Hello! Welcome to my website. I write about murder, and I hope you enjoy it. Come in and find out more about me, my detectives Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong, and the books in the Murder Most Unladylike Mysteries series. The first four books, Murder Most Unladylike, Arsenic for Tea, First Class Murder and Jolly Foul Play, are out in the UK now, and the fifth book will be released in October 2016. Murder is Bad Manners, the US edition of Murder Most Unladylike, and Poison is Not Polite, the US edition of Arsenic for Tea, are out in America now.

Latest News

  • Mistletoe and Murder in the wild! It’s CHRISTMAS for Mistletoe and Murder! - The day is finally here! Mistletoe and Murder is available RIGHT NOW in all good bookstores in the UK and Ireland - Waterstones, WH Smith, Blackwell's, Foyles, Eason's and Amazon all have it in stock, and you can go out and buy it TODAY! I'm already seeing your pictures of it out in the world - below is its FIRST official sighting on a table in Waterstones Canterbury! Please do send me more - either of the book, of you reading the book, or (best!) you reading the book WITH A BUNBREAK.
  • downing-college-students-1890 Mistletoe and Murder – Introducing George! - In Mistletoe and Murder, Daisy and Hazel have to outwit not only the murderer, but another Detective Society, the Junior Pinkertons. You've already met Alexander in First Class Murder, and heard about him in Jolly Foul Play - and now he's BACK and in the centre of the action, along with his friend George. George is a character I'm particularly excited about introducing you to. He's super smart and great at noticing things, he's brave and not afraid of speaking his mind, and he's the first English character Hazel meets who isn't white.
  • halloween-squashed-fly-biscuits Have a Spooky Halloween with Hazel and Daisy! - Puffin are here to help you celebrate Halloween the Detective Society way! I know lots of you will be holding Halloween parties next week. If you're looking for a theme, may I recommend this excellent murder mystery party pack, created by Puffin for all Murder Most Unladylike fans?! All you need to do is print it out (and supply your friends with pens and a pair of glasses). BUT, for four lucky fans ... Puffin have given me four very special detective packs, complete with magnifying glasses and badges, to send out to four people who want to hold a murder mystery party this Halloween! And all you have to do to win them is tell me in the comments below, or on my Instagram post, what spooks you out the most at Halloween.
  • chelt-fest-2016 Mistletoe and Murder at Cheltenham Festival! - The Mistletoe and Murder tour has officially begun! Yesterday I spoke at Cheltenham Festival to a really wonderful audience. I love Cheltenham because it's where Daisy and Hazel came from - as I explained in my talk, 'Deepdean' is really my own school, Cheltenham Ladies' College, and my characters were built from my memories of the real friendships I made there. I read from the book for the first time, and explained where my ideas from it had come from. The Festival had been allowed to sell Mistletoe and Murder early, so there was a fantastic signing queue after the event. I loved talking to every one of you, and would like to thank each person who waited to meet me!
  • t-mit-t German news, cover reveals and competitions! - I've already shared pictures of the German edition of Murder Most Unladylike (Mord ist nicht für junge Damen). Its publishers, Knesebeck Verlag, are fantastic supporters of Hazel and Daisy - they originally took the first two titles in the series, but now I'm delighted to announce that they have decided to buy books 3 and 4 as well! The translation of Book 2 is already in the works, scheduled to publish early 2017 - and I think its title might be my favourite EVER. Arsenic for Tea becomes ... Teestunde Mit Todesfall, which translates back into English as Teatime with Fatality. And it's competition time! I have just been sent a lovely set of Mord ist nicht für junge Damens, and they need good and loving German-speaking homes. If you would like your own signed copy of Mord ist nicht für junge Damen, and you are German-speaking (preferably living in Germany!), then please comment below with your answer to the question who is your favourite detective?