If you are going to have a midnight feast, you need to know how to do it properly, the way Hazel and I do. Here are some hints to help you have the perfect midnight feast.


You will need to get a grown-up to help you with this recipe. In fact, it may be easier to simply ask the grown-up to make this recipe for you. Promise them that if they are good at it, you will let them eat some when it is ready.

300g chocolate
100g butter
150g golden syrup

Melt the chocolate, butter and golden syrup in a pan. When they have melted together beautifully, add:

50g currants
250g biscuits, bashed with a rolling pin

(You can also add 50g chopped dried fruit, 50g chopped nuts, or anything else you’d like)

Stir everything together, pour into a square cake tin and put somewhere cold to chill. Leave for two hours, cut into squares and eat.

Midnight Feast sandwiches

You will need two pieces of bread that you have taken from the Dining Room when no one was looking and some squares of chocolate from your tuck box (Fry’s or Cadbury’s are best. If you do not have chocolate, slices of tinned meat will also work). Put the chocolate in between the bread and squish the bread together with your hands as hard as you can. This makes the sandwich taste better. Eat.

Apple Pie Bed

You should do this to someone you do not like very much. Take the top sheet from their bed and untuck the bottom of it. Fold it so the bottom part is up under their pillow and the top part is peeping out as normal. When they try to get into bed they will get stuck halfway in. It is very funny to watch.


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