February 2020 Book Recommendation Video

February 28, 2020


I’ve moved house, I’ve handed in the next draft of MMU9 and my book recommendation videos are back! This month I’m talking about …

Nothing Ever Happens Here by Sarah Hagger-Holt (8+)

Slay by Brittney Morris (12+)

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir (13+)

One Of Us is Next by Karen McManus (12+)

I’m off on tour for The Case of the Drowned Pearl next week, but I’ll be back later in March for more updates!

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I’m very pleased to say that my Behind the Book video, featuring a Q&A, a workspace tour and a reading from the last two chapters of Death Sets Sail, is available to watch NOW on the Puffin YouTube channel. There’s a link below – I hope you enjoy it!
I’ve got a new video on the way! Behind the Book with Robin Stevens will premiere on the Puffin YouTube Channel on Friday 18th September at 6pm BST.
For the rest of September, your prompt will be resolutions. This was suggested by Detective Society member Neve – and it seems like a great choice, since this is the beginning of the school year, a time full of new challenges and big decisions.
I’ve got good news for Scottish fans – I may not be able to come visit you in person this autumn, but I’ll be able to be with you virtually! I’m teaming up with the Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour and Book Week Scotland for a week of absolutely FREE events for Scottish schools.
You have until the 6th of September to send all of your questions about the MMU series, The Ministry of Unladylike Activity, Howl the puppy or anything else you might want to know to a special email address that my publisher Puffin has set up: askrobinstevens@penguinrandomhouse.co.uk. I’m going to be answering my very favourites on a new ‘Behind the Book’ video, premiering on the 18th of September on the Puffin YouTube channel.

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  1. Hey Robin I read the case of the drowned pearl yesterday and I LOVED it. It has the twists and turns of a normal mystery yet way smaller! I can’t wait till August!

    From Elizabeth

  2. One step closer to MMU9!!! Next, the MMU9 reveal…

    I love all of your videos!

    I finally have my WBD2020 outfit ready. The way I am going to be multiple characters at once is the accessories I use. For example:

    Contraband= Kitty Chutney mouse toy= Beanie Casebook= Hazel, and so on.

    Your Biggest fan
    Emma K.

    1. Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought that One Of Us Is Next was the third book, not the second. When I went to my local bookstore, it said that the sequel was a book called Two Can Keep A Secret. I think that’s right?

      1. So one of us is lying is the first book, one of us is next is the sequel, two can keep a secret is a standalone. Thought this might help

      2. Nevermind! I went again into Walkers Books and it turns out is set somewhere different and that One Of Us Is Lying is the sequel. Sorry.

        I also saw your new MMU9 Instagram post. The SS Hatshepsut map looks amazing! I also think I know which family plays a big role in MMU9, but I won’t give any spoilers (Hint: Check out Robin’s MMU9 Instagram story and look closely at the names and surnames of the passengers on the cruise).

        1. One of us is lying in the first one, the sequel is one of us is Next. Two can keep a secret is the second book but it doesn’t have any link with One of Us is Lying. I hope that helps. I really like this author as well.

  3. Hi Robin!
    I’m so glad that you enjoyed ‘An Ember in the Ashes’. The final book comes out this year, just like MMU9, and I can’t wait for both! I hope all is going well and I look forward to your next recommendations video!

  4. Hi Robin,
    I read ‘One of us is lying’ and I thought it was a gripping and fantastic read. It reminded me of the Breakfast Club in some ways, but of course, that does not involve murder!
    I would also highly recommend ‘Girl Missing’ by Sophie Mckenzie, which is about Lauren, a teenage girl, who finds out that she was abducted from her family at a very young age, and how she uncovers the truth surrounding her disappearance, encountering danger along the way.
    I read this book several years ago and was hooked. There are also two other books in the series; ‘Sister Missing’ and ‘Missing Me’, which I enjoyed reading just as much as the first one.
    I would say this is suitable for ages 12 and up, only because there may be content which younger readers find upsetting. The other two books deal with themes of relationships, though they should be suitable for 12 +

  5. OOOOH I’ve read One of us is Next….
    It is REALLLLYYYY good I definitely recommend it but you must read the first book of the series first: One of Us Is Lying!
    It is full of twists and turns!!

  6. Can I please suggest reading the Wolfe & Lamb mystery series by Lauren St John. The two books in that series are Kat Wolfe Investigates and Kat Wolfe Takes The Case. They were both such amazing reads and I got through them both so quickly. It is also my tied first or second favourite (I don’t know exactly which one) mystery series, along with yours which are my tied first or first favourites. She has also written The White Giraffe mystery series, which is third on my list (if W&L is second) and I would also recommend those books as well!

    Please take this into consideration.

    Your Biggest Fan,
    Emma K.

    1. Hi again. May I also suggest reading Malamader by Thomas Taylor. I am really enjoying the book so far, and there is a new one coming in May called Gargantis. They are both mystery books (the best kind of books!) and are coming fairly closely in time with The Unadoptables by Hana Tooke (I am super excited for both).

      Can’t wait for MMU9 and the reveal.

      1. Thank you!!! I am over halfway through Malamander, and I am really enjoying it. Thank you for considering W&L.

  7. Hi Robin,

    I have been thinking about reading one of us is lying for a while. It sounds good!

    How many drafts do you normally write for a full length murder mystery?

  8. Will you visit Hong Kong sometime soon? I live in Hong Kong and would really like to meet you. Your books are amazing.

    1. Hi Aglae, I might visit one day but I don’t have any plans to go back at the moment, I’m afraid – but I love Hong Kong, so it would be wonderful to!

  9. Ooooh, I’ve read two of those! (AEITA and OOUIN)
    They’re both amazing!

    Have you ever read Enchantee by Gita Trelease? It’s set in the French Revolution and is filled with magic and wonder.

  10. Hi Robin,

    I went to buy TCOTDP in town, and it was so popular that the first bookshop had sold out! Luckily I found it in another bookshop 🙂


  11. Hello Robin,
    I really enjoyed watching your recommendations video! I already have One of Us is Next but I haven’t read it yet. I’ve read One of Us is Lying and Two Can Keep a Secret and they were amazing so I’m excited to read the new one! Nothing Ever Happens Here and Slay also sound great, I’ll reserve them from my local library when it opens again.

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