Happy publication day to Death Sets Sail – I read the first chapter!

August 6, 2020

DSS pub day thumb

Today’s the day! Death Sets Sail is OFFICIALLY out now – and it’s been amazing and overwhelming and just wonderful to see it reaching fans. It’s so special to hear from you about why you love the series and what it’s meant to you over the years. So if you’ve sent me a message or email, thank you so much!

Because it’s publication day, I’m sharing a video of me reading from the first chapter of Death Sets Sail. But beware … the first chapter contains the first SPOILER! So watch … if you dare!

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I’m very pleased to say that my Behind the Book video, featuring a Q&A, a workspace tour and a reading from the last two chapters of Death Sets Sail, is available to watch NOW on the Puffin YouTube channel. There’s a link below – I hope you enjoy it!
I’ve got a new video on the way! Behind the Book with Robin Stevens will premiere on the Puffin YouTube Channel on Friday 18th September at 6pm BST.
For the rest of September, your prompt will be resolutions. This was suggested by Detective Society member Neve – and it seems like a great choice, since this is the beginning of the school year, a time full of new challenges and big decisions.
I’ve got good news for Scottish fans – I may not be able to come visit you in person this autumn, but I’ll be able to be with you virtually! I’m teaming up with the Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour and Book Week Scotland for a week of absolutely FREE events for Scottish schools.
You have until the 6th of September to send all of your questions about the MMU series, The Ministry of Unladylike Activity, Howl the puppy or anything else you might want to know to a special email address that my publisher Puffin has set up: askrobinstevens@penguinrandomhouse.co.uk. I’m going to be answering my very favourites on a new ‘Behind the Book’ video, premiering on the 18th of September on the Puffin YouTube channel.

30 Responses

    1. Oooooooh, now I can see why you were keeping the first chapter a complete secret. I am in tears right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I’m very impatiently waiting for my copy in the post ♥
    Wait. Now i have to start mmu 10 again noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I might skip to 11 or something because after that news there’s no way i can leave it 😂

  2. Hi Robin, This capter is so sad and exiting!
    I cried while reading it and I know I will be sad for a long time but I look forward to evrything you have in store for us!
    I am truly gratefull for this series (I literally have no words to describe how much I love it and I will always cherish it)!
    This morning, I attended your online event and I had already listened to it because Katie Leung read it, but I have to say, hearing you read the first chapter just is another thing completely!
    I have grown up like daisy and hazel more and more and I really love them so much and I am so thankful because there are in my life because of you, there are my friends and though I am so sad to say goodbye to them I am so proud of them and so happy that I got to read this amazing series while it was being written!!!
    Alice x

    P.S. Thank you so much for answering my question at the online event, it means so much, I really love your answer!!!
    (My question was asking if you ever had any midnight adventures or if you solved any little cases and you responded talking about when you solved “the case of the missing ice cream” at university! I thought that was such a funny little story and I really admoire how you solved it, just like Daisy and Hazel would have done!

  3. Oh NO. I saw that coming, but I sill can’t believe it’s really real!
    I’m getting my copy of DSS later today and now I want to read it even more!

  4. Thank you so much for releasing the first chapter! I read and was sad, but I knew that you had to end it eventually and I’m sure this will be a great way. I also really like the way you changed your website! It’s so pretty and I love the new design! Congratulations on DSS. I was wondering if you would still be posting monthly updates and things though your next book won’t come out until 2022. I’m not sure I can wait that long!

  5. Hello Robin,
    Happy Publication Day! I’ve seen pictures of Death Sets Sail in bookshops all over the country and they all look amazing! Death Sets Sail will definitely stand out in bookshops with its beautiful gold cover and blue sprayed edges.

    I haven’t watched the video as I don’t want any spoilers. I haven’t been able to buy a copy of Death Sets Sail yet. However, when I do get a copy, I will watch the video and then continue with the book.

    Congratulations on this publication day- the end of a series that will definitely go down in literature history!

  6. Hello Robin,
    Yay, Death Sets Sail is OFFICIAL!!!! Whooohooooo! I can’t wait to listen to the first chapter!!! So excited!!!

    Also, I love the website’s new look. It’s brilliant!


  7. Omg omg omg omg omg…..

    I just got Death sets sail on audible (to listen to) as I had a credit for a audible book. I am so happy im on the first chapter… EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKkk i am going to have a heart attack!!!!!!!

  8. I really wanted to go to the event this morning but I live in the United States so ur was six am my time so I couldn’t go. I am still waiting for my copy to get here!! I’m not letting myself watch the video till my copy gets here but it’s so hard to wait!! Congrats Robin so much and thank you for all the amazing books!!

  9. I got the book a day early from Waterstones Piccadilly! I spent the whole of yesterday reading it and couldn’t put it down. I love it so much, even though the bookseller told me to get my tissues ready! It was a fantastic end to the series and thank you so much for sharing Daisy and Hazel’s world with us!!

    1. Hi Yulia, I agree! The MMU world has been so exciting! I loved anticipating the name and colour of the new books and adding a new instalment to the rainbow collection. This final book was a brilliant end to a brilliant series.

  10. Left me on the edge of my seat!!! Theres so many possibilities though, I’m not sure what to expect from the rest of the book!

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