Hello! Welcome to my website. I write about murder, and I hope you enjoy it. Come in and find out more about me, my detectives Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong, and the books in the Murder Most Unladylike Mysteries series. The first four books, Murder Most Unladylike, Arsenic for Tea, First Class Murder and Jolly Foul Play, are out in the UK now, and the fifth book will be released in October 2016. Murder is Bad Manners, the US edition of Murder Most Unladylike, and Poison is Not Polite, the US edition of Arsenic for Tea, are out in America now.

Latest News

  • hong-kong Hong Kong and Book 6 - Book 6 is going to be set in Hong Kong, and will feature Hazel's family. If Arsenic for Tea was Daisy's book, this is Hazel's - its plot is an idea that I've had in my head for a long time, and I can't wait to write. I've been to Hong Kong . . . once, when I was eight. But that really isn't enough to write my book. There's a lot that I want to get right, and a lot that I know I could get very wrong. And Hazel deserves the best! So I'm about to go on my most exciting research trip to date, to Hong Kong! I'll be doing lots of exploring and talking and taking pictures, and I'm so excited already.
  • The-Case-Of-The-Deepdean-Vampire-513x779 Happy birthday Deepdean Vampire! - There’s still just over a month to go until Mistletoe and Murder is released in the UK and Ireland – but if you just can’t wait to read more about Hazel and Daisy, the wait is over. My ebook short story, The Case of the Deepdean Vampire, is available to download from today! Like The […]
  • FirstClassMurder_final First Class Murder: US cover reveal! - Poison is Not Polite (the US edition of Arsenic For Tea) came out in April this year, and since then I've been hearing from lots of American and Canadian readers who love Daisy and Hazel. If you're one of them, I have great news for you: my third book will be out in the USA in summer 2017, and it will KEEP its British title!
  • arsenic for tea taiwan Arsenic for Tea has a Taiwanese cover! - I've had a really wonderful week of foreign edition news. The German edition of Arsenic for Tea is on its way, I'm about to reveal the cover of the American edition First Class Murder (stay tuned!) ... and the Taiwanese cover of Arsenic for Tea just arrived in my inbox. I adored the Taiwanese Murder Most Unladylike cover - it's totally unlike the British edition, and totally brilliant - and its follow-up does not disappoint. In fact, I think I love it even more. Check it out ...
  • Envelope by Arya Fan letters – Spring 2016 - Being an author is a wonderful job - I get to spend all day in my own made-up worlds - but I think my favourite thing about it is hearing from my readers. I read my emails fairly regularly - if you've sent me an email, I will usually reply to it in a week or two - but I only get author letters sent to me from my publisher about once every three months. Opening that bundle of post is basically AUTHOR CHRISTMAS for me (see how lucky I am? I get Christmas FIVE times a year, counting actual Christmas), and each time it happens I am more impressed than ever at how clever, thoughtful and talented you are. In here is just a selection of my favourite things from this batch - from now on, I've decided to share a selection of your fan creations on this website, to thank you properly for what you sent me!