Hello! Welcome to my website. I write about murder, and I hope you enjoy it. Come in and find out more about me, my detectives Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong, and the books in the Murder Most Unladylike Mysteries series. The first four books, Murder Most Unladylike, Arsenic for Tea, First Class Murder and Jolly Foul Play, are out in the UK now, and the fifth book will be released in October 2016. Murder is Bad Manners, the US edition of Murder Most Unladylike, and Poison is Not Polite, the US edition of Arsenic for Tea, are out in America now.

Latest News

  • kate-on-the-late-late Mistletoe and Murder on the Late Late Toy Show! - Last night the Late Late Toy Show 2016 aired. If you are Irish, this will make perfect sense to you. If you are not, you may need an explanation. The Late Late Toy Show is ... well, sort of inexplicable, and also totally wonderful. It's two joyful hours of children going wild on stage talking about the presents they most want this Christmas, plus singing, dancing and TOYS EVERYWHERE. A lot of books were mentioned in this year's show (including Peter Pan, The Jungle Book and Harry Potter - I'm still not over that little boy getting a first edition of Philosopher's Stone!), but there was also a specific book section, and one of the reviewers, Kate, chose Mistletoe and Murder as her top book to review!
  • Possibly the silliest I have ever looked at an event. Mistletoe and Murder – Christmas in November! - It's finally happened. Today is December 1st, and so we are OFFICIALLY celebrating advent. Tis the season for Mistletoe and Murder, and today is the day you can finally start it, if you were holding off until December! To get you into the festive spirit (I don't need encouraging - I have THREE advent calendars and have been wearing my Christmas jumpers for two months now), I'm sharing some of my favourite Christmassy pictures from all of the Mistletoe and Murder events I've held this November.
  • katie-leung-mistletoe-and-murder Mistletoe and Murder – the Audiobook! - I'm hard at work on the second draft of The Guggenheim Mystery (more on that soon, I promise!), but yesterday I got to take a break for the most exciting reason. Some of you have been asking about a Mistletoe and Murder audiobook, and I can now confirm that it is definitely happening. It'll be released on the 14th of December (in time for Christmas!), and this week it's being recorded in a special studio in Puffin Towers - and I got to go along to listen in!
  • Mistletoe and Murder is a Metro Top Book for Young Minds! - Imogen Russell Williams at the Metro calls Mistletoe and Murder 'a superb puzzle ... [a] splendidly seasonal detective story.'
  • telelgraph-front-page-20-nov-2016 Mistletoe and Murder is one of the Telegraph’s Top 50 Books of 2016! - Mistletoe and Murder was chosen as one of the Telegraph's top 50 books of 2016! The review: 'Schoolgirl high-jinks abound in this whodunit for children, set in Thirties Cambridge. There’s a whiff of Agatha Christie as chums Daisy and Hazel must hunt down a killer.' - Emily Bearn