Death Sets Sail is sailing up the charts!

August 11, 2020

DSS chart

Exciting news, Detectives: the numbers are in, and Death Sets Sail is floating at the very top of the charts!

It’s the NUMBER ONE paperback in the UK, it’s NUMBER FOUR overall in the UK children’s and YA chart (in the week that we got a new Stephenie Meyer and a new Jeff Kinney) and it’s NUMBER TWELVE of all books sold in the UK. That’s ALL books, not just kids!

I’m so overwhelmed and so delighted – thank you to every single person who bought a book last week. You helped Daisy and Hazel’s last adventure soar!

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I’m very pleased to say that my Behind the Book video, featuring a Q&A, a workspace tour and a reading from the last two chapters of Death Sets Sail, is available to watch NOW on the Puffin YouTube channel. There’s a link below – I hope you enjoy it!
I’ve got a new video on the way! Behind the Book with Robin Stevens will premiere on the Puffin YouTube Channel on Friday 18th September at 6pm BST.
For the rest of September, your prompt will be resolutions. This was suggested by Detective Society member Neve – and it seems like a great choice, since this is the beginning of the school year, a time full of new challenges and big decisions.
I’ve got good news for Scottish fans – I may not be able to come visit you in person this autumn, but I’ll be able to be with you virtually! I’m teaming up with the Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour and Book Week Scotland for a week of absolutely FREE events for Scottish schools.
You have until the 6th of September to send all of your questions about the MMU series, The Ministry of Unladylike Activity, Howl the puppy or anything else you might want to know to a special email address that my publisher Puffin has set up: I’m going to be answering my very favourites on a new ‘Behind the Book’ video, premiering on the 18th of September on the Puffin YouTube channel.

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  1. Hello Robin,
    Massive congratulations! 🎉 You 100% deserve this. The best paperback in the UK this week is mind blowing- well done! I haven’t read Death Sets Sail yet (I order a signed copy from Blackwell’s a few days ago) but I know that it will be amazing- no wonder it is doing so well in the book charts. I’m so happy for you!

  2. Hi Robin! Congratulations! ‘Death Sets Sail’ was amazing and I am so happy that so many people are reading it!

  3. Congratulations Robin! My copy was supposed to come on Friday but after checking I saw it’s coming today so now I’m trying to quickly finish up the last 2 before it comes! Thank you for giving your readers a series they can read over and over while enjoying them, you deserve this!

  4. Hello Robin!! 😀
    Wow this is amazing😃!! I am so excited to begin reading Death Sets Sail but also really sad because its the last one 😥. I am really going to miss the characters but am definitely going to continue rereading all of the books. Thank you so much for creating my favourite book series!!

  5. Wow Robin, you just keep writing such good books that people have to send them top of the charts!!!!!!!!!!! Sooooooooooooooooooo happy for you that DSS is the12th top book that people bought. My death set’s sail copy came on the 5th ( I think) and it was a singed personalised copy!!!!!!!!!!!! Straight away I started reading it, and soon I am gonna post what I think of the book on the spoiler page.

    1. Sorry, my battery on the computer is running low so I did not have time to correct the spelling mistakes!!!!!!!!!!

  6. This is great! I read DSS for the first time on Saturday and have read it a third time since and it is AMAAAAAZING! So pleased that it has done so well so far, and if you haven’t ordered it yet, definitely do it!

  7. Wow! DSS is definitely deserving of this. It’s easily the best book to come out this week, and one of the best books I have ever read! The MMU books are just so engaging and fun to read, and it’s really fun trying to guess who the culprit is (I guessed right when I read First Class Murder… I was really proud of myself 😂) . I’m honestly not suprised that so many people have bought it, and I’m really happy for you!

  8. This is amazing, Robin! DSS is completely deserving of this, it’s so clever and exciting! This is no surprise as the books really are SO good! I’ve been reading and re-reading my copy ever since I got it, and there is absolutely no doubt that Daisy and Hazel’s final book went out with a bang. Congratulations!

  9. Wow, this is amazing!!!
    I am so happy for you and you and your book fully deserve this!
    Tomorrow, I am coming home from the holidays, and the book will be waiting for me at home!!!
    I cannot wait!!!
    Detective society forever!

    1. I came home from my holiday as well to find my signed copy of DSS was waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some of the pitchers on the book had kinda melted as the book was left in my porch!!!!!!!!!!! 😂🤣😅

  10. Omg I’m so happy for you robin! Death sets sail is brilliant and I’m so happy for you! >3
    But while your writing MOUA, (lol) what will you update us on? Will you write a lil book? BECAUSE I DONT THINK ILL BE ABLE TO WAIT 2. YEARS. I’ll be the same age as daisy and hazel in the last book so-

    1. Hahah same I’ll be 15 in 2 years time🤣🤣I’ve been reading these series for a loooonnnnnggggg time. Since I was little in primary school🤣

      1. You deserve this so much! I can’t wait for this other announcement.
        I hope it’s to do with a possible film or tv series that would be amazing!

  11. Congratulations! That’s so great! My family gave me a signed and personalized copy of Death Sets Sail as a surprise today and I can’t wait to read it! This is well deserved and I’m so happy for you! 👏🏾 Detective Society Forever!!!

  12. I have to say, I’m a pensioner, and I have adored this series from the first words and chapters. I really will miss the girls very much, but know deep down they had to move on and grow up. This last book really does promise to be the jewel in the crown for their adventures, no matter the ending, and thus deserves UK and USA top spot!

  13. Wow, amazing news Robin!! 14th in the whole of the uk!!! That’s amazing, keep up the great work!!

  14. Ahh that’s awesome!!! 😀 😀
    I got Death Sets Sail yesterday at my local Waterstones and I was really happy because the copies of it at the front of the bookstore were signed, so I picked one up straight away! 😛 The lady at the counter had already read it and she said she really liked it so I’m very excited to read it and I’m taking it on holiday with me. 😀

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