Happy American Book Birthday, First Class Murder!

It’s my book birthday in the USA! First Class Murder (the US edition of Daisy and Hazel’s third adventure) is finally out in hardback, and Poison is Not Polite (the US edition of Arsenic for Tea, Daisy and Hazel’s second adventure) is now out in paperback. I’m so pleased and happy – I know American fans have been waiting for this, and I’m really glad the wait is finally over.

Poison is Not Polite – SLJ Review

Lisa Nabel from School Library Journal calls Poison is Not Polite: ‘An English import with a good mystery that will keep readers’ attention, this second volume of the trilogy is strong enough to be a standalone title.’

Poison is Not Polite – Shelf Awareness Review

We’ve had a few more lovely reviews of Poison is Not Polite (the US edition of Arsenic for Tea)! The first is from Shelf Awareness, in a review called (wonderfully) The Pleasure of Cosy-Dangerous.

Ali Davis writes:

‘It’s just a few steps from the cozy-dangerous boarding school of Harry Potter to the cozy-dangerous drawing rooms of classic British murder mysteries, via the witty, thoughtfully plotted middle-grade Wells & Wong novels… the U.S. versions retain their agreeable British flavor… Though solving the crime is always the bottom line, Stevens’s books satisfyingly explore the forging of a friendship between the two girls, and quietly make the point that adulthood involves facing uncomfortable facts. Even if you’re an adult fan of classic mysteries, these lightly gruesome tales are highly enjoyable bunbreak reading.’

Poison is Not Polite reviewed in the Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

Poison is Not Polite (the US edition of Arsenic for Tea) has had another lovely review in the Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books! They say … ‘The mystery itself is solidly constructed, and the solution is both surprising and logical. Fans of the first book will find this just as rewarding, and kids on the cusp of embracing Agatha Christie will enjoy testing their deductive skills here as well.’

Happy birthday, Poison is Not Polite!

My American book family just got a lot bigger!

Today’s the publication date of both the paperback of Murder is Bad Manners (the American edition of Murder Most Unladylike) and the gorgeous new hardback of Poison is Not Polite (Arsenic for Tea in the UK). I’m totally delighted that Daisy and Hazel’s second adventure is now available to US readers.

A Kirkus Star for Poison is Not Polite

I’m delighted to say that Poison is Not Polite, the US edition of Arsenic for Tea, has been given another review. This time it’s from Kirkus magazine – and they’ve given it a star as well! From the review:

‘Wells and Wong return in a classic country-estate mystery… this well-crafted and entertaining detective story, a stand-alone sequel to Murder Is Bad Manners (2014), is solidly set in a fading world of 1930s minor nobility and supported by a cast list and map. A first-rate whodunit, reminiscent of a game of Clue and terrific preparation for the works of Agatha Christie.’

2016: A New Year for Me (And Daisy and Hazel)

It’s 2016, and the end of the first working week – my very first as a full-time author. It still seems strange to say out loud, like I might be lying or confused. But it really does seem to be true. I get to do this all day (and all evening, and at weekends) – writing about Daisy and Hazel is my job. When I sit down to start writing my next book, next week, I’ll be able to spend hours at a time working on it, so I can make sure I actually get my head into the world and story I’m creating. It’s a pretty obvious writing tip – have enough time to write – but I couldn’t follow it before. I’ve given myself an amazing chance, and my resolution for this year is not to mess that up. This is what’s ahead for me and my books over the next few months…

Booklist starred review for Poison is Not Polite

Happy 2016! I’ve just found out that my year is off to a great start – Poison is Not Polite, the US edition of Arsenic for Tea, has been given its first review, and it’s a star from Booklist!

From the review: ‘After getting off to a good start in Murder is Bad Manners, Stevens perfects her take on the British murder mystery in the second book in the Wells & Wong series . . . Though Stevens handles the mystery element to perfection (the house diagrams are a nice touch, too), what really shines is the depiction of her characters, especially bossy, egocentric Daisy, and loyal, smart Hazel, always aware that she is “other.” A smashing good time.’