Hello! Welcome to my website. I write about murder, and I hope you enjoy it. Come in and find out more about me, my detectives Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong, and the books in the Murder Most Unladylike Mysteries series. The first four books, Murder Most Unladylike, Arsenic for Tea, First Class Murder and Jolly Foul Play, are out in the UK now, and the fifth book will be released in October 2016. Murder is Bad Manners, the US edition of Murder Most Unladylike, and Poison is Not Polite, the US edition of Arsenic for Tea, are out in America now.

Latest News

  • Envelope by Arya Fan letters – Spring 2016 - Being an author is a wonderful job - I get to spend all day in my own made-up worlds - but I think my favourite thing about it is hearing from my readers. I read my emails fairly regularly - if you've sent me an email, I will usually reply to it in a week or two - but I only get author letters sent to me from my publisher about once every three months. Opening that bundle of post is basically AUTHOR CHRISTMAS for me (see how lucky I am? I get Christmas FIVE times a year, counting actual Christmas), and each time it happens I am more impressed than ever at how clever, thoughtful and talented you are. In here is just a selection of my favourite things from this batch - from now on, I've decided to share a selection of your fan creations on this website, to thank you properly for what you sent me!
  • LEM cover The London Eye Mystery – my introduction! - I'm currently writing the sequel to Siobhan Dowd's wonderful The London Eye Mystery. I'm about half way through the first draft of The Guggenheim Mystery, but as part of the celebrations for The London Eye Mystery's ten year anniversary, Puffin are releasing a new edition of the paperback with a brand-new introduction written by me! I'm so proud to have been asked to do this (I got a little teary when I saw my name on the back cover of a book that I love so much), and I hope you like what I've written! The new edition will be out on 1st September in book stores, but you can pre-order now from Waterstones, Amazon and Blackwell's.
  • Mord ist Nicht Hazel and Daisy arrive in Germany! - Today is Murder Most Unladylike's German book birthday! It's been titled Mord ist nicht für junge Damen, which translates as Murder is Not For Young Ladies (which I love). The series title is Ein Fall für Wells & Wong (A Case for Wells & Wong), and it's translated by Nadine Mannchen. It's being published by Knesebeck Verlag, who have been absolutely fantastic supporters of the series. They've made incredible promotional material (I've never had Murder Most Unladylike post-its before!), and they've given it a gorgeous double-page spread in their catalogue. I can't thank them enough for bringing my book to Germany in such style!
  • LEM 3 Announcement: I’m writing the London Eye Mystery sequel! - I know that a lot of you are already fans of Siobhan Dowd’s The London Eye Mystery, a story about a boy called Ted whose cousin Salim mysteriously goes missing while riding the London Eye. It’s a book that I recommend all the time, and it’s coming up to its 10th anniversary next year. Siobhan was an absolutely brilliant writer, and when she wrote The London Eye Mystery she always meant to write its sequel. Tragically, she died before she could begin it, and her Trust has been looking for an author to carry on Ted’s amazing story ever since. And last year … they asked if I’d like to do it!
  • Mistletoe_Murder cover Book 5 – Title and Cover Reveal! - You've all been so patient - but the time is finally here. Today I'm finally revealing BOTH the title AND the cover for the book formerly known as Murder Most Unladylike Book 5. Are you ready? Are you sure? Here goes ... The book will be called ...