I might of spelled some authors names wrong!]

      1. I also love MMU, (my favourite character is Daisy) I also recommend the Percy Jackson series, they are great! Emma Carroll is super too (secrets of a sun king, letters from the lighthouse, frost hollow hall)
        And so is Peter Bunzl (Cogheart)
        What would the world be like if we couldn’t read?

  45. I used to have a cat but he died at the start of last year. I might have a go at writing something for this prompt, I have lots of ideas already!

  46. Let’s see if I have it in me to write something that’s not fiction for once.

    It was Friday and we had seen a puppy online. His name was Cinnamon Twist and he was a Great Pyrenees/Australian Shepherd mix, but he looked like a boxer/shepherd mix. He had a black nose, and a tan coat with black on top, and his tail was black and white, and curly. We were going to look at another puppy, a Lab mix, that day but we were going to look at Cinnamon first. We never did end up looking at the lab mix.
    We drove to the animal shelter and they brought him out. I hadn’t expected to fall in love with him, but I did. He was adorable, and sweet-tempered, and curious and calm and cute. We took him home.
    At home, we have another dog, Boone, who is nearly 14. When we first introduced him to the puppy, he was very happy at first and wanted to play, except the puppy was too small, only 8 weeks. We had decided to call the puppy Coda.
    The whole drive home, we were kind of incredulous. “We just got a puppy,” we said, looking around at the other’s shocked faces. “What the heck are we going to do with it?”
    That first day was a whirlwind, it seemed. The puppy slept a LOT. He barked a little, and tried to play with Boone. He played, and tried to get on our couch, and we tried to cuddle but he didn’t really want to. When he got more adventruous, he started to jump at Boone and Boone would bark at him. We ran around a lot that afternoon, keeping up with Coda and making sure he didn’t get into anything he shouldn’t.
    The whole weekend, he was a handful. We took him outside often, we played with him, we got annoyed with him when we were trying to watch something and he would wander off into another room where we couldn’t watch him. Everyone was exhausted, and the puppy was consuming out whole days. We’re not a rowdy family, so Coda was a LOT. Saturday night, my dad and I slept in the basement with the dogs so my mom could get some rest.
    Coda was up a lot, and he and Boone had a few barking matches. By this day, Coda was really fiesty and didn’t really seem to be a part of our family. It’s like… something was just missing. On Sunday, we played with him and that was the day we were finally resolved that we’d have to take him back to the shelter.
    It was Monday that was his last day. I knew it was here; the shelter had called to say that they’d take him back. Nearly broke my heart, the way Mom said they’d take him back that day. After Coda woke up from a nap we let him run around, and put him in the car. My sister and I admired how adorable he was and how sweet, but we also knew that he just wasn’t right for us.
    Looking at him on the floor of the car, whining, trying to get in the back, and admiring his sweet little face and the way he’d roll on his back, I felt bittersweet, as if he was gone already.
    Leaving Coda was so sad. I cried on the way home; I had begged my parents for a puppy for months and it had finally happened and it just… wasn’t meant to be. I knew Boone was unhappy, I knew we were unhappy, but… I loved Coda. I did. I knew it was for the best. But still… it felt like I had just lost him forever.

    This is a very true story; today is Wednesday and it is true that we did get Coda last Friday the 10th of July. We didn’t even tell the shelter the name we gave him. He was just Cinnamon Twist to them, but he’d always be Coda for us.

    1. This is so heartbreaking, I am so sorry!
      However, it is a marvellous story and you wrote it so well!
      Coda seems adorable!
      Alice x

      1. Thank you Hannah! I am sad that I had to give him back but it’s certainly been a lot calmer around here.

    2. Ahh, this is soo emotional and I can really feel your emotions!! Well done!! That must have been so hard to give him away. It is such a difficult yet honourable deed and I think it was fir the best however I titally understamd how you must ahve felt giving hin away. Dogs are a massive handful tho! Cats are great as well. I do adore cats and ahve neveer really connected with a dog, but I think if your parnets work a lot or you want a gentle and not too energetic pet, cats are definitely the way to go!

      1. Thanks so much Rainbow 111!! Dogs are definitely a lot of work! I do want a cat terribly, but most of my family is allergic, sadly.

        1. Yhea, that is soo hard, when your family is allergic! My mum was allergic to cats because of her astham but she adjusted to our short-hair cats and now she is fine as long as bengie doesnt sit on her!

    3. Funny story: yesterday I just found out that someone we know adopted Coda! I was so joyful; I’d be able to see him after all.

  47. Hello! This prompt is so good and cool especially as it features animals! I just wrote this cool poem about pets and thought it would be cool to put up here! Hope you like my poem! Feedback appreciated. Its called if I had a pet, by hero detective!

    If you have a met,
    a fluffy big pet,
    then you no very well its hard to choose one,
    when having all pets would be much more fun,
    a big floppy dog,
    or may I get a frog,
    a slithery long snake,
    or maybe a fish more near the lake,
    an easy pet would be a cat,
    or even get an scratchy, big rat,
    or a small little mouse,
    that would fit in the house,
    even a spider,
    or some think more tidyer,

    what pet, would you get.

    THE END!✨

  48. Hi guys, I hope you are all well. I am sooo sorry that I have not been on this blog for a while! It has been sooo busy! Your stories look soo awesome and I hope that Howl is doing well, Robin! My cat is trying to sit on my laptop as I write this so that is a bit annoying. Anyway, I am soo happy that it is nearky the holdiays so then I can actually have time to write a story! I am doing creative writing this term for English and I have to write an ed of term story about Home. I have a few ideas but I was wondering whether you had any ideas as well. I wont use them just thought it would be interesting to see how you might interpret it.

    1. When do your summer holidays start?
      Mine started on the 8th of June in Italy!
      I think it starts later in the uk…and usa…maybe?

      1. Wow, that is sooo early!! I wish that was the same in England. I am at school worl till Tuesday which is really annoying! And we only get a siz week holiday but I am porbably going to be sooo bored!!!! Also, I am meeting my teachers and having three classes at secondary tomrrow. I think we are really lucky to be having a day back at school, but it will be weird having everyone back. I ahevnt seen them for soo long. Also, do you go to an international school because u speak English?

        1. No, I go to an Italian school, but I am now in an Italian high school, I finished Italian primary about 2 years ago!
          I learnt Italian at school, it was very hard at first ! (I was only 6)
          But then after a few months I picked it up and after 2 years nobody could even tell I was Irish! ( Except my red hair and freckles ahah)!
          Alice xx
          P.S we do get a long summer holiday, but we don’t get much of an easter holiday, we only get about 4 days (sad)!

  49. I’m on holiday this week and don’t have enough WiFi to comment on everyone’s stories, but they’re all amazing! I can’t believe it is less than a month to go for death sets sail!

    I woke slowly after a fitful nap. I yawned and tried to remember my dream. I thought really hard, but the harder I thought, the further away the dream receded. Oh well.

    I rolled over and opened my eyes. And then… Uh oh.

    Where hands used to be furry paws were attached to a dark fluffy body. I stood, but immediately fell over. Instead of two legs, I now stood on four.

    Whoa. Hold up. Time out.

    I seemed to be in a large rectangular box, and my bed was… Oh my.

    I was asleep ON THE FLOOR. That’s right. Furry limbs, rectangular boxes, dirty floors.
    There were 2 options: 1. I was in some crazy dream or 2. I’d magically become a – a dog.
    I mean I could have gone insane. That’s always possible. It’s not really a prospect I liked to think about, however.

    That left me with my two original options. I knew the way to test if you were in a dream. Pinch yourself – right? Unfortunately without fingers that didn’t seem much of an option. I mentally prepared myself, and ran at the wall.

    Okay. Definitely gone insane.

    Seems a little mad, I know. But, stop judging. I was seriously freaking out by now. And I honestly thought it wouldn’t hurt. But the thing is, it did. Which meant this wasn’t a dream. I was either a dog, or I’d gone barking mad (bad pun) and was in my lovely four storey mansion running at the walls.

    Just then I noticed the box was a cage and humans were milling around checking us dogs out. I figured that wouldn’t do wonders for my self-esteem, but what choice did I have? There was no where to hide.

    A family of three came over. The father asked “What about this one, sweety?” While the mother looked bored to death. I tried to look as best I could, but the daughter said, “too fat,” and wandered off.

    Whoa. This girl wasn’t exactly a supermodel herself. And I wasn’t fat.

    I saw a little reflection of a slightly bulging black Labrador. Well. It’s the Christmas period, right? I was seasonably plump.

    I caught sight of another Labrador in the cage opposite. “Hey,” I said. “What’s your name?”

    “Ted the great, the king of all dogs.”

    Now, I’m not saying I believed that, but the very concept that I could be staring at the king of all dogs made me say something really intelligent like, “um, okay.”

    The dog laughed and I realised he was pulling my leg. Or paw. Whatever. He then said, “Look. I don’t know who you are. But this area?” He shook his head. “You shouldn’t be here.”

    “Thank you,” I said, relieved.

    “Good.” The dog went back to chasing his tail.

    “I knew I wasn’t a dog,” I said.

    The dog stopped chasing his tail. “Wait. What are you talking about?” he asked.

    “What are you talking about?”

    “I’m saying that you don’t deserve to be here,” replied the dog. “This is where they put the best dogs. It’s nearest to the entrance so everyone can see us. You, my friend, don’t qualify.”

    I stared at him, thoroughly taken aback. “Oh yeah? What makes you think that?”

    “Look at you.”

    Wait, I was being fat shamed by a dog? I blinked back tears. I would not let this stranger get the better of me. “Well, I bet I could bark louder than you,” I said.

    The dog scoffed. “Don’t be ridiculous.”

    “Are you scared?” I taunted.

    The dog stopped still. “Okay. Bring it on.”
    He gave a startlingly loud bark. I’d never actually barked before, but figured it was just like shouting.


    We battled back and forth, louder and louder. Until…


    I settled down in my new cage. As far from the entrance as possible. The humans had moved Ted and me after we made too much noise. “That was a waste of time,” I said.

    “Agreed,” replied Ted.

    We looked at each other and smiled, and I wondered if I’d found myself a friend.

    1. This is such a sweet and hilarious story!!!
      I love how you invented “king of dogs”
      Really creative!
      Alice x

  50. Hi this is another story!!

    I walked into the kitchen my feet padding on the ground. I was late for school again and I had missed morning detention for the 3rd time this week. I was already prepared for a lecture but my mind kept coming to what my teacher said. Summer school! Apparently I was wearing another outfit against dress code. It was only black joggers and a cute crop top. Ok maybe the winged blue eye line was a bit much..

    I headed out the house and passed the beach. But today it did not make me feel calm as a blue lump lay in the sand. It was surrounded by fisherman marvelling their cat ch. The marine people were in there say and finally I found peace. I’d talk to him for hours and he would only splash and listen. Finally my family had decided to homeschool me and when I was not splashing and swimming me and Max the boss of the places son were working together. I wasn’t judged for how I dressed or if I could pass my algebra test. So I guess I have to thank my dolphin my friend my motivator splasher. Two years ago I would it made fun of you if you told me I would be homeschooled and play with a dolphin. A pet is a friend someone you trust. I find my inner happy ??

    Any feedback is appreciated ??

    1. Such a heartwarming story, you can really tell when you find the right pet or friend because it or her/he makes you feel comfortable and accepts you for who you really are!
      Alice x

  51. Hello everyone! This is the first time that I’m doing the writing prompt! Up until now, I have only watched these amazing stories that are being posted… so here is mine
    PS- the pats in this story are based on my real life ones!

    I remember that day well, it was bright and sunny in the village square, children and adults played happily in the stream-including me. For the sun was emitting a blast so fierce that it loosened the edge of things.
    And that, was when I saw him.
    Alfie Higgins, the horrible butchers boy was running discreetly up the cobbled path.
    And that’s not all. No.
    He was carrying a brown bag, and it was moving.
    I stood up with a start, slashing across the stream, not bothering to dry myself, and ran up the street, hardly missing all the cabs.
    “Alfie, wait!!! Stop!!!!”
    Alfie jerked his head around as I sprinted towards him.
    “Ah, Millie, what’s up?”
    “What have you got in that bag of yours?”
    “Nothin…” he replied as he nervously turned around
    “No!! Wait!”
    I could see that he was getting annoyed at my pestering but he quickly opened the sac and I gazed down into darkness.
    I could see two pairs of bright eyes looking pleadingly at me.
    “What are you doing to them?” I asked
    “I’m to bring them by the pond, masters orders. He don’t want nasty little kittens roaming around the place.”
    He was going to drown them.
    I had heard of this before, Diana had had little kittens once, but her pa didn’t want them, he drowned them while she was at school. When she found out, she blubbed huge tears for weeks and for a while, had seemed inconsolable. I had then sworn to hate anybody who would do such a thing.
    Well, it wouldn’t be too difficult to hate Alfie Higgins.
    “NO!” I screamed
    “Keep your voice down, will you?” Alfie whimpered
    I searched my head for answers
    “I’ll pay you for them.”
    “How much?”
    I breathed as I scraped my pocket.
    And then I found it.
    The shilling that ma had sent me with o buy dinner.
    Suprisingly, it didn’t take a moments hesitation. I automatically handed the shilling to Alfie and grabbed the bag. Alfie didn’t protest- at all. It must have been enough.

    1. Wow Charlotte! I love the story, well written! This one of my first weeks on this website [prompt] to!

      P.S I really like the character Millie!

  52. This is my story, any feedback is appreciated!??

    I remember that day well, it was bright and sunny in the village square, children and adults both played in the stream, including me. For the sun emitted a blast so fierce that it seemed to melt pretty much anything.
    And that was when I saw him.
    Alfie Higgins, the horrible butchers boy was running discreetly down the street towards the river. And that was not all. No.
    He was carrying a rough brown bag. And it was moving.
    I stood up with a start and slashed across the stream, not bothering to listen to the rude remarks or even to dry myself properly, I ran across the cobbled streets, hardly missing the cabs.
    “Alfie, wait!!!! Wait!!!!!”
    He jerked his head around to meet mine, a smile spread accross his face.
    “Hi Millie, what’s you in a rush for?”
    “What have you got in that bag?!” I painted.
    At that moment, Alfie hoisted his cap on his head, wearing a nervous look on his face.
    “Nothin.” He said as he turned to leave.
    Without waiting, I grabbed the bag before Alfie could yelp, tore it open, amd peered into the darkness. Two pleading, bright eyes gazed back at me.
    “What are you doing with these adorable wee ones?” I asked, trying to let them out.
    “I’m taking ’em to the pond,” he replied, grabbing back the sac, “Masters orders.”
    But it hardly took me a moment to realise.
    “You’re going to drown them aren’t you?” I said
    Alfie looked largely uncomfortable, he tried to turn but I stopped him.
    I had already heard of this tradition before, Diana’s cat had once had kittens a few months ago, they were drowned by her pa while she was at school. Diana had burst out into a flood of sobs when she found out and for the next few weeks, didn’t join any games and spent school staring into space. I had vowed then to hate anybody who would do such a horrid thing.
    Well, it wouldn’t be too difficult to hate Alfie Higgins.
    I searched my mind for answers,
    “I’ll pay you.”
    “How, much?”
    I thumbled in my pocket.
    And I found a shilling. The shilling that ma had given me to buy dinner.
    Surprisingly, it hardly took any hesitation, I automatically handed it to Alfie who caught it triumphantly. I grabbed the sac from him and let the cats put.
    They were tiny, but easily told apart. They were both of the purest black, but one was fluffier and had green eyes, while the other was not and has bright yellow ones.
    “What are you going to call them?” Asked Alfie.
    I thought for a moment.
    “This one,” I said, gesturing to the fluffy one,”I called Feste. And this one,” I repeated, pointing to the other, “is called Haggis.”
    Alfie burst out laughing
    “Well those are fine names!” He chuckled
    Haggis suddenly started wriggling, Feste groaned and hit him with her paw, but I held them. I felt as if I could hold on to them forever.

    Any feedback is much appreciated!

  53. This is my story. I don’t know much about manta ray so sorry if the information is incorrect. Any feedback would be appreciated!

    When most people think of pets, they think of cats and dogs, but Bubbles is different. I know Bubbles sounds like a goldfish name, but he isn’t a goldfish, he’s a Manta Ray.

    I first met him when he was a baby. He was washed up on the beach near my house, and when I found him he was tangled in a fishing net. I brought him back into the water so he could breath, and tried to untangle him. It took about half an hour, but when I finally got it off him, I could see the happiness flooding from his eyes. That was when I knew that we would be friends for life.

    It has been 3 years now, and every day I go for a swim Bubbles, and every day at 12 o’clock, he is waiting for me in the shallows. I gently climb up onto his back, and he spreads his wings and we glide through the water together, coming up every few seconds so I can catch my breath, and then we dive back into the crashing waves.

    My life would be boring without Bubbles, and I know we will never part.

  54. [This question is mostly for Robin Stevens, but everyone can comment if they have a answer?.]

    Dear Robin,

    This weeks prompt is about writing a story about a pet or animal so I was wondering that if the characters from your book murder most unladylike were animals, what would they be? I think that Daisy would be a lion as she is all ways wanting to be in charge and the lion is said to be the king of animals. Beanie would be a playful puppy as she likes to play games and have fun with Kitty! What do you think? ?

    1. I think Daisy might be like a peacock because she puts on a show to look perfect on the outside, but she’s actually flawed and complex just like everyone else.

      1. I would imagine Daisy as a Golden Eagle, soaring proudly above everyone and I would imagine Hazel as a lovey, fluffy, kind squirrel that plays it safe and stays on the ground (or in the trees) eating nuts!

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